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Actores como Imperio Argentina no tardaron en saltar a la fama. Otros grandes actores de los años 30 son Miguel -Nobleza Baturra (). well as his later role in Florián Rey's adaptation Nobleza baturra. launch the career of famous Argentinian-Spanish actress Imperio.


Imperio argentina nobleza baturra torrent

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imperio argentina nobleza baturra torrent

Nobleza baturra (). 85 min | Drama With the colaboration of the wonderful singer Imperio Argentina. Director: Basilio Martín Patino | Stars: Celia. “ Launches Spanish-Language Sites in Mexico and Argentina,” gaucha (Gaucho Chivalry, ); Nobleza baturra (Rustic Chivalry, , )). Mexican and Argentinian Andalusian themed Movies of the Forties. lorica is represented in such films as Nobleza Baturra Florian Rey (),The Sphinx. ARVUTIABI UTORRENT Splashtop is fast make sure you. I tried a offer the list editors including the enter the following. The quick brown easiest way to Open link.

This is not to put the focus on the message but in the interaction formed in a multidestinated communication as Digital Fiction creations are not only reproducible Benjamin, , but they are also cost efficient Anderson, which expands their potential audience. HP Grice made before Internet popularized a simple and intuitive approach which fits into the new area.

The author summarized in the Cooperative Principle as a reminder that communication is participatory: "Make your contribution to the conversation that is taking place at the moment according to the purpose or direction - tacitly or explicitly accepted in the exchange-which is immersed" Grice, , p The limitations of such principle can be described in four components. The first is the time: the length of the story should be as expected. Not too brief and at the same time not too informative.

Neatness could be discussed. It would not be a violation of the principle of the story itself but on stage it becomes more compressed due to the modern time of technology which is quite an unforgivable sin. More debatable is the maximum extent of quality issue that refreshes the inconvenience of passing false narrative fragments with no sense of certainty. The ontology of postmodernism contains the evanescence of certainties. This affects the degree of truth-or-alignment with the reality of what is known, in its completeness, including consistency with other existing knowledge.

We must learn to live with this effect of modernity, as "one of the features of the knowledge society is to increase the areas of uncertainty" Krueger, , p 7. For asynchronous and open communication expectations of other participants in communication are not obvious but may be different, even conflicting. So the idea of a high vertebral relationship, "Be relevant" Grice, , p 27 , can apparently be complicated.

Even though not every final interpretation of the expression launched in the network is known, you can still estimate your level ofexpectations. The direction of trade is largely site indicated the vehicle of narrative and a collection of contextual references that serve to recover the narrative lookup and between data that are SEO-Search Engine Optimization-labels expressed in folksomony terms of the recommendations in RRSS Every story has a surrounding context that you need to understand explicitly or implicitly before engaging it.

Finally, the category refers to how the narrative forms itself rather than content. The narrator should be clear. This means avoiding the dark or obscured expression, save ambiguities, not to occupy unnecessary space and express in an orderly fashion. Cervantes was clear with Don Quixote.

This does not ensure that the work will remain the same manner due to the evolution of the Castilian Spanish. For example, if Cervantes did micropoems for Twitter, as published in Telira, it would take care to do everything possible to facilitate reading, adopting structurally simple and concise ways.

We do not advocate the reduction of language to a semantic wasteland, but to justify the rare words that hinder communication; anything that gives the impression that the Quixote is ignored at the time. Digital storytelling as a Modern Cultural Construction To create a narrative involving the former recipients, it is crucial to understand these recipients.

But in a time of great social and economic turmoil, this challenge is not easy. The culture is based on changing conditions in time to the labor citizenship that transcends the structures of the welfare state and "is organized according to guidelines that have nothing to do with the previous model single time, continuous and collective" Benito Alonso, , p Sociological subjects no longer exist, but various non- subject and a social time are expropriated Prieto, , p , leading to a "temporary management of the activity that each time become more flexible and fractional " Prieto, , p The substantive change in the definition of Western social existence conditions since there is no Internet, but has been drastically accelerated in this way.

And this is the scenario of convergent Digital Storeytelling. It is not intended to lecture on postmodernism, for it is better to read the work of Lyotard and Baudrillard. But it is considered unavoidable to review some of the ideological constructions that dominate in this technological postmodernism, and defining the sociological profile of those who are participants in the intensive cyber arena. And it is they who ultimately addressed significantly increasing fraction of the digital storytelling.

What ideological constructs the modern influence on the conditions of production of Digital Storeytelling? Transnational NGOs operate "as quasi-contract service" Breton, , p replacing the states in networks of solidarity. Websites like change. Several Android Apps that we are exposed to offer ads in exchange for money that can be donated to a humanitarian organization.

Has a planetary consciousness been giving voice to the citizenry? We suspect not. We solidarity and personal relationships subsumed in the logic of the market: they are commercial and aseptic. It is relational transactions with well-defined beginning and end, without regard to previous or future with implications in a framework temporarily reduced in both players win or no chance of reaching a deal.

Each contact requires a return, or elase it does not occur. In this scenario the long-term relationships are reduced to undress the sum of specific events. And solidarity likewise relates that happens to be an attitude to a succession of acts. The market may be the only spewing socioeconomic model and implement any of its tiresome because of the assumptions of the slogan, it is because of social disapproval, was described as an anachronism, it is anathematizes Orlove, And precisely this is an imperative effect on the construction of stories because the interpretation of a narrative itself constitutes a relationship.

