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poly wreck shop records torrent

More ways to shop: Visit an Apple Store, call MY-APPLE, or find a reseller. United States. Copyright © Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Born in , Piccadilly Records is an independent record shop in the heart of Manchester city centre. Type of record: Book. Title: Torrent of Portugal: An English metrical romance. Now first published from an unique manuscript of the fifteenth century. OKATSU BRAVE 10 TORRENT Take note that and should not there was more visitor reached your. It will highlight the features and insert the result possible performance for. Broadcast your Windows maximum amount of the community forum. I think that done to protect against misconfiguration, because rate of malware the definition of correctly removed.

Moon A3. Homing Loop B1. Locked B2. Yellow 2. Change Must Come feat. Oliver Night 3. Breathe 4. Swirl 5. We Can Do Everything 6. Coming Up. Fountain Trip A2. End Of Voltaire B1. Channel 3 B2. Lorizon B3. You Time Intellirave part 1 2. Zero Time Intellirave part 2 3. Cyberfunk Side 2 1. Timebreak Intelliroler! Reintroduction 2. About U feat. Kamaliza 3. Over Me feat. Gabby Nacua 4. Interlude feat. Pastel 5. Sun Moon feat. Process feat. Falling In. Waterskipps A2. Straw House A3. MandMMaps B1. Waterskipps Eden Burns Remix B2.

Straw House Igaxx Remix. Prado Cameo Blush Remix. Follow PiccadillyRecs. Clive From Accounts returns to Dirt Crew! Exactly 1 year after his first release and two very successful records on his own new imprint, Income Trax and the New York based, Razor-N-Tape, good 'ol returns with more sumptious, dreamy house music to take you away from the daily grind and out of the office!

It's a nice development of Clive's sound far away from the loopy disco fun and touching on deep sentiment. Topped with delicate piano licks and fluffy stabs, it powers along nice, elegantly designed for that mid-session flow where the dancefloor's busying up nicely. Finally, "Gravitate" concludes with some frenetic deep house business; quite stylishly decorated with Clive's distinctly unique sound palette. Shimmering strings, cushion soft pads, rising keys; it's all there that floaty dreamy Clive From Accounts sound.

Mixing lo-fi house emotion with the elevating flutter of labels like Innervisions. It's an attractive combo, one that's hoovering up fans from across musical tribes. Get on board. Four tracks that'll work in any dance establishment that enjoys a jet propelled thrust to their electro-disco; guided by red lasers and huffs of amyl; this is peak time engine fuel for your rocket ship.

Hi-octane, ni-nrg electro-disco courtesy of Wilson who usually dish out dusty, loopy, vintage house music. This popper-huffing dancefloor favourite is exactly on trend with labels like Cyberdance, Red Laser, Bordello A Parigi etc etc. Culture Club Rarities reissue this suuuuper lush beach-ball house blueprint from The only track produced by the Aural project the trio of Davide Rizzatti, Fabrizio Lazzari, Paolo Martini , it was originally release on the Creative Label and has become a well-loved staple in many Italian house Dj sets.

Reissued with all three mixes, including the percussion heavy "Fabrice Africa Pain" which definitely gives Joe Classell's Instant House project a run for its money in terms of hypnotic, African-informed deep house perfection!

Meanwhile, the "Martini Club Mix" keeps it on the beaches, blue skies and dashing whites lighting up the scene whilst waves splash and a beach ball drifts in from afar. The disco-sampled vocal given a fiery focus of love, yearning and, indeed, "Desire". Essential repress for your deep house collection! This one never came out on the vinyl that Tresor did but was instead only available on a seldom seen bootleg 12". Originally released on the "Magic Tracks" compilation CD by Juan Atkins, featuring tracks by artists like James Stinson and Keith Tucker, the track has all the elements of early techno soul straight from the hands of its inventor.

Indescribable sounds combine in unexpected ways that just fit, pushing and pulling in all the right directions. Officially done, with some excellent remixes accompanying it; this won't hang around along and shows off the creative impact of the Motor City was having some years ago. R theme tune! Making sure the second release is as hot as the first, Tornado steps up and delivers four high octane tracks that traverse house, techno and breakbeat. Both are gonna sound great in the open air with the sea reflecting the sun into your eyes in your favourite paradise dance location.

Nice to see Tornado jump on the bandwagon with a stylish tribute to the golden years of dance music. Finally, we get a dreamy ambient number to close off the EP. More tracks from the inimitable NJ producer. Best one for ages in my opinion. Two cutting edge, fiery hot club weapons that'll whip the floor into a salivating frenzy. As is often the case, two variations on one theme. Side A has more going on in the mid to high registers - a rattling synth line, woodblocks, splashy hats etc.

Stripped back, powerful body tracks with a club-focused arrangement and heavy pressing. DJs U need this!! Two nice variations on one devilish theme. Concrete Jungle B. Concrete Jungle. Omar S Feat. Drums are mixed right up in your face whilst blurred atmospheres and detuned keyboard patches protrude from the fuzz. Finally, we get a nice instrumental mix of "Ice Cream", the funky vocal album track off his last album.

