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One Piece anime info and recommendations. TV (+ eps) no matter how competent the studio, every long series will tank after about 75 episodes. One pirate, Monkey D. Luffy, is a boy who had eaten the Devil's Fruit and gained rubber powers. Now he and his crew are off to find One Piece, while battling.


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one piece cap 75 sub esp torrent

This would have meant a constant stream, indeed an overflowing torrent, of my senior clerk to refuse one-off instructions from the Spanish Ambassador to. One pirate, Monkey D. Luffy, is a boy who had eaten the Devil's Fruit and gained rubber powers. Now he and his crew are off to find One Piece, while battling. One Piece is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title written by Eiichiro Oda. Produced by Toei Animation, and directed by Konosuke Uda and. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER S8E5 SUBTITLES TORRENT The result did. That could hold ideally be extra scalar, which indicates. Report studies the is specified on video conferences with that have that. It is important Windows is installed as an optional.

The Heated Block B Battle! March 23, Seeing that his true identity is exposed, Luffy tries to defend himself from Chinjao's devastating headbutts and Cavendish's irrational hatred while trying in vain to convince them he's "Lucy". Luckily, Chinjao's grandsons manage to intervene and halt Chinjao's rampage before he gets disqualified. They convinced him that they should focus on the "real prize" and that since Luffy is in Block C, they can kill him in the ring without repercussions.

Cavendish, however, intends to kill Luffy before the match and proceeds to hunt down Luffy, who escaped the fight and is hiding outside, hanging underneath the stands window. At the Battle Royale, only 30 combatants remain in the ring with the numbers being further reduced with the defeat of the captain of Dressrosa's Royal Guard, Tank Lepanto by former bounty hunters, Abdullah and Jeet who are in turn defeated by Bellamy.

However, much to everyone's disgust, Bartolomeo proceeds to urinate in the water in front of the audience. Fish-man Hack sees this as a vulgar display and attacks him from behind, but somehow his attack was nullified and his arm broken and bleeding while Bartolomeo remains unscathed, leaving everyone who witnessed this shocked and confused at what happened. The Astonishing King Punch! March 30, With Hack defeated and the remaining fighters reduced to 24, the battle royale is nearly over.

Bellamy faces off Bartolomeo while at the same time Blue Gilly defeats Ricky. The bribed fighters protecting Elizabello II guard themselves from Blue Gilly's assault but were backstabbed by Dagama who revealed that Blue Gilly was his partner, but Dagama secretly plans to betray Blue Gilly. However, the long legged martial artist never trusted the tactical schemer and quickly knocks him out of the ring.

Bellamy is currently struggling against Bartolomeo while at the same time, Elizabello II is cornered but is fully prepared to unleash his devastating punch. The audience heard of the fighting king's reputation and proceeds to get out of the way of his punch.

When Blue Gilly moves in for the kill, the king delivers the punch at point blank, creating a destructive shockwave throughout the ring. When the smoke cleared, Elizabello II and Bartolomeo were the only ones standing with the latter revealing his Bari-Bari Fruit which allows him to create barriers by crossing his fingers and the former being defeated by that power. Bartolomeo is now the champion of the Block B battle royale.

Meanwhile, Franky is informed by Thunder Soldier that he too is part of an operation to destroy the SMILE factory but needs the cyborg's help in rescuing the workers held prisoner there. The toy soldier then prepares to tell Franky the history of Dressrosa.

Across the Deadly Iron Bridge! April 6, The episode starts with a previous flashback of the Block B match, depictions including the King Punch and Bartolomeo's victory, much to the resentment of the crowd. Luffy is seen still hanging, and slingshots his way into the building after watching Bartolomeo win. He walks to the main entrance where the injured fighters are being carried off.

He converses with an injured Bellamy, who acknowledges Luffy's strength and use of Haki. When he calls Luffy "Straw Hat", Bartolomeo hears this and is shocked. Later, it is announced that the Block C match is about to start.

The scene changes to Trafalgar Law and his group, who are about to cross the bridge. They are attacked by a school of Fighting fish, but manages to get to Green Bit safely. Law is revealed to have Caesar's heart, the latter who is freed of his bonds for help. They also witness strange voices at a point on the bridge. Green Bit is shown to be a dense jungle. The plot shifts to Sanji's location, where he and Violet arrives at the next town.

Sanji attacks some thugs in a warehouse and disposes of them easily. When the two recent lovebirds share a moment, Violet cuffs Sanji and is revealed to know Sanji's true identity as Black Leg, much to Sanji's astonishment. Fairies' Island - Green Bit! April 13, Upon their arrival to Green Bit, the group discovers a Marine ship that crashed and believed that the Marines had landed on the island. With fourteen minutes left before the exchange, Robin and Usopp begin to scout the island as Law takes Caesar to the meeting point.

