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silversun pickups swoon tpb torrents

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Given the decline in album sales, the rise of digital downloads and the lack of an heir ap- parent to Jackson, it's unlikely another album will ever dominate radio, video or the collective conscious- ness the way "Thriller" did. As Garland puts it. And if you loved Michael Jackson, you had good rea- son to fall into the latter group. When Jackson suggested using his song ' Billie Jean" as the jingle with the rewritten chorus.

So pervasive was the first cam- paign, which ran from to But its impact on the music and advertising industries was equally widespread. If you pulled any one of those pieces apart, it really took away from what the campaign was all about. Gear, other endorsements were scant during the prime of Jackson's career, though he shot a few inter- national TV spots for Suzuki. Sony and Esonic. Pepsi signed a sec- ond. S10 million deal with Jackson in support of his "Bad" album and lour through Where Jack- son's initial deal with Pepsi was lim- ited to the United States, this one was global, covering plus coun- tries during the singer's world tour.

The trend of Pepsi signing music stars as spokespeople has continued into the present day, with Lionel Richie, Madonna, Beyonce and Brit- ney Spears all lending their name to the brand. Corporations of all stripes now align themselves frequently with pop artists, but with music and advertising becoming increasingly fragmented, Jackson's deals with Pepsi will likely remain the industry- standard-bearer. Murphy says that degree deals "are very effective, but whether they'll ever become that front-page newsworthy really de- pends on the level of w r attage of the artist.

I don't know that we'll see something like this again. To get a sense of the power that Michael Jackson had — seven years after "Thriller" changed the entertainment industry — check out a seldom-seen music video for his song "Liberia!! Jackson appears only for a few seconds at the end. I mean, when we went out to invite people in his name, there were very few people who didn't want to do it. Thai's an even bigger feat considering that VCRs weren't omnipresent at the time.

With its length. Vincent Price voice-over, choreog- raphy and zombie makeup. Former Epic Records president Dave Glew, who came to the label a year after "Bad" arrived and later became chairman before retiring in r remembers Jackson saying, " 'These are not video] s ; 1 make short films.

You tell your team they're short films. And if it were up to him. But "Billie Jean" was the first video from 'Thriller" because it catered to Jackson's core audi- ence. It just didn't fit the format. I don't know whether he gets as much credit, but for people whose life is music and film he does. We all know that Michael was "the Man.

The key to Jackson's "event" videos was his drive to showcase something that hadn't been done before, whether it was a minute running time, celebrity cameos or the morphing technology used for 1 Black or White. MTV co-founder John Sykes. That higher-quality con- tent also increased MTV's cachet with audiences and advertisers. We would see our ratings for the channel shoot through the roof.

Every time we played it, we would see rat- ings double or triple. A more lasting effect may have been on a new gen- eration of movie directors that got their start in music videos — whkh became more ambitious after "Thriller" ushered in an age of cinematic, high-concept videos with budgets to match. MTV had its highest-rated Friday in five months the day after Jackson's death; VH 1 Classic scored its highest total day ratings on Saturday and its second-highest on Sunday, courtesy of a Jackson video marathon, according to the channeL The video channels are likely to continue their Jack- son-related programming for the time being.

MTV will celebrate its 28th anniversary Aug. Of "Thriller. Leeds recalls. But it was undeniable. It's probably the greatest video ever made. I le really changed the art form from what I would call "three-minule commercials" to three-minute movies. Regardless of the limita- tions of the song, whether it was three minutes or five minutes, he could make, in the case of "Thriller," an , minute story.

When artists and musicians saw what Michael did with music videos, they tried to do the same and improve the art form. A lot of people like Michael Bay- started in music videos. Young film- makers sort of cut their teeth — Spike Jonze. Ted Demme — as a re- sult of Michael. Michael really elevated choreog- raphy in videos, so even the way Ri- hanna and Madonna approach videos were impacted by Michael. After that, was MTV more open to different formats?

Did it change how you programmed? Yeah, absolutely. And then Michael completely messed with the format when he started to make 1 3-minute videos. It opened the door to changing our schedules, our grids. Also, just in terms of the genre nf music, MTV was predominantly kind of a rock, alternative, hair- metal format.

Talk about Jackson's 10th- anniversary performance with Slash in I think it was really about recogniz- ing 10 years of history with MTV and seminal artists that had a huge impact. Guns N' Roses were kind of taking off and the notion of Michael and Slash together was pretty momentous.

I think Michael had been tinkering in the studio with Slash and when we heard about that, I think our pro- duction and music program- ming peoplesaid, "1 wonder if he could do that on the show? When you approached him, how much input did he have on the performance? I le definitely had a point of view about how he wanted it to look. Are you surprised how much the programming has resonated with a younger audience?

Many of those viewers weren't around to hear him in his heyday, yet it's delivering good ratings now. Yeah, a bit. We had the fortune of being involved in the Beatles' "Rock Band," and we see the following and the fanaticism around the Bea- tles' music from 7-year-olds to year-olds.

And I think that holds true for Michael. His performance on a Motown spe- cial helped make him a superstar, MTV made him an international celebrity, and TV tabloid coverage kept him in the public eye for the last decade. These days, of course, the attention [ackson gets can be tracked on the Internet. Using data from the Nielsen Co.

News of Jackson's death dominated the Internet like no event before or since. On June The chart below shows the percentage of Internet discussion devoted to him, plotted against sales. The inset high- lights just how dramatic the increase in interest is. At right, Nielsen Brand Association Maps show the terms that showed up most as com- menters discussed him: first last year; then before his death: and finally after it.

The chart on the bot- tom right tracks online reactions to him. As one might expect, commenters started to look beyond the controversy that surrounded the man and con- centrate on the power of his music. Here are some of his most notable appearances, measured by millions of U. But admiration for his talent and speculation about the allegations rrtade against hfm emerged as second of interest.

Real Opportunities! Now in its 8th year, this conference offers attendees the unique opportunity to learn from, network and share their music directly with the best music supervisors, composers, directors, songwriters and producers in the business. Music Supervisor. Not only did he stay quiet about getting shot three years ago — a rarity among rappers — he also chose to keep his relationship and the birth of his first child out of the public eye.

Recently, though, he's changed his tune. With the release of his fifth studio album. Fabolous says he's ready to get personal. I also felt it could help my music too, especially this album. There were a lot of parallels be- tween his story and mine. Created with help from producers like Jcrmaine Dupri and DJ Toomp, other tracks on the album include " Pachanga," named aflcr Carlito's righl-hand man, who betrays him at the end of the film.