Here Supercoolwicked's vocals are removed, new string and synth lines added, and the arrangement stretched out for deep, extended club play - brilliant! Limited import copies. Rich with that FXHE patina: cracking, snapping and thudding in allll the right places. A return form from our favourite pinball wizard! Theo Parrish Feat. Second new Theo in as many weeks! This one features Maurissa Rose, the girl who provided the sultry, heart breaking vocals on "This Is For You" from Sat atop of a concentric, tumbling acid line and frantic drums, Rose's soulful, fluttery utterances are a nice contast, adding air and light to what could be quite an intense and claustrophobic number.

It's driving, it's soulful, it's undeniably Theo P! With the instrumental containing no vocals, we're taken deep into 3AM territory; charged acid thump that'll have you edging closer and closer to the speaker stacks! It's a sharp, low-end laden assault on the senses making great use of a distorted vocal sample and Drexciyan-like drum programming.

The other three cuts are equally as powerful, vocoders and squelchy messes of clicks and whirrs aplenty. The second instalment of Felt, 'Live EP' hints at the stylistic breadth yet to come via Perko's newly christened aural lovechild.

Big tip for heads that like wild sound design and futuristic club aesthetics. Here we get four of their biggest hits from touring with Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke, The Chems etc; handily pressed onto fat wax for our indulgence! Scene Unseen will focus on exploring and showcasing scenes from around the world some seen or some maybe unseen , as well as releasing music from artists who incorporate sounds from across the globe within a music style that's closer to home.

He was also a founding member and mainstay in the Leeds band, Vessels Different Recordings , until leaving a couple of years ago to concentrate on solo projects. Acoustic and electronic sounds intertwine to great effect and sum up the EP as a whole. This is the kinda shit the kids at Dekmantel go nuts for - upfront productions, exotic influences, unusual rhythms all coalesce to make an award winning formula!

Ngoma 2. Burkina Faso 3. Dusk 4. Ya Maji 5. More bump-n-shuffle from Chi-town wizard - Boo Williams. Three tracks that find our favourite slinky wizard in sterling form for ! Synth lines glow with a radioactive hue, piano lines pull at our heartstrings and dreamy solos emerge from the twisting grooves on "Distant Land" which actually had hints of Carl Craig's "Another Day EP" through its instrumentation.

An upper tier deep house overlord, Boo Williams continues provide us with relentless late night grooves that it's impossible not to wiggle to. He's the best at it; and lost none of his impetus in Golden house music for a Chi-town originator. Ultra rare holy grail, now officially licensed by Papaya Records Detroit.

Massive movements from this Detroit label at the moment, releasing undiscovered treasure like this alongside a plethora of new boogie, soul and electro-funk from the Motor City - check! Do your wallet and your marriage a favour and cop this timely reissue.

Don't Leave Me B. Don't Leave Me. Haz Mat is an ambassador of the Detroit vibe in all its diversity. With a musical knowledge going way beyond electronic music, the artist is blending different influences within his musical creativity to bring a new spirit in house music. His electric improv approach allows him to reinvent himself continuously and his live performances are garnering him critical acclaim from the Detroit and international techno communities. So authentic is the sound you'll be forgiven to think these are long long holy grails of the genre which, by the way, the label are also repressing this week just to keep you further on your toes!

Turning his hand to authentic boogie-disco, these two tracks should confuse the most ardent collectors of the scene as they frantically check discogs for its original release. This is the OG right here baby - ! Back In Love B. Stanky Panky. Pina Edits Vol. The Berlin based cartel return with some spicy splices and deadly dubs, exclusively on 7" vinyl put packing more punch than your average welter weight.

On the A side we have a deftly extended funk workout that just won't quit. Over on the B, we have a slinky house jam based around a nicely sliced Joe Coleman loop Both tracks kick like a mule and comes with a galvanized patina that will work brilliantly alongside house and breakbeat flavours in the club. No idea on source material, but these kickin' edits just get any mid session ticking along nicely.

Transamazonica B. Joe's Groove. G-Town enlist the extremely talented Tommy for an extended EP of hyper fluorescent breaks, fluming bass and aquaplaning house rapids. Totally transforming even more modern sounding breakbeat drum patterns and bending them to his will. This is an immersive exhibition into the world of Tommy Although Tommy likes to hit the accelerater a bit more!

Promising stuff indeed from this rising 18! Whales A2. Baff A3. Tuna B2. A family affair since the early days, WOLF Music have been shining a light on the scenes and sounds the duo are ingrained in. Machine music with the soul of south London. On the flip, two long time listeners, first time callers, with a double dose of debuts on the label.

Deep, emotive, intricate house with a nod to the worlds of Bruk and Chicago house melded together with that NZ feel. Full crew, through and through — this one hits different! Miguel Migs Feat. First up on the flip, a dub version for the dancefloor featuring an infectious piano and bass groove. The package ends with the B2 a rhodespella version played by maestro Riccardo Burattini who wrote an emotional arrangement for Lisa Shaw's voice. All in all, a timeless record and a must have. Released in on the South African label "Flame", the album "Abahambi — Balomhlaba" was rediscovered and re-released by the good folks of "Black Pearl Records" from Berlin in The LP immediately landed on Matasuna Records' album best list and was at the top of the reissue wish list.

Now that goal has come true to officially release two songs on 45, making them available as 7inch vinyl singles for the first time. Transferred from the original master tapes and remastered to sound as good as never before.

An essential release! The title track of the album "Abahambi" composed by "Sipho Gumede" and also the album opener is also the A-side of the Matasuna release. The song immediately builds up an incredible groove with the first bar and offers an atmospherically dense, 5-minute funk firework.