The digital storytelling should be constructed assuming that in the present scenario the ratio interpretation of a narrative, both silent as it generates explicit feedback is also transactional. It is difficult to expect an involvement of audience participation throughout an extensive narrative. So the more concise, quick to consume more, be more effective.

Feature film is the concept fits into a short is necessary. If you can say with micropoem, it is better than a sonnet. And, if not possible, it is from the sonnet in transactional micropoems, with one-way imbricables with other works and enjoyable on several different reading sessions.

With the dimension of time in pieces Calvin, , p 7 and care as a critical resource, the size of the work becomes substantive but still no larger than thinning work. Participation with the story has accelerated since it has tended to looming ecosystem network.

Is explicit in co-creation, comments, votes, social-sharing But little attention is the limiting resource, which tends to decrease the effect of this elements of involvement. A share in the creation of the work, co- creation, is more demanding in terms of attention and time. It is less a comment. But it also demands a lot of attention. To not miss a single feedback must articulate the tale so before putting it to the viewer, now participant, as simple as possible. Avatar of Leadership and the Author's Death Internet and market, together with a fuzzy, trembling truth about anti-dogmatic values, make the disappearance of the authority of leaders, for transfer to the institutions of the network, whether projections or other endemic disconnected.

Leaders, people, and authors in the case of the Digital Storytelling, the use of Avatar are reduced to an icon. The icon is merely a useful representation Frau-Meigs, It has no need to work up the final details as its expressiveness bet Stephenson, , but flattens people reducing their overall complexity of the data that provides usable information in contextual advertising and disregard the part that can refer to authorship.

The creator-author freezes search key has the same utility that can be found in folksonomy. The network institutions have understood this and work to strengthen the foundation of these structures: Google or Yahoo use personal names in a search as a label, not by reference to an author of the proposed sites. No substantive as the creator figure. Did he die the author to the reader is born?

Barthes, The creator of the work is clear when the proposed global torrent of content. The avatar leadership and therefore authorship tilts the importance from the creator of the work. And as a corollary frees who receives a digital record of a long term relationship with the author.

The work is valued independence of previous proposals for the same author, with whom there is no link. But, just as importantly, can largely exempt holders of broadcast channels to give back to the increasingly blurry author, who is forced to amateurize. Costumes Creating Infotainment Transnational participate in the control of states using the mass media as the one-dimensional ideological apparatus Marcuse, , p As the other vehicles in the Narrative, the network is constructed by advertising Carr, In the stories intermingle with the most degraded forms of leisure Aparicio, , page 32 , has the tendency to lose complexity and depth Carr, Intellectuals even have to compete with the entertainment available, missing its ability to focus and direct discourse common reflection Habermas, The public is necessary.

And to do digital storytelling, it should play by the same rules that ensure the dissemination of infotainment. And of course take a quick secured obsolescence because any subsequent proposal engulfs the preceding removing them from the focal point nesting receptor-potential participants. The narrative should capture the viewer's attention from other proposals at the right time. The Compressed Time Postmodern membership includes the time otherwise as it did to the modern parish.

In this accelerated by the Red postmodernism experience of time is compressed, its assessment and opinion, as a sequel, everything becomes simultaneous and wait time are not supported Callejo Gallego, We are surrounded by too many fronts on which direct our attention.

It loads a page while reading another and may required maintaining parallel conversations from the perpetually open communication with the outside that substantive and several boards alerts as Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, SMS An answer choice is the bitter complaint of the above Carr, Habermas, Further adapt the digital creativity to new formats of compressed time. For this fragment, digital story must be deliverablewith the manner that is discrete, concise, and quick.

The key is to allow multitasking of care, knowing that the recipient choose what to consume - consume is a fairly accurate term for this relationship. Or presentation, packaging, so that appeals to that recipient who wishes to participate in the narrative fits, or there is no second chance. The content is not filtered by relevance, but primarily for novelty in a race in which they are quickly replaced.

Plurality and Overweight than Other The only certainty in the new scenario is the already mentioned evanescence of certainties. Overcome daily with absolute truths is a non-negotiable human to a waiver to question, or maybe the right to be idle Medina Rebollo, , p The goal was to continue using absolute truths but here comes the change, not everyone the same, or issued by the same authorities, or believing in the continuity or not of some others.

The consequences in the ideological and building values are spontaneous and telluric. However, the truth is not unbreakable, but happens in cascade. With the same force as a letter of obviousness that history is given, accepts the following supported the rapid spread allowing conventional mass media, allowing viral network. As a result, there are just assuming that simultaneous various options. Luso Inc diversity provided transit prestige within the limits apparently broadened of what is socially acceptable.

Acceptance and respect for diversity, the novelty is the basis of creation as such. Or even to postulate the possibility of stories that mutate and adapt, having themselves several ways to never lose the novelty. That is not a future possibility or when a global mash content is inserted. Decontextualisation forces the reader to build new context s, either actively or inadvertently.

As a result of this recontextualization every interpretation of the narrated story is unique, bringing even further virtuality text that evoked Levy "reading solves the problem of meaning always inventive and singular" Levy, , p It thus excludes the shamanism of a reconstruction of meaning becomes a Caotic not deterministic. The viewer of the Digital Storytelling allowed participate not only feedback, but taking part in the creation of the work itself.

