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nakakamiss lang kasi karaoke version torrent

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And please, let go of Winwin's memories. It'll only gonna hurt you. After his talks with Winwin's sister ay binisita niya ang libingan ni Winwin. With a heavy heart — sobrang nasasaktan siyang makita ang pangalan ng taong pinakamamahal niya —. Bat moko iniwan? Di mo na ba ako kayang sagutin? Di mo na ba ako kayang barahin? Tangina naman Sicheng!. Pero alam mo, sobrang saya ko nung gabing yun..

Kase ako, ginagawa ko ang lahat para mapansin mo — pero putangina. He wiped his tears. But he needs to let it all out — he needs to let go of all his feelings and memories that Winwin left with him.. I love you but I'm letting you go now.. Honestly u should be so impressed and proud of urself,, once again this smau is wonderfully crafted and just amazing.

All the relationships between characters were so well written: the bickering, jokes, intimacy, arguments, all of it was just so well portrayed. I love how you are able to balance the romance, agnst, genuine talk and unhinged humour in your fics. They are hilarious, and have such a brilliant world build around it and amazing plot. Yeah me too I am especially attached the the rest of the characters cos they're my favorite bunch yet!

I will forever be thankful for my brain for imagining Sunghoon as a demon was it his prominent canines that launched my brain into thinking that? Thanks to my friend on twt for this prompt to push me over the k threshold. No spoilers beyond the current tl. Rated G. You can check out the rest of my fics on Ao3 serpentinerose.

It was almost funny, Mo Ran would say, that this insignificant town a mere half day away from the foot of Sisheng Peak would ever become something of significance to them. A town known for nothing but the captivating fragrance that snaked between the broken slats on windows forever shuttered, for the reddish earth that never produced anything of substance, soaked through with far too much blood for a town of that size.

A town of ghosts and promises buried in coffins that shook under the weight of their own grief. Xue Meng would have never stepped foot there a second time, were it not for the fact that Butterfly Town refused to lift its shadowy wings from the course of his life. They scrubbed the blood out from under their fingernails, washed the gore from their swords in the stream, and stared into water so deep that neither of them could see what had sunken into that great river. Butterfly Town laid quiet behind them; the disciples of Sisheng Peak had busied themselves with the task of carrying away the wounded and burying the dead.

The mangled pieces of demon flesh littering the expanse of the earth behind them were quickly spirited away, sent into flames so high that those red tongues dared to reach toward the sky with its own stripes of red, dispersed among the clouds. The resultant acrid smoke irritated his nose; he sniffed, stomach clenching at the nauseating smell of roasted meat, sweet and succulent and altogether wrong. You were supposed to be guarding my back. Did anyone ask you to jump ahead?

Did you want to show off to the pretty ghost lady? Mo Ran barked out a laugh. Red swirls spread on the surface; the dying sun, too, cast its own redness over the glittering water, swallowing away the evidence of their work. The inn seems to be in good shape. They might still have some food and wine to offer us. The inn was spared, but barely just. The entire second floor was uninhabitable, but the eatery still held its scattering of mismatched, coarsely carved tables and chairs.

It would have to be rebuilt, Xue Meng thought. But not by them. Whatever had remained of the food supply had disappeared far too quickly into their cavernous stomachs. Some of the other disciples had decided to wash off the filth of the day more fully in that dark river, and some had even found the ingenuity to catch a great bounty of silvery fish along the way.

It turned out that three arrows and a cloak strung together with spiritual energy were quite enough to form a kind of net. The smell of roasted fish finally cleared that stench of yao corpses from the air. They had eaten quietly, and then, one by one, the disciples trickled out to the tents they had put up along the main street of town, now cleared of all debris.

It was just him and Mo Ran left in the inn. The innkeeper had generously offered them a bundle of blanket and a corner of the main eatery hall. Under normal circumstances, Xue Meng would have turned up his nose at the meager accommodation, but not tonight. Their dusty table was littered with the clumsy wooden pieces of what would somehow become a Holy Night Guardian.

Chu Wanning had looked inordinately pleased, as much as that was possible for his shizun. Or so Xue Meng was told. Their shizun still remained in seclusion at the Red Lotus Pavilion, shuttered behind barriers too advanced for either of them to broach, and the contingent of Sisheng Peak disciples who had survived this last battle had never trained under the Yuheng Elder.