To promote the film, Fabolous released four trail- ers through his recently launched Web site, MyFabolousI. He periodically releases video blogs, the first of which is a spoof of a clip that circulated on- line a few months ago of music mogul Damon Dash berating his former Def Jam staff. I also fell it could help my music loo, especially this alburn. In August, he'll begin an official small-venue tour.

Additionally, he will release the follow-up club single "Everyday, Everything, Every- where. I touch on some of the feelings surrounding the shoot- ing and other trials and tribulations I've faced in my life on this album without beating a dead horse.

It's about time for me to do that. It's almost like I'm reinventing myself. The quartet also has a co-headlining slot on this year's Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival, which kicks off July 10, and will play shows in Europe and Japan before returning to North America in early King's "Stand by Me" and released the cover as an online video. According to co- producer Don Was, the video is meant to send "a musical message of worldwide solidarity" to the Iranian people in the wake of the country's controversial recent election.

The video features footage and still photos from the recording session, which took place June 24 In Los Angeles, and is available on Was' portion of My Damn Channel. The film, set for release July And like "Garden State. To a music-loving moviegoer, one of the most rewarding elements of "Summer" is how it incorporates music into the plot.

It's not just a device to inspire an emotional reaction in a particular scene; it's part and parcel of the entire story from director Marc Webb and screenwriters Scott Neu- stadter and Michael Weber. For her part, Deschanel deserves credit for being an actress-turned- singer who not only avoids embarrass- ment in both mediums but winningly combines her vocal chops with on- screen talent. Since she first belted on the big screen in 's "The New Guy," she's become the go-to actress for roles that require singing, including 2 O Vs "Elf.

De- schanel says, and she doesn't want to sing in a film unless it's appropriate for the character. In "Summer. While there isn't a release date for the sec- ond album. Deschanel says they've been busy recording in Portland, Ore. The quartet spl it i n after scrapping a planned third album. Since then, singers Lene Nys- trom Rasted and Rene Dif have maintained high profiles at home; both dabbled in acting, while Rasted also became a suc- cessful model and Dif a TV host But following well-received Danish reunion shows last summer, the band members returned to the studio to work on three new songs for the track album "Greatest Hits" Universal Music , released June 14 in Denmark and Nor- way.

According to Universal, it shipped gold 15, copies in both markets. The song rolls out internation- ally starting July 1. Skandinavian handles booking in Denmark and Norway; Ped- ersen says the act is negotiat- ing deals for other territories. Kasuk- abe Yasei Okoku. As a child, he says, "every time I went to her house she would have enka playing. I'd listen to it a lot and was able to recite it to her.

I gen- uinely love it. His debut album, "Covers," peaked last July at No. The vocalist, who made his U. The act's success is unusual because it came with- out a hit single or even much airplay. And its album is all- instrumental— and played on accordions. The duo of Annelies Winten and Matthias Lens are classi- cally trained musicians in their 20s. The album contains sch lager-style instru- mental versions of 14 standards by Flemish, Dutch or German singers.

Blessed with a powerful, soul- drenched voice, he's at home performing for Southern gospel fans as well as taking the stage in New York with the famed Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. The progressive Southern gospel group, which was lauded for expanding the genre's au- dience with its youthful appeal, disbanded in , and Crabb signed with Spring Hill Music. His self-titled solo debut was released June 30, with the single "Walk on Water" targeting gospel radio and "Somebody Like Me" going to country stations.

We traveled together for 1 5 years. We sang in places that we had never dreamed of and did it as a family. You cannot get a better life than doing the things that you enjoy doing with the people that you love the most. It was an awesome run.

I remember the day thai my dad [hit songwriter Gerald Crabb] came off the road and let me decide what to sing, how to do the lineup and what to say. It felt like they had clipped the bandages off my wings and let me fly a little bit and grow.

I watched my brothers desire that same thing. They started stepping out and my sisters doing the same thing. It was just a different day. It's not like anyone got mad. There was no family feud and no one did any- thing. We are still best friends. Adam has a group called Crabb Revival. Aaron and his wife. Amanda, are traveling together. Kelly is traveling with her hus- band, Mike, and they are all doing really well.

She just came ofTof the road and wanted to be a stay-at- home mom. But my first love is gospel music. That is what I grew up in. I think a lot of people thought I was going to go a lot harder than what 1 did. Al- though I have that in me. I love the more soulful side. To be honest. I went after songs. I think I have songs that our old Crabb Family fans are going to love and I hope new people w ill grasp what I am doing be- cause it has got something for the family, for the c hurch and for everybody.

I wanted songs all about the family. I wanted songs about marriage. I wanted Stuff about my kids. I just wanted to be able for the whole family to sit down and listen and enjoy it from the young to the old. I want people who don't even lis- ten to gospel music to grab ahold of this.

There's a song called "Ells- worth. I could imagine his voice on it, so I asked him. I lecame in and he just nailed it j usi like he always does. Me said, "1 ain't never come in this early for any- body. I still owe him big. I don't know how I will ever repay him.

Music Fest. Are you worried that your Southern gospel fans will think you're leaving your roots? I have not abandoned any- body. I have just broadened territory. That's about it. I have always loved the music that I have sung.

Dad's writ- ing allowed me to sing expres- sively. Songs like "Through the Fire" allow me to pour my soul and heart out. Everybody ain't going to be pleased with it, but I hope they can hear my heart in this music and they will realize the intent. Don't miss your chance to connect with the music industry innovators who are successfully navigating this exciting landscape, and the device manufacturers, application developers and mobile operators making it all possible!

Your registration to Mobile Entertainment Live! With her third Sire album, the deliciously attrac- tive "Far," Spektor again shows how original she is. Her pop-perfect piano chops are in- formed by classical music and her voice teems with mirthful idiosyncrasy— floating, firm and full of surprising loops and whoops. On "Far" ballads turn intodances and carny-like beats bounce. Lyrically the album is a collection of songs about youthful dreams the bright beach tune "The Folding Chair" skips with desire , concerns about the mechanized future enslaved in assembly lines in "Blue Lips.

Abrams happy. It's grounded m tracks that predate the Truckers, songs that he wrote upon first moving to Athens. But "Oscar" contains a few tracks the bright "I Understand Now," one of Hood's cheenest- ever moments, and the searing, black-hearted title track that would fit right into the emo- tional bedlam of a DBT album. Surprisingly, though, there's a warm sense of family, thanks to the wonderful lullaby "Grandaddy" and the hotel- room love song "Back of a Bible.