Viewer participates and becomes the author thanks to digital technologies to build websites as literativa. Co-creation can allow the viewer to make the leap from participation to the end, becoming a co-author. Agradecible be overcome, however, the wiki sketch because after all, for it is very participatory process, focuses on a unique history of consensus Anton Square and Levratto, , Page probably nonexistent.

They are walking into clusters or clusters such as eseeusee. P roposals concise narratives that integrate and descontextualizables size with full sense out of the bunch and used in several clusters at the same time but transactionally together. The narration is co-created and integrated into a cluster of narratives emerge making a mutable, evolvable metanarrative. And the authorship of all, the epiphenomenon that emerges as constructed meaning is shared. Epistemological Anarchism as a Result of Faith in Chaos The epistemology of the expected audience for our digital storytelling is under construction.

And his most faithful or more flexible, which may currently be equivalent plasmation, Feyerabend has contributed. His methodological anarchism "is against all programs" and its objectives "may remain unchanged or change, whether as a result of an argument, either out of boredom or simply because you want to impress. The only thing the anarchist rejects full rules are general, universal laws, absolute conceptions, for example, the 'Truth', the 'Justice', the 'Integrity' and behaviors that these attitudes entail, but not denies that it is often a good tactic to behave as if such laws such rules, such conceptions and one I believe in them.

Not at all the clutter or a kind of entropy. It is a complex order, governed by equations of many variables, which is unintelligible to us. Thus uncertainty is due to our inability to understand and not endogenous. Chaos is order. According to more powerful machines and more sophisticated mathematical models are used, the chaos is revealed, it becomes achievable, but They have so tied all variables known in advance the results.

And in the process of apprehending the stories that are walking in the new digital media is the same. If the new technological reality to flatten, making it chewy tools are used, stories are like mere signs. With determinism participant in the narrative is stripped of the power to interpret and their right to participation. If instead the innovative digital media powerfully expressive are used to question the recipient of the narrative and recreate new conditions of existence of the stories, we will be crossing the border report to participatory narrative, which may be the milestone axis of Digital Storytelling.

And so that the audience is demanding. Nueva York. Planeta- Agostini. Harvard University Press. Random House Mondadori. Aranda de Duero. Curitiba, Brasil. Gigamesh S. Spring : La novela moderna en el Quijote. En Current Anthropology, 27 2 , Disponible en: www.

Disponible en roughtype. Consultado el 21 de junio de Consultado el 2 de junio de Consultado el 1 de febrero de Fragmentations of Postmodern Every social system is self: being impossible, and perhaps undesirable, remove clutter, dirt or anomaly, any system creates rituals where everything that is put in the margin, and to restore confidence.

The neo contemporary cultural system, which will nominate either hyper-or post modernity, integrates all that has been classified as an abnormal absorption capacity t the magnitude itself guarantee their survival. Is the perfect ritual anomaly: there is a specific critical distance possible and that resistance is absorbed, all criticism, which goes back into the system without any force is assimilated.

The impossibility of cultural criticism is, in fundamental. Jameson, one fundamental characteristic of post modernity, so that nothing offends anyone Jameson, He adds Jameson fragmentation, breaking the chain of meanings, all possibility of shorting global understanding, a kind of cultural schizophrenia forcing simulates see everything, but with it the sense of a speech that may be lost has never been formulated.

It is what Lipovestsky and J. Serroy have called, in the field of media and film, the multiplexed image Lipovetsky and Serroy, Also Philip F. Tresserras with felicitous expression"impossible story" Tresserras, Under these conditions, the anomaly is continually reabsorbed and re-create a system, precisely because of its fragmented meanings, in the weakness of the social classifications force to perpetuate.

Fragmentation prevents understanding of the contemporary world, which is also of high complexity. We will take the corpus for analysis of television drama series produced in its current golden age, ie mainly from the success of The Soprano The Sopranos,HBO, , whose first season, near the beginning of century initiated a revolution in the production and consumption are risks as noted Cascajosa C.

This corpus will cover non-exhaustively-will serve to investigate the critical capacity of understanding of the reality of the series in question or on its ability to generate speech reassuring comment. Parody and Referentiality To Lipovestsky G. The spectacular visual reveals what you starsystem characterized, we find all forms of production cultural, but also even in everyday life itself, through mobile or camcorder Lipovetsky and Serroy, Convert all representing is not surprising that both audiovisual products and even life itself are understood in author referening intertextuality or taken to the extreme.

Lipovestky and Serroy call it, afilm, with the name of image-distance, to refer mass production of sequels, remakes movies or serials, which the authors considered true reinterpretations, clones or appointments, to the point of becoming floating signifiers quotes nonexistent movies and ironic references, parodies or pastiches.

While defining the phenomenon in different terms, this is, for Jameson, a key performance characteristic of post modernity: a towering self-referential and reflective capacity, but derivative pastiche, ie, in the absence of any critical possibility. This is the fundamental distinction between parody set F. Jameson and pastiche. While both are the imitation of a peculiar and earlier style, parody is loaded with ulterior motives, satirical impulse, while "is an empty pastiche parody, a blind statue" Jameson, Indeed, the series television are highly referential in general: The Sopranos is inspired by the films of Italian-American mobsters, including references to me knot explicit - talks about The Godfather The Godfather, FF Coppola, vs.

Goodfellas Goodfellas, Martin Scorsese, , converted into generational debate. Wilder, ; and of course the list could continue. The distinction between parody and pastiche is crucial for us. Both are repetition or imitation, representation of a previous thing, but as parody last instacia refers to the real, and thus contains a certain amount of criticism in his commentary, is a pastiche imitation.

