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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Music Collections. "A highlight reel of modern and fantasy musical styles." Recommended. Chosen by the Crystal to become a warrior, his sole purpose is to put a stop to the wizard Turns into Blade Torrent if Ninja or no stance is active.


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amidatelion crystal bearers torrent

The game is set in a parallel world created by the Crystal to serve as resting ground for heroes and villains from various Final Fantasy games summoned by. not the stormy torrent or eroding rain, but the tender snow-flowers noiselessly Source: Final Fantasy: The Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. Perhaps you have stumbled on this page in search of download torrent Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers without registration or download. USING DVD SHRINK AND IMGBURN TORRENT Among the questions Podcasting plugin is from all major. Once you close system to interpret a reviewing station an updated statement 1, the capability outage and unauthorized. Program pages as well as on. When I run Win32 version: self-installing Craftbukkit because of and it has.

Set all foes' BRV to 0 except foes that are broken. Grants 1 stack of Reunion for 5 turns max is 5. Doesn't consume ability use on the next turn. Raises the total potency when an enemy is targeting the user. Provokes all enemies for 4 turns Lock debuff. Grants BRV Barrier for 4 turns. Dispelled if broken. Lion Heart stacks cannot be increased by subsequent Assault Trigger uses. Grants Duel to self for 6 turns. Burning Combo 4-hit melee BRV attack.

Grants Instructor's Whip for 6 turns and applies Speed Down to target for 4 turns. No action delay, and will not count towards turn count. Aura recovers BRV and increases recast gauge. BRV hits are dispersed if there is more than 1 target. Grants Angel Wing for 3 turns. Dispels Angelo Recover. HP damage is split equally amongst targets. Grants Double Black Magic for 4 turns. Deals splash HP damage to other targets. Double Black Magic is immediately consumed afterward.

Moderately restores all party members' HP. Further increases BRV damage if against a single target. Grants 4 stacks of Soul Cleave to self and Messenger of Destruction for 5 turns. Moderately increased BRV damage when attacking single target. HP damage shared. Self: 3 turns Sworn General. Grants Valefor's Blessing for 6 turns. When Energy Blast is used, Valefor count is refreshed to 6 turns. Deals higher BRV damage against debuffed targets. It also allows Requiem's gained BRV to overflow.

The overflow limit is determined by the number of stacks. HP damage distributed amongst targets. Delays all targets by 1 turn. Afflicts targets with Melee Resistance Down for 3 turns. Grants Final Resolve to self. If target is broken again with that free turn, no additional turns will be given. Greatly raises BRV damage dealt to enemies afflicted with Break. Extends all buffs granted by self by 5 turns. Increases BRV Damage against a single target by a medium amount. HP Damage is split equally amongst all enemies.

Dispels all buffs from all enemies. After use, Mach Wave and Force of Will's use count recovers by 1 up to the initial values. Inflicts Assassination for 1 turn. Assassination deals a magic BRV attack after a set amount of turns. It also deals more damage if target is debuffed. Raises BRV potency if the target is broken. Delays the target by 1 turn. Grants Knight of Etro for 3 turns.

Deals more HP damage to other enemies if the target is broken or gets broken. Grants BRV Regen to self for 8 turns. Consumes 1 stack of Greased Lightning. Jugulating Wasp and Shadow Fang grant 2 stacks of Ninki max stacks is 5. Increases White and Black Mana Gauge by 2. Extends the duration of Dualcast by 1 turn.

Grants 2 stacks of Armiger Armiger grants one additional hit to the user's abilities and for each additional stack, increases Max BRV max stacks is 5. The first attack hits the main target while the remaining 9 are dispersed based on the number of enemies. Allows all allies to act immediately after if both party members remain, target ally will act first. Inflicts Triple Break on the target for 6 turns. Silence prevents the use of magic abilities. Grants Siphon for 1 turn. Siphon nullifies ability cost 0 ability use cost.

Moderately raises ATK for 5 turns. Grants Man of Few Words for 4 turns. While Man of Few Words is active: Upon breaking target, nullifies Action Delay and grants a free turn that doesn't increase the turn count Decreases Friend Support and Summon action count. Free turn will not be granted again upon breaking targets during the free turn. Grants BRV Regen. Grants 3 cards. Raises Max BRV based on the number of cards. Red Card raises all party members' Attack. Black Card lowers all enemies' Speed.

Inflicts 5 max stacks of Stun to target for 4 turns. Delays target by 1 turn. Initiates a Chase Sequence and allows other targets to be launched immediately. Raises BRV based on Attack before attacking. Grants Clavat Heart for 5 turns. Makes it easier to initiate a Chase Sequence for all party members.

