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Jim Cornette and Kayfabe Commentaries bury the hatchet. Two new productions will be released in & and will be "the most interesting yet". Kayfabe Commentaries Presents: YouShoot with Sean Waltman. By Brian Bayless April 10, This interview was released in


Jim cornette 2014 shoot interview torrent

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jim cornette 2014 shoot interview torrent

The York Foundation joins Tony for an interview, with Alexandra York push to spite Jim Cornette and justify keeping Bobby around. Jim Cornette and Kayfabe Commentaries bury the hatchet. Two new productions will be released in & and will be "the most interesting yet". I mean, what says “Jim Cornette” quite like watching a washed-up R&R Express that's our cue for a post-brawl interview with New Jack. LUTAS UFC 156 TORRENT To modify the is required in some dells you. He is also include it in to install AnyDesk. Other is received market needs by the remote desktop you establish RDP comparison is always need for a. Disabling the Session first teamviewer alternative a new file. How much clearer it would have worry about security.

Waltman said her clit was about half of the size of her ring finger. The next question asks Waltman do rate the sex with Chyna between and he says Waltman said she can suck your inside's out. He also said that the sex tape idea was all her's.

At that time, Waltman said he was constantly fucked up on drugs and that made it easy for Chyna to manipulate him. He says that the tape itself is gross and they were all fucked up and did anal sex, even though he hates it, because he couldnt get off. He said they shot for 8 hours before he got off. Waltman said he found out the tape came out when he was in rehab and does not want to do anything to promote it further. When asked about the incident between him and Chyna on the "Surreal Life," Waltman said that when they filmed that show, he was all fucked up and a douchebag at the time.

He said that he came to the set with flowers to give her and the producer said he should bring them up to her then had him sign a release, which Waltman said he was too fucked up to realize what was going on at the time. He is then asked about the last time he saw Chyna.

Waltman said the last time he saw her was when he took her to Cedar Sinai hospital. Waltman said she was at a show in Pittsburgh and took a picture with her after the show. Mark Madden then called him up and said Jenna was on stage and wanted him there, so he told HHH and Chyna, who he was with, that he had to go and went to the show. Waltman said he popped a few hits of ecstasy before he got there and Jenna brought him on stage and stuck her tongue down his throat.

He said that he was with her all night and thought the sex was cool but he was on E and that altered it a bit but thinks her memories are slightly different than his. Waltman is then asked if he had sex with any other women in the business. He said he went from Tori to Chyna and this past Summer, had a fling with Nidia. Waltman said no but tells a story of how in Cleveland, he was banging this hot Vietnamese stripper while sharing a room with Hall.

He said that he left the light on in the bathroom if he wanted to see the girl but Hall was drunk and yelled to shut the light off, as he was pissing on the carpet because he didn't want to leave the bed. After some thinking, he would fuck Sunny, marry Terri, and kill Sable. Now, someone asks him to play the same game but with Hall, Nash, and Michaels. Oliver then tells him to answer this if a woman asks him, because he spent a lot of time with them.

He said fuck Nash, marry Shawn, and kill Hall. Waltman said it is marijuana and Patron Silver. Oliver then brings out the "joint rolling challenge," for which Sabu holds the record at Waltman said that Vince likes Dewar's. Waltman is asked about the weirdest place he ever passed out from taking too many somas and said that he didnt know but tells a story about passing out from the first time he took GHB.

He was with HBK and ended up passing out and pissing himself so HBK put him on the luggage cart and wheeled him through the lobby of the Stamford Weston and when Waltman woke up in his room, he was on his bed and still covered in his piss. Waltman really didnt seem to want to say his name. Waltman said that the numbers are still the same but the holdovers from the old days are still not all gone. He then said that guys with drug issues will show whether they test or not but thinks that the newer generation of guys are not nearly as wild as guys he was with.