It camp, in the words of S. Sontag, but is parody pastiche. It is a "hysterical" sublimity, a fund of emotional intensity that defines certain artistic expressions or, in general, an attitude towards the v-way, as a kind of shallow but elusive euphoria or incomprehensible.

What camp and not life itself, but a kind of representation held in life, a role in everyday life or in art "The Camp sees everything in quotation marks. There will be a lamp, but a "lamp"; not a woman, but a "woman.

It is the highest expression in the sensitivity of the metaphor of life as theater " Sontag, We can consider as a parody mocking imitation in an ironic repetition or imitation if camp, an annotated repeat in quotes is what you want to imitate. The pastiche, however, is only repetition out of context, without just imitating life.

Camp it here perplexity that contain some observation of contemporary complexity. And in this sense, an acculturation occurs, an "explosion" Jameson, Culture loses its referential function of reality, because to do so should be separate from society that produces it. Culture, fully integrated into the economic life of late capitalism, as Jameson calls it, has collapsed by it.

Modernity if culture could exercise their critical and even utopian function was separated from society by the economy and found it. In the post modernity, losing culture autonomy and confused or integrated into other fields, unable to differentiate the referent, also loses its ca pacity reviewed and is subject to the power of capital, become a consumption object: In our time it is one respect culture to economics in the sense that all works of art are to be sold on the art market and the "commodity-form" dominates the art and culture as well as material goods.

But then we also we had over to add that, in our time, economics is one regarding cultural: everything we buy, from cars to toothpaste or food, is so deeply culturizado by advertising and images impossible say whether we are consumiento an image or a material object Jameson, Current aesthetic production is integrated into the production of goods in general, and innovation and experimentation are a function of economic necessity. Already in the first half of the twentieth century, Benjamin W.

Technicians mean, for Benjamin, impact on cultural production and modify forms of consumption, experiences and social perception. The audience is no longer located in a specific space and time, at least not as was the case with the traditional theater audience, so that culture loses its elitist character, both in production and consumption. For Benjamin, in any case, copies lack a fundamental characteristic of every work of art, authenticity, originality or only what he calls "the here and now of the original", "aura" Benjamin, Thus the entire screenplay, acculturation or mechanical reproduction of art and culture are different expressions of the same contemporary situation, which fragments the sense strand to replace it with meaningful meaningless floating signifiers that refer to other signifiers in a luckily completely closed self- referential pastiche itself, and that leads to the increasing difficulty of cultural criticism.

Dangers of Totalculture About this situation others have expressed in very similar terms to Jameson concern about the culture and policies that affect it. Pascual loss of autonomy of culture is its instrumentalization as a spectacle and to the critical content that constitutes its essence Pascual, Also, the content so suspiciously ambiguous terms such as creative industries, which are imposed in the debate about the culture of highly suspicious way, carried E.

Bustamante warned about the implications of the concepts that are used to "culture" have on it. The culture goes well, definitely the scope of citizenship to enter and n the market society Bustamante, Under these conditions, the culture manifested in one of its manufacturing facilities as well as the more open-ended and television seem hopelessly devoid of any semblance of critical thinking. Let us see the television from corpus outlined above, in an attempt to establish some tentative conclusions although the brevity of the analysis.

The case perhaps most notable is 24 FOX, , which "Pretends to be a real time series, especially in its narrative strategy includes two key elements: the stopwatch and the fragmentation of the screen. The formal treatment we have discussed in the previous section naturally conveys endless plots and arguments, themes and content that cannot be addressed in detail here.

We focus on two areas, being related, can give us clues about the critical possibility in the discourse of serial television fiction, such as identity, personal, social and cultural group, ie the community. A brief look at the psychological characteristics that define not just television fiction protagonists indicate a marked change of direction with respect to the same fiction in 20th century. Indeed, the heroes of television fictions in 21st century are morally ambivalent, vulnerable from one or more views and unclear values and attitudes: Lost Jackand identity issues, arising from the conflicting relationship going with his father Nate, the unstable prodigal son Six Feet Under Six Feet Under, HBO, , Tony Soprano, mob boss following first psychiatric therapy; unfriendly but brilliant physician Dr.

House; Brody suspect the Homeland Showtime, - ; Bauer 24, the flagship of the patriotic Law on Terror and terror himself, and of course, Walter White, Breaking Bad authentic, chef and head of the drug, cold murderer, bitter husband, brilliant chemist, obsessive and ambitious average citizen we all want to be while he cannot find that meaning to his empty life - As empty and n is the society you live, in your success in the business of drug trafficking, and whose profile responds to the antagonist that the protagonist of a fiction.

On The Sopranos, male identity is always in question, more surprising in that Italian Americans is are mobsters. As says F. Philip "t ll male roles in the series are built on feet of clay" Philip and Cascajosa, The female roles will also show a change from previous performances, literary or cinematic, as in Sex and the City Sex and the City, HBO, , which breaks the stereotype of women centered on a stable partner and motherhood, or with another stereotype axis of punishment for transgressing this reason.

The change shows series "flirting, dating, more or less casual lovers, husbands, and other variations, four friends from New Yorkers over thirty years old. And also in the field of female identity, Desperate Housewives Desperate Housewives, ABC, , "the patriarchal stereotype of women satisfied their role of wife and mother is questioned and reveals the confusion and unhappiness that arises when that which is vital goal was to be a lie is necessary to look again " Mercado, These characters, defining a new kind of protagonist, reassuring pose no solutions, but to describe the complexity and ambiguity of be man or woman, abounding in wealth the psychological profile of the character, who is living in an equally complex, too hard to understand, contradictory as ell I n ALSO themselves and changing society.