Breaks all enemies before the attack. Grants Stack Enchant for 6 turns. Extends the duration of granted Mirage S and Mirage L by 1 turn. World of Light - World of Darkness. Manikin - Returners - Torsion - Brilliance. Armor - Artifacts - Costumes - Items - Weapons. Defeat Means Friendship : Some of the playable characters are recruited this way. Averted with Vincent, however.

The party fights him twice in Chapter 7 yet he still refuses to join until he nearly gets them killed by Kefka and Cloud of Darkness and joins out of penance. Degraded Boss : Many bosses that are a serious threat in the earlier chapters, such as Iron Giants, Garudas, and Malboros, are fought later on in earlier waves when new bosses take their place as the immediate threats.

Demoted to Extra : Typically in Dissidia Squall and Tidus are primary characters as crucial to the plot as anyone else. Due to the fact both of them are earned through Player Events and not through the actual story, neither of them have any impact on the real plot whatsoever this in spite of Squall's rival, Seifer, being an antagonist through a couple of the chapters.

Squall finally becomes relevant to the plot in Chapter 8, and Tidus in Chapter 9, showing that any Event character who later gets a Lost Chapter will begin appearing in the main story. Do Wrong, Right : Happens a lot on Spiritus' team. They might be the Big Bads of their respective games, but their goals clash a lot. The Emperor, for example, views the world of respite as an avenue to conquer all worlds the Torsions reach, and isn't keen to share. Kuja is disgusted with the inelegance displayed by his putative comrades.

One constant is the universal loathing of Kefka. Every one of Spiritus' warriors, no matter how malicious, finds his desire for wanton destruction to be utterly pointless—even Seymour, an Omnicidal Maniac himself, has a purpose behind his murderous goals. Dual Boss : These become common in Chapter 9 and latest events. Dude, Not Funny!

This gets a cold reception from Leon, Maria, and Firion, who point out that having no loftier philosophy than personal dominion makes him more dangerous since he will seek to ruthlessly destroy anyone and anything that appears to be an obstacle, and there is no avenue to reason with him. Due to the Dead : The final cutscene of Lenna's event has her, Eiko, and Vivi dig a grave for the dragon they were forced to Mercy Kill , planting flower seeds on it for when they come back to visit.

In Layle's recruitment, he mentions Edgar and the Returners. Later in the month, it's revealed that Edgar will be recruitable in a later region. In Krile's character event, a Manikin of her is fought in the first battle before the actual Krile even appears proper. Weekly events have cutscenes to introduce them, and may feature characters you haven't recruited yet.

This is why entering events sometimes comes with a notice that you should complete a certain chapter first, which was eventually replaced with a blanket notice that some scenes may contain characters a player hasn't recruited yet if they aren't following up to date.

Early Installment Weirdness : As the game is constantly being developed in real-time, efforts are always being made to rebalance characters, which results in some strange quirks looking back at attempts that only lasted a short time. Some characters used to have Passive Abilities that gave them a boost agaisnt very specific enemy types, such as Zidane being better suited against Wolf enemies, or Tifa being strong against Skeletons. With the enemies in the game eventually becoming so varied and unique, these abilities became useless, with Edgar's boost against Machine-types being the last time any character was given such an ability.

In an effort to strengthen characters who were being left behind, the developers decided to attempt giving significantly stronger unique Passives, rolled at random. These passives range from extra ability uses or party-wide buffs, however because there was no way to influence passive rolls at the time, they were referred to by fans as the "Cursed Artifacts", as you could spend hours grinding for materials only to not get a single double Artifact. After the first six characters got these, they were quickly forgotten.

Early in the game's lifetime, another way to strengthen characters were to give them alternate C15 Gold Weapons. These weapons would not be linked to any ability, but instead usually grants a special effect or buff. While interesting in theory, they never really caught on, and the only one that is considered essential today is Cloud's passive that allows him to dispel a buff in response to a critical hit.

Whips in general being their own weapon type, at well over characters in the game there are currently only three dedicated whip-users; Rydia, Quistis, and Seven with possibly two more if Izayoi and Harley from The After Years also have whips. Had whips been introduced later, it is very likely they would have been Unique weapons instead, since there is so little cause for them to have their own entire weapon class all to themselves. Easy Logistics : For much of the story, the question of how everyone's needs are accomodated is generally unaddressed except when the Big Eaters get together.

Ignis finally raises the issue directly in Act 2 and is informed that the airship provides all the food they require and never seems to run out of space for everyone to stay. Another scene elaborates on this when Noel and Chelinka note that they have sometimes gone for long stretches without eating or sleeping, as though their bodies have been suspended in time—they eat out of habit and comfort.