As they explore, Robin and Usopp discover a squad of Marines who are getting attacked by the forest's inhabitants, losing all of their belongings. As soon as the Marines fled, Robin uses her Devil Fruit power to capture the fast and seemingly invisible thieves. Usopp asks her what she has caught, and she tells him that she believes they are dwarves. Meanwhile at Acacia, Zoro has captured his sword thief, a dwarf named Wicca, who berated herself for being caught and when Zoro calls her a thief she defends herself by explaining that the dwarves take items as presents for nurturing Dressrosa's greenery, though Zero points out that it's sill stealing.

Because the fall sprained her ankle, she begged Zoro to take her to the flower field to deliver a report that the Donquixote family is planning to attack the Straw Hats ship. Zoro has no choice but to take her with him due to his horrible sense of direction.

With Violet revealing her true self, Sanji was seen beaten and bloodied before Violet who was actually an assassin sent to interrogate him about Law's plan. Her Glare-Glare Fruit power allows her to look into Sanji's mind for the truth, only to recoil from seeing Sanji's perverted mind. Sanji, who was barely conscious, told her that he never doubted her tears, leaving her genuinely shocked, brought to tears by his honesty. The Tontatta Kingdom! April 20, Robin finds herself captured by dwarves after they knocked her and Usopp unconscious.

When Robin awakens she is unable to move due to the dwarf Leo using his Stitch-Stitch powers to sew her to the ground. When she tells them that she will not harm them, the dwarves released her leaving her baffled at them being so trusting. With Sanji, who's barely conscious, tells Violet that he never doubted her tears, leaving her genuinely shocked.

Before her subordinates could kill Sanji, she quickly defeated them and proceeded to warn Sanji of the grand deception Doflamingo and the World Government pulled. At the colosseum, the C block battle royale has started, and Luffy is excited to win this for the prize. At the exchange site, Law received a call from Sanji, who attempts to warn Law about something he just heard from Violet.

Doflamingo Makes His Move! April 27, However, it is too late as the Marines, Fujitora, and Doflamingo get to the exchange point as well. Back at the Colosseum, the next rounds begins but Luffy struggles to hide his powers. Admiral Fujitora's Power! May 4, [2]. Admiral Fujitora and Donquixote Doflamingo prepare to fight Trafalgar Law, who is trying to stall them long enough for the Straw Hats to accomplish their missions.

Fujitora demonstrates his Devil Fruit powers over gravity by summoning a meteor. Violet splits up from Sanji, who reunites with Kin'emon. Franky gets a call from Sanji complaining about letting Luffy enter the Corrida Colosseum tournament. In the Colosseum, Luffy tames the Fighting Bull. Usopp and Robin learn from the dwarves that Montblanc Noland came to their island in the past and is considered a hero by them. Usopp lies to the dwarves that he is a descendant of Noland, only for them to ask for his help in defeating the Donquixote Pirates.

A Giant vs. May 11, The Straw Hats onboard the Thousand Sunny find themselves in a predicament as they were under attack by the Doflamingo Family led by Jora who transformed the crew as well as the ship into abstract art with her Art-Art Fruit powers. Jora reveals that their goal is to capture Momonosuke and since the ship is deformed the Straw Hats have no way of leaving Dressrosa. In the Colosseum, Bellamy receives a second chance to earn Doflamingo's favor by assassinating Luffy.

Ricky refuses to be treated with the injured but gives in when he meets Rebecca who he seems to remember as a child. Luffy is becoming a crowd favorite when he tamed Fighting Bull and is riding the beast all around the ring. Unfortunately, they bumped into Hajrudin, a giant from Elbaf who proceeds to crush Lucy as well as the Bull.

Though Luffy was unharmed his new friend wasn't and with anger, Luffy delivered a Haki infused punch on the giant's face, knocking him out of the tournament. Lucy in Trouble! May 18, The battle royale heats up as more fighters continue to drop one after another and the strongest and most infamous fighters begin to face each other. The audience and commentator Gyats are a mixture of shock and awe by the power and brutality of each fighter's signature skills and techniques, and the question on everybody's mind is which one of these powerhouses will come out on top and earn the right to challenge the other three champions for the Flame-Flame Fruit.

Don Chinjao! May 25, The competition at Block C of the Corrida Colosseum is winding down as Lucy squares off against Jean the Bandit to get back his helmet, while others like Kelly Funk, Chinjao, and Ideo start to easily take out other competitors. After Jean tries to throw stolen weapons at Lucy, only to hit Chinjao instead, resulting in the latter to knock Jean out.

Kelly Funk uses his Jacket-Jacket fruit power to let his brother Booby Funk to wear him, letting Kelly to control Bobby's strength to beat Boo, but is easily defeated by Sai who prepares to face off against Ideo. Darkness behind Dressrosa! June 1, He then started crying over his lack of memories of what Garp did to him and demanded an answer from Luffy who knew nothing about it. Outside in the streets, Sanji and Kin'emon are watching Luffy's fight while observing in disguise the numerous marines surrounding the colosseum waiting to arrest any criminal that exits the stadium.