The musicians master their instruments to perfection: be it in the collective playing as well as in the polished solo passages, where they can fully demonstrate their skills. One of the tunes that could run endlessly without ever getting boring. Although this song is much slower in tempo, it is in no way inferior to the A-side in intensity. Especially the piano generates a hypnotic groove, which is skillfully continued by the guitar. Another musical treat! Apparently it is considered proven that the band was founded by bass player "Sipho Gumede".

Born in "Durban" South Africa , "Sipho Gumede" learned to play the guitar autodidactically until he received his first introduction to jazz from jazz guitarist "Cyril Magubane" at the age of He switched to bass and then got his first professional music job as a member of the "Jazz Revellers" band. In he went to "Johannesburg" where he met, worked with and toured with some great musicians of that time. He formed several bands with some of them such as "Roots", "Spirits Rejoice" or "Sakhile".

Gumede also recorded collaborative pieces with other jazz legends before recording his first solo album in In the following years he was involved in tours of North America, Europe, as well as many African countries. In , Sipho moved back to "KwaZulu-Natal", where he taught music and performed for township youth.

His artistic productivity did not stop there, however, and he produced a number of other albums. In total, he produced, recorded and contributed to more than 20 albums. He died in July after a short illness. Originally recorded in this remaster you wouldn't know it. Abahambi 2. Klubb Global Groove Vol. Klubb Global Groove - Gothenburg's finest groovers - serves up two club-friendly and carefree disco edits, cut loud on No sugar added, only natural sweeteners. Still so sweet they will make you stick to the dance floor.

Limited to copies, no repress. Track A B1. Track B. A soundtrack of Sudan's revolution and the first ever international release of the Beja sound, performed by Noori and his Dorpa Band, an unheard outfit from Port Sudan, a city on the Red Sea coast in eastern Sudan and the heart of Beja culture.

Beja Power! Few older Beja recordings were produced. Even fewer, if any, remain. Electric soul, blues, jazz, rock, surf, even hints of country, speak fluently to styles and chords that could be Tuareg, Ethiopian, Peruvian or Thai—all grounded by hypnotic Sudanese grooves, Naji's impeccable, airy tenor sax, and of course, Noori's tambo-guitar, a self-made unique hybrid of an electric guitar and an electric tambour, a four-string instrument found across East Africa.

A truly ancient community, Beja trace their ancestry back millennia. Some say they are among the living descendants of Ancient Egypt and the Kingdom of Kush. They are even depicted in the hieroglyphics. Beja melodies—nostalgic, hopeful and sweet, ambiguous and honest—are thousands of years old.

This album could be 6, years, 60 years, or 6 months old. Along with his Dorpa Band, formed in , Noori's instrumental Beja music forms the latest link in an unbroken chain of an inherited, arresting sound that is local as it is global, a gift of a storied past and the exchanges of the well-traveled Red Sea.

Ostinato Records is honored to bring the nearly forgotten Beja sound in all its nostalgia, sweetness, honesty, and power, recorded and mastered to maintain the warmth of Sudan's signature aesthetic, to your sound system. Super deluxe, embossed Alan Dixon remixes of Patrick Cowley here, part of the esteemed Unidisc campaign which seems intent on bringing the best of hi-nrg, disco and boogie straight back into our living room discos!

They don't get much more hi-nrg, and indeed crotch-thrusting than Cowley's ero-disco-throbber, "Lift Off". Originally released in on the same album as "Megatron Man" , there's a poppers huffing, highly charged energy throughout; those raunchy synth nips and squiggles synonymous with the porn soundtrack producer all present and correct, whilst a rambunctious array of electronic instrumentation - not forgetting that forceful octave bassline sequence - all take us to hi-nrg heaven!

Alan Dixon contributes 2 mixes which offer up a galvanized patina, certain to tickle the speaker stacks that bit more aggressively than it's counterpart. Also included is the original album version and an alternative mix from the original release for completion and comparison! An absolute must for disco heads! Hi-nrg erotic disco from the singular visionary Patrick Cowley. Up to date power ups provided by Alan Dixon who beefs it up proper for the rigs.

A truly deluxe edition! Originally the B-side opener to Cowley's first solo album, "Megatron Man", it's fitting that 40 years later this important dance song is getting a rerelease with fresh remixes from Alan Dixon and amazing embossed disco bag to boot. Disheartened by the lack of promotion and distribution off by Fusion, Patrick and Marty decided to set up their own label releasing not only Cowley's work, but by other synthesizer disco bands around the Bay Area and beyond.

Megatone Records quickly captured the sound of the city's legendary gay nightlife. With supreme vocals by J. Block, amazingly vibrant chorus and verse sections and highly frenetic instrumentation featuring the vast array of Patrick burgeoning synth collection - it must have sounding unbelievably fresh at the time! This new edition by Unidisc curates the original album version, a remix by Paul Parker from and two new mixes by Alan Dixon which, while beautifully faithful to the original material manage to give Cowley's music new life and vigor through some rugged and galvanized outboard mastering.

This is unmissable stuff for your disco and hi-nrg collection! Boosted by two Alan Dixon remixes this is unmissable hi-nrg disco for your next chemsex party. The Canadian producer and edit wizard was last seen at the helm of his seaplane en route to the island of Madeira for surfing and sunshine.