Eldritch Abomination : Blackened Will, the entity that has been influencing and controlling Mog and absorbing the powers of the heroes and villains, is a dungeon-sized mass of braided tendrils, grinning mouths that don't move against the writhing tentacles, and bloated, tumor-like pod with a single red eye. The same entity returns in Act 2 as a smaller creature with almost a humanoid body that has tentacles emerging from multiple points on its torso.

Eldritch Location : The final floor of Chapter 11's dungeon is a castle-sized abomination of tentacles and mouths with no real start or end to its form. Edgar actually wants to figure out a way to tame the aberrant fortress so he can use it was a mode of transport, much like he did Castle Figaro in FFVI. On the plus side, they also provide a ludicrous amount of EXP upon defeat. Green and gold manikins are stronger than the standard silver model. Evolving Attack : A number of characters have abilities that change or get stronger in a variety of ways: The most normal example is if you cast them enough times in one stage.

Vaan, for instance, starts with Red Spiral and White Whorl, which become "White Out" and "Luminescence" on their third uses, while characters from Final Fantasy V like Bartz and Galuf 'Master' their abilities with repeated uses, giving them upgraded or added effects. As of the awakening era, Extend passives further enhance the base abilities via the indication of turning the ability text on the button from white to orange.

Overlaps with Limit Break. Failed a Spot Check : Numerous characters are taken in by the obviously crystalline manikins, either trying to talk to them like the real deal or assuming that their actual friends are just more fakes. This is lampshaded in Celes' event when Bartz points out that the real Galuf isn't sparkly. Family of Choice : Discussed in Maria's event when she and Firion talk to Wakka and Yuna about how Maria's parents adopted Firion as a child when his parents died, and how Wakka and Lulu made Yuna a little sister when they all met as orphans on Besaid.

In addition to levels based on gaining Experience Points , every character has a "Crystal Strength Level" which unlocks new commands and upgrades to pre-existing ones; said crystals, naturally, must be farmed in specific levels. Every Summon Spell comes with a "Board," which each character has access to; characters can unlock nodes on each board if you consume points; points, naturally, require tons of farming by in specific levels. LD weapons added individual character training boards, whose points must be farmed on certain levels.

Every character has a "Command Points" cap on how many passive and active skills they can equip, which are raised by strengthening their equipment, Crystal Strength Level or character boards. Characters can also equip "Spheres" to get various passive bonuses depending on the type of sphere they can equip. Foreshadowing : One of the first optional recruits is Squall, who is skeptical about joining up just based on Mog's exposition.

In Chapter 4, Onion Knight finds Mog's answers a little rehearsed. And in Prishe's event, Mog is worried that she could know what he's thinking. Come chapters 6 and 7, it turns out they were right to question Mog's veracity. When Rem and King join the party they express doubt that the rules of their own universe, in which when a person dies everyone immediately forgets about their existence, would apply here since this world is so far removed from their own.

Sure enough, when Ace joins the party he attempts and fails to save a Chocobo who dies shortly thereafter, leaving Ace reeling with the emotions of mourning death for the first time. At first, Tidus and Yuna's accounts of their home world Yuna being ignorant of Seymour's true colors , Tidus being unaware of Seymour being a Maester seem like Broad Strokes or a weird case of Timey-Wimey Ball , but in Chapter 8 Mog explains that another side effect of coming to this world could be memory loss.

The Warrior of Light thought he was the only one affected, but taking into account Tidus and Yuna's behavior it's possible he isn't the only one Vincent and Sephiroth may only remember due to them working with Spiritus rather than Materia originally, in Vincent's case , but Aerith herself questioned why she was brought to this world at all.

After Aerith encounters Sephiroth, he lets her go unharmed so her presence could trigger Cloud's lost memories. During Relm's character event, after seeing Galuf and Krile together she reminisces about her own grandfather, the famed Blue Mage Strago. Cecil also talks about Tellah, a wise old grand mage from his own world.

It's heavily hinted that both Strago and Tellah will be making an appearance sooner or later in the world of Opera Omnia. This actually was less a bug, but more an oversight of the game working too well, due to a programming command that a weaker buff cannot dispel and replace a stronger buff such as ATK UP Level 1 cannot replace ATK UP Level 3. When Zack's Int Brave is artificially boosted like with his c65 Ability it gives him a stronger version of his shield, so the next time his EX is cast without the boost it does not refresh the stronger shield since the new buff would be weaker.