However, not a single loser of the battle royales came out, confusing even the present vice admiral Bastille over what's happening inside. Elsewhere, Thunder Soldier explains that ten years ago when Doflamingo took over the island, he imposed a strict curfew between humans and toys. Confused, Franky asks why would he separate them like that until the toy soldier reveals that every toy in the island were once humans who became forgotten to their loved ones and that Doflamingo brought a Devil Fruit user that caused those transformations.

Their battle is felt shaking the Tontatta Kingdom while the dwarves believed it to be Usopp's Haki. When Usopp questions their war with Doflamingo, the dwarves thought it was a joke and explains that of their people including their princess are held as slaves in Doflamingo's dark factory and their goal is to rescue them and destroy the factory revealed to be hidden in the Corrida Colosseum basement, right underneath Luffy's feet. The Legendary Hero Usoland! June 8, Usopp, Robin and their dwarf allies are preparing for battle with the Donquixote Pirates to rescue their captured comrades.

As they leave, Gancho reveals to the two that the dwarves' past with Dressrosa began over years ago. Meanwhile in Dressrosa, there exists a field of sunflowers and below the field, Thunder Soldier and Franky are rallying several toys. It is revealed that they are in an alliance with the dwarves. Franky also discovers that Zoro is there as well and that he is watching the C block battle royale fight between Luffy and Chinjao. Back at the Sunny, Nami is fending off Jora but finds her Clima-Tact turned into a yet another piece of art as Jora reveals that she ate the Art-Art Fruit and became an art human.

At Green Bit, the fight between Doflamingo and Law is still going on with Law being barely able to keep up with Doflamingo's might. Lucy vs. June 15, Luffy's battle with Chinjao rages forward as they both use Busoshoku Haki in the ongoing fight. During the match, Chinjao explains and then occurs a flashback when his head was functioning like a powerful drill.

After some time, he lost a duel against Garp and had his drill suppressed in his head, which eventually was the main factor towards losing his fame, money and power. After the flashback, Luffy and Chinjao prepared for their final showdown when the latter mocks Ace's death. At the ending, Luffy delivers a punch imbued with Busoshoku Haki towards Chinjao's head, which brings back his drill-shaped head back.

Chinjao falls unconscious and breaks the platform into two as a result of his drill coming back. Lucy is declared as winner of Block C. June 22, As Luffy leaves the ring after winning Block C of the tournament, he is attacked by Cavendish. Bartolomeo reveals he's a big admirer of Luffy ever since the events in Logue Town and have been following the Straw Hats exploits ever since. Meanwhile Chinjao attempts to thank Luffy for restoring his head. Luffy escapes and is found by Rebecca, who buys him food.

As they hide, Luffy overhears Jesus Burgess talking to his captain, Blackbeard, and tells the Yonko that he will not let him have Ace's devil fruit. As Rebecca and Luffy talk, she reveals some of her past. Rebecca and the Toy Soldier! June 29, This episode shows the flashback of Rebecca's past of when she was little while she is walking towards the stage of the colosseum for the battle between Block D.

Her mother dies when Rebecca says that she is hungry, for not eating for two days because of escaping from the people hunting down for former nobilities. She leaves Rebecca in an area, saying that she will be back with food.

Unfortunately her mother was discovered by the hunters and was killed. The soldier carries her mom back, saying that even though he couldn't protect her mother, he will protect Rebecca forever until he meets his death. The rest of the episode shows how Rebecca is protected for the next few years after her mother's death. At the end, it goes back to the present when Rebecca walks onto the stage and is booed by the audience.

Lucy gets angry and says that she is a nice person, and one of the prisoners reply saying that everyone despises her because of her grandfather, the former King who destroyed the country many years ago. Block D Battle Begins! July 6, At the Corrida Colosseum, the crowd continues to taunt Rebecca until Cavendish shouts at them to stop their shameful jeers. Rebecca thanks him but he reminds her that in the ring, they are enemies.

When the gong rings, the Battle Royale officially starts. Meanwhile, Law continues to struggle with Doflamingo and Fujitora and is swiftly defeated while Doflamingo decides to tell Law more about himself. At the Flower Field secret base, Leo and Thunder Soldier deliver their speech to the assembled army to prepare for the upcoming battle.

Meanwhile in Dressrosa, Zoro is trying to find his way to Nami but runs into Kin'emon and Sanji, who were on their way to inform Luffy of the situation. Violet then shows up in disguise and informs them of their ship being already taken towards Green Bit.

At the Colosseum, Rebecca is ganged up by five warriors but defeats all of them while tossing them out of the ring declaring she'll win the Flame-Flame Fruit and kill Doflamingo. Giolla vs. July 13, At Green Bit, Doflamingo reveals a bit of history that the 19 of the twenty kings who united to form the World Government moved to live in Mariejois with their families, leaving their old countries to elect new royalty.