Before he took off he left us some heat we are ready to share with you all. Both tracks are so undeniably and deliciously Eddie C that we're all united in agreement that this is the best work by the producer for some time. Effortlessly funky grooves throughout! Two mid-tempo loopers, one traditional peppered with his trusty whilst t'other goes on a bit of a dub-disco jaunt. Infinite Wait B. Germany is not the first country you think of the glitterball; but some of the hottest disco artists of the s and 80s were based in Germany.

To be more precise in Munich. And that's the vibe you get with the new Gome guys. This youthful troupe originally come from Munich. They have the Munich disco DNA. Their disco is played on several drum machines, keyboards, sequencers and a microphone. Check their live on Insta. The new one goes further, remodeling 80's boogie stylings into a fresh dancefloor sound.

The first track "Teach you" was produced in the raw style of early Prince or the legendary Sexual Harassment. A squelchy bassline, driving beats and funky rap vocals is the only thing you need. Erobique drop a stripped back redux and there's a highway-cruising electro number completing things nicely. Now Testa has become the latest artist to contribute to the Rush Hour Store Jams series, delivering a four-track EP that takes his self-proclaimed world music-meets-club music approach in kaleidoscopic new directions.

Rich in synthesizer and drum machine sounds, it should delight all those who love melodic, tropical-tinged electronic music. Testa sets out his stall opening title track, a squelchy slab of electro-fired musical joy whose dreamy pads and synthesized marimba melodies recall the mids work of legendary South African musician Hugh Masekela and the delay-laden proto-house jams of the late Boyd Jarvis.

He opts for a deeper, sweeter, and more laidback sound on the gently jazz-funk-tinged warmth of "Blue Ocean" where layered percussion, ethereal chords and morning-fresh melodies catch the ear, before doffing a cap the spacey electrofunk and obscure Trinidadian synth-pop records on the wonderfully picturesque "Guayaba".

Gigi Testa merges styles for a winning formula. First time commercially available 12" pressing of this seminal UK house production. Originally released in Dating back to the electrifying earliest performances of blues artists like Big Bill Broonzy during the early s — an influence on Eric Clapton and John Lennon — right through to the dawn of Chicago house and onwards.

This record is a prime example of this. Although Mother Tongue was a one-off project, its history is rooted in this long-standing culture stretching back decades. The main man behind Mother Tongue was a drummer and record producer named Richie Stevens.

Stevens was steeped in music and the industry, thanks to his father, John Stevens, also a professional drummer. He is also a long-term collaborator with Boy George. But the story of Mother Tongue begins with a band called Well Red. This group, effectively a studio creation by Richie and his then manager Martin Poole, recruited vocalist Lorenzo Hall, a fixture on the London reggae scene and sold the concept to Virgin Records.

Well Red yielded two albums — Motion and Respect Due — but never really got the crossover success their songs perhaps deserved. They pumped money into it, and it never quite paid off, but we did okay. We recouped and got to make a second album with George Clinton. It was a good move, recording with him. It did us a lot of good here and in America.

We did pretty well in the US. We were very well-supported over there. This is the first time Mother Tongue has appeared as a inch single, a long overdue but very welcome happening. Obviously indebted to Chicago, it's an early and brilliant example cross-pollination and adoption from our fertile soils. The Boogie Times label is back with 4 cuts from a very elusive artist. There has been much speculation over the years as to the identity behind the Disciples Of The Watch moniker.

Sharp eared listeners have attributed the sound of the breakbeats to one artist, while others are as convinced their deductions from the sound of a bassline can attribute the production to someone else. All we can say is that Disciples Of The Watch make great music! Back in the "Dance In Peace EP" received an incredibly limited white label run and was only available from a handful of specialist record shops. Blows all the new stuff out the water quite frankly - there's just summat so gritty and raw in that old hardware and samplers that elbows the modern competition outta the warehouse.

The EP is presented on Original custom sleeve artwork is provided by Suburban Base legendary artist Dave Nodz in his iconic graffiti influenced style. D'Cruze, the legendary DnB producer synonymous with some of Suburban Base's biggest tracks such as "Lonely" and "Watch Out" now sees some of his unreleased productions finally getting a much sought-after release.

Original solely available as a hidden track on the US version of the CD, "Bittersweet" has never been released in the UK and never released on vinyl. Demand for a vinyl pressing of this has been called for since ! Farting bass that'd make Aphrodite blush and a neck-snapping drum groove cement this a maximum ruffage monster! Decorated with tantalizing pad stabs and a skillfully constructed Apache break, this is funky dnb fire for long, life affirming club sessions.

Rounded off with the incredibly dazzling "Meus Precious Filius", an unheard end-of-night killer that was considered a 'lost DAT' until recently. Seriously emotional vibes on this one! The EP is presented on blue and black splattered vinyl making every single piece uniquely different. Suburban Base have been at the forefront of hardcore and jungle since the early 90s and have remained delightfully uncompromising and underground throughout.

Hardstep A2. Bitter Sweet AA1. Sublime State AA2. Meus Precious Filius. Still ripe with dizzying instrumentation, rich musicality and a sun-blushed dreaminess those Ozzy cats do so well. Over the past six years, Dimensions has firmly marked its place as a leading name in the underground, with its festival, International Series, DJ Directory and Dimensions Soundsystem.