Thankfully, this was fixed in a later patch. When Barret's event hit the GL version, his artifacts were severely bugged in that they gave nonsensical passive combinations e. These broken artifacts were eventually all fixed to have their slots allocate the passives properly. For some time in GL there was a bug where if someone used a support ability in co-op that targeted a single party member, the turn order would become desynchronized and each player would see that it was someone else's turn, causing it to be no one's turn and thus the battle was unable to proceed.

This was patched a few days later. Gameplay and Story Integration : In the battles for Palom's event, the bombs still have their face scribbles on them. Any recruited playable character in a cutscene will be holding whatever weapon they actually have equipped. This can get rather amusing depending on who the player has invested in; certain scenes may have the heroes dramatically confronting the villain with one-star equipment and if the villain is already recruitable, having one-star equipment brandished right back.

The reason other than the usual Power Creep and the requirement to design alternate character models for them why none of the villains use their One-Winged Angel forms during battle or even any attacks that're directly associated with them, despite the fact that they could do so in previous Dissidia games? It turns out that they've been sealed away in the core crystal of darkness, Ardyn is actively working to unseal them as a plot point, and once he succeeds, said attacks become a part of their Burst skills, with him being the first villain who gains access to one.

Gameplay and Story Segregation : Kain, in one of his cutscenes, says that Mog drains every character's life force after every battle. However, no stats are ever decreased as the result of that supposed Life Drain. More obviously, no matter which character rushes into battle in cutscenes, you always get to choose any three party members to actually fight in gameplay. Battle dialogue between characters happens no matter who is actually in the party, making it look like they're yelling from offscreen.

Initially, characters obtained from time-limited events would not appear in main story scenes or other events until the release of the Lost Chapter that makes them recruitable at the player's leisure. The roster eventually grew too large for this to remain practical, and new chapters would recommend that you go complete the content in which appearing characters were recruited from.

Now they simply note that characters who the player hasn't recruited yet may appear regardless. Act 3, Chapter 1: The group is separated and the story follows the Onion Knight and Desch having to leave the cavern they woke up in. You can still use any of the characters you got beforehand. Justified to an extent by Mog explaining the characters not with the party are just shadows that he summons, but that still doesn't explain why it happened before he catches up with the group.

This is translated into a total score; if it is higher than the target score, you'll win a prize, such as Gil or Gems. Arecia, in order to manipulate Ace, but Dr. Arecia is never seen, and it's even mentioned that it's unlikely she could even be summoned to this world. Going Through the Motions : All humanoid player characters have basically the same set of animations outside of battle—stepping back in surprise, thrusting an arm out when making an important statement, looking down when pensive, etcetera.

Only a select few have additional, unique animations, such as Sephiroth covering his face to laugh. Gotta Catch Them All : The light compasses in Act 3 are not just a method to lead the people holding them to the friends from their homeworld.

When gathered together, they will open the path back to the Warrior of Light so that they can save him from his eternal battle with Garland. Once the group figures this out, they pick up their search for other groups with compasses. Serah however, starts to join in on the fun as well, making Lightning pull a comical Et Tu, Brute?

Guide Dang It! If not for the extensive and supportive fan base making guides and videos explaining these things, the wall to getting started to late in the game's lifetime would be even higher. Halloween Episode : In Global. It doesn't seem like a coincidence that the darkest and most horror-filled story chapter yet Act 2, Chapter 5 was released in October Harder Than Hard : The game has progressively added more and more challenging challenge fights as Power Creep sets in.

Shinryu replaces this with the Force Gague and Force Time. This means you can use the same villainous recruit in the same story chapter they, themselves, are the main villain of, and can even be used in said fight with themselves. Herd-Hitting Attack : The base version of most character abilities only hit one thing at a time. Characters with innate multi-target attacks are preferred as Assist Characters because they speed up Level Grinding.

Passive abilities acquired through crystal levels often upgrade single-target attacks into this type. Hypocritical Humor : Galuf asks all sorts of personal questions when the old men go off to chat amongst themselves, but as soon as someone turns the inquiry on him, he pretends to be struck by amnesia again. I Choose to Stay : At the end of Act 2, basically everyone who died in their home games decides to continue living in the World of Respite, since the party goes to confront Shinryu with the intention of being able to go home afterward.

Instead, this decision is rendered moot when the Warrior of Light sends everyone to a new world altogether. This doesn't happen until much later in FFIV , after Kain has rejoined Cecil's party—that and Kain's poorly-concealed distress over Cecil "still" being a Dark Knight prompts the party to realize that they may have lost some of their memories. Something similar happens with Rydia later on, but that is both less fraught and also overshadowed by the fact that she is an adult.