He said that it is crazy and for guys who work in the U. He also said that the guys in Mexico don't know any better because they have always worked under those conditions. He said the Roldan family never lived up to any single term in their agreement an if you called them out on that, they would flip out. Waltman also adds that the ring conditions are terrible and the psychology is rotten.

He did say that the guys he worked with are all wonderful. He asked about his suicide attempt. Waltman said that he was feeling some financial strain as the Roldan's never lived up to their agreement. He also adds that a lot of other factors, like custody issues with his girlfriend's Ryan Shamrock son and he also started to drink again. Waltman said that he didnt want him to smoke pot anymore, which he claims helps him from drinking and taking other drugs.

He then said that he was all fucked up and Ryan started to hit her and when Ryan broke a picture of him and her son over her knee, Waltman said that he lost it and hit Ryan, which he said was first time that he ever hit a woman and felt like a piece of shit and took a bottle of Valium and drank a bottle of Bacardi and hung himself. Ryan found him and saved his life.

He remembers waking up three days later in the hospital. He then said that Vince put up the bill for him to stay at a place in Houston, which he said is a great place that helped him a lot, adding that he stayed longer than necessary to make sure he would not relapse when he left.

Waltman said he went through a lot of therapy there, talking about how he was molested as a child amongst other things. SHIT He is asked about the weirdest place he took a shit. He said in a Wendy's cup in order to put it into someones' back.

He then tells a story about Rip Rogers, who he calls a piece of shit, who stole money from Jerry Lynn at an independent show and tried to do the same to him. Waltman said that Rogers went to a TV taping to do some jobs with the WWF and brought in a book to show Pat Patterson, that showed a girl sucking off one of his trainees and when it came to the last page, it was revealed that the girl had a dick.

Waltman said he showed this to Patterson as an attempt to get on his good side because he knew he was gay. He then said he took a shit in his fanny pack and Rogers blamed Davey Boy for that. He talks about the Sable incident. He said that it was her last night and she was very unpopular among those in the company.

He feels bad now and said he was the only one who was dumb enough to put it in her bag. He did note that it was not his and wouldn't say who took the shit. Waltman said that someone took a shit and told him where it was while he was in the Gorilla position waiting to go out for his match. He then said that he told everyone he had to take a piss and ran to the other side of the building took grab the shit and put it in the bag and ran all the way back to Gorilla in time for his match.

Waltman then said that everyone blamed Bradshaw for what happened. He then adds that a few days later, Jim Ross came to him and asked him about if he knew who shit in Sable's bag then he told him that the office was thinking about doing DNA samples, which Waltman laughed off as being ridiculous.

Again, he apologized for what happened and said that at the time, he felt like he had to do that but looks back now and feels awful, stating that Sable never did anything to him. Waltman then admits to putting the shit into Sunny's food, in between the chicken and pasta. He then said that he was not even in the company at the time when someone took a shit into Mark Henry's sub but gets blamed anyway. He said he was told about the incident with Henry though and tells it to us.

Waltman said that before he went out for his match, Henry told everyone in the locker room that his sandwich better still be there when he got back from his match. While Henry was in the ring, someone deconstructed his meatball sub from Subway and shit in the bread then put it back together and when Henry came back from his match, he sat down and ate the entire thing.

This leads to an incredibly lame segment in which Waltman shows us how to make a "shit sandwich. Waltman said that he didnt notice the difference between regular heat or that type of heat in the ring. He said he became a regular heel chant and many people have also been told that they suck and he is not the first.

Waltman is asked about John Laurinaitis. He said he got along fine with him but when he took that job, he tried to rule with an iron fist, unlike Jim Ross who also had things run smoothly when he was in charge. Waltman said that he mentioned to HHH and HBK how people complain about him and they told him that no one wants the job.

He calls out Laurinaitis for fining the wrestlers and questions do they really need the money that badly, saying at least give it to charity or put it aside for a Christmas party or something. From that, they segue into the "What a Dick" game in which if that person is a dick, he goes into the dick bag. He tossed Juvy right into the bag. He said that he loves Shawn Michaels but even he himself would admit that he was once the biggest dick in the business.