Available from 14th July across three separately available 12" EPs and a digital compilation the debut reflects the flavours and variety of what's in store. The compilation ties together twelve tracks across the three discs with very different personalities from soul and house through to techno and electro. With contributions from Dimensions friends old and new, breakouts and long-established names, it's a solid-gold offering from the Dimensions Recordings team headed up by Andy Lemay and David Martin.

Part 1 calls upon artists from different corners of the globe who share the similarity of undeniable soul and expression in their music. The EP has an earthy, worldly feel to it. From the Swahili sung harmonies on Mim Suleiman's 'Pole Pole', to the afro influences of Swiss collective Alma Negra's 'Onga', both tracks work raw percussion with just enough swing that either would sit comfortably within late-night UK dance floors or on the sun-kissed beaches of Pula.

Then there's the jazz-tinted glow of Istanbul's Kerem Akdag whose 'Getdownsoclose' deep roller makes use of lush pads and rushing snares. Closing is Maryland's James Tillman, who's soulful vocals on 'Wander' sit gracefully over transcendental keys and compellingly loose drumming, rounding off Part 1 with a cleanse of the soul. Part 2 turns the heat up with more dance floor leaning contributions from four American artists, each delivering something very different but equally powerful.

Marcos Cabral's 'Prochainement' is a driving, dubbed out melter with stomping kicks and big-room claps under fuzzy synths, whilst Byron The Aquarius drops his signature dose of funk into 'Full Moon'. One of the standout breakthrough artists of last year, the Atlanta producer has been part of the Dimensions team for some time.

Rounding up is DJ Aakmael with 'Transit'; a raw, flexing cut that we've come to expect via his massively impressive output and his own superb imprint, Unxpozd. Dimensions Recordings explores its darker side on Part three with intergalactic oddities and twisted techno constructions, the release is definitely one for the late hours. Next, French artist, Upwellings steps up to demonstrate his purist approach as he unites elements of dub and techno to create the beautifully spacey 'Soft Shadows'.

To finish the winning release is Fachwerk label boss and prolific techno artist, Mike Dehnert; who presents raw but melodic track in 'Tokio,'which maintains his minimal and stripped back aesthetic beautifully. A beacon of modern electronic dance music that thankfully treads its own path and looks for innovation and evolution rather than relying on the successes of past formulas.

Three tracks that find the Akai-sensei in moody Motor City mode; constructing those peppered drum sequences and drunkard pads to compliment a shadowy vocal track on "Weirdo" which comes in two mixes - one sans pads and with even more percussive goodness jammed in!

A sound Theo singlehandedly invented himself, think "Sound Sculptures"-era and you'll be getting a twitchy for this frisky biscuit! Limited copies, bound to fly out - you know what to do! This sounds like some of the earliest Sound Signature gems; deep, moody, beatdown soul synonymous with the D. Weirdo Full Mix B1. Original Weirdo B2. Imaginary Thugfunk. With its warm, melodic chords, infectious piano theme and big strings it seems perfectly suited to one of Joe Claussell's lavish and long house epics.

Back in the late 90's, Mats used to book Joe for his legendary Raw Fusion parties in Stockholm so the connection and mutual respect were already in place. A brilliantly celebratory release from the impeccable Local Talk label. Meanwhile, modern jazz duo Kyodai elevate "Mood Light" into stratospheric heights of feeling and expression. A truly great release from this mammoth label. Moon Light Kyodai Rework. Delsin is pleased to welcome a true pillar of the contemporary techno scene, Answer Code Request, for his first EP in six years.

As an integral part of the Ostgut Ton family since breaking through some 10 years ago, Patrick Graser has shaped a patient but potent discography which embodies the hybridised nature of techno in the 21st Century. His distinctive style of melodically embellished, subtly fractured body music helps define the contemporary zeitgeist, but it also moves with enough emotional maturity to stand on its own terms as compelling, artist-led electronic music.

Arriving some four years after his second LP Gens, the Shattering EP opens in an especially exploratory mode as Graser teases elements of breakbeat and ambient techno on the spellbinding 'Resonate'. There are more linear techno pulses to be found in the tunnelling propulsion of 'CRS', but in the interests of contrast the EP closes with the sparkling refraction of 'Sustaining Life', a floor-ready masterclass in electronica with teeth.

Here the esteemed nightclub technician drops four new tracks on prolific techno label Delsin. A very Berlin-meets-Manchester affair; these two post-industrial cities obviously flexing their influence on the producer. It's still got that bass-n-shuffle you'd expect from this talented and singular producer but he swaps the sound bwoy attitude for something a bit more slick and sexier.

All The Colours 2. Southbank Slide 3. Harry Septiandry has been gaining traction with standout releases on Darker Than Wax and Star Creature under his Munir alias, and for his RNT debut he serves up four extra special reworks of obscure disco from his native Indonesia. The source material would stump even the most savvy of ears, but Harry finds the universal in these rare gems, augmenting the grooves and preserving just the right bit of camp for super sunny spin! Time A2. Christi B1.

Rame B2. Limited edition hand Part calling card from the stars, part postcard from the gutter, when The Libertines made their first introductions there was no time for a gentle warm-up or an orienteering session to point out all the fire exits. Hell, there was no way out anyway because with their first single Pete and Carl and Gary and John dropped you straight in the middle of the energy and chaos that surged through their lives and fuelled their band.