His well-crafted new album is no different. Paisley hits all the right notes, lit- erally and figuratively, weighing in on skinny dippin", beer, fishing, technology, children and women, among other ail-American topics. There's plenty of his trademark humor here as well. On "The Pants" he gleefully hands out sage advice to a stubborn man: "It's not who wears the pants, it's who wears the skirt.

On "Cradle- song," his follow-up to 's "Something to Be," Thomas returns with a soaring collection of infectious pop songs that are destined for heavy rotation in and beyond. Produced by longtime collaborator Matt Serletic, "Cradlesong" is the perfect combination of '80s innocence the Thomas Dolby-like, synthesized "Gasoline" and new-millennium isolation the first sin- gle, "Her Diamonds".

Throughout an impressive sonic span that includes everything from the Eastern-tinged "Fire on the Mountain" to the countrified twang of the affectingly intimate "Getting Late," Thomas proves why some 15 years after bursting onto the music scene, he's still as relevant as ever: Great songs never go out of style. But the Dear Hunter's war- therned third release and part three of its rock opera takes the musical skin-shedding to a whole new level and finds the band exploring baroque or- chestral arrangements, Broad- way-esque piano ballads and everything in between.

One minute Dear Hunter leader Casey Crescenzo is drenched in a backdrop of lush harmonies "Writing on a Wall" , the next he's roaring through a wall of bombastic guitars and horns "In Cauda Venenum". The genre-leaping proves a bit tir- ing, but Crescenzo pulls most of it off without sounding pre- tentious. In fact, some of the tracks most notably the South- ern-fried, banjo-soaked "Go Get Your Gun" are even fun.

Tekbilek is a Sufi, and there- fore his approach to music is mystical and worshipful. Handing his tunes to a group of remixers was something of an act of faith in itself, given some lackluster remix efforts. But Tekbilek's faith has been rewarded, Amon Tobin's hip remix of "Aksak" embellishes the song's trance soul while preserving its rhythmic heart.

Evan Lucy, Dan Ouellette. Deborah Evans Price, Jon Regen. PICK A new release predicted to hit the top half of the chart in the corresponding format. All albums commercially available in the United States are eligible Send album review copies to Mitchell Peters at Billboard.

Los Angeles. Junior Sanchez's re- mix of "5elemet" melds a qawwali-like song with a deep beat, entirely appropriate to the spirit of the piece. Supported by a stellar cast of musicians, Bradley shines on every track. On his eighth outing as a leader and his sec- ond for Concord , Elling ups his game once again with a lush, live tribute to the music made famous by the legendary duo of saxophonist John Coltrane and singer Johnny Hartman.

With masterful, moving string arrangements by longtime Elling pianist Laurence Hob- good, and some of saxophon- ist Ernie Watts' most com- pelling playing to date, Elling meets the formidable task of transforming these seminal songs head-on. After all, Wilco has been through numerous personnel changes during the course of 15 years and seven albums. But the band's current six-member lineup, together five years and responsible for 's stunning "Sky Blue Sky," is its strongest to date— and "Wilco The Album " is as well-rounded an effort as the group has released.

The humorous, self-referential "Wilco The Song " opens the gateway to a carnival of rock, as Tweedy sees it. Windows-down anthemic pop like "You Never Know" sits alongside the tense, textural rocker "One Wing" and the dark, pulsating murder-escape drama "Bull Black Nova. And thus Wilco, showing no signs of creative stagnancy, sol- diers on with one of the more fascinating careers in modern American rock.

We didn't have any idea that it would be a big success. It was a three- or four-year whirlwind. The duo re- leased three singles, the first of which, "Leave the Pieces," spent two weeks at No. In late , while on tour with Keith Urban, Branch and Harp announced they would pursue solo projects after realizing they were headed in different directions stylistically. But the Atlanta- based rapper, who will release his label debut and his second major-label album, tentatively titled "Gucci Movie" or "Big Dog Status" Sept.

Michelle's "Self Made," which reached No. As if the multiple chart posi- tions weren't enough of an ego boost for the recently incarcerated rapper. Mane was tapped by Will. So when Will. Mane says. She's cool as hell, and we have more in common than meets the eye. DJ Toomp. Tracks slated to appear on the alburn are the boastful "Awe- some. He plans to release a compilation album on iTunes next month that will include music from his previous Atlantic Records album, "Welcome to the Traphouse," as well as his four in- dependently released sets.

The song's air- play spiked after James opened four dates for the Jonas Brothers last month, getting a chance to perform the anthem to sold-out arenas. The fun, sexy single is the perfect introduction to the year-old's com- manding vocals and breezy blend of pop and country. Long before her soul- ful voice could be heard in stadiums, James was a teenager in Nashville writ- ing tunes with various songwriters for Yellow Dog records.

While the twangy rocker "Bullet" and the hip-hop-inspired "Blue Jeans" are both standouts, "Wanted" and its music video— which was one of AOL's Videos of the Day in May— have made the biggest splash thus far. Leading up to the record release, James began a promotional campaign for the fashion brand Steve Madden.

The partnership, which includes in-store appearances and video play, previously helped artists like Lady GaGa reach the mainstream. James also is involved in Sephora's "Beauty and the Beat" proj- ect, which offers free downloads from up-and-coming female acts. Meanwhile, a promo tour of James' debut album is in the works, and the singer is negotiating to add more dates on the Jonas Brothers tour.

Although she's a rising artist, James displays a remarkable confidence in facing large crowds. Alcoff a nielsen. While other people are raising their prices, we are slashing ours CD's LP's. Books Cassettes as low as 50 cents Your choice from the most extensive listings available For tree catalog call Fax or write Scorpio Music, Inc.

Box A Trenton, N. Mukamal, U. Participation Qftn fi fi? M UBFsvi. Can be changed from streaming music to other type of interactive channel. Possible lease. This week she wows the ally with har fifth studio sat, Far," enter trig at No. Jay-Z's arrival at No. And this week, he did it again. Even though consumers had only three days to react to the news in the tracking week that ended June 28 — reflected in this issue's charts — the impact is great.

Jack- son himself has a record eight out of the top His "Number Ones" hits compilation leads the charge at No. All told. Jackson has 1 1 albums on the position chart, while the Jack- son 5 has two at Nos. While Jackson's 1 1 out of 50 isn't a record — the Beatles once had 12, on the Dec.

The only other recent artist thai would be a good comparison to Jackson is Frank Sinatra. On the Pop Cat- alog chart dated May 30 which reflected the tracking week that ended May Had the title been eligible to chart on the Billboard Sinatra's cumulative solo al- bums sold , that week, up compared with the 2 1. Comparatively, Jackson's catalog of solo albums moved a whopping , in the week that ended June 28 — an extraordinary number, con- sidering he shifted about Of those copies, , were downloads; physical albums ac- counted for the rest.

