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Medicine and health through time textbook torrents

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medicine and health through time textbook torrents

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These were often part of monasteries or cathedrals and offered some medical care by the monks or nuns who had some skill with herbal remedies. This meant that most people in the Middle Ages had a supernatural approach to illness. The Church liked Galen because he said the human body is like a perfectly interconnecting machine. This fitted in with their belief that God had designed the human body.

Doctors in the Middle Ages Doctors in the Middle Ages had both natural and supernatural approaches to disease and infection. Their natural approaches included:. In , the Black Death struck western Europe. It had already swept across Asia and the Middle East killing millions of people.

The people of medieval Europe were desperate to avoid catching the plague and to cure it if they got it. They tried both natural and supernatural methods: Their natural approaches included:. The Renaissance was very different from the Middle Ages because the power of the Church was reduced. One good example of a Renaissance doctor is Paracelsus, he is a good example because:. Supernatural approaches continued alongside natural ones.

Most doctors continued to believe in the Theory of the Four Humours. One doctor who used this scientific method to make an important breakthrough was Edward Jenner. Through his work as a doctor in a countryside area of Gloucestershire, Jenner came across several famers who rejected the offer of being inoculated against smallpox, an horrific killer disease.

They did this because they believed they were already protected having suffered from the much milder illness, cowpox. Jenner decided to test this idea out scientifically:. Jenner observed and took careful records of milkmaids who had suffered from cowpox. None of those he examined had ever caught smallpox. Jenner then decided to test his theory. After this disease had passed, Jenner then gave him a dose of smallpox but there was no reaction — it appeared that the boy was now immune to smallpox.

Jenner tried this out a further 23 times and each time the patient did not develop smallpox. He published his findings but immediately faced a lot of opposition. In , the British government made vaccinations compulsory.

Smallpox was eventually eradicated completely from the world in as a result of a mass vaccination programme organised by the World Health Organisation. They had observed that there were more microbes on matter that was rotting and wondered why. The most popular explanation for a long time was called spontaneous generation. This theory said that as matter rotted or decayed it turned into the microbes.

Therefore, they thought, germs were the result of disease and decay. Some scientists disagreed. They thought that germs were the cause of disease and decay. This idea was called Germ Theory. One scientist who believed this was Louis Pasteur and he was able to prove it by:.

Pasteur suffered a stroke in the late s which prevented him from following up his work. He had shown that germs cause decay in liquids, and also disease in silkworms. The next step was to show that germs could cause human diseases too. Robert Koch Koch was the first scientist to identify a specific bacteria which caused a specific human disease. The bacteria he identified was anthrax in He did this by:. Robert Koch went on to identify the septicaemia bacteria later in Using his methods other scientists also discovered typhus, tetanus, pneumonia, meningitis and plague.

Koch also developed agar jelly as a better medium for growing and observing bacteria. He also invented a way of staining bacteria using chemical dyes and photographing them through a microscope. Pasteur and Koch became great rivals. The French and German governments gave Pasteur and Koch large sums of money and created huge research teams for them in order to make the next breakthrough and claim the glory for their country.

One of his assistants had left a petri dish of chicken cholera out over the summer holidays. When they came back to the lab, Pasteur injected a chicken with these germs but it did not die. When they injected the same chicken with a fresh batch of cholera it still did not die.

Pasteur made the connection that maybe the chicken had been accidentally vaccinated by the weakened form of the disease which had been left out. He developed a new vaccine for anthrax and demonstrated it in public. He vaccinated 25 sheep and left another 25 alone. Two weeks later he gave all 50 sheep a deadly dose of anthrax. The 25 vaccinated sheep survived and the 25 others died. This experiment made front page news all over the world.

He had spent four years developing the new vaccine which was very difficult because the rabies bacteria is very small. A boy who had been bitten by a rabid dog was brought to him. This also became famous around the world. By , therefore, scientists had discovered the true cause of disease — a massive breakthrough.

They also now understood how vaccines worked and had produced several new ones. Florence Nightingale was from a rich family and was not expected to work but due to her strong religious beliefs she was determined to work as a nurse and improve hospital care. Nightingale struggled to get the Army doctors to let her implement her ideas but she was a very strong and persuasive personality.

She achieved this through:. Nightingale became a national heroine for her work in the Crimea but she was determined that this should be the start rather than the end of her work. She did this by: 1. Setting up a training school for nurses which insisted on the highest standards 3. Advising new hospitals on how to set out their buildings. She had some knowledge and skill at nursing and wanted to help out in the Crimea just like Florence Nightingale. She was rejected as a nurse by Florence Nightingale due to the colour of her skin.

Mary Seacole was also celebrated after the war for her work with injured soldiers and was given a medal for her service. However, a few years later she was largely forgotten and she did not have the huge impact which Nightingale had back in Britain.

He had used the method of staining bacteria to observe them more easily. He thought that he could find a chemical which both stained bacteria but also killed them. If it could kill the bacteria then this would be the first cure. Ehrlich and his team painstakingly tested hundreds of different chemicals on syphilis bacteria a sexually transmitted infection. In , Ehrlich became convinced that chemicals based on arsenic would be the most effective.

The th arsenic compound which they tested seemed to work. Even then they only spotted it when they were double checking every test. They called the chemical Salvarsan This was the first ever cure — a very important breakthrough BUT Salvarsan only worked on the syphilis bacteria and not on any other diseases. Also, because it was derived from arsenic it proved to be too dangerous to be used widely as a drug. In the s and 30s, another German scientist — Gerhardt Domagk — decided to try to find another chemical cure like Ehrlich had.

In , he tested the chemical dye, Prontosil, on mice and found that it had an effect on the bacteria which caused blood poisoning. She was likely to die, so Domagk decided to try out Prontosil on her. It worked. He had found the second cure. In the s, a new electron microscope had been invented. This allowed scientists to analyse chemicals like Prontosil to discover what the active ingredients were.

They discovered that the active ingredient in Prontosil was a sulphonamide. Sulphonamides are found in coal tar. Images in this review. Reviews with images. See all customer images. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from United Kingdom. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Bought for my son to help revise his the first part of GSCE history on medical history but unfortunately he said that it was not very useful as it did not cover enough of the subjects or have enough detail.

The lay out was also a bit childish i thought with cartoon type imagery so i wasnt sure what age range it was supposed to be appealing to. The last maybe 4 chapters were relevant to his GCSE revision but i did agree that it could have been more detailed with the information given. I wouldnt recommend this for GCSE revision-too basic and doesnt cover all the syllabus of medical history. However, i did not manage to find a revision book which did the job in covering this sylabus so i have nothing to compare it with.

Excellent - especially doof teaching new GCSE course. Great for my less able students, or younger students, or for me as an introduction. But not enough for a good grade at GCSE without extra support. Still, the online teacher's book is still out there for free, with a ton of activities and answers.

Go for it! Bought for grandson to assist school work ,he is very pleased with packing speed of delivery and the book itself. Very useful, as i was doing my GCSE, it was really helpful, and its recommend for students doing the same topic, even if you are a historian and love history its recommended!! I brought this for my GCSE history and it was useful! Definitely a must for GCSE study. The same study book used in school.

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medicine and health through time textbook torrents

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