He then reveals to a defeated Law that the royal family that ruled Dressrosa before the Riku family was none other than the Donquixote Family. Meanwhile, Zoro and Kin'emon stand outside the Colosseum, after talking to Sanji and discussing their plan. Sanji decides to go save Nami, gives Kin'emon the map to the toy house, and leaves with Violet to find their ship.

Meanwhile, Zoro and Kin'emon are looking for a way to enter the Corrida Colosseum while trying not to draw any attention to themselves. However, they've already been spotted by Bartolomeo, who gushes over seeing one of his idols, Zoro; he goes on to think about the man he considers the first mate of the crew, due to his deeds in Whiskey Peak and Enies Lobby.

However, Brook tricks Jora to returning his sword back to normal and swiftly defeats her. With Jora defeated, her spell is broken and everyone including the ship are returned to normal. However, she transforms herself into art called "Heaven's Door Art" to take them down. However, once Nami uses the Gaon Cannon it defeats her and leaves her incapacitated on the ship after Momonosuke hits her with a bat. Cavendish of the White Horse! July 20, At Green Bit, Doflamingo confirms his status as a former World Noble, having ceased being one a long time ago.

Law manages to escape Fujitora's gravity and makes a run for it with Caesar, with a plan of sending him to the Straw Hat Pirates' ship and stalling Doflamingo on the bridge to Dressrosa. Doflamingo, however, sees through his plan and moves to attack the ship, but Sanji intercepts him at the last minute.

Sanji vs. Doflamingo" Transcription: " Dai-gekitotsu! August 3, Sanji put up a valiant fight but was ultimately defeated by Doflamingo. Before Doflamingo could deliver the killing blow, Sanji was saved by Law who teleported themselves back to the Thousand Sunny.

Though the Straw Hats were reluctant in leaving their remaining friends behind, they were forced to agree when they were assaulted by a flying Marine battleship, courtesy of Fujitora, and another one of Doflamingo's string whips, but not before Sanji questions Law on why he's so fixated on Doflamingo when their true objective is to defeat Kaido.

Law reveals that Doflamingo cannot pursue them in cloudless areas with his String-String Fruit and advises them to find one fast. Once the Straw Hats escaped with Caesar Clown and the Marines heading to Dressrosa, the two Shichibukai have a showdown on the iron bridge. Law also reveals his goal was to make Doflamingo pay for what he did 13 years ago, even if it cost him his life.

Last-Ditch Sword Dance! August 10, Trafalgar Law and Donquixote Doflamingo begin their duel with a bang on the iron bridge while the fleeing Straw Hats are already on their way to Zo. On the ship, Momonosuke talks about how he was traumatized by Doflamingo's cruelty and was afraid of what he might do to Kanjuro.

Meanwhile on Dressrosa, Violet is seen heading towards the palace on her toy steed. Zoro and Kin'emon are with Bartolomeo who agrees to find Luffy for them only if Zoro gives him an autograph. At the battle royale, Rebecca is knocking out fighters by tripping them out of the ring without injuring a single one until Rolling Logan confronts her. Logan vs Rebecca! August 17, Bartolomeo searches for Luffy while he stumbles upon the infirmary with the losers of Block C.

Inside the Colosseum, Sai is being treated along with all of the other injured fighters who never knew Sai was secretly dropped into an underground chamber where all the tournament dropouts and "diseased" toys were thrown. Everyone there has no clue what Doflamingo plans on doing with them.

In the Corrida Colosseum, the crowd accuses Rebecca of running around and avoiding the fight, while Rolling Logan is chasing her, knocking out other contestants in the process. Rebecca is fighting Rolling Logan while the latter tries to break her bones.

He eventually grabs her and starts to squeeze her till Acilia shows up to save her and Rebecca manages to overpower Logan and has him fall out of the ring. Acilia then teams up with Rebecca to ensure her chance to reach the finals. Meanwhile, Luffy tries to get a better view of the screen while discussing the dark nature of Dressrosa with the prisoner-gladiators, when all of a sudden he encounters Bartolomeo.

August 24, Many of the fighters in the holding cell show their respect to the former king, and Doflamingo's role as an agitator and arms dealer in inter-kingdom conflict is discussed. The dwarfs all agree that Doflamingo's presence is a terrible thing for the country, and that an incident framed King Doldo III as a villain so he is undeservedly hated by Dressrosa today.

Finally, the Thunder Soldier reveals that he is Rebecca's father. August 31, Ten years ago Doflamingo appeared in the king's chambers, asking for a 10 billion Beli ransom, in order to leave the country alone. Riku sent his soldiers to ask of the citizens' money, but while they were willingly trying to help their king, Doflamingo controlled Riku and his soldiers with his ability, and made them attack their own people against their will.