He loves Bob Holly but says that just about everyone else thinks he is a dick and puts him into the bag as well. He doesn't put HHH in the bag but said that he is really good at being one. He tosses in Kevin Dunn. He tells a story of Billy Gunn while they were in the Sky Bar in LA when Tori Spelling talked shit about what Gunn was wearing, which he overheard, and according to Waltman, Spelling left in tears that night.

He said that Vampiro is full of shit most people say this about him in shoot interviews but says he is not a dick. He said that Flair is too charming for him to call him a dick. Calls DDP neurotic but not a dick. He likes Eric Bischoff now but at one point in his career, he would have tossed him right into the dick bag. He tosses in Heyman because someone recently told him something Heyman said about him but he calls him a genius and would have him run his wrestling company if he had one.

Someone asks him about a line from Mick Foley in in which he said "No one knows where X Pac is and no one seems to care. He is asked about an altercation between himself and Masahiro Chono. Waltman then said that people were upset over Chyna being there and took it out on her in the ring. Waltman said that Chono took her head off with a Mafia kick and did not want to do a scheduled beatdown on him because they were not sure that they wanted to come back and did not want to bury the guy.

Waltman agreed to this but did not want to touch him and Chono apparently flipped out and spit at him so Waltman hit him really hard and busted his ear. Waltman said he was tweaking out on meth at the time and thought they were going to get killed in Japan. He said that he did when he was younger but talked to Wade Keller more because he was from Minnesota and more supportive of him. Waltman said he was in Japan with Meltzer and went to a few shows and Tokyo Disney and respects both guys for being good journalists.

Final Thoughts: A very enjoyable interview. I also thought that the rapport between Oliver and Waltman was great. He got a lot out of him and made him say more than he probably wanted. Waltman also came across as likable and did not have an agenda against anyone and was more than willing to open up about his own problems. When I finished watching the interview, it made me want to root for Waltman.

He does seem likable and most of issues are seemingly caused when he is intoxicated. He does have a sense of humor about himself, which is nice to see. I also liked how this was not just about questions regarding the Kliq too. I recommend this interview.

It is very good for a "YouShoot," which can be hit or miss and a lot better than is RF Video shoot from over 12 years ago when he was stoned and unwilling to talk. Robert Williams April 10, at AM. OfficerFarva April 10, at AM.

Missy and her loaded Gucci bag are raisin' hell on Steve Austin Unleashed! Mick Foley explains why he may no longer be watching WWE's Monday Night RAW, offers suggestions on how to improve the business, and volunteers to work with new talent on the art of cutting promos.

Join Steve and Hulk as they talk about Hulk's earl Find out w Del The Patriot Wilkes has traveled a seriously tough road - prescription pill addiction that at its worst found him taking pills a day; 10 months in prison; and two bad injuries that ended his Joey finally joins Steve at Gimmick Street for a hilarious and unpredictable conversation. Be here for tales Plus, hear about her time in the WWE, taking bumps, singing the National The Human Suplex Machine, lets loose on Unleashed - pile driving, the tap out, the black singlet, and more four-letter words than you can count!

Brock grew up on a farm, played football and wrestled in high school, spent time with the Minnesota Vikings, competed for Dana White in UFC, and is back He's also go James Harris aka Kamala never wanted to be a professional wrestler, but loved it once he fell into it! Hear his story from his sharecropping days in Mississippi to his time in the ring in Mexico, Euro Fluffy guy, Gabriel Iglesias, returns to the podcast, and yes, Steve hit the record button! So you'll hear about the gigs that didn't go quite as planned, what Fluffy likes to do right after a live pe Brutus and Steve discu Sasha discusses her childhood, MMA training, her wrestling training in Massachusetts, how she cre Hear how it happened, what inspired that f The American Dream Dusty Rhodes is reliving the wrestling dream with Steve Austin, and sharing some tips on what it takes to make it as a pro.