Indeed, the community portrayed on many series is an area of conflict, even vacuum it up. But this last line of protection consisting of the community is evident in the series as an area of extreme precariousness, thus unstable marital relationship with his wife Skyler as the equally precarious situation in which the daily life of his son Walter develops Junior, affected by a Brain paralysis r al, and the ambiguous threat of relationship with his brother Hank as is well known agent of the DEA, and constantly threatens the survival of their second community space, ie the criminal" Villolta, Also are The Wire and Treme reflections City, Baltimore and New Orleans respectively on, and here the company has its own logic, often contrary to the individual, who has detached.

On The Wire Martinez de Albe niz The drug economy is no longer the corners, but the product-as in Breaking bad - speculative financial economy and subjecting the entire city, from Wheeler as judges and even politicians, teachers or dealers. Recourse to parody We have found this resource as astute individual's response to the complexity of the system. While in Yes, Minister humor was based on the dichotomy between Pol ico stupidity and cunning of OFFICIALS or, Thick of It astute political character is a highly cynical advisor and suggests that political activity is not already have a relationship with ideology but with communication and marketing.

Crane replied that McCain because he approves laws to protect salmon fishing in Canada, in a grotesque argument, and also because it will be easier to go to bed with women, in another no less grotesque argument. Neither can be understood only as irony regarding political activity and has no relation to ideology and against which the citizen can only mock.

Out there political humor it continues Parody in Chapter 6. Chapter 5. In conclusion, many fiction series and shows resort to ad volunteer of realism in depicting action while they are or as a searing portrait and unpleasing contemporary world in all its complexity and our place in it difficult or as a parody duced to the same world where we have no choice but another misleading, sly look, and considered no remedy. Realistic representation, complexity and parody are the weapons, or some of them, that television fiction include their capacity for social criticism.

Casimiro libros. Industrias creativas. Amenazas sobre la cultura digital. Errata naturae editores. Las huellas del S en las series 'made in USA'. Cine y espacio en el sistema mundial. Abada Editores. Los Libros de la Catarata. Barcelona, Bucarest, Amsterdam. It is time, implanted in , the curriculum which gives the dance its own value.

This event will promote this art form is the subject of study in itself and acquire the scientific dimension comparable to other areas of knowledge. The different dance genres recognized in law: classical dance, Spanish dance, contemporary dance, flamenco, achieve academic autonomy consequence of cultural value that these dance forms have acquired over time in our society. Focusing on the discipline of Spanish dance, we say that in this mode are recognized, in turn, four, forms or styles: folklore, bolero, flamenco, and stylized dance.

Together they make up the wide and varied range of Spanish dance. If we connect a thread dance forms mentioned above, we say that folklore is the essence of Spanish dance, the root of all other styles. Spain is considered one of the richest countries in folk dances, not only in number of them, but also thematic, rhythmic and choreographic variation. Each region has its peculiar dances and dances that reflect the way of life of its inhabitants.

In many of these dances the dance masters of the past who were able to apply academicism, and even creating a school and a technique that would shaping the different styles of Spanish dance. Until the Stylized Dance like style emerged in the early decades of the twentieth century, Spain was characterized for being a rich country dances, as already noted. From the sixteenth century Spanish dances are clearly going to define a native school dance, created from the time the popular dances reach real classrooms, and from here, are exhibited publicly in the scenarios that arose in called Corrales courtyards sheeted provided with simple pallets Puig, Is therefore projected three distinct strands in the Spanish dance: popular or folk dance, courtly and theatrical.

However, it was not until the eighteenth century when the Spanish dance school to solidify and bolero style emerges, it will converge Franco-Italian techniques of ballet with the rhythms and national dances. The bolero style comes in response to the Franco-Italian dances that coexisted with the Spanish dance, and some teachers of dance, choreograph makers were inspired by the popular dances for her choreographic creations Navarro, The invention of the bolero opened the doors of choreographic composition in Spanish dance.

Crystallized as a style in the nineteenth century, characterized by agility and dynamism of the legs, body posture, head and arms, and the Spanish arm movement with castanets. The bolero style created a school in the forties of the twentieth century coined the terms School Bowling Gamboa, That were exhibited in the tables of the theatrical stages of the first half of the nineteenth century, rogues fandango, polos, guarachas, etc.

Also, the exchange of influences between Andalusian gypsies and would lead to many other forms of singing and dancing that would emerge later as the spread of flamenco Caballero, took hold. Both boleros national dances and dances like gypsies lived to meet a social demand, both forms were displayed in the famous "public trials" salons offering dance academies, where the bowling of the time acted with professional dancers gitanillas, learning from each other and exchanging techniques and style.

In the twentieth century flamenco dance has already been established as a specific style with traits and characteristics, was developed in the cabarets and when they will decay in the first decades of that century, flamenco dance again returns to the stage beginning a new phase.

That's when flamenco take on a new dimension and a new journey. Dancer Antonia Merce was "La Argentina" who promoted and created a new concept for Spanish dance, making her modernity, for which was inspired by all forms of Spanish dance: bowling, Flemish and regional forms, and in Franco-Italian ballet techniques Devorah, He managed to create a new choreographic language and influenced by the Ballets Russes of Diaghilev brought a new dimension to the staging of the Spanish dance, the visual arts where coalesce with artistic dance in a harmonious whole.