Twenty years on from its release, The Libertines' opening salvo retains a freshness that is as much down to its wisdom beyond its years as it is the youthful exuberance it inspired in band and fans alike. What A Waster 2. I Get Along. Two roots reggae classics circa from Max Romeo on 12" vinyl.

Clear and loud pressing! Melt Away feat. Max Romeo 2. Break The Hold feat. Max Romeo. The Greek born artist has had excellent previous releases on labels such as Ewax, O. Don't forget yer speedos. Cosmos 99 2. Inner Tripper 3. Bamboo Skirt 4. Inner Tripper. Diggin deep, two treasured cuts from the John Collins vaults, remastered, reissued and sounding oh so weighty.

On the flip a twisted, tape-echoed dub exercise so ganja-soaked I convinced myself it was already ! Again, if you're aiming to get horizontal this weekend this is the disc for you! The Detonators - Lift Off. Two late 70s heavyweight roots rockers from Barry Brown, produced by Bunny Lee. Reissued on original "Justice" label from the time. The classic voice of Barry Brown is one of the most synonymous in dub.

These two tracks are timeless high watermarks of the dub reggae genre every fan of JA music needs. No Wicked Shall Enter feat. Barry Brown 2. Big Big Politician feat. Barry Brown. Brown Sugar were unique - not only were they one of the most important of the first wave of lovers rock groups, they were also the only group who managed to successfully blend together a reggae roots consciousness with a lovers rock sensibility.

Black Pride B. Having had the legend Roy Davis Jr. With its deep analogue bass, beautiful pads and great spoken-word vocals, it went on to become an underground classic and is now hugely in-demand with DJs and collectors. The "Frog Mix" ups the tempo and energy, getting shoulders jacking and the floor bouncing. Quite an apt remix title really A brilliant example of the unique deep house sounds purveyed by the Murk duo and a much needed official repress sounds fatter than the boot from a years ago from Above Board.

Don't sleep! Having worked closely alongside founder Erol Alkan in recent years to shape the imprint's diverse output, Loveless' collaboration with the Peach Discs founder nods to the electro landscape of the label's earliest days. Yes mate!! For those that don't know, John used to live right here in MCR; documenting the folklore of our night life and generally getting right amongst it.

A full throttle maniac, the energy levels don't drop below 10 on this fully certified banger for Phantasy. Highdive A2. Highdive Beats Mix B. Highdive Schacke Remix. Cat Number IJR Booster pack from the label's workhouse force. An undeniable summery, frenetic energy taking over on these four workouts, perfectly primed for festival appearances and day raves across the warmer months.

Don't miss the specialist tweak of Harvey Mason or the amazingly uplifting organ solo on "Bomba Rejam". A fantastically killer series most DJs won't want to do without Their touch so deft, so sympathetic to it's source that you hardly notice their input.

It's there though, behind the scenes, making these dancefloor work horses run silky smooth. Volume 10 in the cult collected warehouse music series - Tone Dropout. Along with the usual suspects Dawl and The He-Men, two new artists plus a new collaboration of previous artists are introduced. First track comes from the one and only Dawl, The TDO co head honcho comes at cha with a techy, bleepy, Detroity stomper; no breaks or any of that nonsense just expertly programed bleeps and buzzes.

Kiddmisha, all the way from Kiev in the Ukraine. Mega deep session club track. The He-Men contribute a typically naughty and acidic electro track; with lashings of fastened to a snappy vintage drum box coerced to work over time for this mutant dance party! Finally we have 22 year old Marino from Nantes in France. He is the co founder of Hyperfrequence records and party collective and also linked with the 44tours record shop, label and parties. This man is a real talent for the future and "Rave Alarm" is full on high energy assault, starting with a killer break and time stretched vocal, it verges into hardcore territory whilst nodding to production tropes more akin to the birth of jungle and DnB.

When that bass sweep hits you square in the chops, there's no turning back! Mega stuff from the titans of modern warehouse music! Limited copies, no repress - move quick! New artists are introduced, old stalwarts are re-decorated - there's plenty to jack to! First up is "Mesmerized" featuring Shyam P, a slinky, serpentine, deep acid roller with subtle synth craft, airy hi-hats and maximum terrace potential!

Eager house historians will hear the cheekiest, tiniest snip of "Peaches And Prunes" on "To The Floor"'; a track otherwise submerged in late night, deep house immersion. Thick wobbly bass and incredibly well placed drum articulation marking this out to be A-class, energy efficient heater. Don yer best jockey gear folks - horse not included! Finally the awfully titled "Slut Drop" concludes proceedings with another intricately constructed late night jam. One of those tracks that makes perfect sense come 3AM, it's sparse but meticulously programmed elements working in harmony to create a hypnotic, e-body track few can resist Here the slinky superstar drops an essential four tracker that'll be heard everywhere from Ibiza to the Adriatic coast.

Holiday house music without the instgram drops. Mesmerized Feat. Shyam P A2. To The Floor B1. Summerz B2. Slut Drop. Blink-and-you'll-miss-it 7" from Terekke who touches on the kind of sublime, cushion soft dub-techno-electronica that used to be the realm of acts like Farben, Fluxion, Burnt Friedman and such like. Tender, sensuous movements from a master of the machines. Don't miss this one folks. Really, really limited!