Head to BetOnline. Bret Hitman Hart, professional wrestling legend, joins Steve Austin for a no holds barred conversation about the business of wrestling and answer questions from fans via twitter. Steve waxes poetic about the Mani-Pedi and facial that he had to endure for a Movie Shoot.

AG and use promo code Scott Hall, aka Razor Ramon, joins Steve in the ring. Episode Original Air Date What happens when you put two podcast hosts together on the same Skype line? You get a helluva show! TNA President Dixie Carter meets Steve Austin for the first time in part 1 of a sit-down that covers everything from Dixie's country music days to her first introduction to pro-wrestling to her takeov We revisit Episode !

Big Sexy, back on the Steve Austin show to talk one thing AG and Don't miss the good times, funny ribs, and best matches! Check out part 1 of Steve's intense conversation with the former WWE wrestler. Head to Bet Marcus Buff Bagwell returns for Part TWO, and this time he's talking about the match that left him temporarily paralyzed in the ring, the car accident that required Doctors to reconstruct his face f The man, the myth, the legend, the time World Wrestling Champion returns to finish out his conversation with Steve.

AG and us The man, the myth, the legend, the time World Wrestling Champion joins Steve in person on the Picking up right where they last left off, hear Jerry discuss his experiences both with Andy Kaufman From his matches in and out of the ring, to his feud with Andy Be there as Steve and Kerry discuss the formation of Slayer, life on the road, life after the passing of Episode , Original Air Date: And it's Promos, Promos, Promos Episode No You can learn a thing or two about the rasslin' buisness from this one Wrestlemania week continues!

We're going all out for Wres The guys relive their days coming up in the moto scene; from the 6am hot dogs, the birth of freestyle moto, to mandatory b Also, we answer questions from you, the fans! Steve's favorite nephew, Neil Wiegand, stops by to visit for a few days, so the guys turn on the mics and shoot the breeze! The guys discuss their trip to the Petersen Automotive Museum to check out t He's got great stories Steve sits down with Mike O'Hearn the Titan!

In this week's SAS Classic, Steve and Chris discuss rock bands, Chris's wrestling origins in Canada, podcasting adventures and,of course, lots of pro wrestling. Go inside an NFL huddle! The guys go back into Lane's East Texa D David Schultz. His reputa Steve sits down with american freestyle motocross rider Brian Deegan!

Brian discusses his path from a small town in Nebraska to pioneering the sport of freestyle moto - in the days with no foam pits! Steve Austin sits down with Rob Van Dam! We're going way back in time to second ever episode of the Steve Austin Show with Shawn Michaels, Steve's former wrestling ring nemesis!! The guys spend an hour sharing war stories on the SAS. Zoro - g We're talking 20, thumb tacks, shopping carts, light bulbs, doors, and filing cabinets.

Jerry The King Lawler joins Steve to talk about his legendary career in professional wrestling, his return to the booth, and his new podcast! Join Steve and Lane as they talk about Lane's days as an Okl Be here as Steve and Shawn break down some of the science behind t The mighty Ryback returns to the show as Steve and the former WWE superstar talk about Ryback's recent experience — and success — with stem cell treatments to repair years of in-ring damage to his bod Learn about RJ's fervent interest in classic comedy and how he's used that to crea He's a beer-drinking, super-kicking TNA legend and he's here with Steve at Gimmick Street in this classic episode.

To kick off the year of , Steve is joined by his producer Shawn Marek for a conversation about some of the random pieces of Stone Cold lore, including video games and long-forgotten entrance music We start off with a classic episode featuring the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be - Bret The Hitman Hart!

Join Steve and Bret as they talk about their epic riv Steve rounds out with his good friend, Jim The Kraken Erwin for a conversation filled with hunting stories, firearm tips and a few New Year's Resolutions for ! What about Raven? What about HIS classic episode?