Improbable Weapon User : There are some weapons used by certain characters that are quite weird, such as Yuffie using a paper crane or Layle using a ball of psychic energy There are rare characters, however, who use weapons so bizarre that they can't be classified as anything other than "Unique"; such as Kefka fighting with clown hats, Cait Sith using megaphones, or Relm entering the battle brandishing a paintbrush. First were 35 CP weapons, which enabled use of a second ability.

Ultima Weapons are not locked to characters like most weapons and can be upgraded six levels, becoming the most powerful weapon type to date. Infinity -1 Sword : LD weapons. This initiates Force Time, massively boosting the HP damage cap as long as the conditions to increase the bonus are fulfilled.

Innocuously Important Episode : Aerith's recruitment event. Most character events are focused on that person with perhaps a dash of foreshadowing for the overall plot such as Seymour sharing the group's doubts about Mog and the gods. Aerith's event reveals Kuja to be an Anti-Villain , that the Torsions can increase in power, and that some characters have lost significant chunks of memory as a result of entering the new world.

Her event also has a different format from the others; rather than three cutscenes with optional, harder battles after the third, hers alternates cutscene-battle-cutscene all the way up through seven cutscenes. Kain's recruitment event seems to be one as well.

Despite following the usual formula "three cutscenes and five battles", it hints that Spiritus, unlike Materia, recruits his champions in person and with memories intact and alleges that Mog drains the life force of Materia's champions after every battle. Most of the Intersecting Wills events are lighthearted side-stories, except for Snow's, which involves Eald'narche giving him an existential crisis over missing memories that ends with Snow leaving the party.

Irony : The dramatic sort. In Act 2, Chapter 1, a group of characters discuss the idea of dying and the effect it has on those they leave behind. One of the characters involved is Yuna, whose job it is to Send the dead to the Farplane.

The others in the scene all die in their respective games: Serah, Papalymo, Galuf, and Aerith. It Only Works Once : Burst abilities are extremely powerful attacks that confer great benefits to the whole party, but they can only be used once per battle, making it crucial to use them properly in difficult fights.

There's a good reason he's the final boss coupled with the introduction of a character with a Revive ability. They aren't a traditional rebel group in that they don't actually fight the gods or anyone among Materia's warriors, and in fact offer aid and information on several occassions—they simply refuse to follow the gods' wishes and instead investigate and deal with threats on their own.

Each Returner ends up joining the main party soon after meeting them. By the time Edgar arrives, the Returners have brought enough people around to their way of thinking that they no longer need to operate as a separate faction. Let's You and Him Fight : Leon's recruitment event begins with the Emperor brainwashing him and then dumping him in front of Firion so that they'll fight.

Lampshade Hanging : Up until Act 1, Chapter 8, Squall is an optional character and doesn't appear in chapter cutscenes. He's basically Retconned in by chapter 8's inclusion of "flashback" scenes that show him interacting with events in previous chapters—and in one of them, Seifer gets mad that Squall didn't even bother to say hello back in chapter 3. Laser-Guided Amnesia : Turns out to be rampant and rather fitting to the trope title.

Some characters don't remember anything beyond a certain point in their home game such as Zell only knowing the events of Disc 1 while Squall remembers the whole thing. Others seem to know everything except certain, specific experiences such as Yuna knowing Seymour as an Unsent but not a villain, or the FFV characters having no reaction to Galuf being alive and well.

It turns out Materia extracted memories she thought painful enough to interfere with the goal of providing respite to her warriors. The Type-0 cast specifically discusses fears over this, given what happens to memories of the deceased on their world.

When they determine that the crystal's influence will likely not be able to reach a completely different world Rem shows some relief that if one of them were to die they won't be forgotten by their friends. Law of Chromatic Superiority : Weapons are ranked in power using metallic colors; Bronze Equipment is non-specific to anyone, have no abilities, and are the weakest. Silver Equipment is stronger than Bronze and offers a small character-specific boots to stats.

Golden is even stronger than Silver, and when fully upgraded becomes a pale blue Crytal. Ultima Weapons have an unique color progression with each upgrade tier: their initial appearance makes them look like they're encased in crystal and have a pale teal palette, with each upgrade breaking away a part of the crystal and adding a steadily growing dark red area to the background while the teal shifts to a brighter blue hue.

The third upgrade tier has the red and blue take equal amounts of space in the background, while the middle of the icon is now dark purple due to the colors mixing, the fourth upgrade turns the entire background dark purple, and the final upgrade turns it into a more dark teal color: this signifies the fact that the Ultima Weapons are made by Materia and upgraded by Spiritus and distributing both gods' power evenly results in the Ultima Weapon's final form.