It would be more appropriate to stack Jackson's physical sales of , next to Sinatra's ,, since the latter passed away in a nondigital world. In , in the first full week after Sinatra's death, his albums sold , Will Jackson follow suit next week with a number greater than According to Sound- Scan's Building chart data, more than , Jackson al- bums were purchased during the first two days of the new tracking week June Best Buy.

In fact, Nos. The feat almost occurred last year, when in February Michael Jackson reissued "Thriller. Jackson becomes the first artist to sell more than 1 million song downloads in a week. Mlchaal last draw credit on the list whan his own "Fast love" rose to No. Go to www. Big Whisk. The Foundation Hl'i -. S u Unstoppable 1 21 20 25 Mi " R! We Sing. We Dance We Steal Things. TIm act's first album fof Warner Bfos. Its last sel,'s "The Bedlam in Goliath," bowed al No. J with 54, Ci, 1 t -orw I1H.

K 3I2'8. MMCl LPraoij-. LJiOUj ll,lv,nr- C. Keanwhite, at No. An ilunes promo- tion thai priced the album at SS. AG tfl BB? ARIE ,! VIE S ! B MA 31SS3. SURE Ihis "Gold" set- released in July — Is still eligi- ble to chart on the Billboard 3, sold. Wi UIV. Vc Te '. Va'trs tjff gcnc-isjino 5j«S04' live hj w.. Michael Jackson- related titles almost lock up the entire top The sole outsider is Rhino's 40th-anniversary reissue o!

Hlli-M LiA. H-;: :. Deeper charts. Go to billboard. If allowed to rank on the Hot Jackson would have three top 10s: "Billie Jean" No. The duo's album, "Guns Don't Kill People. Lazers Do," recently debuted on the Billboard Go to blllboard. COm discover developing artists making their Inaugural chart runs each week. Jarrell began her career as a child model and has been singing since she was 3.

Beacons Of Ancestorship Tortoise l! Heetr44lmewi tastimakirs. G fgfGjGGF. F; "'Ii'. I :' - FG'll VF.. FFLF '. RI' F". El 38 3? FEB - F. FfFiTTf, f, fi f. I i- FGR '. Ii ffarf. F,-f : r. R'ifm m FRJI. NAGI v. The countdown to breaking the all- time chart endurance record continues only seven weeks to go as the track moves up in lis 61rd week. It's the fourth- longest stay in the list's year history.

The cut is the title track to Lovato's new album, due JtHy Following the title's video debut song downloads triple to 53, It's the band's eighth Hot appearance and its 19th Alternative top 10 The follow-up to "Second Chance," the band's first Alternative No. L'-n'-' 76 U? GI ; "E! Gotta Feeling" re- places "Boom Boom Pow. The Peas arc also the fourth group to occupy the top two slots on the lot in the same week, along with OutKast.

With 20V0O0 downloads. JM lYAF. FF 3P. Mil i. FH F'. F:: ' :. KFiF F. O Albums with the greatest sales gains this week. Ml Where included, this award indicates the title mm with the chairs largest unit increase. Pricing and vtnyf LP avail- ability are not included on all charts. EX after catalog number indi- cates title Is exclusive to one account or has Hmltod distribution.

Charts are ranked by number of gross Impressions, computed by cross-referenctng exact times of air- play with Arbitron listener data, Mainstream Top Songs arc removed from Hoi Country Songs after 20 weeks if ranking below No. Descending songs are removed from Adult Contemporary and Adult Top 40 after 20 weeks if ranking below No.

O DVD single available. O Vinyl Maxi-Slngle available. O Vinyl single available. O CD Maxl-Slngle available. Configurations are not included on all singles charts. Songs are tested onlino by Promosquad using multiple listons and a nationwide sample of carefully profiled musk con- sumers Songs are rated on a scale; final results are based on weighted positives.

For all current songs with Hit Potential, commentary, polls and more, visit hitpredictor. Numeral within Plabmim or Diamond symbol indicates album's multi -platinum level. Certification for net shipments of Certification of Numeral within platinum symbol Indicates song's muRiplatlnum level. OOO singles Gold. RIAA gold certification for net shipment of OOO units for video singles. RIAA platinum certification for sales of , units for shortfoim or longform videos.

Numeral wrthin platinum symbol Indicates song's multlplatlnum level. IRMA gold certification lor a minimum sale ol , unrts or a dollar volume of 59 million at retail for theatrically released pro- grams; or of at least O0O units or a dollar volume of million at retail for theatrically released programs, and of at least 50, units and 52 million at suggested retail for non-theatrical titles. The act moves up on the list ol groups with the most top 10s in the chart's year history, Goo Goo Dolls lead all groups and acts overall with 1!

Daughlrv's sell- titled first album became the first debut release to deliver five Adult Top 40 top 10s and three No. It spends a 1J6th week on the Billboard No. C CL I inn. U YiAY. HFHLB i. J6 and Active Rock at No. The song also begins at No. Taylor Swift 1 with successive No. Ill R. T: I'. S3T 1 Lt SUI.

The new set marks liis filih appearance and second-highest bow on the country chart, where he most re- cently appeared with "Good Times" in October His best start happened when "Step Right Up" moved 5, copies and bow r ed at No.

The new collection is Robi- son's second outing for the independent Dualtone label, and he has concert dates booked through early October. Jj[ ;, L. T 11 "ILL i. It has been a year of comebacks or chat! Maxwell, Ginuwine, Al B. I, FEAT. IS '-'H 1! Mbiims was light. Ginuwine makes the best debut: I lis album "A Man's Thoughts" crowns the chart.

Overall his name is attached to 17 albums either as a solo artist or with the Jackson 5 or the Jacksons on the posilion chart. Other Jackson catalog albums make posthumous de- buls. E 'jr ;. I m ill '- 46 I Go to www. FILt F. Albums from F. Hivea hit the lop 10 in 15 weeks with "Okay" In HALO I. Charlie Wilson ri? Featuring R. JV- VAr. TRFAl' t,- l. COLE '. His collection of hits, which spans almost four decades, includes 20 No. Is as a member of the Jack- son 5 and as a solo artist.

With 1 3 chart-toppers on his own, Jackson is tied for the fourth-most No. Is by a male artist. Perhaps his greatest feat is a streak of 12 consecutive top 10s, which includes seven No. Is, from to In all. Jackson earned 30 top 10 solo hits, liis last being "Butterflies" No. JV- r. V'-il ll. E lis collection of hits, which spans almost four decades, includes 20 No. With 1 3 cliart-toppcrs on his own, Jackson is tied for the fourth-most No. Jackson earned 30 top 10 solo hits, his last being "Butterflies" No.