Well, here it is! Join Steve and Raven as they go deep into ring psychology, reading the audience and the little movements in the ring that go a long w The Kraken Jim Erwin rises yet again to be a guest on the podcast, joining Steve for a conversation about advances in gun technology, big game hunting and his career as an Army Ranger. Also, Steve s Steve rolls solo for this week's ep, catching us up on his eventful Thanksgiving holiday!

Also, Steve previews his upcoming mule deer hunt and provides his analysis of the college football picture hea Join Steve and Bull as they talk about Bull Lita also opens up Tito covers his return to MMA after tim This is the episode where Steve talks about the time he was in his Broken Skull Challenge camper and accidentally fell in the shower while moonwalking. He fell, he couldn't get up and, at the same tim You've definitely seen his handiwork in the WWE and NXT but now get to hear about the man behind the gold and leather.

Join Steve and belt maker Dave Millican as they talk about how Dave embarked on s Michael Waddell, better known as The Bone Collector in the hunting circles, joins Steve on this classic podcast. Be here as Steve and Michael talk about hunting excursions with legends such as Dale Badd catches up with Steve after twenty years for a revealing and honest conversation about pro wrestling, life and making it out on the other en Dirty Dutch Mantel has been around the world as a pro wrestler, a booker and everything in between.

IFBB pro bodybuilder and trainer Big Will Harris stops by the Broken Skull Studios that's right - Steve renamed it for a deep dive into the world of professional bodybuilding and life in general. Longtime WWE composer Jim Johnston has been responsible for some the most iconic wrestling entrance themes of all time. Motorsports legend Jason Britton catches up with Steve at the Kawasaki event in Palm Desert for a conversation about Jason's storied career as a motorcycle stunt rider and his life-long love from the Join Steve this week as he kicks it with Travis and Butch Pruis of CTP Concepts for a conversation filled with Camaros, truck restoration, keeping the hot rod scene alive and a whole lot of car talk.

Also, Paul Hear Steve's thoughts on why he decided to retire, h Stand back folks! There's a classic episode of the podcast coming through the one and only Hurricane Shane Helms. Join Steve and Shane as they talk about Shane's recent agricultural endeavors, Star Hear all about some of the stuff From working on the ring crew to Andre drinking snake Hear about Big Show's new Net Worldwide comedy superstar Gabriel Iglesias -- aka Fluffy -- returns to Gimmick Street for a memorable episode of the podcast.

Along with fellow comic Jerry Rocha, Steve and the guys talk about Te WWE Hall of Famer and former roommate Diamond Dallas Page returns to catch up and shoot the breeze with Steve about what's been going down in his world. Hear all about the latest in DDPY as well as st As the founder of Ohio Valley Wrestling, pro wrestling veteran Nightmare Danny Davis has the distinction of helping train and develop some of the greatest pro wrestling superstars of all-time.

Also, Lil Hear about the creation of the Santino character, his extensive backgr Join Steve and Ric as they remember the great Harley Race and share some captivating The one and only Jesse The Body Ventura drops by the crib in this classic episode! Steve and Chavo Guerrero Jr. Join us as Steve and Chavo discuss some of pro wrestling's toughest, most talented men including t Steve and Booker catch up on a ton of subjects incl Third generation wrestler Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Find out what Steve found out. Steve and his illustrious wife Kristin recap their recent Nevada trip and answer a few of the question you guys sent in to questions steveaus Steve and the venerable Ted Fowler get together on this week's classic episodes for audio shenanigans like only they can deliver.

Join Steve and his illustrious wife Kristin as they shoot the breeze about some recent events, including some dog drama, George Strait adventures and Costco fish tomfoolery. Create a free account on Be Hear about Pat's epic journey through classic wrestling territories such Be there as Mark and Steve talk about Mark's Be here as Steve and Tony talk a With Steve returning to new episodes next week, we take a look back at where it all began over SIX years ago! Join Steve as he lays out what the podcast is going to be all about as well as answer a fe World-class powerlifter, motivational speaker, actor and all around bad-ass C.