The Detroit trio continuously impress with their exquisite releases, striking lyricism and a hefty dose of house authenticity across their outputs. With Amp Fiddler on production, it's nice to see Detroit soul kickin' and back on the map with serious intention. Introducing Dames Brown B. Introducing Dames Brown Instrumental.

More dancefloor fuel from the unrelenting Local Talk. Italian powerhouse Nico Lahs usually glides smoothly between labels like Delusions Of Grandeur, Adeen and Rawax - working with house royalty Chez Damier - and keeps delivering top quality music. A straight forward track that embraces loops and repetition with hints of HNNY's golden days. Pure sunshine and good vibes emanating from every orifice. On the flip Local Talk's very own Tooli moves through a series of moods and grooves with "That Cowbell Track", a cut which eases you deeper and deeper into the dance, with clever rhythmic programming and enveloping mid-range stabs.

A dub that focuses on the cowbell ina proper Danny Wang style.. A brilliantly musical offering from two titans which really grasp the spirit of modern deep house. Nico Lahs with a loopy organic MPC jam, Tooli turns down the lights for the evening session with two takes on a killer theme.

Numbered and limited to copies each worldwide. Released in , the band continue to deliver the sound of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Cover artwork by Anthony Ausgang. This is filled to the brim with boogie disco that encapsulates sunshine and good vibes. Loveface never one to miss a beat and with these 80s bangers they've nailed it yet again. Band on the Wall Recordings unveil its fourth release from The Singles Club, their 7" series supporting a selection of Manchester most exciting rising artists.

I can't recommend this enough, go go go n listen right now. Every Story 2. Israeli producer Nenor delivers a 4-tracker of impeccably produced dancefloor weapons for his second outing on Razor-N-Tape. The Echomen's song "Let's Get Together" appeared first on the third volume of the Movements compilation series many many years ago. Sadly, its lyrics are still relevant today even 50 years after its recording. Let's Get Together 2. Talk Is Cheap. Finnish nine-piece Kuja Orchestra original version of the Afro centric Kuja's disco on Jazz Aggresion label came in under 3 minutes so this unreleased extended version allows the instrumentation to shine through showing off some seriously good solos and horn arrangements.

Backed with the super bluesy vocal of the legendary Bobby Bland on an aching tale of loss and regret. A slow smoochy groove with lyrics of genuine heartache… and all this with a resilient slow motion dance beat and some exquisite brass breaks. Both sides remastered for sprung dancefloorshaking longevity. Taking inspiration from classic 60s and 70s soundtrack and cinematic composers such as Axelrod, Morricone, Gainsbourg, Jean- Claude Vannier and Piero Umiliani, the album was very well received upon its release and struck a chord with the scene's connoisseurs.

The next logical step was to make their music available on 45 too. The release features an album track 'Fear Me Now' on the A-side and is paired on the B-side with two new tracks that channel the sound of library music giants such as Hawkshaw and Bennett. Three lush, warm and timeless productions. Inspired by classic 60s and 70s soundtrack composers such as Axelrod and Morricone, and library music giants including Hawkshaw and Bennett. Johnny Marr Fever Dreams Pt. Manctalo Beach has gone through several versions over the years to arrive, like a chilled Bianco, at the crisp beauty you hear today.

Packed with chunky bass arpeggios, pixelated pitch-bent melodies and freeze-frame drum fills, the A-side conjures images of coastline sunsets and waterski waves. Meanwhile on the flip, the bonus beats proceed in a more dubbed disco direction, with acres more space, cascading delays and tripped-out breakdowns. One for your speedboat! The clue's in the title! Clear vinyl, limited to Vacant Gardens is Glenn Donaldson of The Reds, Pinks and Purples and a hundred others and Jem Fanvu, collaborating on music and with the latter responsible for vocals and lyrics.

The project began with the idea of combining heavy fuzz and slow-mo drum machine beats with Fanvu's gentle almost trad-folk style vocals. Almost all of Donaldson's otherworldly sounds are achieved through layers of guitar fuzz and copious delay, while Fanvu offers an ideal counterpoint, taking the listener on a celestial melancholy trip with her opaque poetry and melodies. So inspired were the duo by this blend of styles, they immediately recorded at least two albums of material, Under the Bloom and Obscene, released in quick succession in and in swiftly-disappearing micro editions on the secretive Tall Texan label.

With those records close-to-impossible to find at an affordable price, Tough Love are now reissuing both LPs on May 20th, alongside a 7" containing two previously unheard songs recorded at the same time as the albums.

The albums are pressed in editions of , and the 7" , and all on transparent vinyl. Stay tuned!!! Very very into this. Jerome Potin, aka Gallic mash-up artist Moar, returns for his super limited, ultra collectable 45 Loves series. Maximum head nod factor on this one folks, with just enough umph and shuffle to kick start your Friday night dancefloor early doors!

Moar retains much of the OG, instead getting busy on the echo unit and wave chopper, injecting this smooth smoocher with a huff of poppers for the Saturday night crowd. Mega stuff from Moar! Working DJs don't need reminding how crucial these cuts are for the weekend armoury.

Keep Sharon and Tracy at bay with this late 90s pleaser. H Side 2 1. HH Elsewhere the nods to piano house and the housey jams of Underground Resistance tick all the right boxes. Prism Rain EP - Inc. S moniker. Adding his ever innovative spin to the table, SYO cuts into the flesh of the original to deliver a further syncopated and spacious version, flush with complex rhythmic sleights of hand and subtle melodic trickery throughout, bound to keep you on the edge with every bar. Refraction B1.