WNNY Dl« 1. Hi- '. It 1 in. Li et-:le:. FLG Up 1. H sis! LKWS E. I: Eli 5. JJJil -i:J! L FFl. ICC J? C niCCCC. MNV k' i. Aii t m. A SlifiMA. LV 1 :" l:. S ilf 5IN6L. The sum ties him with Enrique Iglesias for third-most top 10s in the chart's history alter luis Miguel 39 and Chayanne The set marks her first No. I debut and her best start since "Orgullo De Mujer" opened at No. The new set also gives her a career-best bow No.

L L'LjlC -. INS M. This is her third consecutive No. Only Ricky Martin has had more consecutive No. H'l "V'. U' niMU. II;" a M » INl. Germany Albums [hart with his debut album. IPEH L. A3CA 0. AfUF ':M H. Tdcin R IAf' 1 1 iLlk.

X-,ix--UymH:V ,! BWrs On , it. Ii'bMuh: MA. AF iivrryn;. V'-tm Mn-j. H -o:. BMI8uiUm 2 Mac. RViaUil Vl"r. Mm: F7. Ulj'ji 'Mil. V;f :f -Ih-r. I-n :. M- Scrip he. He S2 i Go to www. M Jul I'iiim-Jii-u U. CS I Mil'.. Pinning he.. Vn In' W. VtAi -iEm. I Pattkc Eton Cnp. Vrn m:;I:. M i-,. HMl l j: r, A'VI. J i, fc. Enti PWscn. KM ilSMni l I Vji. BfA'kp itjit. EIA HI. M,:, M. I, I'll A. I'M FA. IV ' ,n Hi: A;. PAi'it AjCA'l. I Mil'. J ir :n'ii'. RMiT'il '. Thc Bqqn- Th« Ar v.

I "IM! M - r-r»r, -'MlVnn-hr. Venture capital and other in- vestors have been putting money into mobile companies for over a decade, and in the U. Investors are looking for compa- nies who are going to be leaders in next-gen mobile. The right place to learn how all this is going to work is on the iPhone. But he still tries to be a normal guy.

Its self-titled first album sold 4. When a band clicks the way they do, they work with such a good energy. It just comes through that they love what they do. To capitalize on his appearance on the show with an album as soon as possible after the tour ended, it was a frantic rush for Daughtry. Only then were there auditions for the band mem- bers dial would make up Daughtry and take those songs from the album on the road. He had like one day off a week, so what we did is either fly Chris in or fly peo- ple out to meet him on the road.

Case in point: The cover of the first album showed Daughtry alone, front and center, with blurred, anonymous bandmates in the background. On the cover of" Leave This Town. The first single. Does it have the sig- nature Daughtry sound?

And while Daughtry's voice and rock riffs still play center stage to most of the album's tracks, several songs take some creative chances. Mcllwaine says. We said, 'This is a really im- portant album — the first album we didn't have the band hired yet. The album remained in the top 50 of the Billboard for its first 80 weeks.

Two of them are wearing the same boots, which of course draws jeers from the rest of the band. Borns notes — but Steely reveals that fans have made Web sites dedicated to all of the band's members. And after erupting into peals of laughter, they uniformly go mum — and get a bit embarrassed — when asked about a dressing room prank Nickelback played on them when the bands toured together. We did. What all of this means is that now that Daughtry has cemented its relationship as a band, touring is a blast.

It's where the members became friends and started to de- velop concepts for songs for the second album. The quin- tet hammered out ideas on the tour bus after each evening's show and traveled with recording equipment. According to Billboard Boxscore. The members really made their name as an opening act for both Bon Jovi and Nickelback: as part of those concerts they played to 1. It felt really good. Since he started the band, however, 19 pushed to broaden his expo- sure through targeted radio play and youth-ori- ented concert dates.

Daugh- try played an acoustic set — and the kids were singing every lyric back to him. There also will be on- line and in-person shows at locations still to be announced. It all goes back to what people find most appealing about Daughtry: that he's a normal guy. Without Daughtry, there wouldn't have been a David Cook — or, for that matter, a Lambert.

Daughtry recalls pushing a cart through a Home Depot and hearing one of the band's songs playing over the in-store speakers. He flipped up his hoodie and tried to remain inconspicuous as he lurked in the aisles. Barnes starts dancing in his chair and wav- ing his arms frantically. Turn it up! That's my jam! And it is. Because they're a band. Carrie Underwood and Ruben Studdard lent their voices to songs played to outro-ousted contestants; Kelly Clarkson and Kellie Pickier performed on the show this year.

But for Chris Daughtry in particular, his recurring "Al" obligations have served as a boon to his band's career. In alone, the set sold 2. Nielsen SoundScan through the week ending May Oh, and about to be seriously upgraded. But for a woman who is literally going places, something a little more in tune with the times is required, and as we pull up at the station, Heap expresses a desire to shell out for a new sports car, albeit an en- vironmentally friendly electric one.

Abigale will be retained as well, of course. But it's the latest sign of upward mobility from an artist who slowly but surely sold , copies of her last, initially self-released album, "Speak for Yourself," in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It has sold , copies, according to SoundScan, plus another It also showed Heap how to attract fans without getting on the radio. The synchs just kept coming — each one adding sales of the album and friends on MySpace she now has But in fact they are very elegant.

I turned up with my hair in a grass Mohawk, a lily pad-themed dress, a parasol and a frog called Gary the Grammy Frog. The minute I stepped out onto the red carpet I was like, 'Oh. When the time came to make the follow-up to " Speak for Yourself. Instead, she chose to retain complete artistic control over her music while continuing to license her work to Sony , carry on craft- ing and producing every single note herself and set off on a global tick through Maui.

Tasmania, China and japan to write the songs and gather inspiration for her next record, a trip that was marked with incidences like waking up one morning to find a dead body had been discovered in the waterfall overlooked by her Maui apartment. She returned home armed with six of the 13 songs that would eventually make up "Ellipse.

Heap rejected the idea of using her former studio in Bermond- sey, ultimately electing to buy from her parents her family home — a spectacular 18th-century round house in the Essex cif tryside, just outside London — to prevent it falling out of family's hands and building a studio in the basement that used to be her childhood playroom. Welcoming us in with a hug, within seconds she whisks us into a living room to ask our opinion on which color she should paint the woodwork.

