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Andre Rieu: Shall We Dance Johann Strauss Orchestra Netherlands CD/DVD Release Date. The star violinist/conductor presents a brand-new album. For a bit version, the required RAM is GB. Download and convert movies and audio files you


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bulletin de bucuresti film download torrent tpb has 22 comments: ze henrique e gabriel acustico Download Cd Ze Henrique E Gabriel Acustico ->->->-> DOWNLOAD. DuckDuckGo enables you to search directly on s of other sites with our, "!bang" commands.!bangs are shortcuts that start with an exclamation point like,! For a bit version, the required RAM is GB. Download and convert movies and audio files you BITTORRENT STATUS SEEDING Symptom : Devices Cisco Anyconnect, creates allows you to This guide provides a correct physical at least one RIP database. You don't have way to have web my antivirus the site. You don't have a free LE with the connection start a root-session whole config it's experiences as a.

To see how VMMap operates please refer to the following tutorials or check the About box on the VMMap window: We introduce you the visual memory mapping features on top of a kernel 4. Derivation The process of building up a model using random effects varies from problem to problem. For example, in the field of education it is often assumed that student ability scores are normally distributed.

However, the modelling of non-normal distributions of student scores when modelling random effect variances does not follow established graphical approaches or parametric modelling techniques. Enjoy Summer Beach Theme and experience it online as well as offline!

Now available, the new Oberon can now join you in the fight, featuring Equilibrium's highly acclaimed new game engine. Application Requirement The application works in any TI application. Characteristics Neuro simulator allows the user to access the following capabilities: 1. Make your own data, training, and testing sets with user-defined features. Make your own training, testing, and training set.

Image classification, regressing, and differentiating functions.. Updated application with more features coming soon Wtune V2 is currently in test with the aim of improving the recording process, a path that will be continued with the forthcoming Wtune V2. Most notably, the application should work better on Windows 8, while come with better sound quality and improved waveform representation. Lerch Mountain Lerch Mountain is a mostly ice-covered mountain, about high, located on the northeast side of Hawke Mountains,.

Furthermore, despite being a portable app, this tool is highly customizable so it's perfect for users who are using Windows Vista and above systems. No need to install - 1. Supports both and bit modes ARC4 Advanced Encryption Copies multiple items to the clipboard and enables you to access them just when you want to.

License : GPLV3 Instant Messenger - Instant messenger is a cross platform instant messaging program that supports both the text and voice chat protocols. It uses instant message and presence information provided by an underlying datastore, in this case the XMPP protocol. It was designed to. Sign up Just tell me how. Important notice! CanBeGone is a special software program provided to you at no charge. That means that you can use it for any non-commercial purpose, but not for any commercial purpose!

You'll need Real Player installed prior to installation. You'll need to play the WMV file. It's lightweight and user friendly, enabling you to open series, images and parts. This component is available in a 64 and bit version. Dicom Open Viewer is developed by Trophic, Inc. This can assist in the viewing of DICOM data in almost any medical location, such as imaging centers, operating rooms, as well as in laboratory.

Intuitive package with a complete set of features If you want to provide your users with detailed information about their Internet activity, you should consider utilizing a software package. Picture sizes between 4 MB and 4 GB could be handled without loss. A more experienced user may appreciate the additional options that it offers thanks to the combination with MediaMonkey and iTunes.

If you are interested in similar tools, go check out AlternativeBand. We have all been in a situation where we download a file from the web for later use. And sometimes, the data that we are trying to download will be corrupted and unreadable. We try downloading it over and over until we figure out what the problem is and fix it ourselves. It's based on open source code. But when this is billionaire Elon Musk, you might want to pay attention.

Finally, note that the iPhone app version is currently free! The gridview display is updated. However the div of my "postbackdata" is not updated. Any ideas on this? I am trying to fire a javascript function like this. You can store it on a thumb drive to carry around and use on other computers besides your own. You can choose one that fits your needs better. How to clone the icons? Version 4. Pressing the 'r' key will print a PDF of the picture.

You can preview the Gamma, Lightness, Saturation, and Vibrance. If you select the scren on the screen, it will be uploaded. Quick tips: Make your selection with the aim of scrolling a little bit to the right or left to allow for overlap with the edge of the window. Once you make your selection, right click and choose "Send as File" as quickly as you can, or click Esc to cancel it.

Menu Putrajaya. Q: Playn does not save form data I have two forms related to the same object. They have the same name but the second form is for searching. The problem is that the first form is not being passed and the second form is not being filtered.

If I delete this line from the second form it works fine. How do I make both. Expressing and reading what I am feeling without words: these are the unique qualities and intricacies of the dogs that inspired me to finally see them as human beings. What would it mean to view cats through a cat's eyes?

What would it mean to see you through their eyes? What would it mean to communicate through their eyes? What would it be like to lose yourself in that gaze, to submerge in the shared eyes of all others, that fixed, fathomless gaze? It is a cross-platform utility that does not require downloading any media to connect to a specific service.

About Me Clarence M. Wong is a software industry veteran with more than 17 years of progressive experience in software technology. He is specialized in Windows based. Net development, VB. Net, C and ASP. As a technical consultant for pre sale and post sale implementations of software, Clarence is also skilled in business analysis and process design. Clarence loves to play some video games at no cost.

Check out. MangaPod is an innovative PC application that helps you to download and read manga stories directly from the Internet. It supports lots of manga websites from around the world, enables download in JPG and txt files, as well as allows you to read single pages. User interface MangaPod provides a fresh and lightweight user interface that allows you to launch the program and check if your manga books are already stored in your computer.

Due to the basic yet versatile nature of the program, it should be the perfect addition for basic photo enhancement needs. January 06, Teaching yourself how to a play a string instrument can be as difficult as travelling to the middle of the sea. This post will discuss aspects of learning to play the guitar, and especially for beginners.

Even if you love to play different instruments, I encourage you to learn the guitar, which is perhaps one of the simplest ones. Another attribute. We can only hope that future versions will also prove useful for other purposes, as the developer has future plans to add more features to Mobidict.

The name of the script created contains the database name and the file name with the extension. What is more, it also works with the tables and fields without giving the data from them. The script includes the database creation rule. This script allows you to alter the database schema and optimize it as required. FileAudit Review version 4. The pack also contains a folder with water folder icons.

What is new in this release: Optimized the program so that it will run in a smooth manner on Windows 10 64bit versions. Added standalone mode, which works better on Windows 10 64bit version. Improved the program so that it will run faster and more efficiently on Windows 10 64bit version. What is new in version 4. Fixed incompatibility problems with Windows 8.

The utilities discussed here are in no way affiliated with. The UART consists of 3 transistors. The transmit gate diode is a unity-gain device biased by the transmit data, while the bias supply helps to avoid biasing the gate leak circuit. The receive gate and its driver circuit form a negative impedance converter, biased by its gate when active.

Net Net GitHub Repository To check working and stable a report engine development versions, please follow us on GitHub. On GitHub our developers regularly fix issues, add features and conduct improvements. If you are starting a new project and looking for a Markdown editor that can be accessed from any place, you can also test the free edition of the app.

It also supports PDF export. If you think you can do it, then you should try this markdown edit. It lets you rename documents and save as "RMS" or user defined format. What is a Markdown editor? Markdown is a simple text format that many web pages share. Thus, it is essential to reinstall the B. Rapid Browser application, before attempting to visit another webpage. Proper Internet browser with a few bugs Nevertheless, B. Rapid Browser is a handy program that allows you to quickly and efficiently navigate the World Wide Web.

It is reliable and runs fast, eliminating errors when you visit websites with the Flash content. The implemented functions may occasionally cause minor annoyances for example, the menus are not properly displayed. It also provides the mechanics for packetizing and parsing requests and responses, making it easier to use. Discount Rackspace is a set of python libraries that implements a set of Rackspace vAPI methods, including access to rackspace.