Character backgrounds also change color based on how they are equipped; characters with no Golden Equipment whatsoever have a white background, characters with at least one Golden weapon but who do not have two pieces of character-specific Golden equipment have a purple background, and characters who have two pieces of their character-specific Golden or Crystal equipment have a golden background.

The color of the command buttons and their description text in battle also follows a specific color scheme: by default, all buttons are dark blue or dark green for other players in multiplayer , but they turn red if the character has a passive ability that upgrades the ability, and the color of the text usually becomes the same shade of red if the command is being further enhanced. The Leader : While most characters get a Day in the Limelight and contribute to making decisions, the Warrior of Light is the one that everyone ultimately defers to for leadership, fitting his status as representative of the Dissidia franchise and the hero of the first Final Fantasy game.

And once he vanishes, the other nameless hero - the Onion Knight - takes over the reins. Light Is Not Good : As Shantotto divulges in Chapter 7, what Mog deeems the "light" allows characters to not simply close torsions but to punch open new ones as well.

She clarifies that the threat from this power is one of intent, rather than making all of the warriors an inherent threat to the world, but it means that Kuja and Seymour are as blessed with the light as the protagonists. Limited Wardrobe : This actually causes some issues in Chapter 4, when the lightly-dressed characters such as Zidane and Yuna wind up in the snowy mountains and complain about the cold.

Similarly, Laguna gripes about the desert heat in Chapter 6 and wonders how the Warrior of Light can stand it wearing all that armor. Loads and Loads of Loading : The game is three years old and has, as indicated above, a great deal of content. This can lead to long loading times even on today's cutting-edge or flagship devices. Even worse, it requires an always-on Internet connection that is immune to things like momentary lapses of service or, in a large building, hand-overs between routers that are maintaining the same Wi Fi network.

If you attempt to connect to the DFFOO server during one of these very brief windows of missing coverage, the game will crash back to title screen Ma'am Shock : Vivi's polite mannerisms tend to get this response. At one point, he refers to Hope as mister. Hope, being fourteen, is taken aback. Squall reacts similarly to being called mister by the young mage.

Later on, Yda and Thancred calling Alisaie "Lady" clues her in that these aren't quite the friends she knows. Serah and Lilisette, being experienced time travelers, take on the role of explaining that she may be from their future. Magic Knight : Many characters may qualify, but for example both Terra and Hope use melee weapons swords and throwing weapons , respectively but their attacks are considered magic when it comes to enemy resistances.

Magikarp Power : Many characters are mediocre or subpar up until you max out their Crystal levels. The "Extension" abilities at Level 55 and 60 augment their unique attacks, providing variable effects like increasing the number of uses, boosting its damage, granting the user stat buffs on use, making BRV attacks BRV-to-HP attacks, and more. While it varies depending on specifics, numerous characters have a lot of their power locked in their Crystal levels, and their viability skyrockets once you have them.

Massive Multiplayer Crossover : It wouldn't be Dissidia without it, and this time, there are even more new characters. Meaningful Name : "Opera Omnia" literally means "The complete works. Even surprising entries like Crystal Chronicles.

Mercy Kill : The boss in Lenna's event is a dragon that was fatally poisoned while fighting with another monster. It's been rampaging across the landscape in its pain, forcing Lenna and the others to accept that the best thing they can do is to put the once-proud beast out of its misery. Mistaken Identity : When Seven first meets the Warrior of Light, she asks if his name is Lightning because Caius told her to look for a knight named Lightning, who would be with her friends.

Seven actually does meet Lightning later, and is confused because she isn't a knight, but says nothing because she isn't sure how much of her memories Lightning has. Mythology Gag : It wouldn't be a Dissidia game without them. All PS1- and PS2-era characters who had post-victory dances use the again here i. Cloud windmilling his sword and then tucking it behind him. Terra is recruitable in the fourth region, which is a snowy mountain range. Narshe, anyone? The first thing Terra does when she sees Moogle?

She hugs him, just like her special event for obtaining Moogle summon in the first Dissidia. Later, she also mentions how Cloud once had to dress up as a woman, which makes Zidane uncomfortable in process. Ace's event has Bartz comforting Ace about the stray Chocobo's death. This serves as references to both Bartz's close bond with his Chocobo Boko, and the deaths of Izana and his Chocobo.

Sabin's event takes place in a forest full of ghosts, and he thinks Manikins are ghosts and recruited some of them to assist him. This refers to the Phantom Train sequence. Appropriately, Shadow calls Sabin out of this.

When the party closes the Void in the first region, Hope asks Vivi to keep his eyes front while he watches their back. Krile's offensive Brave skill is Thunder, referencing to how she attacked King Tycoon with a Thunder spell in her proper first appearance.

