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Download the latest GeForce GPU drivers to enhance your PC gaming as the addition of Nvidia DLAA to Chorus, Jurassic World Evolution 2. GTX / Voted yes. EA have what is widely known as 'gaming cancer'. As far as I'm concerned the DX11 patch is as real as the mod.


Gtx 670 fps crysis 2 torrent

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gtx 670 fps crysis 2 torrent

GTX / Voted yes. EA have what is widely known as 'gaming cancer'. As far as I'm concerned the DX11 patch is as real as the mod. I can play Crysis 3 at a smooth 60 fps, fully maxed out except sticking to FXAA ASUS GTX (factory overclocked, near performance). WHQL (June 15th, ) · Fall Guys: Free for All; ICARUS (NVIDIA Reflex); Jurassic Wold Evoluion 2 (RTX) · Dolmen; Evil Dead: The Game · [. HOR TAEW TAK ENGLISH SUBTITLES TORRENT With this hotel needs one and be no excuse. Removing the newline using it on last few characters of various different. 20, John Carmody Clean button follow George I have.

Even with that I've updated every driver and bios even my GTX card had an update - yes, the bios - not only the dirvers for Windows , removed all services that is not required for gaming, tweaked the Nvidia settings with Nvidia Inspector, running with the Override3D program and Game Booster right after Windows is loaded in. Should have stated "Windows 7 Ultimate" in my post, will edit it : And to all the people that dont have problems - good for you.

But some of use have a problem. Nothing you can say will help us otherwise, so its just trolling on your part. And to all the people that dont have problems - good for you. It's kind of sad I'm not surprised there are people still saying "It's not the engine, it's your computer" over a year and a half after release. The truth is, TOR's engine just randomly decides whether or not it likes your computer, and that means it's just a terrible terrible engine.

I know at least two people with worse rigs than mine that get better warzone FPS than I do, and if somebody said they had a brand new top of the line rig and they only got 10 fps just running around with nobody near them, I'd probably believe them. I disagree with this comment, if you don't want people saying they have no issues and they post the same or similar specs as you run for example , doesn't that lead to why they are good and you aren't?

If this leads to you getting an FPS boost is that a bad thing? I wouldn't say there is nothing they could say wont help, but it sure wont help if you don't ask. My system I7 k 3. Sometimes even OCing can actually hurt game performance. I also see people report simply setting windows power options to maximium performance they double their FPS. Not saying this is your issue but if no one ever posts these things , some will never look at them. Trolls posting one-liners, "I do fine, it's your computer" is not helpful.

On my machine, Windows has been running at the "High Performance" power plan all along. Then, with my settings on "very low" I proceeded to get 25 FPS during combat in a warzone. I don't particularly care what others with bad FPS have to say, what I want is a thread where Bioware tells us when they'll fix the engine, because it's clearly broken, perhaps not for everyone, but for enough people to warrant it being fixed.

I'm curious, are you guys running in windowed mode? I was running in true fullscreen mode. Ive recently upgraded to a high end computer and it runs this game very smoothly. Pretty lame to make an mmo on such a demanding engine. A lot of my buddies quit a long time ago due to the game running terribly on their computers. Not sure if it will help or not but running fullscreen "window" you can also try disabling desktop composition and disable visual themes to see if it helps with performance, this can be done on the properties, compat tab for shortcut.

I have an i5 k at 4. What's the transfer rate of your hdd? The fix to get 60fps Very High settings is on Cartel Market, cost cc's. OwenBrooks: Its just the people coming in with one-liners that I do not like.

People like you, that state their system spec and their experience is actually helpful in my ever going search for a "fix". I am also running in Windowed Fullscreen mode since normal Fullscreen will disable triple buffering need to have a third party program running in the background to keep it enabled - 3DOverride resulting in stuttering and lag when moving the camera.

And the overall FPS is higher when running in Windowed Fullscreen as well - should be the other way around like any other engine. Seems you need more then 8GB to make full use of that utility since all player animations and effects quickly fills up no point in using all RAM for it since the game does need around 1.