They worked in silence; the candlelight flickered between them, casting large shadows that loomed over them, although the shadows seemed more contemplative and watchful rather than ominous even as this broken down inn bowed under the storm swirling overhead.

The water dripped at regular intervals from the misshapen slats, scorched in some places and warped in others, and Xue Meng cast a clumsy barrier over their table. This is passable enough, I guess, if you were a novice under Elder Xuanji. The relief that flooded him at that moment was unreasonable.

Xue Meng kicked himself, but his mouth quirked upward all the same. Mo Ran laughed once, and the shadows seemed to have shifted. The candlelight grew just a touch brighter. Xue Meng fixed his eyes on the notches he had made on that stick of wood; Longcheng was a proud, fearsome sword, more suited to the destruction on the battlefield than the delicate work of carving eyes and a nose into this wooden frame.

It was a little ridiculous, Xue Meng thought, that wood could walk and move and protect. A mere instrument in their hands, imbued with their spiritual power, compelled to perform duties it had never asked for, and yet could never refuse. He wondered if wood could feel. If wood understood what pain was when it was struck. The steel of sword and the steel of lightning. If, when the wood splintered under forces greater than it could withstand, it would also feel the cut deep within whatever sliver of soul had managed to form within its rings.

But that was impossible, Xue Meng scolded himself. Strange musings brought on by this strange town. Xue Meng swallowed the lump in his throat that had formed without his knowing. The distance between them, a mere table apart, had seemed as insurmountable as that between Sisheng Peak and wherever it was that Mo Ran found fit to stay for longer than a fortnight or two. The twisted pieces of wood, discarded from the remnants of their failed Holy Night Guardian, lay on the table between them, next to a jar of wine that the innkeeper managed to scrounge up from the kitchen.

It had a crooked little face with a crooked little nose, with arms slightly uneven and a body halfway between ugly and pathetic. Mo Ran had shrugged helplessly when Xue Meng pointed at the way the little wooden puppet stood tilted to the side. Nonetheless, it worked. He twisted the empty porcelain cup in his fingers, stroking at the hairline fracture that had formed on the surface of that fine bone after too many years of use, no matter how careful the washing had been.

It was simply the way of the world, Xue Meng knew. And in this lower cultivation world, the reality of their lives was filled with far more decay and broken things than what lay just beyond the border into the upper cultivation realm. The wine had not yet gone to his head, although he knew it would, eventually. Xue Meng truly looked at his cousin this time; Mo Ran had changed in recent years, not the least in the expanding span of his shoulders or the widening of his back.

Or the ridiculous lengthening of his legs. Whatever it was that had changed, Xue Meng could not put it into words. But he could feel it in the way Mo Ran looked at him, the drag of time that had etched itself in that faraway gaze, as if Mo Ran had lived at least two lifetimes and carried the weight of them on those shoulders. By etiquette, he should have turned away, hid his face behind his sleeve, but there had never been any ceremony between the two of them.

Their backs pressed against one another, dampened with blood and sweats. Mo-zongshi, Xue Meng had heard. With a jolt, Xue Meng realized that he had not. Four years ago, Xue Meng would have sworn up and down that his life would halt until shizun returned to them. And yet, he bore them all. Days turned into weeks turned into months, and soon enough, four years had already passed. Life seemed to move on even when he least wanted it to, and Xue Meng thought he could reach out for the stream of time, wade his fingers through the soft water, and come up with the grains of sand that he had been searching for, undisturbed beneath that torrent.

It was only time itself that had revealed to him exactly how foolish he was being. The sand stayed. Mo Ran said nothing, but there was a strange, enigmatic smile on his face. Clad only in their inner sleeping robes, Xue Meng could almost believe they were back in that inn of long ago, refreshed from the hotspring, with shizun just a step behind them as they bickered their way back to their upstairs rooms. The lump in his throat had grown in size; he downed the rest of the wine and filled their cups to the brim again.

This time, his words came out slurred. Xue Meng would have asked his stupid cousin what it was he still thought could be hidden between them, but Mo Ran already shook his head and smiled. It is my home. He wanted to say more. Horrifyingly, there was a tight pressure building up just behind his nose, spilling forth as warm wetness that slid down his face and stained the cracks between the dirty wooden table. He wanted to say more, but the words would not come out between the sobs that shook his entire body.