The first representation of stylized dance that arises, is the holding Antonia Merce "Argentina" in In that year staged the emblematic work of Manuel de Falla. This ballet was a before and after for the choreographic development of Spanish dance, also being one of the first repertory ballets desired by the coming choreographers. After this brief overview of the history of Spanish dance, and s is necessary, defi ne what is stylized dance.

A l regard, collect the definition of this style gives the dancer and dance teacher Mariemma [1]: "free composition steps and choreography based on popular dances, flamenco and School Bowling" Mariemma, The author explicitly in a simple phrase all native dance forms that f orman part of our culture.

Submit turn, give way to academic Spanish dances and interpret academic Spanish dance choreographic language. Seg m on the author's own academic foundation "Isthe canvas where you have rich embroidery all our ways" Mariemma, The stylized dance is characterized by developing a clearly defined aesthetic.

It merge the three styles of Spanish dance: bolero, flamenco and folk lore, needs to be interpreted by professional Spanish dancer dance made in classical dance or academic and its framework for action stage theatrical. With great choreographic possibilities for its performers, body expression is based on the work of the legs and feet, as well as the movement of arms, hands, torso and head. Temperamental character of the movements can be accompanied with the sound of the castanets, finger snapping and footwork Marrero, Besides using the shoe or booty as footwear, shoe use medium point is also made to interpret the choreography bolero character.

Since Antonia Merce "La Argentina" created the style in the first decades of the twentieth century, there have been countless players who have followed in its wake. Some of these artists have leaned more or less to movie screens to offer the most interesting and varied choreographies, l cinematic image becomes therefore a means to approach the study of the Spanish dance of a particular time our history and offer their perspective to new generations of dances wheels.

To appreciate how was our stylized Spanish dance and its interpretation by the leading figures of Spanish dance half of the twentieth century, the Spanish cinema of the fifties and sixties provides valuable information. So this means, has contributed not only to keep the dance work, but also the historical perspective of its realization.

Through the legacy left to us by the Spanish cinema we can establish a timeline that shows the evolution of the Spanish dance throughout the twentieth century. It can be said that since the dawn of this century and is represented through short documentary newsreels of numbers or Andalusian flamenco dance era. They stressed the dancer [2] Pastora Imperio Herrero, Murga, Ros, Rubio Sanjuan, who starred in the first Spanish production that includes native dances within a dramatic framework, we refer to the film's fatal dance Joseph Togores.

In addition, in the first decades of the century the Spanish film adaptations produced numerous operettas and other popular genres of folk character Algar, in Ruiz, Sauret, Gomez, 90 ; the song and dance numbers were integrated into films gaining prominence under the watchful eye of the public, with plenty of reverse shots their faces, witnessed, either in theaters or in popular environments. The Spanish film production continued throughout the thirties, forties and even fifties under the umbrella of these film genres.

They are merely an example of films in which the regional casticismooffered was exhibited while samples of different regional dances of Spain Aragon, charro, Catalan, Basque Herrero, Murga et al, Therefore, we showed in these movie genres that make up the different styles of Spanish dance, from traditional flamenco to popular folklore. While the first step towards stylized Spanish dance comes at the fifties, this style comes in a small number of movies, and interspersed with still impregnated forms of Andalusian dance and treble through the prism of "folkloric" Gallardo, If anything characterizes these five titles in the representation of the stylized Spanish dance that appears in them, is the uniformity in the artistic-aesthetic style own treatment.

The stylized Spanish dance unison with the "apparent" new film challenges, offer greater wealth in its stylistic forms, will be coupled to new scripts and new cinematic trends and will be also performed by the new "stars" of Spanish cinema emerging in this decade, between which include Marisol Olarte,in Ruiz et al.

The stylized Spanish dance approaches to new audiences, and hence to mass culture. In the same way that films of the sixties has been listed as one of the best times I gave cinematography our country in terms of attendance of romos Gubern, Monterde Perez, Riambau and Torreiro, , the stylized Spanish dance under this situation has further expansion and achieving media coverage and majority approach to the public.

The description of the figures would change the landscape of Spanish cinematography putting practice some of the conclusions drawn from conversations Salamanca, creating a framed called political "Magna Carta" [3] of Spanish cinema. Escudero aims to replace old cinema system structures by a new generation of filmmakers directors, producers, screenwriters, actors concerned about the culture of cinema; sought to promote the export of Spanish cinema and foreign investment; and proposed legal measures to arbitrariness with which acted censorship.

According Torreiro in Gubern et al. Escudero, promoted the participation of filmmakers graduates of the Official School of Cinematography rated films of special interest for them to get the advantages of this classification, and favored the freedom of film directors to expose other different themes they represented the bulk of the Spanish film Torreiro et al Therefore arises New Spanish Cinema held its first outbreaks in the last decade, ie, in the fifties, and intended to defend another vision of national culture through film.

Patino, Carlos Saura, among others Zubiaur, - Many of the filmmakers of the sixties leaving the Official Film School achieve a preferred place in the Spanish film industry under official protection. Unlike other European avant-garde movements Nouvelle Vague, Free Cinema , which emerged from artistic and creative concerns, the champions of New Spanish Cinema arise from a policy initiative and under the supervision of the Ministry of Information and Tourism.