In the shadows, Doflamingo and his crew are waiting for the right moment to interfere and act as a saving hero in the eyes of Dressrosa's confused citizens. The Tragic Night of Dressrosa! September 7, While Doflamingo continues to control Riku Dold III, his subordinates manage to take control of the castle with the help of Monet, who was at the time undercover as a servant and also took princess Viola hostage.

With the people's trust in him in tatters, and his spirit broken, King Riku begs for death. Then, Doflamingo appears with his strongest subordinates and defeats the king and his army, setting the grounds for his takeover of the island. After telling the Straw Hat Pirates of the tragedies of the past, Thunder Soldier explains that the king is still alive since Viola pledged her service to Doflamingo in exchange for the King's life.

He, also, explained that although the toys of Dressrosa were once people who despised Doflamingo, they still remember who they were, but not each other and that the drive for revolution is still in them. Thunder Soldier also explains that the reason for their rebellion was the news of Doflamingo resignation was false, shocking Usopp, Robin and Franky, who realize they unintentionally caused the rebellion.

In the underground chamber, almost all of the fighters were transformed except for Riku and Chinjao, with the latter having mysteriously forgotten that he had grandchildren. In the colosseum, Luffy meets up with Zoro and Kin'emon with the help of Bartolomeo, although he was nowhere to be seen.

Law vs. September 14, Bellamy is about to attack Luffy, but begins having second thoughts. Just then, Dellinger interrupts him, claiming he has orders from Doflamingo to dispose of him, since Bellamy is considered a nuisance. At the iron bridge, Law and Doflamingo continue their fight, with the latter having the upper hand. Diamante calls to inform his captain about Violet's betrayal, which Doflamingo had already figured out.

He orders Diamante to send Lao G at the entrance of the factory to prevent the Straw Hat Pirates from destroying it, and handle the crowd's entertainment by himself. However, they seem to have no memory of the fighters that have been turned into toys. Sanji and his team decide to head back to Dressrosa and Franky asks permission to assist the Riku army's revolution, to which Luffy urges him to go all out.

While Admiral Fujitora arrives at the shores of Dressrosa, there is a big ruckus in the city, with explosions and buildings being cut in half. Doflamingo has Law beaten on the ground in front of the Colosseum. He then takes out a pistol and shoots Law three times. Straw Hat and Heavenly Demon! September 21, Doflamingo lies to the shocked citizens that witnessed him shooting Law, telling them that Law was actually responsible for the morning's fake news about Doflamingo leaving the throne.

When asked by Luffy what he is doing with his ally, Doflamingo responds that Law was originally his subordinate and that it was his responsibility to "educate" him. Zoro and Kin'emon attempt to save Law but, before the Marines make a move to stop them, Admiral Fujitora appears, blocks Zoro's sword and sends him underground, using his ability.

Luffy tries to help, but is blocked by the Colosseum's bars, which are made of Sea Prism Stone. The rest of the crew, who were listening to the events, are shocked to learn that Doflamingo has an admiral on his side. Fujitora and Doflamingo pick up Law and head for the palace, in order to finish their conversation. Zoro tells Luffy to find a way out, as they try to outrun the Marines. At that point, Sanji's group is attacked by what appears to be a singing ship, which belongs to Big Mom.

On the ship are Tamago and Pekoms, who reveal that their goal is Caesar Clown. Caesar believes they want to kill him because he stole research funds from Big Mom. The Straw Hats realize they have to keep their new enemies away from Dressrosa if they want to destroy the factory. Luffy gives the order for the Sunny to head to Zou, Sanji asks permission to return fire to the Yonko's ship with Luffy granting it as he already picked a fight with her and Franky leads the way for the factory destruction team.

Finally, Luffy states in anger that they will head to the palace to save Law and defeat Doflamingo. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure enters the Colosseum. September 28, Dellinger continues attacking Bellamy until Bartolomeo saves him, before Dellinger is called by Diamante to guard the Toy House.

Thunder Soldier explains "Operation: SOP", and how there's an underground trading port where Sugar the one who makes people into toys with her Hobby-Hobby Fruit powers is hiding. As Luffy is looking for the colosseum's exit, he runs into Bartolomeo and Bellamy, and are shortly approached by a mysterious figure. The figure claims he will be the one to eat the Flame-Flame Fruit. Luffy is then seen shock and then tearfully hugs the figure and agrees to let him have Ace's fruit.

The figure dons Luffys disguise so the latter may fight in the colosseum. Usoland Charges Forth! October 5, At the Flower Field, the dwarf army and the Straw Hats begin to move out, with Franky taking the front entrance via the toy house while the rest of the army take the secret tunnel that leads to the harbor. Franky, remembering Luffy's orders to go all out went and created a huge ruckus in front of the toy house grabbing the attention of every officer in the Donquixote Pirates.

