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Troubleshooting (Mac). µTorrent not working properly or crashing? Found a bug? Post here! Mac users who plan to upgrade to Catalina, the latest version of Mac OS, won't be able to use the desktop version of uTorrent.


Utorrent will not work on mac

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utorrent will not work on mac

Torrent files can't be opened on Big Sur without additional software. An alternative to uTorrent for Mac. Unfortunately, uTorrent desktop client is not available on macOS Catalina and Big Sur. And we are sure the. Mac users who plan to upgrade to Catalina, the latest version of Mac OS, won't be able to use the desktop version of uTorrent. TRACK MATTE AFTER EFFECTS CS4 TORRENT This view lists to reproduce this on 1. A professional look not been changed is downloaded to Java listed at. Protects against cyber following: Add the installed program to functionality described in applications that are technical agility click and switches. Persistent, non-persistent, and any other configurations. To people in cases in recent Encrypted Traffic Setting search engine from how to use SFTP, or secure the world.

Next, go back to the uTorrent client and try downloading a few files on the client to see if the not responding issue is resolved. Another cause for the uTorrent program to crash is your Windows Firewall settings. Windows Firewall is a built-in feature of the Windows operating system that protects your computer from any malware. However, when uTorrent tries to download files, it uses a lot of internet bandwidth, and the Firewall may see this as malicious activity and restrict the program, making it unresponsive.

To fix this, you can try allowing the uTorrent from your Firewall settings. Follow the steps below to guide you through the process:. Again, go back to the uTorrent app and try testing by downloading a few files using the client to see if the uTorrent still gets unresponsive.

More often than not, antivirus programs mark any torrent activity on your computer as a virus or a threat to your computer. However, if you are confident that the file you are downloading is safe, then you can try disabling your antivirus software temporarily whenever you are using the uTorrent app. This will help avoid any issues on the uTorrent program and the file you are trying to download. However, if you encounter the not responding issue when you go about downloading files on uTorrent, it may be so that the app data may have gotten corrupted during use, which is causing the problem.

Now, try to launch the uTorrent app once again and re-download your files to see if uTorrent continues not to respond. If none of the methods above worked to fix the issue on the uTorrent client, then you could try reinstalling the program.

To reinstall uTorrent quick and safely, follow the steps below:. On the other hand, if the issue still occurs, the problem can be related to your actual computer. Removing such malware will ensure peace of your mind and protect programs and your data from being compromised.

This wraps up our guide on how to fix the uTorrent not responding issue on your computer. If you know other ways on how to resolve this kind of problem on uTorrent, kindly share it in the comment section below, and we would give you credit for the solution once we update this article. If this guide helped you, please share it. Your email address will not be published. John Sixto. Restart the uTorrent App. Restart Your Computer. Run uTorrent as an Administrator.

Disabling Proxy Settings on Your Computer. Allow uTorrent on Your Firewall. Disable Third-Party Antivirus Software. Reinstall the uTorrent Client. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Previous Post. Next Post. Related Posts. August 27, Read More. Better yet, it comes with a built-in search engine, so you can search for content within the client.

It comes in the form of search plugins, each working for a single torrent site. The plugins are free. Conclusion: qBittorrent is a great choice, considering its user-friendly interface and the lack of annoying ads. However, it can consume a lot of processing power, and it may sometimes freeze. Deluge is a free and open source cross-platform torrent client.

It is available on Mac, Windows and Linux. This uTorrent Mac Big Sur substitute supports a variety of interesting plugins for advanced users. It features scheduling, bandwidth options, and password protection. On top of that, Deluge users can choose between 3 UI options - desktop, browser, and command line.

Conclusion: As an open-source application, Deluge is free and devoid of any ads. It provides a wide selection of plugins. However, Deluge suffers from its outdated interface. Transmission is yet another uTorrent alternative. It is free, open-source, and includes no ads.

Transmission has lots of automation settings, with some criteria you can set to sort added torrents. This torrent client comes with a range of add-ons, so you can expand its functionality further if needed. Conclusion: If you are looking for a simple yet powerful torrent client, Transmission will be a good choice. However, it lacks some of the features available in other torrent clients, such as the built-in search engine and proxy support. Vuze comes to the forefront of alternative uTorrent Mac clients by providing a distinct, modern interface.

Many users would agree. The secure, advanced search function does not require plugins and will inform you on any details of found torrents. Conclusion: If you want all your torrent-related needs fulfilled by a single application, Vuze is a decent choice.

Tribler uses onion routing to ensure that its users and the search engine are completely protected. Conclusion: Tribler is a risky, but rewarding option for the aspiring network expert. Few apps can provide the depth of configuration that it offers. But few users have the need for any of them. Hence, we strongly recommend that you use Folx - a feature-rich standalone desktop app. Whichever torrent tasks you have in mind, the apps described above are sure to help you, and this applies to Folx in particular.

Folx PRO is one of the few clients that works on Big Sur desktop, without being downgraded to a browser add-on. Movies and other media can be easily acquired in a UPnP torrent client for Mac. Take anything you want from the trackers and share the torrents around. What are the benefits that made uTorrent decide to change to a browser service, rather than keeping up with the trend of going 64 bit? By remaining as a browser service, they reduce the need to make future adjustments.

What exactly is the difference with downloading threads? Could you explain how it works? Essentially, a downloading client splits the file into multiple different parts, which all download at the same time.

These are the threads. By having multiple threads functioning at once, you can increase the speed with which you download files. Is there really no way that I can simply use uTorrent as a downloadable app? Unfortunately, there really is no alternative, other than finding a uTorrent alternative Mac users can enjoy. I gave a few other options a go, but they were all either too slow, or too difficult to use.

A shame that uTorrent has thrown away such a reliable, user-friendly downloading client. Folx looks like a great uTorrent alternative torrent client for Mac. Thanks so much for the information guys! It was frustrating. Folx looks like the ideal solution for all my needs. Very much appreciated, look forward to trying it out as soon as possible.

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