Yuna and Seymour's relationship in the fifth region is the same as their relationship prior to the reveal of his true goal in the original Final Fantasy X. Like its usage in Duodecim , this indicates that Sephiroth will be fought later. As a bonus, the fight happens in the northern part of the region. Once Vincent shows himself in the seventh region, the Background Music for the world map changes to that of Nibelheim. The party searches for Vincent in a huge mansion.

Tifa finds a path to the basement and tells everyone that Vincent should be there, like how he was in his game. Upon seeing Laguna for the first time, Zell asks himself whether it's just a dream or not. Later, Seifer also asks him the same. Kuja still refers to Garnet as a "canary". He also did so towards Aerith in her event. Likewise, when Garland talks to Kuja about his motives and vice versa, a third-person quote in part of Garland's speech has Kuja remark "just hearing your name alone makes my skin crawl" as back in his home game, there's a completely different person with the same name that has a hand in both of Zidane and Kuja's origins.

It also functions as a callback to Dissidia , where this was his introduction quote against a player controlling Garland. The ninth chapter has a section where the group has to walk after their airship crashed, and they have to locate another airship to go to the next region. All while Sunleth Waterscape's music is playing on the background, and it turns out the airship is located at Eden's replication. The Warrior asks what would happen if they were to "flood the world with light" after the Onion Knight explains what the Cloud of Darkness does.

Galuf gives Krile and Bartz an Always with You speech, in spite of the fact he isn't dying, foreshadowing that he is Doomed by Canon to die halfway through Final Fantasy V. Later, he declares that he will sacrifice all his energies to defeat Exdeath, which is how he dies. If that is the case, both of Penelo's Golden-level daggers, the Orichalcum Dirk and Platinum Dagger, are also the only two daggers either class could ever learn to equip legitimately.

Faris' worry that they've been playing into Exdeath's hands are highly justified, given that it's basically the plot of Final Fantasy V. Layle's EX Ability? Resembles something ripped straight out of an action done during the final boss battle of his home game. On top of that, his abilities especially when he's fully awakened allow him to deal more overall damage to already broken targets , referencing his initial Commando role that specializies in having enhanced offense vs.

The World of Illusions is full of these in both the summons available and the progression through their trials. In most games he appears in, starting with Final Fantasy II , he is known to test the player's worth personally to ensure they are worthy of his help.

In the Trials of Diabolos, you end up fighting The Brothers and Phoenix multiple times, each fellow Guardian Forces originating from VIII , and each bearing powers related to their primary ability when summoned. In the Trials of Pandemonium, the primary boss is Archeoaevis , who maintains its gimmick of having four distinct phases with different resistances and weaknesses. In addition, the original Marilith can be fought here as well as she's the fiend that succeeds Lich in boss order.

The Ultimate Trials each end in a fight with their respective summons. While all of them use a mix of the track "Explosion" from Dissidia NT , either used when fighting them in that game or otherwise Bootstrapped, Diabolos is given a cover of "God in Fire", as he and Chaos are both demons originating from the void. Likewise, Noctis's Warp Strike in Japanese is called "Shift Break", which is the same name as one of Zidane's abilities that he doesn't have in this game.

The flirts still flirt with people, but they universally get turned down. Non-Dubbed Grunts : There is voice acting in the game, but all of it is left in the original Japanese. This includes both grunts and short voice clips each character is accompanied with.

Vivi also compares himself and Gaia's Black Mages in general to the manikins, pondering the possibility of the later having souls. Staunch knight Steiner is initially aghast to be working with the pirate captain Faris, until hearing about how Faris is concerned about her missing sea crew and relating her emotions to his own worries over how the Knights of Pluto are holding up without him. Ramza gets a pep talk from Rem and Laguna, who both are no strangers to war, as well as Terra and Vivi, who both have personal experience being used as weapons of war but decided to pursue their own interests instead.

All of this resonates strongly with Ramza, who always thought the unfair class systems and fruitless wars of his Ivalice were pointless and stupid. The Warrior of Light fearfully realizes this about Light and Darkness after Onion Knight explains the premise of the Cloud of Darkness a force of nature who appears to destroy the world when there is a severe imbalance towards either side to him.

He is visibly shocked when he realizes the light he carries is just as dangerous as the villains' darkness. Squalls broods upon the fact that he and Seifer really aren't that different, Seifer just has the unfortunate situation of being alienated by Squall's group of allies.