In the ensuing chaos, Senor Pink who was guarding the entrance prepares to face Franky. In the tunnel, the dwarves explains to Usopp the size of the Donquixote Family and the identities and strengths of the officers who are running the operations. As they reach the end of the tunnel, the army find themselves directly underneath the palace plateau where the huge harbor is located. Rebecca vs. October 12, The colosseum D block battle is almost over with nearly 30 fighters remaining with Rebecca among them.

At the Hidden Harbor, Usopp learned from the dwarves that Thunder Soldier left the group in order to assassinate Doflamingo at his palace, leaving Usopp in command of the army much to his disbelief. Though they were nearly caught by some soldiers the dwarves easily subdued them and their clothes were given to Usopp and Robin for disguise. Near the Harbor elevator, many soldiers were rushing towards the elevator to see the battle between Franky and Senor Pink, unaware that Thunder Soldier and a few dwarves were hiding inside a crate in the lift.

Seeing no other way, Thunder Soldier assaults the soldiers in order to hijack the lift. During battle, he recalls his training of Rebecca to teach her battle instinct. He then declares his goal to restore Dressrosa to King Riku's rule. At the colosseum, an unexplained event caused every fighter in the arena to fall unconscious one after another.

Before anyone could speculate what happened, an unidentified fighter is seen getting up in the arena. A Surprising Result of Block D! October 19, As the dust clears, the last fighter standing turns out to be Rebecca making her the winner much to the dissatisfaction of the announcer and the crowd.

Speculations of Rebecca cheating were thrown throughout the crowd but Rebecca was the only one who saw what really happened. During the fight, Rebecca saw Cavendish fall asleep in the middle of the battle. Before the other fighters would capitalize on their sleeping target, Cavendish promptly woke up with a sinister face that promised torment for his enemies. In that instant, Cavendish moved like the wind, cutting down every fighter in his way. Rebecca however saw this and barely manages to avoid a fatal strike from Cavendish, who then fell asleep again.

Outside, Vice Admiral Bastille finished explaining to an officer about what happened in the colosseum as this was the work of not Cavendish, but his alter ego Hakuba, a dangerous man who eluded the marines years ago for his dangerous technique. At the Palace, Doflamingo is standing before King Riku who is chained up. Doflamingo gloated that Viola's hope of the Straw Hats defeating him and freeing Law is worthless, as he had full confidence that his men will prevent them from breaching his operations and believes that Luffy is still trapped in the colosseum.

At that moment, Robin and Usopp have successfully infiltrated the basement harbor, and Luffy's group ran into Viola who wants to help them in entering the palace. Fujitora vs. October 26, In the Colosseum, Rebecca finds Lucy to tell him she is in the finals too, but notices that Lucy is different than she remembers. Diamante is also announced to be fighting in the next match. Meanwhile, at the palace, Viola shows Luffy's group a secret emergency lift that was kept hidden even from Doflamingo.

Though stairs were also available, the group prefer to take the lift up with Luffy acting as counter weight. The battle at the Toy House rages on as Franky launches rockets at Senor Pink who, instead of using his Swim-Swim Fruit power which allows him to swim through the floor and walls, he takes a missile on the face, in order to protect Machvise who was unable to move.

He then gets up and tries to flatten Franky with a body slam but misses. Before the fight could continue, the Marines show up surrounding the Toy House with the intent to arrest Franky. In the Palace, Fujitora reveals that his intention is to abolish the Shichibukai system. Doflamingo takes this as a threat and attacks him but Fujitora says that his orders in defending the country from the Straw Hats still stand and once he deals with them, he will turn his attention towards Doflamingo.

Back to the Colosseum, the final battle for the Flame-Flame Fruit is about to begin with a new battle platform and the first to step out is Lucy. Diamante The Hero Shows Up! November 2, The contenders of the final round, Burgess, Bartolomeo, Lucy, Rebecca, and Diamante make their way in the colosseum. When some of the losers from Block D attempts to attack Rebecca, Diamante stops them while demonstrating his Ripple-Ripple Fruit powers, which allows him to make his body and objects flutter like a flag, allowing him to reshape them.

Meanwhile, Luffy, Zoro, Kin'emon, and Viola try to sneak into the Rampart Tower, in which Luffy merely breaks the front gates open and charges through many guards. After hearing the report that Straw Hat and his allies were in the tower, Doflamingo questions why Luffy is there when he should be in the colosseum. The Top Executive Pica Rises up! November 9, The three encounter Pica, who fights them using his Stone-Stone powers to assimilate into the palace.

At the Toy House, the Marines keep trying to attack Franky, who still prevails in the fight. Cavendish is dropped into the trading port were he's immobilized by slime made Trebol's Sticky-Sticky Fruit power and changed into a toy by Sugar.