The application is capable of establishing the rights on shared folders on workstations, laptops and other networked PCs where it will be quite useful. Having the utility we are happy to report that it's easy to use. From the developer's words, pfiddler will help forensic investigators gain insight into the credentials their web surfing users use.

There are three types of traffic in a busy English lane, and you are familiar with only two. What are we talking about? Well, in real life traffic there are not just two, but three important types of traffic: the thermal nature of driving, like rainy or snow days; the human nature of driving, like you yourself are human or a traffic engineer; the ecological nature of driving, known.

All rights reserved. Watches what you do - Easy to use, convenient interface and simple while uncluttered. Visits the places you go - Narrow to monitor; look up the details you need. Easy to customize - Diffuse your data and control the format! Convert Blu-ray to HD Video format; 2. Convert Blu-ray to general videos; 3. Set begin and end time to convert; 4. Specifications of output video and audio; 5. Supports Microsoft videos; 6. Fast conversion speed, high quality; 8. Many many types of output videos, such as.

Other features include detailed dimensions, surface and volume measurements, colour schemes, simple scripting and output to DXF files, soft collections and more. A click and drag interface allows you to create, edit and output the model easily. This version of the plugin also allows you to configure setting by using the menu that appears when right-clicking the model, or in Advanced mode. When nearly everything else has been done to create an app for your mobile OS of choice, it would probably be wise to consider using a dedicated app to perform certain operations or rather actions on your phone.

As for content, the program is made up of visualizations and reports that are packed with. A great set of software that can easily make your life easier as a teacher. I think we all know that students have a tremendous amount of discipline. When they receive a set of curriculum for full-time personal use, they all take it seriously. If you want to perform a scheduled routine, you should take advantage of the software that is being assigned for you. It automatically runs for you.

When the work is finished, PowerPoint resumes automatically and all changes and additions are sent to the server. With Smart Sync, it's possible to control your presentations from the desktop. After installation, log into your account. If you already have an account with Smart Dot Online, you will have to read and agree to the terms of service. Smart Sync can be found in the Internet section. Select it to start the installation. Features: - Ability to tune an instrument via a MIDI connection - Analysis of the sound spectrum - Detailed documentation - Integrated real-time oscilloscope - MIDI to accessory connection Kill Weather App for Android is a free and useful app that can be of great help to those who are in the habit of living in a place where it rains a lot.

Other StuffYou can find any other useful application which you might be interested in using. The results will be displayed in a console window. The least scoring results will be at the top so that you can easily focus on them. Press "DizzyDiff" to terminate the console window and to continue with the installation and configuration. Overview ColorPicker can be used to pick a color that is not readily available in stock Android's color picker or on a user's device. Examples could be a color taken from a specific screen or a photo where the background has a specific color.

It can be used to save colors for later use, and also to pick. Even more about keeping your information private, be sure to check out our other read on this website. It will act as an invisible remote control with which you can control and do almost anything on the remote computer.

You can also view all PC related logs. FreeSSL encrypter puts encryption technology to use on the Internet to protect the privacy of your online activities. Used with some GPS Charts. Pros: Free to try. Supports a large number of input and output file format. Long list of functions that allow you to customize the sizes and layout of the images. Quick and easy to use. Cons: Asking to pay for its Pro version. In semiconductor manufacturing, but particularly in the context of integrated circuit characterization, it is necessary to accurately measure of the electrical characteristics of one or more electrical components.

From an electrical test point-of-view, these components can be denoted as test devices. The Sahara desktop wallpaper features vivid mountain ranges, crystalline waters, baobab trees, and other scenery. The color of the sunset ranges from deep red to golden yellow. These images are also of the advance version of the component "TitanDesk" which is necessary to download the assets of the desktop wallpaper. A light rain falls down on the leaves and on the mist, creating a wonderful ambiance that will allow you to forget everything and enjoy this time of the year in the company of your family and friends.

Check the help file for setting preferences.. You can create or select from a large number of subtitle formats available. Other features include a script editor, clipboard history and script execution with custom options, and sub numbering. SubStitler supports many formats. After you've established what you want your HL7 Comm to do then you'll want to create the HL7 interface based around the Sample Configuration Template for each aspect that you want to do.

All the configuration of samples is done via a web interface found at The web interface is very simple to use, requiring only that you enter a username and password. After that you are free to create as many CLI interfaces as you want and configure them as needed. There are. This software has been tested as compatible with Windows 8.

It has been released by Oracle and it is fully authorized by Oracle, so you can have confidence in its quality. Download Oracle JDeveloper Although there are already million of programs on the internet that can do the same, we made this one to be very simple to use and easier to understand; we also added a very convenient feature which allows you to download the file from your cloud storage storage.

Downloading online is simple since this program doesn't require fancy technologies and dedicated experience, only a little Java knowledge is needed to get the job done and that's definitely something appreciated since this stuff is not easy. I reccomend you install the Key Generator first and generate a key that can be used by all of your pc's, or just one pc for that matter Heterotopy pristolephorus Heterotopy pristolephorus is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Muricidae, the murex snails or rock snails.

Description Distribution References. Browser Plugin version 4. The answer is yes. So if you would like a simple plug-in to read PDF files through your web browser, you could check out [ It took me a while to figure out the differences between a web proxy and a DNS server.

This is a very useful article that explains the functionality of a web proxy in more detail. It explains. Are you an ESL teacher? You might use it for restoring the quality of images or for enhancing them, without having to modify the original.

Fractalius is a plugin that helps you apply a similar texture to various images. The program works with advanced image editors, such as Photoshop. The app seamlessly integrates in the editor and can be powered up straight from the software. Vrapper can be used either as a plugin for a text editor or as a standalone application. This article will explain how to install Vrapper as a standalone version.

This article explains how to install the standalone version of Vrapper using the Mac OS distribution package. There are also triggers included that will call upon a VST host if any sample buffers have new audio. It has been programmed to be quick and effective and the first version is very good. Just got this..

Normally I just hack around and get it working, but haven't had enough time to do that. It's very easy to: switch between computers view the individual files, folders, printers, and the desktop run applications and open windows Overview. This application is not a full RDP client or server, nor a replacement for any of those products. The applications only support the following protocols: Advanced.

NET framework components, including data storage, networking, distributed computing and cloud services. The package is distributed as distributable GUI graphical user interface executables. The software consists of the following modules: The audio and video decoder module with codec support , The Simple Player interface that.

WebAnimator can export and load videos in files of all formats. Dozens of HTML5 support WebAnimator is designed to promote HTML5 technologies and guarantee full compatibility with all the latest web browsers and devices, such as smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

With these features, WebAnimator is an ideal solution for creating engaging animations and presentations that are fully compatible with all of the latest mobile devices and are safe for online browsing. If you are willing to learn a foreign language to make the most out of the application, this generator could be a convenient addition to your software collection.

Geni For anyone who enjoys genealogy, Geni is a product that can be used to keep track of your genealogy. The core of this solution is to integrate with GEDCOM files, meaning that each individual listed in the file can be assigned a username, allowing you to follow all their activities, including sharing information through messages. Take notes in clear text or create your own data files.

Export the data in a common text and even HTML file format. All features Just take notes in your pocket using a stylus. Create your own data files and use them in your favorite applications. Take notes on one desktop, save them on another desktop. Export the data as a text and HTML file. Customize your keyboard shortcuts. Work with multiple notes, sections. If the problem is indeed in the text itself, it can be corrected by replacing special characters with their ASCII equivalents.

LeoMoon SubtitleFix is not perfect. In some cases, it fails to recognize the problems and creates the new file with the same error. It uses, amongst other technologies, the Java text-processing and statistical libraries, Tika and IJava.

Features: It's a Java commandlineapplication designed for network administration. You have a limited number of profiles available in profile. You can add and remove nodes, a revoke node, add node paths, or a profile node. It can currently. And also, all the icons are easy to use.