Try setting the pre-rendered frames to 4 and that should help with the stuttering, if it doesn't try 2 or 1 , but whilst 1 will lower input latency it may also lower FPS. Most first person shooters benefit from pre-rendered frames as 1 for example. Fullscreen window can result in higher FPS then fullscreen, it depends a lot on the system. Fullscreen Window effectively forces vsynch irrespective of game settings, hence disable desktop composition, but which is best is known only by trying the settings.

It's the broken engine making the game not work properly on many specs. Intel e duel core 3. So I'm guessing people need to drop the settings a bit unless you have a high end rig which I'm affraid most posting have middle range rigs at best. The game for me is smooth, I run stock with only the ram is on a xmp profile. Reduce your graphics settings,: This.

You're stuck with an engine that might have been decent in My point still stands. In my experience, the most helpful optimization is to turn off nameplates at least for friendly players. I get the same fps regardless of graphics settings, however, turning off nameplates seems to really boost the engine performance. Make no mistake, the game engine is horrible.

There is a reason that large scale pvp doesn't exist, and they keep lowering instance caps. On my nvidia card it does not make any difference. In response to someone else, I am running with pre-rendered frames set to 1 the best setting for my rig - the mouse is pretty smooth and it helped a bit with overall FPS.

Which doens't make sense. It doesn't make sense that my POS is running better than yours. As many have pointed out, it is probably on your end and by default your cousin. You guys probably have the same tastes, use the same programs running in the background, etc. It is far more likely that the problem rests on your end than on the game end. Not that the HeroEngine doesn't suck, but it probably isn't the problem here.

It's well documented how poorly optimised the game is. If it's running well for you, congrats, but there's been enough evidence over the last 18 months that it isn't always the end users fault in the case of poor FPS performance on SWTOR. As stated before, I'm running on Windows 7 Ultimate with zero extra stuff installed.. Only running with Skype, 3DOverride to force the triple buffering for smoother camera and Game Booster 3 to shut down all non-gaming services when I start windows. That hardly qualifies as "any ones taste", but mere basics for a gamer.

No Steam, no P2P services or anything of that kind. Just those few applications I listed. Link me the documents. I have noticed that my GPU runs extremely hot on this game, much more so than any other game I play even ones that seem to have better quality graphics. I noticed it when I would hear the fans rev up when ever I would load this game. FPS wasn't an issue though. I tried a bunch of other games as a test and nothing made the heat bump up like this one does.

Its been a bad engine from the start and It would take a lot of time and money to fix it. They need those resources to discount GTN items, that's whats really matters Like they are morons. Like other s have said, I will go from FPS randomly because the engine No use trying to defend it.

I also see the same results on low settings, medium settings, high, it doesn't matter. My brother has been playing this game without issue on a low-end Inspiron Desktop Tablet from Best Buy since month 2. I always get a good laugh when I see people posting super computer specs and crying about the game's performance. The engine does an absolute garbage job of automatically optimizing the game for your machine, but if you know what you're doing it is definitely possible.

The vsync implementation is one of the worst out there and locks anything below 60 fps to a stuttering 30 fps. Is this your first try at PC programming? Almost all other modern games will vsync smoothly even if there's a slight drops in frame rate - yes, even Ubisoft PC ports manage this.

But it obviously isn't a smooth 60 fps even at moderate settings. I use HIGH for everything but dropped a few things in hope of improving performance. Which option s are the real performance killers in this game? Gaming Devolved. Showing 1 - 15 of 96 comments. Recca View Profile View Posts.

Comparing this game to Crysis 3 is a bit unfair, since It's not the same engine, game designers and not even really the same graphics style. Also, Crysis 3 was released over a year ago. Don't you think that things have been enhanced since then? Perhaps you need to start looking into your PC and not the devs. Being that I get better perfomance out of "lesser" hardware if you actually stated what you really have.

I can only assume it is an issue with your specific PC somewhere. Glitch View Profile View Posts. Sorry but I am experiencing the exact opposite of you; butter smooth gameplay even on Ultra setting at x with Anti-Aliasing, Depth of Field, Motion Blur, etc all on. It's not great, even on minimum settings, but I fail to see how mine could be even close to playable and yours is as bad as you make it out to be. Probs pause your pr0n torrents in the background. Some real smart-arses in here I managed to fix my issues no thanks to the useless replies here.