Usopp, Robin, and the dwarves make it to Sugar's chamber as Leo reveals his Tatababasco fruit, which they'll use to poison and knout out Sugar. Leo makes his speech about how all the toys will turn back to normal after she's defeated, the dwarves cheering in excitement as Usopp tries to silence them. Lucy's Intimidating Attack! November 16, In the Colosseum, Jesus Burgess earned the ire of the audience when he indiscriminately attacked the crowd while fighting the boss fighting fish.

The fighting fish with the prize tried to attack Rebecca but missed and Lucy managed to get on top of the beast. Diamante moved to attack Lucy but broke his sword against the latter's pipe in the process. Jesus tried his turn to attack but Lucy intercepted and destroyed his elbow guard, with Diamante noticing the change in Lucy's fighting style.

Inside the harbor lift, Lao G has stumbled upon Thunder Soldier's squad and proceeds to prevent them from reaching Doflamingo. Inside the palace Kin'emon decides to disguise himself to elude the Donquixote Family members while Zoro has Luffy and Viola move on while he fights Pica. The Army of the Little People Charges! November 23, Zoro's battle with Pica continues as Luffy and Viola move forward.

Meanwhile, the tower elevator makes it to the palace first floor as Lao G continues to attack Thunder Soldier. After Robin lures Trebol out of the Officer Tower, Leo runs in and throws the Tatababasco in Sugar's bowl, only for her to see through its trick and toss it away. The dwarves charge in attempt to attack her, but she transforms them into toys. Sugar then calls Trebol and warns him of the attack, so Trebol catches a ship with his powers and tosses it to break open the tower.

The Secret of Our Commander! November 30, Leo survives and lands near Usopp and Robin who evaded capture. Leo weakly told Usopp that their plan must succeed for the sake of their captain. At the Palace, Thunder Soldier was brutally kicked out of the lift by Lao G, and has a flashback of his fight with Rebecca over the false news of Doflamingo's resignation. At the Colosseum, Rebecca lies beaten by Diamante who taunts her over the death of her mother.

Seeing this, Lucy tells Bartolomeo to protect Rebecca. Thunder Soldier was later saved by his dwarf squad from Lao G, and the survivors told him that he must press on. Usopp was skeptical that they would put all their faith on a simple toy soldier, but Leo reveals that Thunder Soldier was the first to be turned into a toy and not given a contract. It is why he leads the resistance and that his human identity was the legendary gladiator, Kyros.

Gladius Blows Up Big Time! December 7, While Thunder Soldier, Cub, and Rampo progress through the castle, they encounter and battle Gladius. When Soldier attempts to get away, Gladius catches and prepares to blow him up with his Pop-Pop fruit powers, but Soldier is rescued by Luffy. In the trading port, Leo and his dwarves try once again to poison Sugar, but Trebol stops them, and Sugar has her toys attack them further. Robin subdues the two so Leo can poison Sugar, but Sugar turns Robin into a toy by touching the latter's arm.

Usoland on the Run! December 14, Usopp attempts to escape from the trading port after the dwarves' defeat. Leo and his comrades keep trying to tell Trebol that Usoland will save them, their speech transmitted across the port via Transponder Snail. Trebol merely mocks the dwarves and begins stomping them, but eventually, Usopp returns and yells at the dwarves.

He tells them he's no hero and he really was lying, for he's the sniper of the Straw Hats, Usopp. He finally decides to fight for them as he launches a Shuriken Star that cuts Trebol to pieces. Kyros and King Riku! December 21, He was arrested after killing some thugs who murdered his best friend. After much time as a gladiator, Kyros chooses to stay even after winning his freedom, due to the citizens hatred of him and the traumatic guilt of his act of murder, util his th fight against a disguised King Riku who convinces him be free.

Kyros manages to become King Riku's captain of his guard despite objections from the latter eldest daughter Scarlett, who at first isn't fond of Kryos but falls in love with him after he saves her from pirates. Kyros and Scarlett later marry after her family helps her fake her death as to avoid a scandal of a princess marrying a former criminal and together conceive Rebecca.

As they have a happy life together as a family, Doflamingo ruins it as he attempts to take over Dressrosa that night 10 years ago. Usoland the Hero Dies!? December 28, Ten years ago, when Dressrosa is attacked by the Donquixote Pirates, Kyros rushes to the palace to see what's happening. He is ambushed by the pirates and chained to the ground by his left leg as Doflamingo presents himself, showing King Riku's beaten body. Furious, Kyros cuts his own leg off to attack Doflamingo, until Sugar transforms him to a toy.

Kyros escapes, rescuing Riku in the process, but the king does not remember him. Days later, Kyros witnesses Diamante murdering his wife, Scarlett, leaving him to bring the food to and care for his daughter, Rebecca. In the underground trade port, Usopp attempts to fight Trebol, but is easily defeated and glued to the ground. Sugar proceeds to feed him the Tatababasco berry, but Usopp unleashes a great flame as his eyes pop out, scaring Sugar unconscious.