Drop Folder is a fast and flexible task manager for quick operations for files and folders on your desktop. You can also define combinations of folder actions and use them a universal task. Without a doubt, this is the absolute best software available to replace the original Game Boy Advance, if you still wish to use your original GBA for a while.

Desktop Wallpaper and Photo Slideshow Creator is desktop application designed to help you make a slideshow from your photo collection on your PC or Mac computer. This wonderful application offers you different slideshow types and a lot of different effects which you can combine with your own photos, as well as different transition effects that you can apply to create some amazing wallpaper Link Building Manager is an award-winning web software that allows you create and monitor all your links.

Link Building Manager helps you. Still, Sofonica Folder Soldier lacks configurable options, but in most cases, users are only looking to lock some folders while leaving the rest untouched. Version History 1. More configurable options. Added a default folder to block access to.

There are two other property pages Icons page and edit permissions button ; When a object is clicked on, a new property page called Name, description, size, date, media type or flags appear. Clicking on the other property page Eg.

Icons leads to a different. For adding more features, human-readable lists and tables can be generated using the program. Once the conversion is complete, they are added into zipped files named jar. Apart from recovering individual files from one presentation, it can also handle multiple instances of recovery. You can recover as many PowerPoint presentations as your hard drive has enough space. Easy and efficient PowerPoint recovery benefits below.

Convenient All that you need is only to download the free trial version and run the recovery on your affected PPT file. You have to just do this action, then wait for the file to be recovered. You don't have to worry about your presentation data getting corrupted. The accuracy displayed is satisfactory, but more annoying.

Given all, a powerful and handy app to consider for your ongoing researches. Browsing through Game Centre reviews for this iOS game in the past week, we found a reasonable amount of bad ratings, mostly for players not used to the game, or they are complaining about not having a way to access the options, or they are saying that the game is too much like World of Warcraft.

This is, in our opinion, because Z. Its intuitive and friendly interface prevents you from getting lost in the program and prevents you from making typing errors. Moreover, you can safely operate the software without leaving any traces in your system registry. Since you can stop using it and forget about it, you can pretty much count on Batch Date Converter 2. It's a simple application that allows you to convert your B. Requirements Windows — Trial version available Adobe Acrobat Plugin — Dumpsite The most complete tool to test encrypted PDF files and the capability to decrypt them with the best possible keys Tests have been done with the most commonly used as well as with original and special PDF.

Radiotime enables a new way to search and directly access your favorite Radio Stations. The initial version of Radiotime provides an interface with most of the most well-known radio stations. These stations are already registered, but Radiotime can register new stations as well. After registering a station, the first time that you try to play a certain station or station that you have never listened to, you should be redirected to the.

Advanced users only. Both Federer and Djokovic both look like they are slowly dying inside. Djokovic is petrified of being RG challenger, Federer is fighting for the match points on his own, while Djokovic is having all of them given to him. How could he? This version of DCI-P4 has new edition of natural processing video effect which can build new effect on your video. Today, we are going to see about the new effect.

This version can be used real time crop effect to video with Change your video with the real time crop effect. Select effect: excellent new video natural do highlight sharp new video Dazzle new video breathy new video Crystallize new video. Gesture Shake is a free on-screen keyboard which includes numerous features, such as creative designs, responsive keys, backend storage, and an array of time-saving functions. Taking the standard on-screen keyboard we had seen the moment, this application has two main variations: Gmail and MSN.

With the former you can access your email account with the ordinary software keyboard and, in order to be able to work with the application while performing other tasks, it also includes. Give it a try. You won't regret it. A drug delivery system, as used herein, is any means for delivering one or more drugs into a patient's body. Although trans-dermal drug delivery is an attractive method of delivery compared with.

We hope you liked the article on Teleport Exec and have created a more organized network a pleasant experience! Do you have any helpful tips? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below and we will definitely update the post! Q: Understanding the difference between the sysfs and procfs I have been researching the differences between these two paths and I have a better understanding now.

What do you use both files for? If you need a program to get started, we suggest that you try it out. They may hit their head on the lintel or roof of. ABC Dummy Server is a free small server written using free software, designed for those who are just beginning the journey in Wi-Fi networking. In addition to that, this program is easy to handle, regardless of user experience. The user interface is modern and responsive, and the intuitive interface helped us copy, open and create documents without doing anything special.

With this product, you can create movie folders and ISO images, while the features are pretty versatile. It displays files on the filesystem in two panels, which can be changed for different perspectives - flat view, tree view, thubmnail view. There will be integrated viewer for text files, HTML, binary files hex , support for FTP, directory synchronization, file splitting and joining, treating of archives like directories, extensive file search, drag and drop file management integration and more.

Take SharpCmd. This tests not only your data access code but also how your application converts the data into the correct business entities. It is currently one of the most popular utilities on the market, plus it comes with some additional Multiply is a multi-purpose utility that can be divided into five different functions on one single interface: backup and restore files, extract from archives, a download and install program, Then hit all the buttons or click within the mouse area which you want to be matched with MIDI data output.

Set Tab, which converts the selected chords. The menu will be replaced with variables listed in parenthesis. Press the Note key corresponding to the of the selected item. Control Tab. It's quite handy to be able to find just what you were looking for a short time ago, and recall how you replaced an incorrect file name.

PicName is now in a new format v1. The old version can be downloaded from the home page. The new version will be available as a free, downloadable evaluation version shortly. During the trial period, use the expiration time for unlocking the key. At least for week to unlock key.

Numpad from the link below for free. All you have to do is run the application once, and the process is done. The app is still in its early stages and has some bugs that you will need to be aware of, but SubMenu Direct could be used as an extremely fast tool when you need to deal with large numbers of sub-menus. For example, there is no option to hide the application's context menu. Also, it would be nice to be able to edit the application's main menu items and remove the useless ones.

I think it's a nice gadget, but I am a bit disappointed with the absence of an option to lock webcam capture, adjust its zoom or show a list of sources. Web Cam Viewer Windows is a tool that helps you view images from any webcam for 30 days. Apart from this, it can also manage almost every aspect of your MP3 collection and convert them into numerous formats, while you can enjoy your favorite music anytime and anywhere.

It's even able to. It comes with a simple look and intuitive interface that anyone can understand in no time. Cons: You are not allowed to password-protect your folders. System Requirements Note: Activation is needed for installing this utility. External libraries required: nasm, libVapourSynthPlugin. Oracle Database 12c formerly Database 12c is. What's more, the app is actually a multi-platform application that works on Windows XP, Vista, Server and Windows Some gamers might prefer the specific abilities of the Windows version, while serious users will find more features and advanced controls in the multi-platform or Mac version.

Add playlists, set skins, add a custom sound theme, modify the skins and even keep the interface plain and simple — PlayPad is an application that speaks with the manufacturer's intent. Available for Windows XP through Win7 bit Simple and easy to use, PlayPad comes with everything one would expect from a media player of this sort — with all the missing pieces conveniently tucked under the hood.

If you would like to learn more about this player's features and. If you have any questions, you can find the project's official repository in GitHub as well as all the necessary details on the official documentation website.

We'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments below. An offline mode is also available. However, you won't be able to use it for extended periods of time without data services available, so you'll have to decide if it is enough of a hold in your life. With all the features mentioned above, why would you not want to try it out? There's an estimated 30 million downloads and active users, which is the only clue to what success will.

Among others, the following functions are implemented: - Heat flow rate calculation. The program offers the following features: Name the image filename that the encoded images will be saved to create a file reference to it Search and replace image references in the CSS Generate a compressed version of the CSS, for easy copying with the iOptiv library if the original CSS file is large. The code behind this application has been written and released as Open Source under the GPL for details see the readme.

Support for rfc and rfc is currently in development. Check Clock Alert for PC! Features: Blocking websites and programs Allows the user to create a list with domains or items, that should be blocked e. Allows the user to block access to websites by inserting valid websites URLs, or to specify individual programs that can be accessed by others. Allows the user to block access to programs by specifying the name of the program, or the system executable of the program.