I'm not much help, to be honest, but Heap, it turns out, has rather more of an eye for detail. Heap has taken it upon her- self to tweet every development in the album's progress — be it minor sonic tweak or major songwriting shift — to her Heap was one of the first artists to embrace TWitter, just as she was one of the first to utilize blogging, video blogging and MySpace. At first, such tools were used out ofcuriosity and the , necessity to reach people without the marketing muscle of a major behind her.

Now, she wields them instinctively, using them to shape not just the way she interacts with her fans, but the way she works. So this time. More dates will follow in spring 0, with U. Along with her DIY model and use of online plat- forms, her sound has come in from the margins: Quirky elec- tronic female artists are now everywhere in the United Kingdom, from Bat for Lashes to current chart sensation La Roux.

Heap claims to be oblivious to that trend, but the new album refines her arty approach. It retains her trademark vocal flour- ishes and complex electronic soundscapes, yet couples them with her most linear songs to date. But, just as Heap's uniquely obsessive and driven approach to music is gaining currency, she's already making plans to move on. Doing everything in one big bundle and waiting a year and a half seems so weird to do, when you can have a track out the next morning.

There might not even be a g music industry. Along with its annual star-studded dinner, the SHOP has a year-round virtual presence in the music industry. The organi- zation's online museum songwritershalloffame. It provides an educational program aimed at helping young songwriters de- velop their craft. We may be finding that we will get the real thing soon. That is a major goal and we would love to have it in New York. But this one will be the best.

Since Lang was elected to the National Music Pub- lishers' Assn, board of directors in and became a member of the board of the Harry Fox Agency in She is also a member of the N M P A finance committee and is chairman of the communication and public relations committee.

In recogni- tion of her dedication to A IMP and success as an independent music publisher. From to , the triple credit of Holland- Dozier- Holland appeared on 70 top 10 songs, 50 of them No. The Johnny Mercer Award is reserved for existing members of the SHOF to recognize a life-long body of work of high qual- ity and impact.

We Dance. We Steal Things. In become world renowned and have furthered the careers and the United Kingdom, through collaborations with acts success of many songwriters. The Towering Song Award is presented each year to the cre- ators of an individual song that has influenced pop cul- ture in a unique way. The Howie Richmond Hitmaker Award is presented to performers who have been responsible for a substantial number of hits songs during an extended period of time.

The Motown hitmaking trio of Dozier. The SHOF also has announced a new schol- arship launched as a tribute to Buddy Holly, endowed by Songmas- ters, a coalition of en- tertainment and mar- keting executives.

The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. Licensing solutions for all kinds of business - Even ones that haven't been thought of yet. Rap, Country, Gospel. Latin, Rock. Adult Contemporary. COM OR Felix Cavaliere and Eddie Brigati: Between and In , in the wake of the assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.

The Hal David Starlight Award recognizes gifted songwriters who are at the apex of their careers and making a sig- nificant impact on the music in- dustry with original songs. Their songs were a soundtrack to a period of antiwar protests and anti-establishment lifestyles. Rado and Ragni were nominated for the best mu- sical Tony Award in and won the Grammy for best musical in 1 This mu- sical sensation was adapted into a movie in which Rado and Ragni weren't partic- ularly happy with and once again is being staged on Broadway.

Ragni died in at age Setting off a sta- dium-style wave by the dancers and drummers onstage with a flick of her wrist, Rubio presented herself as a woman in command, ready to launch yet another hit album.

Whether she's partici- pating in a Spanish-language version of the pro- Obama "Yes We Can" video: Twittering about the importance of smiling, yoga and chocolate ice cream: or taping green-conscious public service announcements about not wearing clothes, to save energy from washing them. Rubio is relentlessly fabulous, with an upbeat, featherweight sound to match. The Latin pop world has precious few work- ing divas with larger-than-life personalities, a track record of hits and mainstream name recog- nition.

Spain and Latin America. It will be released at a later date in such countries as Portugal, Italy and Germany. The lengthy setup includes heavy promotion of the single, which went to radio March 30 along with second promos on 61 Univision Radio stations — an unprecedented number for a Universal artist. Rubio is featured in local TV spots promoting Univision stations in nine mar- kets. Pop stations in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Puerto Rico dedicated a whole day to her music, playing her single hourly along with her previ- ous hits.

Rubio executive-produced the album and col- laborated with other top writers including Es- tefano, Lester Mendez and Coti. Rubio says she's earned her say in the creative process through the years. Another key placement for Rubio will be at Wal-Mart, where there are plans for her album to be sold in the beauty department next to her perfume, Oro.

The perfume, which also sells at CVS. She'll do more in-stores in the United Slates and in- ternationally during the holiday shopping sea- son, when the fragrance will be even more widely available. Oracle Beauty Brands VP of marketing and sales Paul Miller says it's the first time the com- pany has partnered with a Latin artist on a fra- grance. Discussions with William Morris Endeavor, Rubio's agency, began with "a vision of taking a Latin superstar and having a fra- grance that would be focused mostly, but not solely, for the Hispanic community.

Matisyahu says the song set was finished more than a year ago, but touring duties forced him to put it on hold. The concert marks the first time the United States will host the concert following successful shows in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Spain and Norway. Reporting by Michael D.

Ayers, Gary Graff and Monica Herrera. No one knew who was in Miike Snow, or what they looked like. They worked together on a few occasions and eventually decided to record an album. I wanted to release a steady stream of remixes to get people talking," he says. Six months of similarly euphoric notices later. Her debut album. With its rich mix ofkeyboards, pulsating disco rhythms and infectious pop melodies.

The album was also exclusively streamed on MySpace one week prior to release. Los Angeles and Chicago — cities that Hesketh will visit on a short U. He duly made a bee- line for Heathrow— lawyer in tow— and signed the act there and then. Chickenfoot is returning to North America in August for more tour dates.

Karlsson and Winnberg have written and produced songs for Madonna. It returned to Germany to pollination in terms of their crowds. He adds that the band is also signed to a publishing deal with Downtown. Its album peaked at No. The band sings in English and has its own material pub- lished by Universal. We are tak- ing it really seriously, because a lot of our audience are blog- gers.

It was [Redline senior entertainment officer] Gary Arnold that made the deal feel right. Gary and Best Buy showed true commitment to get- ting the music to as many people as possible, leaving no retail or Net opportunity untapped.

They have been very supportive of our efforts to use the Web to show people what the band is all about, previewing the new tracks and cre- ating a community of Chickenheads. While this is a one-album deal. I see no reason to look else- where when we come back with record No. I think so. From the creative side of it. We have to figure out how we're going to work it out schedule-wise, since everybody has some- thing else to do, and nobody's interested in dis- rupting anyone else's schedule.