Shizun was already gone, Xue Meng wanted to say. And you would rob me of yet another. Even the words spoken in anger, at their very worst, when the vitriol was too much to bear, still bore some remnant of truth. Xue Meng, come here. His cousin sighed, patted his back awkwardly, and must have looked upward at the ceiling. The slight jostle to his frame suggested as such. The words were curtained in tears, shrouded in grief, and every syllable struggled against the jerks of his throat.

Mo Ran fingers pried away the wine cup from his hand, set it down on the table, and resumed that stuttered task of patting his back. Mo Ran pushed him away. His eyes stretched into long, thin lines, softened by an emotion that Xue Meng could not identify.

Throughout all this time. Throughout all the times they had fallen asleep curled up in a dirty tent in a battlefield, washing up in whatever water they could find, scrubbing the blood from underneath their nails, Xue Meng had never once heard Mo Ran mentioned shizun. That choking sound came from him. Xue Meng realized belatedly that it had started out as mocking laughter, turned too quickly into something unnameable.

It was something he had realized for a long time, Xue Meng thought, the way words sometimes would not suffice, and yet there was nothing to do but cling clumsily to whatever sentiment could be expressed through that inadequacy. The words had been spoken, and yet, they might as well have been weightless for how little they truly meant. Useless sentiment that talked of everything and conveyed nothing.

His cousin had taken the pile of blanket on the floor and wrapped it around him. A deep sigh. The candlelight was close to extinguished; the wax pooled on that wooden table, the wick almost completely submerged in the melted wax. The shadows on the wall seemed lighter; when there was no light in the world, the shadows, too, melted away. Mo Ran would be back. Xue Meng knew this to be true.

Quick Summary: You and your friend came back to Korea and it just so happens that Seventeen also just landed their plane. I mean I took out quite a huge chunk of your previous plot TwT. Iceland was really great. It was so peaceful. No one bothered the both of you, literally. The both of you stayed there for only 4 months. You wished you could stay forever, but sadly nothing lasts forever.

Your friend disliked Korean music yet he is Korean. He dislikes his own race, he dislikes his own language, he dislikes South Korea. I am nationality but, i personally love Korean music. Specifically, K-pop. He hates books. Whenever we go to the library, he always falls asleep. Sometimes, the librarian would even kick us out. He tends to play computer games. He uses social media but is so addicted to computer games.

He is also aromantic, he does not feel any romantic attraction to any sexuality or gender. You met him when the both of you coincidently, got buried in a mob of books. The books from the upper shelves fell on top of both of you. You were irritated at that time. You were about to freak out but then you heard him laugh.

He seemed to enjoy what just happened. You thought he was insane until he helped you up. You have a friend, after like a zillion-years. Three to four months into your friendship he said he was going to leave for South Korea. You were also going to leave for Kore at that exact date but you decided not to tell him. He suddenly invited you to go with him. Anyways, the both of you arrived in South Korea. A lot has already changed after only 4 months. Well, South Korea is one of the most advanced countries in Asia.

Explains it though. You walked together out of the airport. While the both of you were walking, you glanced at him. You noticed he had a smile on his face, but his eyes said it all. You noticed in his eyes that they were filled with hatred. You told him to come with you away from people but then you heard someone call out. He stopped and waited for you. You just walked and realized how cute he was. And for your friend I guess. I want to see them so badly.

I have spare bedrooms. The both of you could stay there. Suddenly the airport erupted in screams, when you decided to look towards the screams you saw Seventeen and you immediately stood still. You can not believe what you are seeing.

Seventeen was passing by in front of you. Your eyes started searching for your bias right away, and just in time, the guy you were looking for stopped right in front of you. In front of you was no other than Xu Minghao. Your heart skipped a beat and your breath stopped. Your brain is still processing that the guy you have always looked up to was right in front of you. Minghao pulled his facemask down and smiled at you.