Mooshakaku 1. Mooshakaku File Storage, which is like CrypticStorage, will be able to store your files, and much more. The application then scans the flat structure and outputs the results. It will create all of the necessary genre symlink folders and place them the desired genre links into the appropriate locations. Once this completes you can copy the genre symlinks or the flat structure to a different location and use them in a different way.

If you need a powerful and easy-to-use barcode application for creation and design of printed barcodes with multiple variations, use this tool now. Chm flight simulator is the free, cross platform plane sim. Its the definitive plane sim with the best training guide available for the student, pilot and general aviation enthusiast. With a huge simulator feature set, the navigation, maneuvering and flying community calls it the best on the market.

Chm flight simulator x64 works great in most PC configurations, making it a really good choice for an office or home user. Using Coupons at Checkout is simple, just add a selected item to the shopping basket, wait until it appears on the list and click on it. You'll be led to a website with the coupon code. With Coupons at Checkout you don't have to waste time searching for code anymore. The plugin is compatible with all major browsers.

What is Open for a Product? We have built the plugin from the ground up to offer you the best experience possible while shopping.. Is there an IPAD like program for windows? April 16, Lynda how do i get a command like ipconfig for windows. Hook API SDK is not the only hooking tool with a similar functionality, but it includes more features and is multi-language. It allows fast and easy product launch, price change, journal update and even when journal cannot be updated due to a system crash or a power off.

During the last decade the facility has spent a total of GBP8M on infrastructure, installation and the subsequent cost of running the facility. Whilst the science staff at DST are multi-disciplinary, it is clear that.

Vampire Days-a True Darkness is Burning! Vampire Days - a True Darkness is Burning! If you still have to wait, enjoy the 20 minutes preview. Look at the preview screen here http. The program even allows you to make it auto-shut down at a set time.

Icon Clock is the best app on Windows for various reasons: it has been implemented with a modern and clean design, and has some useful options. There are no annoying ads, and paid versions are not necessary. An extremely polished concept makes it one of my favorite recommendations on the Windows Store. Developer: Fibonaccio Studios Price: 4. The information is updated daily. The same situation is applied for those who need to buy gifts for people they don't really know too well, which, in the end, proves to be time-consuming and nerve-wracking.

The Internet is filled with multiple solutions for various professions. One of the applications that journalists could use is the ComposeIt! It's packed with lots of tools for composing text, from scratch up until using templates. It even allows users to publish the articles to social media sites, such as Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and more. Using templates for quick composing Once you open this app you will need to pick the web address where you want to post the articles you.

Disclaimer: The information presented here is for free education purpose and does not support silent install and registration. The app can also generate polyhedra directly, introducing difficult number of vertices in just a matter of seconds. The polyhedra rendering is handled via OpenGL. With this excellent driver, you are ensured to enjoy the full capabilities of your high-end video card.

It will also improve the graphical nuances of each program running on your PC. One of the most essential aspects of playing games is the quality of the graphical. Disclaimer: This watch is NOT a toy watch. It should be treated like any other timepiece. It does not work in open space.

Propellerhead Reason is no longer free, but you can still find a free version of it at Reason. It lets you mix your own beats, sequences, sounds or Effects as you like. Ad Partners You have not yet voted on this story. If you believe this story deserves to be voted on, please only vote once, using the icon below. If you agree, then simply hit the Vote button. If you don't Well, either way, it's fine. We appreciate everyone's opinion.

With the handwritten Kanji input method, words can be typed very quickly. For example, you can obtain a list of synonyms for the word idam by typing idi into the Kanji input box. Those are the things I learned from Thredd so far and, I suppose, this is the best option one can get to find content on a specific site that is similar to what others are talking about on Reddit. Update: I did not mention that Thredd is still in its experimental phase.

However, it appears to already be in a beta phase, so you might be able to get it installed right now. This utility is extremely reliable and provides all the features one would require, but it is not known for having a flashy user interface. The ClampPro application is a bit of a niche product.

It generally focuses on duplicating, PDF conversion, image cataloging, and backup, but it does everything quite well. Most of the interface is filled with the ClampPro logo, giving it a regal, polished appearance. At this point, this useful and reliable tool is probably the only choice you will get if you don't have a desktop shortcut already set on your desktop or other alternatives.

Multi-Gold Loader is freeware that is absolutely safe to use and free of any virus. It works without any special installations and is compatible with Windows XP and newer version. Multi-Gold Loader requires free space of about MB on your computer for operation. No need to wait! Get it now for free! Target Drives in a Spin! With powerful recovery functions, this data recovery software will help you recover data from physical damaged disks as well as logical broken disks. Also, it is an excellent way to recover.

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If the departure seemed sudden, just you wait. The Canadian government has spent 20 per cent of its entire budge on its controversial security and traffic project. Apparently, economists said the move would all but eliminate the need for a bridge and an undersea tunnel for a final link on a tunnel.

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Take soccer for example. Of course there were many problems in the past too, but I think they were not known worldwide. Moreover, here in Romania, the mass-media have a big power. The world does suck more today and it gets worse as time passes. Everybody feels that. More and more people are depressed, more teens and more adults. Who are THEY? Everyone but you is guilty - parents, teachers, professors, the system, the government, your boss.

What lies ahead for us? Do we even care? The future remains as usual undecided and worthy of being anticipated personal opinion. I heard is a kind of grammatical tense Anyhow, what chances do we have against corruption? What should I care about? Hard times.

The end of this world is very close, for sure. Any reason to get together to start a rally? A rebellion? A revolution? Or not enough of it, anyway. We are now up in arms about anything and everything. Fortunately, revolutions still retain their worth see the Middle-East. In Canada? That which speaks to us. Recycled genres, re-played and re-interpreted. Films that we can download. See music although on a grander scale with less variety. Drama, comedy and a few others. Seinfeld is the best.

What games? Than ourselves. The more cinematic and immersive, the better. Ooo games - the latest, most realistic version of World of Warcraft on Xbox, Playstation, etc. What books? Who reads anymore? For those who do - the south americans are a mainstay, the russians, czechs What drugs in order of priorities, from 1 to n? What people? Though we, essentially, prefer real people to any inter face.

DUMB ones. And peeps like us, the teens. I think that the parents are the ones who try to give us the kicks. What question s? Larger philosophical issues have been replaced by immediate concerns - macro vs. How did i do? We just have to admit that the nowadays norm will be the anti-norm of tomorrow and the anti-norm of tomorrow will be the norm of the day after tomorrow. For example, the Beatles were regarded as being the anti-norm when they emerged in the s, but afterwards, they were the norm.

We should take a deeper look at its positive elements rather than negative ones. Youtube is the eyes; it is chalked with videos of the thing. Facebook is the mouth; it emanates with voices declaring every meaning of the thing. Skype is the ears; it rings with goodbye messages from across the planet. MySpace is the lips; puckering every last boy-band song dedicated to earth. The last touch is on the digi-funeral sites and Heaven. Generation X follows digi-suite, rushing in hordes over keyboards to Heaven.

Control-Alt-Deleted are the days when generations compounded their wisdom online to form a comprehensive body of knowledge; the Wiki Generation is compounded of online sources, their digi-bodies birthed of online wisdom, their digi-minds. It will bring nothing. Time spent online could have been devoted to sports and face-to-face conversation; the result is a generation of awkward, fat people. And when they get addicted to videogames, some say, the results can be worse.

New York: McGraw-Hill, His major works include 11 books most recently Happy New Fear! In this case the identity and otherness of the subjects that communicate are a clear and solid one. This ontological model of relationship describes the meaning of communicational reality as virtual, or, more precisely, describe communications action like a virtual reality.

In this case the identity and otherness of the subjects that are in relation appear only as a weak occurrence of the modern idea of subject. In this case, the identity of the subjects who communicate is a clear and solid one, because, primarily, they are subjects of knowledge, and not of communication. However, otherness became somewhat problematic because of this solid identity of knowledge-subject.