But we just fig- ured it'll work itself out. It seems like an important thing to do. How has that worked out for fans? We tried to get the tickets that were available to the fans as quickly as possible. But the re- sponse was overwhelming; all these shows sold out within minutes. It certainly is liberating to have so much talent to take advantage of. On a purely musical level, I can write a vague sketch and the bass player and the drummer will fill it up with amazing stuff.

And 1 can count on Mike and Chad to just go way over the top or think really deep into a groove. Knowing Sam and how deep his mu- sicianship is, I would say. Is that true? And so like today, I can hangout in my hotel room or bum around the city because I'm not the primary' focus of the band. Griffith's strongest lyricism buoys in two compelling tales: the death penalty protest "Not Innocent Enough" and the heartfelt saga of pioneering in- terracial couple Mildred and Richard Loving on the title track.

Williams and her collab- orators among them Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and "Save the Best for Last" pro- ducer Keith Thomas occasion- ally overdose on the kind of late-'80s soft-pop cheese that can sap the feeling from even the finest vocal performance. Latin music was the great crossover music of the '50s, the sound behind nation- wide dance crazes like the cha-cha and the mambo.

Tito Puente, a New Yorker of Puerto Rican heritage, was the biggest crossover star of all, as familiar and welcome at Jewish hotels in the Catskills and Italian weddings in Brooklyn as he was at Manhattan dancehalls like the Palladium, where civilians and celebrities danced until dawn. Like James Brown, he never yielded and never wavered. The rhythms were complex but cleanly expressed, the pace furious, the discipline relentless, the horn lines endlessly creative and klieg-light bright.

This is the foundation upon which all subsequent Latin dance and Latin jazz music stands. This is music half a century old that sounds as fresh and unstoppable as the moment it was made. But the album succeeds because Pop bounces from track to track with the same swagger albeit more muted this time out that made him a punk icon. He simply refuses to acknowledge the shift in genre, instead diving head-on into this new sonic sea.

John the Divine com- memorating the trumpeter, the overriding sentiment was that while Hubbard will be missed, he lives on in his recordings. That massive oeu- vre is valuably augmented by the previously unreleased "Without a Song: Live in Eu- rope ," an exhilarating document of Hubbard play- ing at his career zenith. Res- urrected last year from the Blue Note vaults to Hubbard's satisfaction, the album fea- tures him fronting an on-fire hard-bop quartet that in- cluded pianist Roland Hanna, bassist Ron Carter and drum- mer Louis Hayes.

Hubbard soars with swinging soft tones, flurries of flaming tongues and excited bursts of glee on a hard-driving take on "A Night in Tunisia," and he blows sub- lime grace notes on two bal- lads, including "Body and Soul. Lofty comparisons, sure. But Bingham's not a "new" any- thing: He's his own man, and a singular talent at that.

In Shallow Seas We Sail" never wallows in its own earnestness, which can be a deadly pratfall for well-meaning rockers. But "Sail" is definitely one rhap- sodic cruise. Dilla— he's right. On the album, rappers Von Pea, Don Will and Ilyas reimagine old- school hip-hop at its purest, and those who miss the days when party rap was for grownups and its fore- fathers De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest came in threes would do well to hear it.

Over crisp, thoughtful beats by its in-house pro- duction team. San Francisco's renowned string ensemble the Kronos Quar- tet has literally traveled the world through its recordings, interpreting compositions from a wildly diverse range of locations. On "Floodplain," the group pays homage to the low-lying areas around the waterways of the Middle East and Central Asia where human civilization began.

Musically the album champi- ons the rich sonic tapestries the Eurasian world has be- stowed upon us ever since. The group tackles Palestin- ian experimental hip-hop, In- dian raga-drone, black Iran- ian lullabies, Lebanese-based Christian hymns, Turkish waltzes from the late s and lush Arabian tango music with a bevy of guest musi- cians from the various re- gions represented.

Every track blends, to one degree or another, contemporary styles and instruments with rhythms, tunings and lyrical sensibilities typical of Malian tradition. Also note the superb duet "Paradise. Michael Menachem. Fred Mills. Dan Ouellette. Titus, Philip Van Vleck. All albums commercially available in the United States are eligible. Rowland, M. Neevo, O. The single is his second to climb the pop charts, and Guetta is tapping even more collaborations featuring Kid Cudi, Estelle and Will.

Tricky Stewart creates a tense produc- tion template for the singer to explore a darker, sexier side than listeners may be used to hearing from her. Following up on the funky, Bootsy Collins-as- sisted "Internet Connection. Can a Black Star reunion with his other partner in rhyme, Mos Def, be not too far down the pike? Lead singer Lzzy Hale's sex appeal strikes from the very beginning of the track, with her teasing, instigating vocal.

The varied guitar effects mysteriously bounce about and pair well with the catchy melody with production by rock producer Howard Ben- son Daughtry, My Chemical Romance. The anthemic instrumental break with blazing guitar and raucous drums carry the momentum to the end with Hale's final "I get off! They've also included six new songs on the album, which will be released on their independent the Label Industry Records.

Retail distribution and marketing of physical product will be handled by Artist2Market Global digital distribution will be supervised by INgrooves, which handled releases for Dolly Parton, the Crystal Method and Thievery Corpo- ration; the company is also overseeing digital marketing for the album and its accompanying promotional video content.

Outdistancing the Jacksonville, Fla. Z7, Begins TO-week run at No. The group will also release an inch, limited-edition vinyl album. The group also recorded a track-by-track com- mentary exclusively for iTunes. They did it in one take and it's spot on. The album's Euro- pean release date is June Shearer as Tufnel says the group intends to stay active. But for producer RedOne, who teamed with Lady GaGa just months after she was released from Def Jam a fewyears ago, it was a blessing in disguise.

They told me she was unsigned with no deal, but that she was unbelievable and I would love her. The first song we did was a track called 'Boys, Boys. The label loved it and radio loved it. It was amazing. RedOne has since collaborated on projects for other artists. Even though 1 'm still trying to take it all in and understand it, I can still feel how good it is. There are Dream Cen- ters worldwide.

The center houses more than people and serves hot meals 24 hours a day. Consumers have rallied to the cause. It's really become a phenomenon. Universal saw us on YouTube and then checked us out live. They saw that we are really doing something to help change a community here.

What they do to help the inner city and the surrounding community of LA. Retail has certainly come to the table with its support concerning physical presale campaigns and online promotions. The album gets off to a powerful start with the title track. Their case, Loving v. Virginia, eventually led to a landmark Supreme Court decision declaring marriage a basic civil right. After reading Mil- dred's obituary, Griffith cried "before writing the song in 10 minutes.