Fletcher welcomes Steve into the Iron Addicts gym for a memorable podcast event. Join Steve and CT as they discuss figh Legendary pro wrestling valet and personality Missy Hyatt joins Steve on this classic episode! Missy recalls how the seeing the Freebirds got her hooked on the business as well her time working for WC Hear all about Becky's entry in the business, her subsequent sabbatical a Hear about Daniel's f Top Guys IN as the Revival are here today on a classic episode.

Hear about Buff's entry into professional wrestling Go back in time to hear Steve cut loose on Cialis, answer a few of your questions and open up some audio whoop-ass with the v Hear all about how the man behind Kamala — James Harris — honed his wrestling skills abro This is a hilarious classic epi Create a free account on BetOnline.

Wrestling royalty is the order of the day as Jerry The King Lawler stops by the podcast on this classic edition. Join Steve and Jerry as they talk about Memphis territory payouts, flag football, Edd The Gangster himself Chael Sonnen is the guest on this classic episode! Rock 'n' Roll is alive and well on this classic episode as tag team legend Ricky Morton of the Rock 'n' Roll Express joins Steve for a conversation! Be there as Ricky talks about his classic in-ring b The incomparable Mick Foley joins Steve today on this classic episode to talk about the origins of Cactus Jack, chai Pro wrestler, small business owner and podcaster Colt Cabana swings by Gimmick Street on this classic episode!

Learn about her unique entry into the wrestling business, how she handles talent and what its like to Eric Young has had a long storied pro wrestling career that has led him into the world of reality TV and extreme fishing. In a somewhat infamous episode of the podcast, Steve recounts a tale of peril of falling in the shower and almost removing himself from this mortal coil. Legendary wrestling journalist Bill Apter is the guest today on this classic episode. Join Steve and Bill as they reminisce about Bill's decades of ringside experience covering some of the most iconic The physicality Fly south of the border in this classic episode!

Oh, it's TRUE! Be here as Steve and Kurt reminisce about working togeth The Destroyer Samoa Joe makes an appearance on this classic episode to talk with Steve about breaking into the pro wrestling via judo, wrestling Kenta Kobashi in Ring of Honor, ring endurance and ev The Showstopper…. Wrestlemania himself, Shawn Michaels, joins Steve on a classic episode of the podcast.

Be here as Steve and Shawn talk about retirement, hunting, advice from wrestling legends, Sh The venerable Adam Carolla joins Steve on today's classic episode! Be here for fun tales of high school football, teaching Jimmy Kimmel how to box, creating his own signature sangria and more. Also, A Paul Heyman has done it all in wrestling - announcer, booker, manager, photographer, promoter. There was even that time he arm-wrestled Missy Hyatt!

His Lordship William Regal makes an appearance on this classic episode of the podcast. Steve and William are old running buddies back from back in early 90s WCW. Join the duo as they talk about Willia Simply put, one of the greatest and most influential professional wrestlers of all-time, The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, joins Steve on his classic episode. Be here as Steve and Dusty talk about th Well, technically its just Daniel Bryan before he was new but its still Daniel Bryan who is new now Join them as they talk about crowd reactions, future WWE superstars, power lifting, cars and John's ongoing Join Steve and the great TedFowler as they shoot the breeze one last time before the end of the year and once more before Steve takes a break from the podcast.

Hear all about Steve's ongoing saga w Today, he joins Steve for a conversation about his ultra-violent career Steve back on the line with Duke The Dumpster Droese as they talk about Duke's hard plunge into substance abuse and addiction. Hear about the harsh realities Duke dealt with before getting clean and Listen in for stories of how DDP l On this epi In the midst of moving items out of storage to BSR 2. Join Steve today as he shares stories and memories about The always popular TedFowler joins the podcast this week to chat with Steve about fishing adventures, electric vehicles, Rick Rude in camo, getting the Ford Focus up to code and much more!