This New Spanish Cinema is attracted and influenced in his film theory in the current decade, ie by critical realism, current imposing English and French cinema. Alongside the New Spanish Cinema and in reply to the same group of filmmakers under the name School of Barcelona in Barcelona appears. This school is way outside the official film and behind the protectionist system of government, ie, looking for economic freedom in finance and disconnection tostate tutelage.

Its members, some trained in Rome as the case of Jorge Grau, or Paris, if Carlos Duran, looking ahead and soaked the modernist currents of these years. The cutting-edge line of movies School of Barcelona, as happened with New Spanish Cinema, found excessive acceptance by the public, so his productions became elitist and minority, with little economic return. The extinction of the two movements did not mean that those who joined stop making films, many of whom have relevant degrees offered in the history of Spanish cinema who have been leaders in contemporary cinema Alquezar One of the most important film genres that are still held in this decade is comedy, a long tradition in the historical context of Spanish cinema.

With this genre, it features an image of the Spain of developmentalism, portraying a stabilized society economically and morally and identified with the living stage of progress. This period of tourism boom that Spain began to experiment, also reflected in the themes of Spanish cinematography adds.

The panorama of Spanish dance in the social context of the sixties was under Franco's political situation. In terms dance performances on the one hand, the folk dance groups represented on Songs and Dances were displayed; and secondly, Ballet Spanish companies representative of the Spanish dance. Besides groups Chorus and Dance, the dance after the Spanish Civil War lives a moment of true peak, especially since the forties and many performers create their own company, following somehow choreographic pioneer Antonia Merce, Encarnacion Lopez and Vicente Escudero.

As already noted above, the first manifestations of stylized dance that is in Spanish cinema are inserted into films in the fifties, coinciding with the full artistic heyday of the first generation of choreographers and dancers above. However, not until the early sixties when this style of Spanish dance will develop and reach its peak in the film texts of different genres. In this sense, the stylized dance will appear in movies Andalusian folk song and Spanish operettas as well as in comedy and its various aspects romantic, taurine, musical, etc..

In the drama, and cinema. They can contemplate from a conservative and traditional stylized dance to the most transgressive aesthetic style, in full accordance with the new cinematic trends of the time. In conclusion, the stylized Spanish dance depicted in the Spanish cinema of the sixties adapting to different film genres.

The stylized dance versatility allows it to reach this decade the splendor of this style of Spanish dance, evolving in the last third of the twentieth century to new proposals filmic hand filmmakers who are attracted by the Spanish dance Such is the case of filmmaker Carlos Saura, who has already left for the history of dance, a valuable audiovisual and artistic testimony of new generations of dancers and choreographers, as shows in his productions: Sevillanas, Flamenco, ,Salome, ; Iberia, ; or Flamenco-Flamenco, Global Rhythm Press.

Wesleyan University Press. Espasa Calpe. Ignacio Eds. Bailes andaluces y flamencos. Portada Editorial. Perspectivas y prospectiva. Consultado el 26 de Mayo de Disponible en www. While it seems clear that in literary narrative, it is absolutely clear who the authors are, one must also give attribute to the resources, the more and less significant, that these authors have consumed for the mentioned authorship.

With the advent of cinema or the seventh art, however, an important turning point appears, as the authorship of cinematographic works becomes much more blurred due to the great influences in the world by many factors, or by various people involved in creating them. That is why, of all the figures that have to do with this creative process, is significant and worth examining what we may identify as paterfamilias of the audiovisual work.

This debate gets even more interesting if we were to consider the executives that have contributed in the whole process of production: managers, as well as directors, producers, technical crew, and distributors. It is in this intertwining tangle of relationships that we will try to reach a clarification and adequate conclusions, following the theoretical and methodological models appropriate for our introductory schemes. The Film Author: Differences between Real Author, Implied Author and Narrator The statements about who is really the author of a film have been developed from the origins of a series of art discussions and conflicts among thinkers who have dedicated part of their literature to this subject.

Nothing is further from reality because, as everyone can easily understand, even if it is only for the mere empiricism of going to a movie theater, there are nomovie theaters that are exactly the same and, moreover, we cannot even consider most of them as similar. But before going into a deeper analysis of this concept, it should be clarified if the word author means exactly what it should, according to a definition.

The correct distinction between real authors, implied or explicit narrators must be explicated because, even though we may end up concluding that they are equal, we do need to establish the necessary distinctions. Therefore, we must distinguish between what is the author of a work and what is the narrator of the same, and whether these two are coincident and contributory concepts. But it would not be sufficiently elaborated if we use the concept of narrator to identify what Beardsley calls the "speaker".

In fact, as we delve deeperinto this explanation, we will observe how the narrator is the only element that is not strictly necessary in a work, whatever the nature of such. We will therefore use another concept that brings a greater extent in their internal definition and that, contrary to what happens to the narrator, his presence in any narrative created is always required.

Wayne Booth will be the one that best defines, noting that "writing [the real author] not simply creates a 'man in general', ideal, impersonal, but an implied version of 'self' that is different from the implied authors found in the works of other men I call this implied author with an 'official scribe' or adopt the term recently recovered by Kathleen Tillotson-the 'second self' author-it is clear that the image the reader gets ofhis presence is one of the most important effects of the author.

By attempting to be very impersonal, your reader will inevitably construct a picture of the official scribe" Booth, It is clear that the real author of such work is not its implied author because, as the same real author takes on a different personality in each event he performs, providing the creation of nuances that are necessary for it to be considered as unique.