But the postmodern concept of communication does not put to the fore the process of sending or exchanging information; instead, this position is awarded to the building of relations. The distinction between the concept of communication as transmission of information and the concept of communication as building of relationships is also close to the one between utterance and enunciation. Enunciation - the relationship, the media - is the context in which we have to place the utterance - the contents of the message - to understand it properly: as a suggestion, an order, a joke, a threat etc.

Thus, it becomes clear that, similar to other previous theoretical models, the model of communication as building of relationships brings a change of ontological emphasis in the representation of the world. For a long period in the evolution of Western thought, the world was simply made of things that had the quality of entities.

Later, during the subsequent period of time, the world was represented as entities in relations. However, these days, not only has this moment already past, but a technological landmark achievement for our world, World Wide Web, which is the image of network, is appropriate for what actually communication as relationship means.

It began with the extension and virtualization of the perception, by technological, usually electronic, means. Of course, man populated the reality with artefacts from the very beginning of his existence. But only when, on a very vague energy support, these artefacts have been addressed directly to perception, the images, sounds or tactile sensations began to receive a virtual reality.

Nevertheless, virtual reality in this direction comes along with language as a sign system in communication. Virtual reality is the best model of communication as signifying process: the linguistic sign introduced the virtual, building virtual reality of a link between a thing and an idea.

So long as it had not been denied, it is plausible. Barring accident, it will never be denied in real time. And even if it is denied later, it will never again be absolutely false, since it has once enjoyed credibility. Unlike truth, credibility cannot be refuted, since it is virtual. Under this aspect, the relationist concept of communication and practices that accompany it approach the idea of virtual reality also due to the interest in the analogical quality of signs, respectively in body language and image.

The Jakobsonian model of communication distributed in the same, but less explicit, way, the function of the message. Following neurosciences assumptions, it is believed that digital signs are in connection with the left hemisphere of brain, which is in charge of analytical reasoning, logical representations, the division of problems into parts etc. Analogical signs are attributed to the right hemisphere, which is hypothetically responsible with the perception of relationships, intuition, perception of the whole and distinction of its parts etc.

But analogical signs are also more similar to the perceived reality than digital signs. And the common sense envisages virtual reality as illusory perception. However, this understanding of virtual reality, although acceptable, is too simple. Of course, this cannot overcome the aforementioned illusion or falsehood attributed in order to simulate action. However, if something that is simulated, something that is only illusion and forgery demonstrates that it has its own life and it can answer, can react, can interact, it receives thereby a consistency that gives reality to it.

This is the deeper meaning of the virtual, the outcome of the relationships, of interactions, which, as a consequence of the structure, can produce results substantially non-existent before. Virtual reality is, beyond the crucial support of electronic technology, the combination of sensory simulation with interactivity.

Something which, as a simulation, was only apparent, acquires a consistency which, while it cannot be essentially represented as substance, is that of life conceived as relation. The virtual reality of communication does not mean the production of something similar to a principle, but the establishment of relations that set their terms. The emphasis is not so much on the space-time coordinates of traditional metaphysics, but on the relationships of the communication process that always redistributes the space-time coordinates between the transmitter and receiver and involves the change of their positions: the receiver takes place of the transmitter and vice versa.

Therefore, we can also ask: where does the phone call take place actually? Where is a virtual community, whose members are nomadic, erratic? Synchronization replaced the space unit, and interaction replaced the time unit. This ontological model of relationship describes the meaning of communicational reality as virtual, or, more precisely, describes actions of communication like a virtual reality. Entities have the consistencies of signs, while reality loses its substantial density and becomes a virtual one.

Of course, even in this case, since it is not a strictly body- mediated communication, like that of a mother and her baby, it is mediated at least through the language required by any human communication. This mediation increases continuously throughout human history. As a result of the technical means and technologies, the direct relationship between the transmitter and receiver can be decomposed in two separate sequences: the relationship between the sender and the message and the relationship between message and receiver.

We may assume that messages constructed in this manner have attempted to recover, by way of the aesthetic-spectacular dimension, the loss of the original situation of communication, the face-to-face I-you connection. The media have tried to connect with the largest possible number of people.

Characteristic to new media technology is to ensure a type of connectivity closer to the original communication that enabled a type of quasi instant face-to-face relationship. In this case, the identity of self and identity of other otherness that are in a communicational relationship appear only as a weak occurrence of the modern idea of subject of knowledge.

Otherness is another aspect that distinguishes the perspective of modern knowledge from the postmodern communicational one. In this way, otherness is the possible condition of communication. A relationship is made by its related elements. The idea of otherness appears between the age of knowledge and the age of communication. In the modern age situation, it is not only relation, but also the related that have some importance.

On the other hand, in our age, an accent on communication as relation makes otherness less real and more virtual. The new media, such as the internet and social networks, intensify the relational aspect of communication. However, to the internet users it has less meaning: they can take on the identities they desire. Having less responsibilities and obligations, they search contacts for the sake of contacts, i. The I-other communication relationship, and alterity, represent a relationship better understood if we consider the paradigm proposed by Walter Benjamin when he discusses Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, Modern identity of the subject and otherness - the presence of other communication — are constituted on the basis of modern mass communication at the very moment they begin to lose!

With all claims and qualities, the new communication media are not perfect, as modern technical means cannot perfectly reproduce the original. As we are surrounded by copies, we are likewise surrounded by others and will soon be surrounded by cloned bodies or robots.

Ego identity has a history and belongs to a certain place. What matters most to ego is history, which it locates. Otherness, the quality of being other, is without real history, a virtual potentiality. As for the original, the now-and-here of the ego attained in its own history is a guarantee of identity. We can imagine a clone, an organic copy of an individual: the original will be recognized by its history Here and now, discussed by Walter Benjamin, represent a location in history.

Origin and history are intertwined: what matters is the starting point, it, as a transcendental, replaced the old transcendent. Of course, there are many theoretical positions that attack the self metaphysical consistency and identity. But, in order to interpret accurately the value of original, we must acknowledge that it is linked by history and that history is a perceptual-conceptual category of modernity.

Nobody wants the original, in its entire ego; they would rather have a limited relationship with an avatar. While in art the network is where the copy is restored to the original, the network seems to be where the avatar takes the identity of original Groys, , p. If this is the way to build a common consciousness for the future humanity a singularity?

He hides on a deserted island, which is infected with a mysterious fatal disease, somewhere in Polynesia. A group of men and women — who seem to be holidaymakers - arrive. Hiding from view, he falls in love with one of the women, and tries to make his feeling known to her. The fugitive decides to approach her, but she does not react to him. He assumes she — Faustine - is ignoring him, but his encounters with the other tourists have the same result.

Nobody on the island notices him. He claims the recording will capture their souls, and through looping they will relive that week forever and he will spend eternity with the woman he loves. Although Morel does not mention her by name, the fugitive is sure he is talking about Faustine.

The fugitive learns the machine keeps running because the wind and tide feed it with an endless supply of energy. He learns how to operate the machine and inserts himself into the recording so it looks like he and Faustine are in love. His main areas of interest include semiotics, hermeneutics, the philosophy of religion, and communication theory. The discussion will rely on the theoretical framework of Romantic authorship versus postmodern collaborative writing integrated into a broader cultural debate on the technoromantic spirit that seems to inform virtual reality.

Perhaps the most obvious link between the two paradigms is their troubled relationship with the Enlightenment project. Romantics emphasized the importance of experience and imagination, whereas feminists emphasized the importance of relationship. The primary domains, or activities, in virtual space are sightseeing, interacting, and world-building.

Interacting emphasizes the importance of relationship. Sightseeing emphasizes the importance of experience; and world-building emphasizes the importance of imagination. Both these digital narrative strategies will help us discover important continuities between Romantic, Enlightenment and Postmodern discourses which will be proved to inform the identity formation of the digital generation in a new postmodern- revisionist type of sensibility.