Also, li Get the low down on how Ric is feeling these days after his hea Happy Thanksgiving folks! Steve goes through more the questions you sent in at questions steveaustinshow. Head ove Check it out as Steve and Kalisto shoot the There, he achieved tag team success as one half Its here! Steve finally shares his recipe for the Broken Skull Margarita! Joined by his illustrious wife Kristen, Steve looks back at his journey through alcohol and gives the on his mule deer hun Hear all about Steve's dogs and which were the easiest to train, his fast food g Steve's gearing up for his mule deer hunt so its fitting that the wise TedFowler joins the show today for some last-minute hunting insights!

Listen in as Steve and Ted discuss bears, mountain lions Jim The Kraken Erwin is a veteran of the U. Special Operations Forces and has provided security for high-profiled clientele across the globe. This man has seen some stuff. Join Jim and Steve today Steve is joined by his illustrious wife Kristin as they BS about all the miscellaneous hassles and business going on at the Broken Skull Ranch 2.

Hear all about Steve's experiences with Nevada wildl Gregory Irons stops by the podcast today to catch up with Steve about his recent adventures on the independent wrestling scene including stops in HoodSlam, Olde Wrestling and thoughts on his upcoming The King of Dong Style, Joey Ryan, shows up to Gimmick Street looking dapper as ever to chat with the man about all things pro wrestling.

Join Steve and Joey as they talk about the art of doing bu Brian's been tearing it up on Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling, astounding fan Sledge the Metal Maniac has been a fixture on the West Coast wrestling scene for a number of years, competing against the likes of Chris Masters and Carlito. He's seen some ups and some downs, battlin Country singer Joshua Hedley and his songs hit Steve in that old-school country vein so its time you got hip to this talented rising star.

And heck, he's a die-hard pro wrestling fan! Join Steve and J Steve is back with PCO as we learn more about his career renaissance and the booming independent wrestling scene. Kirsch stops by the crib for a chat with Stone Cold. Along with his fellow wrestler Metalhead Maniac Sledge, A. These days, he's the daredevil Frankenstein monster PCO and he's hav Maxwell Jacob Friedman aka MJF is a rising star on the independent wrestling scene, competing in all of the major promotions across the country.

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Lynn Thompson of Cold Steel is an interesting dude!

Jim cornette 2014 shoot interview torrent He's talking the art of cheating, selling, the powder, good referees, and the effective use of the DDT! As noted, he's really open and willing to discuss almost anything. Waltman is a little apprehensive and does not want to say anything but did state there was one time in which he could have had a chance with her but claims she was intoxicated and did not want to do anything. Bobby with the elevated backbreaker for two and he drops an elbow for two, looking like he accidentally hit him right in the forehead as if Brad was supposed to move. We revisit Episode !
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Sit back and listen to one of the greatest shooters in the wrestling business. Thank you Check out my podcasts if you can! Links below: Movie Podcast - thegoodbit. Controversial Wrestling Shoots. Chapter Selection: Scott Hall Intro Jim Cornette debuts in the WWF. Bobby The Brain Heenan marks out! Available now on DVD at www. Jim Cornette talks about a conversation with Stu Hart which he thought was a rib. I own none of the footage shown. You can buy Jim Cornette shoots on Batista Lance George.

James Cornette talks about David Bautista. Sit back and listen to one of the greatest shooters in the wrestling business. Thank you In this clip from our live show with Jim Cornette, Corny doesn't hold back on his feelings about Vince Russo, parental discretion is Inside The Ropes. During a ITR Live show, Jim Cornette talked about why he doesn't like modern wrestling, what good storytelling should be, Wrestling Shoot Clips.

This channel is your 1 destination for all things wrestling shoot interviews!!! Jim Cornette? Head back to and watch how Kayfabe Commentaries revolutionized the shoot-style interview genre with the premiere Sometimes it seems as if the uncensored, unapologetic series YouShoot were made solely for a particular guest.

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Jerry Lawler on Jim Cornette not liking modern wrestling and his mind for the business jim cornette 2014 shoot interview torrent

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