Your brain immediately shut down. His words were definitely having an effect on you, and you just wanted to hide your face. He chuckled at your antics. He finds your stuttering cute and just wants to protect you. Was Iceland nice? I want to visit Iceland someday. Maybe we could both go there together? Your face becoming redder with each word he said. Very peaceful, perfect for reading books. Before you could answer, one of their guards called them, telling them that it was time to go. The guy was clearly pissed but obliged anyways.

I would like to visit you sometime. You raised your eyebrow at him. We barely know each other. With this, the cool front that Minghao tried his best to put up, immediately crumbled. His cheeks flushed with embarrassment. Minghao smiled brightly, but his smile faltered when the guard was already having a hard time holding back the rabid fans.

When he walked away, Jun took his hands and ran fast towards the impatiently waiting driver. A smile blew up on your face. When you looked back towards your friends they had this teasing smirk on their faces. You arrived at approximately an hour. You went inside your room right away. You still remember everything inside it, but it was cleaner.

You lay down your bed right away and before you knew it, you went fast asleep. The next day, you heard laughter and what sounds to be a strangled goat from downstairs. It woke you up. You tried covering your head with a pillow but the sound of strangled goat was getting on your nerves.

You went downstairs frustrated and carrying your pillow. You just wanted to slaughter that fucking goat that ruined your sleep. You halted. The rest of Seventeen were just there looking awkwardly at the girl having a seizure. And then they all stopped and looked towards you. You ran back to your room as quickly as possible and locked the door. You stayed sitting behind the door. He actually tried visiting. You hastily changed your clothes and tried to present yourself at least somewhat decent.

You mustered up your courage and went downstairs. The view in front of you was a wild one. Ooh boy. Yes, a few minutes with you gone and shit has already gone down. You went towards Minghao and he immediately stood up straight like a pole when he saw you.

You chuckled a bit and went to grab his arm. He smiled but then it faltered when he looked back at your friend that is currently on the floor. This happened quite often when we were in high school together. And with that the both of you set off. The day ended with a new couple, 13 drunk guys, and a girl still asleep with a puddle of saliva by her side.

As always I don't know how to make titles UwU. Also my editing is quite shitty lol. Hope you liked it UwU. Time to make my Jeno fic now. RIGHT sobrang fic inspo worthy but i don't think i can do justice to that moment yet kasi di pa ako gaano kagaling magsulat ng emotions. These one-shot stories are also tied with the main story which will make more sense once you read Baguio. For now, enjoy the characters' lives and how they deal with the struggles of being engineering students.

At sa mismong araw pa talaga ako ng finals exam male-late. I even tried passing through the guard who was checking the students' outfits and their IDs. I bit my lip and turned around, groaning as I go back. Pinakita ko ang ID ko sa guard at mabilis naman ako nitong pinaalis. She smiled at me widely and waved. Fresh na fresh pa ang hitsura, samantalang ako, for sure, haggard na.

Sorry ha, late na ako eh! Pagkatapos noon ay nagmamadali na akong bumaba sa hagdan para makarating sa second floor. Namataan ko pa ang orasan na nakasabit sa pader, am, shit talaga. Pagpalain nawa ako ni Saint Aloysius de Gonzaga. Nang marating ko ang tapat ng aming classroom, lahat ng blockmates ko ay may sari-sarili ng pwesto.

Agad akong pumasok at nag handang bumati sa proctor na magbabantay sa amin. Napadasal ako sa tuwa nang makita ko ang test papers sa table, ngunit wala ang professor. Dito ka, dali! Umupo ako sa upuan na ni-reserve niya para sa akin. Napayuko ako at nag sorry ng mahinhin.

Malay ko ba na hindi ko pala na-set ang alarm ko. Ayan tuloy Bumukas muli ang pintuan at si Mikko naman ang pumasok. Halatang inaantok pa ito, at walang pakialam kung exam day ba or hindi. Para bang isa lang sa mga normal na araw kung umasta.

Si Reece naman ang tumawag sa kanya para ituro kung saan siya maaaring umupo. Napansin ko kung gaano kabilis nawala ang ngiti ni Catren. Reece was sitting behind her, all smiley at ready nang mag exam. Well, ano pa nga bang maeexpect mo sa isang scholar. Habang nagsasalita at nagpapaliwanag ng mga rules ang proctor ay lumingon-lingon ako sa classroom. Ah, kaya pala. Nasa kabilang side, malapit sa pintuan yung iba naming mga kaibigan.