This rig just works Now it runs as expected. Since I started with the early access builds I guess something wasn't properly updated along the way or simply corrupted, perhaps the shader cache? A fresh install of the release build did wonders for performance. Glad to hear you got it working properly, Ko. We are sorry we couldn't get to you sooner. Denny Crane didn't play in the green lit version.

Just got it a little before release. I only played if once the full version was available. So I doubt my low FPS issue can be fixed the same as yours. What kind of performance are you getting and with what hardware, Denny? I'm getting wildly fluctuating fps between fps. I think I'm going to shelve the game now, it runs incredibly poorly compared to other demanding games.

And I don't see anything special in this game that would explain the poor performance. Xaviant, what should I expect from your game on this system, playing at p? Edit: I tried setting everything to Medium and the game still runs as badly as ever. Last edited by ko ; 30 Aug, am. Originally posted by Xav Shohei :.

Last edited by Denny Crane ; 30 Aug, am. I tried the x Philipp View Profile View Posts. Im having the same problems with a gtx m, i know its just a mobile card but in some areas my fps are at 60 on high settings, at some i get insane problems at low quality, especially in the house level in the snow area.

It has to be some bug because the house looks worse than everything ive seen in this game so far.

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WhiteLightning , Apr 1, What config tool do you mean? The application that I posted above has mouse smoothing I haven't tried it yet. Will try and report back. Can't say it really helped. I'm really picky about mouse sensitivity.

When I turn, I want the response to be immediate and at even the lowest reasonable settings in this game, I get a noticeable response lag when I swivel. Btw, Amdgameplayer thanks for the screeny. AbjectBlitz , Apr 2, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Show Ignored Content. Share This Page. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? The behavior you guys are describing other than toyota , I think is when the dynamic clocks are totally clocked too low. I'ev had a few games do that. You'll have vsync on, and the card will be humming along at Mhz and then hit a more complex spot and never increase clock.

Turning off vsync avoids it usually because it keeps the card working more and clocked up. Also, setting that particular game's power saving mode to maximum performance or whatever that setting is will keep the clocks at at least the base clock and make that not happen. Toyota has something different going on though, as you can see that his screenshots show the card is a full speed.

Is it possible that the refresh rate set when the game is running is only 50 fps? Windowed mode, you go back to your desktop refresh rate, and can get Ferzerp said:. Dec 12, 26, A lot of people don't like adaptive vsync but have you tried that and does it exhibit the same issue? I know this isn't exactly what you're describing, but can this be adapted to your issue? I still need to install Crysis 2,gonna look into this myself tonight and see if i pull the same issue,as i run dual gtx i would not know if its fair,but i could disable sli and report back and reenable it as well to see if the issue still arises.

Installing the game now. Well, I'm not running p so that's probably why the issue doesn't show for me. I never paid much attention, but I just ran fraps with the crysis 2 and it was at 60fps sometimes. Though you says x, I'm at x edit just tried at x in the game. I set it manually. Here's a screenshot. I do believe i remember my game locking in at 50fps for me at p as well,i never figured it out so i disabled vsync,soon enough this game should be installed so i could double confirm if this issue is still here.

Toyota does your fps lock in at 50fps even in multiplayer? Or just singleplayer? So I wonder I don't think fraps is reporting correctly. I got it from the main site. Either way, I think what you're seeing is real because when I switch between x and x I see it change. If it's a bug in the engine I wonder how this slipped through? It's not as if x is a new resolution or anything.

Ok so i installed the game and got it patched to 1. I download and install the texture pack and it wants me to restart in order for the textures to be in effect,so as soon as the EXE runs i notice even in the menu its at 50fps,so its a issue with the DX11 texture pack. It's known that the issue is only in DX11 mode, yes. You must log in or register to reply here. Graphics Cards 7 Apr 8, Similar threads Question Bugcheck code issue black Screen. Question Who makes this weird looking GeForce ? Post thread.

CPUs and Overclocking. AnandTech is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.

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Crysis 2 on GTX 670 + i5 2500k + 8GB RAM


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Gtx 670 fps crysis 2 torrent configurer utorrent pour telecharger plus vite

Crysis 2 on GTX 670 + i5 2500k + 8GB RAM

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