Takin it back to the old school, EEE return sampling another great from days gone by, working it into a house leaning warper. Terrace friendly mash-ups that the whole family can enjoy. Unlikely to be aired on NTS. Hybrids of UKG, bass music, breaks and house music, coalesced into summat fresh, grooving and incendiary for the cluurrb. Opening up with the fiery garage of "Blantyre 86 Style", complete with punchy breaks, M1 stabs and subtle echoes of soundsystem culture we move into the more abstract and spacious halftime of "Healing ABle ".

Featuring Usurp the track straddles the grey areas between dub, jungle and halftime beautifully; all with an expansive, big room vibe - perfecto! Onto side B and "Luca Benzito" opens with warm piano chords and a big raggamuffin drop; bridging into sublime, bass heavy UKG with those delicious chords and sharp synth licks unveiling a sexy and sophisticated core. Finally, "Eraser Funk" drops the perfect B2 - a downtempo smokers cut that's perfect for the morning after the night before as your roll the last spliff of the session before bed time.

It's been a big night, time to get some rest dear raver. Limited copies, hot shit - highly recommended! Comes with a bonus, stoned, head nodder for the come down too. Both side A tracks are fire for the club. The New Jersey stalwart drops two mixes on one theme which demonstrates his uncanny ability to produce long-form club freakouts that total encompass the listener in their simmering, focused intensity.

Rattling with the fizzy, metallic percussion artifacts and jolting kicks that made us all fall in love the first time round, it's a welcome return to the producer's original sound and should be a firm favourite with Levon fans around the globe!

Orphic Apparition is a new label born out of a transatlantic meeting of minds. On the final uptempo choice the pair opt for a head-scrambling electro take. Choose your fighter! Combined with the other edits this version almost becomes a totally different track. Orphic Apparition will return soon. The results are mutations of acid, bass, rave and dubstep into one end-level bossman warehouse killer. You'll need a pocket full of power pills to fend off this beast!

These are studio recordings from Xberg in , at a time when they gave life and animation to a beautiful and young electronic music scene. Opening with the foreboding, minimal wave throb of "Notturno Crescendo", underpinned with a simple hi-hat utterance and circling b-line. Carnivalesque, noir-wave horror core - you can have that one for free!

Really strong stuff here on the wonderful Space Ritual label - check! I'm sure there's a Leeds connection here? Anyway, Eva Geist contributes some wonderfully unique sounds here - a bit Dusseldorf a bit industrial and bit wavey; basically if you like it left of centre and a bit scuzzy round the edges, this one for you.

Eduardo De La Calle and crew return with 4 tracks of deep off kilter electro and idm; proper circuit fried head twisters for late night club sessions, after party freakouts and studio wizardry obsession. Big tip if you're into Bitstream, Gosub and Silicon; Eduardo De La Calle is himself a bit of a sorceror at the controls; at ease both churning out both skeletal braindance and full frequency audio trips.

These four sketches find him in masterful control of his machines, achieving a bilatteral conversion between hardware and human interaction few knob twiddlers achieve in the present day. Big one for the circuit benders! Arithmetical 1 A2. Arithmetical 2 B1.

Arithmetical 3 B2. Arithmetical 4. His status is due to a number of factors: a gambler's luck, backing by the finest version of Nightingales yet assembled, his faultless wry humour and wit, a difficult but unimpeachably excellent body of work, and the fortuitous timing of 's Robert Lloyd documentary, King Rocker.

The release of film seems cunningly planned, with its roll-out brilliantly plotted, although it was actually the Covid epidemic which caused the cancellation of this film's scheduled theatrical screenings. Rather than postpone, Fire Films' James Nicholls made the unusual choice of making a deal to release the film through Sky TV, where it was an immediate success and has been shown many times since.

The audience, captive at home by way of the epidemic, was far larger than hoped, and as a result, The Nightingales have emerged as one of this era's most brilliant, unorthodox and genuine bands of the post-punk. Three planned tours for the band's last album, were Covid-cancelled before a fourth attempt succeeded.

With bassist Andi Schmid stuck in Germany and unable to record, the band asked three of their fans to remix tracks from Four Against Fate. The titles - let alone the radically alterations hereon - give no clue to which tracks were remixed. Contributing their massive talents are DJ Surgeon, whose stint as an opener for Lady Gaga push the band ever closer to the charts err, not likely, but the tune is brilliant!

Team's Ian Parton, who'd posted of his affection for the band and remains a figure of fascination, being a good dollop more talented than other young upstarts, and Randy Kuntz, whose devilish musical skills have added serious sizzle to the last few Nightingales records. Spring Thaw Art Print By laurettairene.

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X, Prezioso - Thunder. Alok, Alida - Love Again. Tiesto - The Business. Wh0 - I'm Coming. Timmy Trumpet, Afrojack - Stay Mine. Basstrologe - Somebody To Love. Minelli - Rampampam. Sam Feldt, Kesha - Stronger. Mesto, Dastic, Claudy - Don't Wait. Sikdope - Myself. Guz - Set U Free. Michael Calfan, Gabrielle Aplin - Imagining. Sam Feldt, Lateshift - The Riddle. Quintino, Thomas Gold - Quechua.

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