Si Francis ay nasa pinaka-unahan, na sinusundan naman nina Cecilia at ni Traine. Sila kasi yung mga kaibigan namin na mas preferred umupo sa harapan, samantalang kaming apat ay okay na sa gilid kung saan malapit ang bintana at hindi masyadong naka aagaw pansin ng mga propesor. Isang lingon lang, lumabas na kayo ng classroom. I won't tolerate cheaters. Napansin ko rin kung gaano kabilis kinuha ni Reece ang bag ni Catren bago pa man niya ito makuha.

Umiling lang ako at napangiti. Deny pa, Catren, push mo 'yan. Ano plano bago mag sem break? I shrugged my shoulders, hindi kasi ako yung nag iinitiate ng mga plano ng barkada, basta sumasama lang ako. Every day spent with them is worth it, anyway.

Laging puno ng saya at tawanan, yung tipong akala mo ay walang pinoproblema sa academics. Lahat kami ay tila ba hindi narinig ang sinabi niya at tumingin kaming lahat sa malayo. Ako naman ay kunwaring nawiwili sa ulap na mabilis ang galaw sa kalangitan. Taga-roon na kasi si Cecilia, at matagal na niya kaming inaaya roon. Siguro lang ay karamihan talaga sa amin ay ayaw munang bumaba at mas gustuhin na lang na libutin ang mga lugar sa Baguio na hindi pa namin nabibisita.

Paakyat kami ngayon sa Abortion Steps kung tawagin, mas pinili namin na maglakad na lamang papuntang SM kaysa sumakay ng jeep. Kaya ito kami ngayon, hingal na hingal habang paakyat sa Gate 5. Dire-diretso lang ang lakad at walang bahid ng pagod sa mukha, samantalang kaming anim ay pahinto-hinto at kulang na lang ay mahimatay sa pagod.

Ang bagal niyo eh! I stopped walking and hold on the railings, breathing and trying to catch my breath. Sa aming lahat, ako yung mukhang isang hinga na lang ay pa-ospital na. Mukha rin naman silang pagod pero hindi kasing pagod ko kumbaga. Puyat pa, Grace. Kulang ka pa sa puyat. Habang hinihintay ang mga kaibigan ko na halos pitong hagdan pa ang layo sa akin, napansin ko kung paano nakahawak si Reece sa bag ni Catren.

Inaangat niya ito. Nagtama ang mga mata namin at inangatan ko siya ng kilay, nginitian lamang ako ni Reece at lumihis agad ang kaniyang paningin. Pag untugin ko kayo eh. Nang marating namin ang itaas, tuyo na ang pawis ni Mikko.

He even glared at us, "Bagong sem na ulit tapos 'di pa kayo sanay sa abortion steps. Katabi ko si Cecilia sa paglalakad. Si Mikko at Catren naman ay nasa unahan namin. Halatang nag-aaway na naman ang dalawa sa dalas ng hampas ni Catren sa braso ni Mikko. Lagi naman silang ganoon kaya nasanay na rin kami. Si Reece at si Francis ang nasa likuran namin, samantalang si Traine ay nasa kabilang side ng kalsada.

Kausap niya ang boyfriend niya, panigurado ay tinatanong na naman kung nasaan ito. Tumawa na lang ako nung makita ko na namang tumama ang kamay ni Catren sa braso niya. Aakyat na naman tayo sa hagdan. Naghihintay ni Narelie. Kayo kaya nagsabi na ayain ko rin siyang mag lunch. Para masarap kain natin mamaya. I swear almost all of us rolled our eyes. Kada lugar naman kasi yata dito sa Baguio may crush si Cecilia.

Uuwi tayong lahat ng wala man lang inuman? Let's just say that he's the most adventurous one. Life and love, sobrang adventurous talaga. Hanggang ngayon ay usap-usapan pa rin namin kung ano ang mga pwede naming gawin bago ang sem break at bago kami umuwi sa kaniya-kaniyang probinsya. Dalhin niyo na gamit niyo dun, pagkatapos, tuloy uwi na kayo.