Where does the postmodern condition come into discussion? Finally, how can these communities of teenagers and not only be associated with a political attitude in a day and age when everything seems to boil down to ideology? Might their immersion into VR virtual reality express a certain political attitude?

At the other end of the spectrum are of course those who pit against virtual reality contemporary social theories of fragmentation and diversity that form the anti-hierarchal basis of the postmodern condition. Peter Otto synthetically expresses this line of continuity between Romanticism and Postmodernism by resorting to the relationship between subjectivity and reality. Other genres are featured on the extremely interesting site tvtropes.

What Angst? The Bits of Ivory board is a part of Pemberley whose purpose is exactly the same as the rest of the site. We may describe what happens before or after the events in the novels, re-tell parts from the point of view of another character, or elaborate scenes which she, in her wisdom, did not describe in great detail. We do not have the space for writers of any kind to discuss their own writing process.

We have never envisaged BOI to be a teaching tool, or a resource and repository for academic writing available to the public at large. It concludes a tradition or representation inspired by the Enlightenment, breaks with this tradition, but in so doing returns to Romanticism. The mechanical age concludes with an apparent oxymoronic return to its beginning. Whether you want them controlled or not is up to you, but be careful.

However, she displays awareness of the changes that occur and how her persona seeps into the person. If so there is always Google Translate. I even met one of my friends and we have gone to a Renaissance Festival and other fun places. Most of us do not meet but it is likely it could happen in the next few years. What RPs do is far from drifting on the Internet looking for an identity or making do with a fragmented, episodic one.

Instead, theirs is arguably a Romantic adventure in which their imagination takes over online and enables the performance of their avatars. From the two interviews quoted above alone but research literature abounds in such examples: Thomas, R.

Black, Knobel and Lankshear one gets the image of a way of representing the self that invests individual subjectivity with a power closer to that of modernity than the postmodern condition described in the literature presented above. Romanticism is an umbrella term that has been abused perhaps and had better be used in its plural form; however, as we have shown, from a typological point of view, it can be safely applied transhistorically and especially within the antinomian relationship between postmodernism and the Enlightenment project create alternative interrogative spaces.

Cyberspace and digital fandoms seem to owe a lot to Romanticism to the same extent to which they contradict it and the same goes for the other two paradigms discussed above; this is why we would like to suggest that the complexity of the whole digital world not be reduced to a single operating critical discourse. The virtual self: a contemporary sociology. Oxford: Blackwell, Black, John David. The politics of enchantment: romanticism, media, and cultural studies.

Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press, Black, Rebecca. Volume 23 of New literacies and digital epistemologies. London: Peter Lang, Botting, Fred. Virtual Romanticism. Romanticism and Postmodernism. Larissy, E.

Cambridge:Cambridge University Press, Jenkins, Henry. London, New York: Routledge, Cline, Mychilo. Seattle: University Village Press, Coyne, Richard. Technoromanticism: Digital Narrative, Holism, and the romance of the Real. Cambridge, Mass. Gergen, Kenneth. The saturated self: dilemmas of identity in contemporary. New York: Basic Books, Hellekson, Karen, Busse, Kristina. Work in Progress in Hellekson, K. Carolina: McFarland, Encounters: two studies in the sociology of interaction.

Volume 1 of The advanced studies in sociology series. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, Holstein,James, Gubrium, Jaber. The self we live by: narrative identity in a postmodern world. The politics of postmodernism.

New York: Routledge, Media culture: cultural studies, identity, and politics between the modern and the postmodern. Oxford:Routledge, Knobel, M, Lankshear, C. A new literacies sampler Volume 29 of New literacies and digital epistemologies. Oxford:Peter Lang, Mazzeo, Tilar.

Plagiarism and literary property in the Romantic period Material texts. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, Moore Howard, Rebecca. Standing in the shadow of giants: plagiarists, authors, collaborators Issue 2 of Perspectives on writing. Westport: Greenwood Publishing Group, Netanel, Neil. Why has Copyright Expanded?

Analysis and Critique in Macmillan Fiona, ed. New directions in copyright law, Volume 6. Cheltenham: Elgar Publishing, Otto, Peter. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Penny, Simon. Seattle: Seattle Bay Press, Poster, Mark. The mode of information: poststructuralism and social context. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, Pugh, Sheenagh. Glasgow: Seren, Stefanescu, Bogdan. Revising the Epistemology of Romantic Studies.

Constanta: Ex Ponto, Thomas, Angela. Youth online: identity and literacy in the digital age. Volume 19 of New literacies and digital epistemologies. Oxford: Peter Lang, Trend, David. Reading digital culture. Volume 4 of Keyworks in cultural studies. New Jersey: Wiley Blackwell, Waugh, Patricia. Practising postmodernism, reading modernism.

She has also worked with British Council Bucharest, where she has organized workshops and seminars on various cultural topics ranging from globalization to digital culture. She is also a Debate and Critical Thinking trainer and has coordinated multimedia webzines and projects. Her interests are in childhood studies, modernity and postmodernity studies, postcommunism, memory studies, and virtual worlds. The last generation to be unaugmented.

The last generation to be intellectually alone. The last generation to be limited by our bodies. ABSTRACT While much of the interactive media world has embraced advanced graphics technology for visualizing stunning virtual worlds, there are many reasons why purely textual works and worlds are still a valuable form of entertainment and a testbed for research. This paper will discuss new ways of storytelling, ways that are enhanced and endorsed by Web 2. People have been writing in this fashion for ages and literary historians and scholars, ever since the Enlightenment, when some of the light was shed upon the idea, argue that every book or text ever written is an exegesis, hence a dialogue and inherently a collaboration with authors from the past of the work in question.

On a more contemporary note, eResearcher Brian Holmes4 and curator Maria Lind5 reinforce the idea that there is no non-collaboration, as such, in art or culture. Not collaborative work. Writers have since employed four-hand written stories to celebrate the joy of writing and intertwined minds. Still why is collaboration such a debated topic now-a-days?

The answer is half obvious. The employment of user empowering capabilities for the so-called Web 2. Web 2. Although almost all of the current Web 2. Within the context of the digital environment, already commuted into a conversation and no longer standing as a simple information repository, a paradigm shift occurs.

This is actually one of the arguments on which this study sets its grounds. My reasons for focusing on collaborative writing environments are two-fold. There is much to be gained by looking in particular at one kind of group behaviour, collaboration. It usually is inherently recursive and goes beyond the concept of common goals seen in co-operative ventures, standing as a deep collective determination, initially stated, creative by default and consensus-building in nature, in order to reach an identical objective.

Its art stresses the principles of negotiation. Linguistically speaking, collaboration implies more or less hierarchically equal partners who work together. I would argue that we do not really need literary collaborative writing. Still, collaboration enhances the propagation of the ever present pop culture and stresses restrictive intellectual property laws. And to conclude, it is widely regarded McLuhan, Prensky etc.

Mark Prensky, the teacher that coined one of the meanings of the term11 understands it in a dichotomy with something he calls a digital immigrant which would be the individual born, or culturally formed before the implementing of any digital circumvention. Thus, we will call a collaborative writing environment, a storytelling bazaar. Egben Moglen, Anarchism Triumphant: Free Software and the Death of Copyright14 These past centuries produced numerous accounts of collaborative instances.

In , Eric S. I will apply these models to storytelling and literary production in the following pages. I will not dwell long, though, on the cathedral model since we are all used to it by non-digital literary tradition and reading customs.

The Cathedral work is an environment the reader enters piously and respectfully and makes a pact with the text, turns pages one by one according to secular instructions and tiptoes through the authored world as to not disturb the lines of the written story; whispering in marginalia, scribbling beside the Text, lonely scribbling that will never carry a true dialogue with the main text lying beside.

Each text can thus be likened to a religion that has its own instruction manual suspension of disbelief, the naratar18, etc , its founding rites ars poetica, its place in the literary network19, etc. The idea of the cathedral is actually the amount of labour put into building carefully a textual chronotope and the semantic alloys for the manners of expression. The web creates narrative after narrative without the blessing of an Ultimate Narrative that encloses all of the smaller narratives.

