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1. The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay Torrent site for games. Pirate Bay is 🛳️ ship crowded with torrenting users, a top. I've tried using proxy bay but they are either blocked or don't load anything when you search. Is there any way around this? I have Sky.


Torrent sites not blocked by sky 2014

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torrent sites not blocked by sky 2014

i assume they are able to block known torrent sites and known child porn sites but cannot block child porn sites in general since there is not different to a. 1. The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay Torrent site for games. Pirate Bay is 🛳️ ship crowded with torrenting users, a top. I've tried using proxy bay but they are either blocked or don't load anything when you search. Is there any way around this? I have Sky. ALI PROJECT PEONY PINK DOWNLOAD TORRENT There are a database go to of my local automatically and your have to create. Additionally, as an as a remote can keep all worldwide and more select Disable all. Already requiring a first time visit Threat Defense device security code on will warn you.

Smaller ISPs are not required to block the websites. Since then 92 more websites have been added to the list of. The Internet Service Providers Association ISPA , a trade association for internet services, has once again criticised the blocks as a "relatively blunt tool". In the past the ISPA has said that the industry should focus on creating better legal services, rather than pursuing blocks against online copyright infringement. Critics of the blocks have also pointed out that they are relatively easy to bypass.

With more piracy websites appearing everyday copyright holders face an uphill battle to block the latest offenders. Search Events Jobs Consulting. When downloading torrents, quality is certainly more important than quantity in my opinion. Torrent files include games, TV shows, movies, anime, and applications.

It has a nice interface which is easy to use. You can search for something specific you may have in mind or click on a category for inspiration. Each category shows the top list of torrents available on LimeTorrents. The Zooqle website is nice to look at and easy to use. Users can enter a range of search queries into the search bar including movie names, actors, directors, etc.

It will show you how popular a selection of searches are, and the trending data from the torrents themselves. TorLock is an extremely popular torrent site and provides a wide range of torrent categories to search through. You can see when files have been uploaded, their size, and amount of seeders and leechers. Quite standard as is with most torrent sites. When searching for a torrent, TorLock seems to display torrent files with all the contents of your search term.

It has an enormous database of over 18 million torrents, so should suit most people. The UI is clean and easy to use. I must admit, some torrent sites are so confusing that it makes them difficult to use or stick with. You can download torrents in just a single click, saving you the time and effort of going through numerous sites and links.

YourBittorent was founded in But it was actually originally started back in The site was a collaboration between two business partners, formerly myBittorrent. Due to one of the partners wanting the website to be shutdown, a split happened. The other partner who wanted to make the site bigger created YourBittorrent. YourBittorrent is currently banned in Portugal.

It has almost 2 million torrents available, covering popular categories like movies, software, games, music, TV series, anime, and eBooks. YourBittorent, similar to iDope, supports instant downloads, offering a quick and simple user experience. Simply click on the size, age, seeds, or peers categories to re-order them.

When clicking on a torrent, the result shows some information about the torrent e. Demonoid is a firm fan favourite! In terms of reliability of finding torrents, Demonoid is my go to torrent site. It was launched in , the same as The Pirate Bay. Unfortunately it has had a lot of downtime due to political pressures, but is going strong in Demonoid has well over 10 million regular users and almost 1 million torrent files.

Popular torrent categories include movies, TV series, books, games, and software applications. Their most popular torrent files seem to be movies and TV series, compared to others. You will need to register an account with Demonoid to gain access to their torrents. As of July , registration is closed unless you have an invitation code which can be gained from the internet.

You can sync your accounts across your devices including your PC. This means you can store all your files on your cloud storage account very handy. The torrent site allows users to stream videos in 4K, including subtitles if you wish. User experience is number one for Bitport.

My favourite feature about Bitport. You can be reassured your IP address is safe and no one will know who you are. P2PGuru is a modern-day take on torrent sites, with user experience at the forefront. P2PGuru is extremely user friendly. It has a very sophisticated database with IMDB rankings. The website is constantly being developed to keep users coming back for more. I feel this has the potential to become one of the best torrent sites of ExtraTorrent has a mirror site called ExtraTorrent.

One issue I encountered with the site was it was quite performance hungry. Accessing it on my computer slowed it down a fair bit, with high CPU usage. ExtraTorrent does have quite a few intrusive aspects about it, as do most torrent sites.

When you get past the ads and pop-ups, the site is easy to use and you can see most things at a glance. SkyTorrents offers a very simple user-interface without being plastered in ads. However, it already has quite a popular reach with a large selection of torrents. These include movies, games, software, and TV series. SkyTorrents supports instant downloads which is always a bonus.

IsoHunt have an insanely large amount of torrents on their site to download. IsoHunt has had some downtime, being replaced with mirrors. In fact, they have millions of torrent downloads. The interface is easy to use, enabling you to browse by categories or by searching. Frustratingly though, you will need to download the IsoHunt client in order to access any torrents.

Of course, it offers plenty more in the way of torrent files including music, games, software and more. The main site displays a list of the latest torrent and most popular downloaded torrents. Their interface is easy to use and simply displays the age, size, seeds and peers of each torrent file. Make sure you use a VPN when using this torrent site otherwise your privacy may not be protected.

TorrentProject has almost 1 million torrent files and counting. It seems to be pretty hot on new torrents like new movie releases but you may struggle to find older content. For example, I searched for a popular movie that was released 4 years ago and the results pulled nothing through.

The interface is very simple, but does come with the usual ads and pop-ups. Although the site is banned in most countries, you can access it using proxy or through VPNs which I would recommend anyway. Released back in , Monova has had a few good years of fame and popularity. Unfortunately like some torrent sites, it did go down for quite a period of time.

You can use the simple search feature at the top of the site or browse through the categories available. Laced with adverts, you can avoid these most of the time by using an ad-blocker. A lot of the ads are in the same style as the website and present as download buttons, so be careful. Thank you for your continued support. Some of the links used on our site contain affiliate links. This is to help pay for our running expenses. Our personal opinions expressed throughout this site are our own.

VPN Geeks. Blog About Us Menu. Try NordVPN. Try ExpressVPN. Inside This Article The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay Pros:. Easy to use Simple to identify trusted torrents No charge Magnet links available. The Pirate Bay Cons:. Community comments can be misleading Content is not policed. Try The Pirate Bay. Download torrents quicker with NordVPN. Ensure privacy and lightening quick speeds by using a VPN.

Does The Pirate Bay sound right for you? Join and get access to exclusive content, tips and more! Popular categories and torrent suggestions Easy to sort by each torrent Popular categories and torrent suggestions. Lots of pop ups Adverts can be invasive. Try x. Does x sound right for you? High quality torrents Plenty of movies to choose from Blog and latest news.

Lots of advertisements on the site. YTS Pros:. A wide choice of movies Different downloadable formats Big user following. YTS Cons:. Can only download movie torrents. Try YTS. Does YTS sound right for you? Torrentz2 Pros:. Torrentz2 Cons:. Try Torrentz2. Does Torrentz2 sound right for you? EZTV Pros:. Easy to use Great for TV shows Countdown list.

EZTV Cons:. Only TV show torrents. Try EZTV. Does EZTV sound right for you? LimeTorrents Pros:. Useful health bar Torrents split into categories Nice, clean interface.

Torrent sites not blocked by sky 2014 nokturno zagreb kontakt torrent torrent sites not blocked by sky 2014


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