La Union? Kahit si Francis na out-of-the-way ang uuwian ay sumang-ayon na rin. Ilang ulit pa tinanong ni Cecilia ang lahat para manigurado na lahat kami ay sasama papuntang La Union. Ang hindi namin alam ay inhinyero nga kaming tunay. Magaling mag-drawing, pero hindi naman kinukulayan. And just in case anyone doesn't know, we call K-army "diamonds" because I hate it when people say armys have two brain cells like bold of you to think we even have a brain sarcasm lol.

I'm watching a BTS music video and I don't know what the hell is going on, a thread:. You know why I never will trust or listen to people who say "I left because of the fandom". Here's a compilation of musicians getting shook by the sudden change to major in Jimin's 'Lie'. When Jin was bowing, Jimin held him down and Jungkook immediately ran to sit in front of him.

Sorry for no ask yesterday, twas not in a great mood, but I'm pushing through today and writing you an ask!! Even tho I've know it was coming it still hurts sm and I hope they can heal and get together and enjoy there time together. Am I being cursed? Sakura to Tomo ni Kimi dake wo. The pace is too slow. Other than that, I watch every anime and read every manga that interested me as much as possible. Such as Boku no Hero Academia? Or Tokyo Ghoul? Just watching the anime with censor here and there is enough.

Cuz my friend said the manga is way gorier than in anime? Like, I watched Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Cool, awesome graphic? What I want is quality in the storyboard. We vibed at almost everything and had the same interests. Games, music taste, anime, kpop idols agawan ng bias gaming , somewhat on foods, baking, skies, dogs or any pets that we could take care of in the future, rants, aliens, wonders of the world etc.

It's just so funny that I met you because a guy like you is rare for me. You make me happy, you make me smile, like everyday. Nung crush palang kita at wala pang aminan na nagaganap, you were an inspiration while doing my plates and assesments. Then finally, u chatted me. What you said was "hello gudibning.

Tara G" but i rejected you because i was busy. I remember, you're a funny guy too that's why you caught my attention. What I don't like about you is you being a short tempered guy, u get tilted easily at a lot of things and i don't know how to help you either with that, and what I do is I always try to just understand you, and let you feel that I'm always by your side.

What I like about you is your mesmerizing golden voice. What I love about you is that you are you, you showed me the real you while we're talking and knowing each other. You didn't give up when you were inviting me to watch Horimiya with you. Hahaha Sinasadya ko kung hanggang saan ang pasensya mo but then i realized, i want that moment too, the moment with my crush watching a romance genre anime.

Funny right? Because that's me. I don't want to waste opportunities because I don't want regrets. I made you this poem. Silly me. It's content contains what i feel about you since last December I know, i know, I just knew you last November but as i was observing you, you caught me off guard with just your mere behavior and attitude.

Funny again right? Napapaginipan kita at binabalikan ko mga yun paggising ko. Ang saya ko pag ganun, ikaw ba naman crush mo mapaginipan mo tapos sweet pa kayo diba??? Papansin ka bhe? Thanks to Minari-chan for bad influencing me in playing that game just to meet you chos. Naging gabi gabi yung paglalaro natin together with our friends and every moment, i treasure them basta meron ka.

Remember those times when u used to sing to me while i was busy on doing my plates? I think u had a clue na ako yon at ikaw ang tinutukoy ko. Then suddenly, u got ur eyes on me too. I took the risk, i opened my doors again and let you in. Even if i'm not that fully healed from my past yet, i took the fucking risk.

He passes a slice of bread back to Jongin before breaking a small piece of his own. It's not the most romantic of proposals. It's said over coffee at 4am in a deserted diner after a long night of undercover mission gone wrong.

Kyungsoo's got a bloody nose and Jongin's missing the beloved badge on his jacket. There's no ring, no getting down on one knee. Fighting the urge to vomit, Chanyeol inhales deeply. The familiar scent calms him down and Chanyeol hates himself for that too. Syempre, the Lord disagreed kasi he could do so much better kaya on January 14, , the year of our Lord, pinanganak ang tumalo kay David.

He sweeps his hand in front of Jongin as he speaks, using technical, anatomical terms to describe Jongin's legs and thighs, his cock, thick and soft against his belly. You may never see a more perfect representation of the human body than this. Joohyun's hand clamped down on his arm and shook slightly. She turned to him and smiled sadly. Junmyeon looked away for a moment before looking at her again.