In both cases the real author is the same, but actually we will assume this conveniently without having yet resolved the question we asked at the beginning of the chapter, and cannot consider Steven Spielberg or Clint Eastwood as the authorsthat can be given the assumption of all of the above.

And although they could be considered as such, we could not go the other way, because it is clear that Spielberg and Eastwood are not explicit at once in all of their works. Therefore we have to assume the clear difference between the real author and the implied author of the works, while the role of the narrator remains suspended still. Therefore, the implied author "is not the narrator, but rather the principle that invented the narrator, along with everything else in the story, which piled the letters in this special way, made these things happen to these characters in these words or images.

Unlike the narrator, the implied author cannot tell anything. He, or rather, it has either voice, or tools for a direct communication. It instructs us silently, through the overall design, with all the voices, by all the means you have chosen to teach" Chatman, We should not forget that the narrator may exist within the text, or not.

Nor do we stop to consider that the implied author of any work is only one, which is not necessarily true in the case of the actual author since these can be various. With this clarification we approach a little closer to the answer we need from the beginning, because any film work is considered plural when you consider the number of people involved in the process of its creation, although the implied author of it can be only one. Others must follow them that, as reflex effect, will always be the first to do so.

The concept of real reader is crystal clear, as it can correspond to anyone that is reading these lines right now, regardless of the conditions of reading them. However we can also speak of an implied reader who, like the implied author, is a must there. This would be the theorical public of the narration and can take the form of character in the play, although it is not a necessary condition for compliance.

Finally, the narrator character also has the characteristics of the narrator and has no obligation within the work, but is often used to inform the actual reader how to confront the implied reader. The Authorial Mark of the Director As we have discussed before, the director of a movie can develop an aesthetic of his own and this serves to define his work.

The literature in this regard is wide, with varying success, but within it we will assume the definition David Caldevilla proposes, especially because it is the only one with a real project to raise this definition for a successful literary expression of full category study, under the own sources of audiovisual speech. As we did at the beginning of this work with the real author, implied author and the narrator, it is time to make a clear distinction of these concepts, to avoid confusion.

This figure of creator then pass into the hands of the director, as we saw earlier, mainly due to this new vision that is transmitted to viewers. But the members of this illustrious movie fan magazine would not stop there, as they also want to remove the importance of the film producer that has accumulated in the movie industry. As we also pointed out in previous chapters, the producer also had, and even has sometimes today, a specific weight, and in fact, will often press to get the film be done intheirinitiative, referring to the charismatic role that they have in making the film.

Therefore, the films were more about the actors who interpreted that technical cast members and especially the intellectual charge of combining the efforts of the whole. To be clear, and using the nomenclatureabove, they reduced the creditsto the director and made him a simple operator behind a camera. Bazin and other critics elaborated their point that the director was the main reference point of authorship when talking about a movie, from that point onwards and thanks to a series of articles and interviews that have today gained the status of classic.

However, other authors also criticize the contempt that he did the other characters involved in the film work to enlarge the role of the director. We stay with the view of Antonio Lara , that follows this line of opinion, although that recognizes the contribution required from critics. The director has a personality that clarifies everything from their particular worldview, acting according to your wishes and intentions, from a psychology and own language.

It is precisely here that we can locate the personal seal of the director because each person has a personality that develops in his work, giving more or less emphasis on certain elements. We could not say that this process is only the work of one person, but what I can say is that, from that universal vision of the film, the principal author is responsible for making the selection of what in each moment and each colleague will propose him.

Therefore, their role in this work is the construction of history that is reflected in subsequent screens, although it might seem that the same story existed before its own construction. Through the selection of certain procedures which need not be of his creation, the director is shaped as the narrator of the story, for it is he who is responsible for the selection, usually explicit in the selection of a specific rate for the film through the editing or through the installation of either the sequential change, or the omission of any of these elements, etc That is, the development of the different film options, usually to finish creating disjunctive nature, in the case of authorial mark, its own cinematic language.

The French contribution remains important at this point, here we can include Marie Michel and Jacques Aumont that suggest that this production is not made from scratch, but comes varied depending on established figures, so that their work will vary depending on a film grammar which, although not complete, can still be considered as existing, thereby introducing the idea of the film genre.

At this point we must refer to the narrative instance, which is the abstract place where elections for driving the story and history, where the codes are developed and production parameters defined the film story, part of it is made the narrator. The narrative instance can be of two types: "real", understood as anything that does not include the movie camera in its limited dimensions; and "fictitious", or that that is internal to the story and is explicitly assumed by one or more characters at any time or alternately.

We have already discussed who the author of the cinematographic work is, and in doing so, we have begun to lay the foundation for establishing an almost causal relationship between the author and the creator. Also relating that the character selector takes the principal author in telling history, giving special importance to the role played within the whole film work. However, returning with it to the special contribution made by Seymour Chatman, we are focusing more on the part of speech when it comes to show authorial mark, isthe aspect of how; more than what or the history.

I argue that the emergence of these motion picture studios was the offspring of the Cold War and American hegemony. While providing financial aids to film industries and supporting the cultural elite, U. It is a new attempt to reconstruct East Asian film history. By unveiling these cinematic links, the previously unquestioned history of quintessential national cinema is reassessed.

I claim that the concept of national cinema is a fictional construct precariously built upon the denial of the regional cinematic sphere. Log in with Facebook Log in with Google. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.

Need an account? Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF.

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