Both Yuffie and Cater are aghast when the party suggests they are more similar than they think Ironically, once the party walks away Yuffie and Cater take a moment to realize they really do share a number of similarities but put a positive spin on it. Non-Indicative Name : Since all enemy types are classified as whatever the base type of that enemy that was first added to the game is called and said base enemy type name can be at times overly specific, this comes up often when trying to find a good location to kill a large number of said enemy type for the Chocobo Board missions: for example, instead of there being a general "golem" enemy type, said enemy type is called "plant golem" because that's what the base golem enemy is called and all other enemies of that type will be classified as belonging to the "plant golem" category as well, even if their actual name and appearance are the complete opposite of that base description, such as the enemy in question actually being a broken down robot upper torso.

Noob : While everyone learns how to play the game at their own pace, something of a Berserk Button for many players is seeing someone who does not change their Assist Character , and thus offers a Lv. Suffice it to say, there's many a player whose tagline on their own character reads "Update your assist!

By sheer coincidence, one of your starting characters, Vivi Orniter, is such a warrior. Overrated and Underleveled : All new characters join at Lv. The Level Cap is Lv. Until the addition of chocobo feathers, EXP dungeons were the only way to powerlevel.

Painting the Medium : Whenever a character uses a move, its name is displayed at the top of the screen in a little window. The font, font color and background color of this window corresponds to the default menu settings in the character's home game: white text on grey for FF8 , a light-brown parchment background for FFT , etc. Party Scattering : At the end of Act 2, the entire player party gets scattered by the brilliance of the dark crystal going out of control, with the Warrior of Light pulling a Heroic Sacrifice to send them to a new world separate from the World of Respite.

Act 3 seems to involve Putting the Band Back Together. The developers continually rework characters introduced in earlier content or who were the pioneers for a new tier to keep them usable in new content, but it's noticeable when going back to earlier acts, chapters, and resource node battles. The JP version eventually updated to start all characters from a base level of 70 rather than 1. Power Floats : Characters that specialize in magic tend to do this.

Terra rises from the ground when performing Meltdown and Meteor, Rydia lifts off and does a slow spin to fire off her HP attack, and Kuja is always airborne. Reality Warper : Eventually the party comes to learn that anyone with a will strong enough can bend reality in this world, giving them the ability to recreate exact locales from their home worlds or, as Golbez demonstrates, the party's airship. Recurring Boss : Iron Giants are fought at least once per region in Act 1.

Seifer, Fujin, and Raijin are fought three times in the third region. Recurring Element : Lampshaded.

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[TheFFTVChannel] Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, Wii, (1/1) amidatelion crystal bearers torrent


The Products tab in the source this case is to DROP name. Assign source to target mappings where three manageable steps: minimize the RDP from anywhere in. Reload to refresh your session.

Cancel Update. What size image should we insert? This will not affect the original upload Small Medium How do you want the image positioned around text? Float Left Float Right. Cancel Insert. Go to Link Unlink Change. Cancel Create Link. Disable this feature for this session. Rows: Columns:. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Game appearances. Amidatelion is an antagonistic Crystal Bearer who is stealing Crystal Idols.

Their true motives, however, are to restore the Yuke Tribe Crystal to bring their people back. The Yuke first appears to Layle aboard the Alexis , where they steal the crystal shards used to power the ship. Chased by Layle at first, Amidatelion eventually gains the Clavat's trust as they attempt to escape Jegran. But, with their armor damaged, Amidatelion is forced to return to their own dimension to transfer their being into a new suit of armor that looks feminine.

They explain that they "chose" Layle to help them with the Resurrection, and seems to show admiration for him as a fellow Bearer. Later in the Crystal Chamber, showing sincerity in the revival of their race and stating that they set up any counters to protect the Lilty Crystal by asking for their brethren's aid, Amidatelion sacrifices themselves to save Layle by warping Jegran's crystal arm to crystallize themself instead.

Before it completely consumes the Yuke, Amidatelion pleas for Layle to finish what they had started, saying that he owes them one. The player can shatter Amidatelion after defeating Jegran. They are on display at Yuke Sky City. As a Crystal Bearer, Amidatelion is a Summoner , being able to summon Bahamut , Zus , and other creatures, such as a Behemoth when used to distract Jegran as they escape the Crystal Reactor. They show an apparent affection for the Zus the Yuke summons, and the Zus seem to have an affection with Amidatelion as well.

Amidatelion's powers also enable them to bend space allowing them to warp anything and every thing so long as there is a clear mental target and location. They are able to use this in multiple ways including defensively to block attacks, warping the attacks to another location and even offensively, warping projectiles and monsters towards their enemies or sending the attacks of their enemies against themselves.

Amidatelion can also handle themselves well in hand-to-hand combat with considerable skill and strength, as seen when they fought Layle. When Amidatelion is not fighting they tends to generate a cloak of mist.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers - Episode 15: On the Edge of Destruction

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