Never had a vision of it but I hoped back then. But they didn't expect na magkakatotoo ito dahil sa isang viral Facebook post of this shit poster, Chanyeol Park. Nanginginig ang mga kamay ni Baekhyun while scrolling down the comments. Sumakit ang ulo niya sa ilang judgemental comments about this modus "mag-ingat kayo kahit cute yan may tendency maging manyak!! Then he saw the comments from people he knew personally.

Mga bastos na mga ka-college at ex classmates na nagmention sa kanya:. Yeol basta tandaan mo na kapag nakasandal sayo si Baekhyun parang nakasandal na rin sayo buong mundo ko. The taller took a deep breath, eyes darting everywhere except Baekhyun. And counting stars help me sleep better at night.

Papa to nkende lisusu epayi na nani? Yo moyi…losambo yoka kolela ya motema ezo ke mingi Mike Kalambay - Trop c'est trop translation in English English translation of lyrics for Trop c'est trop by Mike Kalambay. Trop c'est trop, trop c'est trop Toleli mpe mingi papa y'olembi Trop c'est trop, trop c' Tango mokili eboyaka nde tango lola etatolaka eh Tango mokili efingaka nde tango lola etom Type song title, artist or lyrics.

Na lingi yesu ba yeba kombo ya nzambe na ngai. I love Jesus, they need to know the name of my God. Nakola na maboko na yo Nayekola na kelasi na yo Mosungi moko oyo bapesi nga, eza se yo mol Elombe na biso yaya biso to yembeli yo ee Yesu oza elombe, elombe na biso yaya biso to kum Moise Mbiye - Nabimi Molongi translation in English English translation of lyrics for Nabimi Molongi by Moise Mbiye. Na yaki na mawa na zongi n'esengo Asali ya mingi iii Nini yango ya malonga akuti kati na n Mike Kalambay - Lamentations Lyrics Papa to nkende lisusu epayi na nani?

Carlyto Lassa - Makolo ya massiya translation in English English translation of lyrics for Makolo ya massiya by Carlyto Lassa. Na bosantu bua yo, mpe na bonkumu bua yo Mitunguisi nionso ya bomoyi na nga Ekomaka kimia tango na za nayo oo Yo kitisaka moto netumbelo oo Bo banguna na yo bakufa na nsoni Nzambe na nguya ee Kumisama Yawe, Nzambe na nguya, Kumisama Yawe Na yembeli yo Papa malamu uu Kumisama Yawe, Nzambe na nguya, Kumisama Yawe Ozali Nzambe, oyo apona nga a Mobundi molongi, ya bitumba na nga Yo nde opangusaka Na tango ya pasi eeeh, ata na tango ya maladie.

Nga natalelaka yo po yo nde liziba ya ngol Franck Mulaja feat. Echos d'Adoration - Nzambe Na Nguya Ozali Nzambe, Nzambe na nguya nioso Likolo ne nse bikelami na yo Nguya na yo efandi na kembo na yo Na bosantu bua yo, mpe na bokumu bua yo Mitunguisi nioso ya bomoyi na nga Ekomaka kimia tango na za nayo oo Yo kitisaka moto netumbelo oo Bo banguna na yo bakufa na nsoni Nzambe na Mike Kalambay - Lamentations translation in French French translation of lyrics for Lamentations by Mike Kalambay.

Mike Kalambay - Moponami Lyrics 1 Translation available. Depaul Mulaja - Ozali nzambe Lyrics Ba nzonga na loyembo ya litatoli eh Okutana na abrahama Opesaya ye Isaka Ekomi tango ya ana opesa ye samuel eh Kumama Yahweh Ozali nzambe mokeli ya mokeli oyo Mabota nyonso ekumisa yo mosantu Ozali nzambe mokeli ya mokeli oyo Dima loyembo emata na nguende na yo Loboko na yo eleki na nguya Makasi na yo nkolo to mona yango eh Okota na lilita mikolo misatu Osekwa pe na kembo Nalobo ko ya tata Mike Kalambay - Ngolu Lyrics Comment expliquer nakoma moninga ya nzambeee!!

Bitumba vie na nga obimisa ngai champion ee comment expliquer, nalibota balakela mabeee!!

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