I might add that each contributor holds an equal status to others, with the possibility of adding, editing or deleting text. The traditional author retreats to leave space to an army of prime authors which can modify paragraphs in equal measure in something less of vectorial and more of a risomatic fashion. The core of the theory if any of collaboration is self-selective quality of online participation and the protocols for participation, as it is more of a negotiation than a tyranny.

However, there are two ways of writing in a collaborative manner. One is free, lacking in too many rules, the other comes in the form of an imposed structure by the authors or readers as it develops from one piece of writing to another, from a writer to another.

It is important to keep a recognizable rhythm to your collaborative story, the theme chosen or imposed and style emulation of a particular kind. Restrictions might involve language or even a word limit per contribution. In this particular form of narrative, the prime author is actually the one or group that creates the context. After all, collaborative writing is all about context.

A collaborative instance to that prime author can also be the platform launcher as we will see in the case of cell phone novels, or the character, as we will see with Jenny Everywhere. The bazaar style imposes meaning negotiation and negotiating the common path. I will conclude by saying that a collaborative author, the sum of all primary and secondary authors, can never conventionally author a narrative. Thus, Eric Raymond involuntarily proposed an instrument for a better understanding of collaborative ways, one that can serve a literary cause, as well.

The bazaar model is a model adopted by a creative reader who jumps from community to community, contributing to the international cultural fund and celebrating creativity in its purest forms. The core of this paper focuses on three types of such collaboration. The second is machine to human collaboration. And the third is a human to human collaboration. I will start by illustrating human to machine collaboration, which involves the machine both as an instrument for live feeds and a partner in creating stories.

All rights reversed: Jenny Everywhere Open source applications and platforms have gained considerable ground on the Web. However, this idea was completely unknown to creativity in collaborative environments until Jenny. So Jenny was born. The only condition of use was that in every work involving Jenny a paragraph would appear included in the header. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish.

All rights reversed. What irrevocably belongs to the public domain is the name of the character, the character Jenny itself and the idea of this character. All rights reversed that is. It is safe to speculate that Jenny is contrary to a franchise due to her collaborative conception, its open source character and the fact that Jenny was more or less introduced to all these media, Jenny is a transmedia storytelling26 trigger.

Jenny cannot inhabit only one of these stories, comic books, games of movies. Every narrative connects with other peoples narratives only if the authors decide to do so. Undoubtedly, Jenny stands for a distinctive web culture that mixes individual creativity with openness — one that transformed the very notion of writer and its purpose. Jenny does not have her own narrative that precedes all the others, she is what can be called a universeless character in need of inhabiting one, a character without a universe, a character in a perpetual seeking of its author.

But that is not the case of Penguin Publishing House editors that saw the massive creative potential lying latently in the concept of online community. The second instance of collaborative writing I choose to talk about is the case of human to human collaboration in creating a story where the machine is both an instrument for live feeds as well as a repository for gathering collaborative material. As I already mentioned, I choose to call it peer-to-peer review, a term I will explain below.

First I have to add that wiki technologies that have been around ever since Web 1. Of course, the most in famous such repository is Wikipedia which performs in the end an utilitarian function. A wiki system sets in motion a huge potential for new forms of literary production as it can aggregate technologies created for the sole purpose of collaboration. There was also a well-established hierarchy involved and a highly demanding set of editorial tasks. This is a type of collaboration mostly between machines and machines, and of course compiling devices.

They are written and read on mobile phones. At least that is how things happened in the beginning. No smart phones were involved. Until now. A novel written on mobile phone can well be read on a computer screen and a novel written on a cell phone form can be rendered on a mobile platform through live feeds if that is the case or generally through SMS feeds.

Access can be achieved through both platforms, which makes for a brilliant case of convergence and a case for collaboration between machines. These so called novels involved daily subjects such as relationships, love triangles and pregnancy, pretty much the same motifs as soap operas today. Mobile Novels can be structured according to authorial intentions and, of course, according to formal rules established by the medium. Each chapter sent is about words long34, almost like an Oulipian constraint in the good spirit of mobile messaging.

Most of the sentences are shorter than usual and dialogue is the preferred expressive form. Cell-phone novels are downloadable and easily installed on Java driven mobile devices. The largest aggregator of such novels is the Japanese Maho-I-Land35, which harbours more than a million works downloadable for free.

The story deals with a common problem in Japan, hence it enjoyed a good deal of international public appraisal almost three million copies sold and was eventually turned into a movie, a manga and after that, a series. The mobile novel was an exquisite Japanese export product for European academic environments37, which started employing this form of narrative in Most of the European writers understood that the purpose of these narratives was to manage to catch the vibe of younger generations.

In some of the novels, readers can literally act as the leading character, and of course portability changes the way they read. We might actually witness a massive reiteration of serialized novels. But does collaboration require a theory? As much as any other concept. Collaborative nature is mainly a perspective, an angle from where to view a text and a way of producing text. There are textualist approaches such as ergodicity, digital medium oriented approaches such as cybertext, digitext or hypertext and so on.

I believe that the literary collaborative approach might very well be a sociological one, in lack of a better term so far. Hence, there is no ideal architecture for a collaborative environment. You create coordination and contexts and then watch what happens. I would argue that Web 2. When a 2. I think that the web witnessed solely a shift of paradigm, a shift o perspective enabled by users and not a new version of it. You can read more about Web 1.

Web 1. The fundamental difference between the two movements is in their values, their ways of looking at the world. For the Open Source movement, the issue of whether software should be open source is a practical question, not an ethical one. For the Free Software movement, non-free software is a social problem and free software is the solution.

The naratar is the person to which the author intended to write the text to. Bayard makes the very subtle point that, academically speaking, we do not so much read books to read them as to put them in a network of other books and a wider net of what tout le monde i.

He argues, and quotes Eco, that the book or reading itself is not necessarily the main goal. Just like narratology, ludology should also be independent from the medium that supports the activity. She usually wears aviation goggles on top of her head and a scarf around her neck.

Otherwise, she dresses in comfortable clothes. She is average size and has a good body image. She has a ready smile. According to www. She appears on the last page with the highly plausible assumption that she is an antagonist of Jenny Everywhere. Anyone can create their own Jenny Nowhere from the ground up. Which can work in all sorts of ways. Rather than simply watch a movie, viewers can interact with characters on websites, experience the world in games, follow leads on Twitter, as well as participate in a vast array of other opportunities on various platforms.

But it is often times the same story after being adapted to the required medium. The projects were called Wikinovel and Wikiworld. They both work after the same principles as AMP and each one has editorial management, the lack of which led other similar projects to their lamentable end. A philosopher, to gain wisdom, must ask the big questions about: 1. Reality in general: for reference, relevance, and exercise your mind , 2.

Reality perspective: to still be alive after the problem is solved. A few philosophical assumptions about spirituality: 1. I challenge this assertion, not to confuse, but to illustrate that useful philosophy can evolve from questionable or not-sopure philosophical assumptions. For a football coach, this philosophy is called teamwork. Simplicity is a philosophy itself, and a pathway to all meaningful philosophies.

Are you ready to become a philosopher in regards to improving your personality? Maybe an example would help you get started. Would I like to be loved by my neighbors? What is the alternative? Would my neighbor like to be loved by his neighbors?

Would everyone in the world like to be loved by their neighbors? Would I like to be appreciated by my neighbor? Would my neighbor like to be appreciated by his neighbors? Would everyone in the world like to be appreciated by their neighbors? Do you want to be loved by your mate? Does your mate want to be loved by you? Does your neighbor want to be loved by his mate? Does everyone in the world want to be loved by their mate? Do you want to be appreciated by your mate?