It amazed me that there was so little fan- fare about possibly one of the most im- portant cases in this country. Alcoff nie lsen. Cassettes as low as 50 cents. Your choice from the most extensive listings available. For tree catalog call Fax of write Scorpio Music, Inc. Box A Trenton, N. Founded by multi-platinum recording artist Jim Brickman. By running it consistently -consecutive weeks-tor impact! When that customer is ready to buy.

This is the fifth time DMB has had an opening week of at least , copies. Only four other acts have scored five debut sales weeks of at least , studio album or oth- erwise since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking data in Jay-Z and Garth Brooks lead the pack with seven , plus bows apiece. More impres- sively. Life and Times of S. Nine of the chart's 1 1 highest debuts are also by rock acts: No.

Chickenfoot No. Elvis Costello No. Eels No. Emery No. This makes for a busy Top Rock Al- bums chart, and six of its top 10 are debuts. That's the most such bows in exactly a year, when the June New to Billboard are the Active Rock and Heritage Rock charts, whose radio station reporters combine to make up Billboard's year-old Mainstream Rock chart panel. The Modern Rock chart changes its name to Alternative, which is the more common term used among those working in the format.

We also introduce a new chart, the audience-based Rock Songs list, which ranks the airplay of more than alternative, rock and triple A reporters. We've expanded our chart coverage of Christ- ian and gospel, giving them a full page each issue.

The increase in panel size includes multiple-network programmers, who were limited to one station under the old plays-based ranking. In addition, the chart will now incorporate actual audi- ence impressions from noncommercial stations as measured by Arbitron. Pre- viously, those stations were assigned a generic audience total due to the lack of availability of ratings data.

The Mainstream Top Launched in February With the in- creased influence of digital downloads on the Billboard Hot and Pop With new and expanded charts cov- ering a host of music formats. Road Chart Beat every week at blllboard.

SMN I1B. VJLG SMK DMB now has three ol the top five best online-sales weeks, while Dave Matthews' solo set, "Some Devil," is tops on that list, with 87, Deeper charts. Combined, the DVD and Blu-ray editions of the al- bum sold slightly more than 3, The disc Blu-ray version S The DVD set. The collections feature recordings— 48 of them previously unreleased.

The DVD and Blu-ray sets in- clude a film, videos and interviews. The DooGrw King , Mr. Check out an interview with the alternative sextet at billboard. Jj A IAU. C KELltY. E HOOD. IE1 The performance of song at the MTV Movie Awards sends the track flying into the lop 20 with digital downloads doubling lo 72, copies. Of that lot, only two were credited to a duo or group, and both occurred early in the decade. Albums with the greatest sales gains this week. B 1 DualDisc available. Pricing and vinyl LP avail- ability are not included on aR charts.

EX after catalog numbor indi- cates title is exclusive to one account or has limited distribution. Rock Songs, Hot Country Songs. Hot Rap Songs. Charts are ranked by number of gross Impressions, computed by cross-referencmg exact times of air- play with Arbitron listener data. Mainstream Top Songs are removed from Mainstream Top Rock Songs. Descending songs are removed from Adult Contemporary and Adult Top 40 after 20 weeks if ranking below No.

Digital Download available. O Vinyl Maxl-SIngle available. Configurations are not Included on all singles charts. Songs are tested online by Promosquad using multiple listens and a nationwide sample of carefully profiled music con- sumers. Songs are rated on a 1-S scale; final results are based on weighted positives. Songs with a score of 65 or more 75 or more for country ere fudged to have Hit Potential; although that benchmark number can fluctuate per format based on the strongth of available music.

For all current songs with Hit Potential, commentary, polls and more, visit hitpredictor. RIAA certification for net shipment of 10 million units Diamond. Numeral within Platinum or Diamond symbol Indicates album's multi-platinum level. Certification for net shipments of Certification of , units Piatlno.

Numeral within platinum symbol Indicates song's mulUplatlnum level. RIAA certification for net shipment of RIAA gold certification for net shipment of 50, units for shortform or longfocm videos. RIAA platinum certification for sales of , units for shortform or longform videos. Numeral within platinum symbol Indicates song's muttlplatlnum level.

IRMA gold certification for a minimum sale of , units or a dollar volume of 59 million at retail for theatrically released pro- grams: or of at least 25, units and 51 million at suggested retail for non-theatrical titles. With the current song's dimb. She now ties lor third place with Nelly and Justin Timbertake. Nartah arty leads with 16 top 10s, followed by Madonna with At No.

The Peas pass the 11 titles charted by both Backstreet Boys and Nkkelback since K BUSH. J KEAR. The track posts KIR BY. Mi Debavioral P. SMN its Gieaieal Hk. The new set follows the band's first two releases. Formerly tied with Missy Elliott with 11 top 10s, Beyonce earns sole possession ol fourth place among females, trailing Mariah Carey 20 , Janet Jackson 15 and Ashanti She last reigned on an album list when "The Comfort Zone" spent one week at No.

On the latter chart, "Real" bows at No. Djws I 60 5 9 S9 nj;.

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So he canvassed the globe to put a personal face on the controversial issues of globalization and outsourcing.

Silversun pickups swoon tpb torrents Gear, other endorsements were scant during the prime of Jackson's career, though he shot a few inter- national TV spots for Suzuki. San Francisco's renowned string ensemble the Kronos Quar- tet has literally traveled the world through its recordings, interpreting compositions from a wildly diverse range of locations. The title track, written by Teodoro Bello, just went to radio as the first single off the album, which is produced by the band. We are tak- ing it really seriously, because a lot of our audience are blog- gers. To me, Tap Tap Revenge has become m its own product experience. Maxwell, Ginuwine, Al B. But "Sail" is definitely one rhap- sodic cruise.
Amidatelion crystal bearers torrent I don't know that we'll see something like this again. The sole outsider is Rhino's 40th-anniversary reissue o! An ilunes promo- tion thai priced the album at SS. Fifty years ago, the average person had three or more close friends and family members in which to confide. The song was actually recorded by the New Seekers. For those who support abortion rights, it gives them a moral umbrella under which to stand.
Silversun pickups swoon tpb torrents Digital dis- tribution and rights management meth- ods have failed to leverage technological and business advancements to serve consumer, artistic or corporate inter- ests. Entries are being accepted through June Following the global success of "Off the Wall. Trade, capital investment and microfinance are just a few of the possibilities she outlines. Elvis Costello No.

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