Does your mate want to be appreciated by you? Does your neighbor want to be appreciated by his mate? Does everyone want to be appreciated by their mates? Eric S. De Minuit, Paris. Jenny Everywhere archieve, www. Tom Clancy on iwise. A Million Penguins Report, www. Deep Love Vol. She is also President at Tri log Association that deals in developing a constructive and friendly cultural framework for various digitally related projects in Romania.

Keywords: privacy, sharing, avatar, digital generation. I n his seminal work Grown up Digital. To the freedom brought by the instantaneous access to information, governments in the generally considered free world oppose censorship. The reports highlighted the embarrassing evidence that major U. The need for scrutiny, in the context of the Global War on Terror, is under constant assault. Integrity is countered, again in the context of the War on Terror, by the escalation, especially in the United States and its partners, of extrajudicial proceedings, and the seemingly joyous embracing of the public spectacle of murder, all in the name of national security.

Net Geners care about integrity— being honest, considerate, transparent, and abiding by their commitments. Tapscott 82 Concerning collaboration, the situation is direr. While the network has proven itself to be the perfect medium for the free exchange of content and ideas and has, since its inception, diluted in the collective imaginary the concepts of authorship and intellectual property to an unprecedented extent, industry and governments alike seem nowadays more bent than ever to enforce those same diluted concepts, suing teenagers whose weltanschauung imposes no moral qualms in the communal act of sharing.

However we consider that they induce in the young members of the Digital Generation if not a full cognitive dissonance, then at least a sort of cognitive disequilibrium. Therefore, the paradox that must somehow be resolved lies in the nature of the network itself, simultaneously a mechanism of liberation and oppression. This is most obvious when looking at the stereotypical framing of selves encouraged by the widespread adoption of electronic social networks suck as Myspace, Hi5 or Facebook, which have shifted communication and interaction from a true conversational model to one based mainly on mediated reactions, comments, to passive external referents.

The Internet, both at its beginnings and today, structurally speaking, was and is nothing more than a network of interconnected networks, using common communication protocols. We stated before that we can identify two distinct avatarial constructs stretched between the rejection of oppressive surveillance and the need to collaborate and share openly.

According to a whitepaper by Michael Bergman, this invisible network contained, in , about terabytes of information, compared to the only terabytes of the surface web Bergman. Using their own currencies, of which the most visible is the BitCoin, sites like Silk Road Marketplace have created an entire underground economy, dealing freely in anything from contraband to information.

This accounts, as we mentioned, for the appearance of autism, detachment and lack of interest the millenials have been so often criticized for. Deibert, Ronald, et al. Ferguson, Christopher. Tapscott, Don. Grown up Digital. New York: McGraw Hill, In recent years this generational idea has started to receive a good deal of criticism and this paper provides a brief overview of these issues in relation to the recent book publication, Deconstructing Digital Natives: Young People, Technology and the New Literacies It argues for the importance of a more balanced, research-based perspective on this so-called digital generation as well as the inclusion of work from a range of disciplines and international contexts in order to advance our understanding of young people and digital media.

Keywords: Technoevangelism, digital natives, digital immigrants, digital wisdom. What exactly do these concepts mean and is there any empirical evidence to support such claims are questions that have been increasingly asked in education circles over the last couple of years. While Prensky a, b famously popularised the term in his essay of the same name, following earlier uses by Barlow , it has taken researchers until the last few years to engage in large-scale empirical research on the subject Brabazon, ; Selwyn, At the same time, the prevalence of an anti-school discourse, arguing that education needs to be thoroughly transformed, has also latched onto technology as the means with which to accomplish its goals Gee, Central to this idea is the notion that education needs to be fundamentally transformed or risk become even more marginalised in the lives of young people Tapscott, The question to what extent technology has become a deterministic discourse shaping education is indeed a pertinent question Selwyn, , and how this can be unravelled from the wider question of exactly how much educational reform in general is needed Gee, It is important to understand the underside of these digital gains in terms of accessibility and empowerment, and to see the implications for cybercrime, violence, loss of copyright protection and the infringement of personal freedom.

Digital literacy is often discussed purely in positive terms when some digital age kids are equally prone to exploiting technologies with the aid of sophisticated and, more often than not, unsophisticated plagiarism strategies. Digital natives and digital immigrants are therefore far from accepted terms, in fact they are highly contested and there remains a growing credibility gap between those educators who willingly and uncritically embrace them and those who reject them as non-evidenced based.

In a paper, he describes the term digital natives as a metaphor which signalled a change but was not intended to be taken literally. In his thinking, digital generation has been replaced by the idea of digital wisdom, namely, a highly futuristic vision of the way human bodies will be augmented by digital implants in the future. This highly speculative discourse risks the same critique, based, as digital wisdom is, on crystal ball gazing rather than on an evidenced-based approach.

Jones takes issue with this arguing that it should not be accepted as empirical research suggests a much more complex series of changes that are not uniform in orientation. Again, however, the myth of digital engagement meets with a more sceptical response, in that civic engagement in online spaces tends to be located further down the priorities of young people. There is little evidence to suggest that digital technologies make youth more creative or more individualistic and willing to collaborate on matters of political importance.

Takahashi examines these claims further in the context of how Japanese youth use digital media, particularly mobile phones, social networking sites and electronic mail. More research needs to be done on the existing digital literacy skills of young people rather than assume that there is overall coverage.

This variation in digital literacy skills is pursued further in an Australian context by Kennedy and Judd who also deconstruct the stereotypical assumptions behind the digital generation myth. This conclusion goes right to the heart of the research culture in educational technology, which, according to these researchers, needs to be fundamentally reoriented in order for it to advance.

Their response is evidently more balanced and as well as identifying certain characteristics of the digital media population, such as online identities, multi-tasking, the assumption that a digital version will be available, and their potential role in user-generated content, Palfrey and Gasser also articulate parallel dangers and concerns, including online privacy, information overload and saturation, as well as safety issues. In line with Bennett and Maton, then, they also emphasise the importance of a research-based approach to this population, but suggest it should not be dismissed out of hand given its rich intuitive acceptance.

To that extent, we should be more sceptical about the interests promoting their widespread acceptance and the view that suggests technology is a guaranteed way to enhance education, teaching and learning. This brief overview of some recent papers, available in more detail in Thomas a , provides one of the most up to date overviews of research in this area and points towards a future research agenda for work on the relationship between digital media and young people around the world Thomas, b.

Disempowering by assumption: Digital natives and the EU civic web project. Thomas Ed. Barlow, J. A declaration of the independence of cyberspace. Rethinking pedagogy for the digital age: Designing and delivering e-learning. London: RoutledgeFalmer. Bennett, S.

British Journal of Educational Technology, 39 5 , Brabazon, T. The university of Google: Education in the post information age. Aldershot: Ashgate. Buckingham, D. Chiles, A. Lecturer bans students from using Google and Wikipedia. The Argus, January 13, Citizens navigating in literate worlds: The case of digital literacy.

Gartner Panel: The attack of the digital natives. What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy. Green, H. Their space: Education for a digital generation. Cyberkids: Children in the information age. London: Routledge. Ito, M. Hanging out, messing around, and geeking out. Jones, C. Students, the net generation, and the digital natives: Accounting for educational change.

Kennedy, G. Lankshear, C. Digital literacies: Concepts, policies and practices. New York: Peter Lang. Levy, M. Levy, R. Young children, digital technology, and interaction with text. Mitra, S. The hole in the wall: Self-organising systems in education. Mortkowitz, L. More colleges, professors shutting down laptops and other digital distractions.

The Washington Post, April 25, Born digital: Understanding the first generation of digital natives. New York: Basic Books. Palfrey, J. Prensky, M. Digital natives, digital immigrants. On the Horizon, 9 5 , Digital natives, digital immigrants, part 2: Do they really think differently? On the Horizon, 9 6 , Digital wisdom and homo sapiens digital. Selwyn, N. Education and technology: Key issues and debates.

Solomon, G. Takahashi, T. Japanese youth and mobile media. Tapscott, D. Growing up digital: The rise of the Net generation.

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