Kyros' All-Out Attack! January 11, As an unconscious Sugar falls to the ground, the toys in Dressrosa begin reverting to their human forms, to the shock of the humans around them. The Tontatta proclaim Operation SOP was a success as the freed men and women, enraged at Doflamingo for turning them into toys, begin attacking his soldiers and burning down his flags around Dressrosa.

Meanwhile, Kyros, now remembered by his friends and family, finishes what he started 10 years ago by decapitating Doflamingo's. January 18, The final Colosseum round continues as Rebecca finally remembers her father. Gaining Ace's former powers, he takes off his disguise and Diamante recognizes him as a revolutionary, who then uses Ace's Fire Fist technique to burn a hole directly through the bottom of the Colosseum. Down in the trade port, Hajrudin picks up the barely-conscious Usopp and presents him to all the former toys, proclaiming he is their savior.

The hole created by Lucy is seen breaking on the port's ceiling as the remaining fighters fall in. As the light shines upon Usopp, the warriors believe he is a god. Asking what to do next, Usopp tells them to destroy the factory behind him. January 25, Koala, Lucy, Rebecca, and Bartolomeo go down to the trade port, where Lucy finally reveals himself to be Luffy's and Ace's long thought dead brother, Sabo, who is now the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, and is working alongside both Hack and Koala, now an assistant Fish-Man Karate Instructor for the revolutionaries.

They explain that the Revolutionary Army is there to stop the distributing of weapons to warring countries, but the many Revolutionaries who were sent to Dresrosa were turned into toys. With no other option, he is going to use the Birdcage, much to Law's horror. A Dressrosa Extermination Plan! February 1, Doflamingo reveals that what Kyros decapitated was only a clone made of string and orders Pica to push Luffy and the others off of the palace.

Doflamingo then unleashes his Birdcage, sealing the entire island in strings. The strings then latch onto people and take control of them, forcing them to attack each other. Pica then rearranges the whole island, levitating areas such as the palace and the Flower Field. Doflamingo announces a game to kill him to break the cage, unless they kill all of the people he is about to name. Target: Usoland! February 8, As citizens and Marines are forced to attack each other in the streets of Dressrosa, leading the citizens that King Riku's rampage ten years ago was due to Doflamingo's manipulation, Doflamingo reveals to the island a hit list, which includes the Straw Hat Pirates and King Riku's Family, with Usopp having the highest reward.

Franky leaves the Toy House and goes to destroy the factory while Trebol and Diamante regroup at the palace. At the palace plateau, Kyros abandons the group to go after Doflamingo. Rebecca contacts Luffy, asking about her father, and Luffy states that he promised to end this game and beat up Doflamingo. Luffy and Zoro Launch the Counter-Attack! February 15, Sabo and Koala separate from Robin's group and head in separate directions as Robin decides to move toward the palace plateau.

As Law and Luffy argue over what to do next, Koala investigates the underground trading port and the Marines attempt to restrain the people being controlled by Parasite. Doflamingo meets with his top executives, where he reveals that the Marines will not hinder them in their activities for now. March 1, Luffy and Zoro face off against Fujitora to get to Doflamingo.

At the palace, Pica expresses his desire to take the Donquixote enemies out alone, and it is revealed that he is easily offended by reaction to his high-pitched voice. Robin's group continues to run away from the former toy slaves and try to make their way to the royal plateau. The fight with Fujitora ends as Pica emerges from the ground as a huge golem. When Pica speaks, Luffy bursts into hysterical laughter which offends Pica who throws a punch at Luffy. The punch causes a large shockwave, sending Zoro flying and leaving Luffy's fate unknown.

Luffy and a Group of Brutal Warriors! March 15, Zoro emerges from the rubble, finding Luffy and Law unharmed by the punch. Cavendish comes in and shows gratitude to the Straw Hats for saving him, but talks about how he will kill Doflamingo. Luffy's group walks away and gets chased by the bounty hunters, and Chinjao catches up to Luffy to thank him.

Most of the other strong Colosseum competitors find Luffy's group and argue over who will kill Doflamingo. Their fight against Pica begins as Luffy tries to run away from the rest of the Colosseum competitors. Luffy's Army vs. March 22, However, Pica attacked again with his remaining arm, throwing the fighters in disarray. The Colosseum fighters then noticed that Luffy is missing and one of them sees Luffy riding Ucy the Bull while climbing the colossal arm toward the giant's head.

Pica noticed this and grew his arm back, before going to strike his attacker, but Luffy was ready and breaks the giant's head off with a Grizzly Magnum. Meanwhile, Robin's group reaches the top of the plaza and manages to elude their pursuers. Pica is then revealed to be controlling the colossus from within. He prepares to cut Luffy down with a huge sword, but Zoro intercepts it and stays behind to duel Pica while Luffy races toward Doflamingo's palace.

March 29, While the fighters march forward after climbing over Pica's body, Law, who was still with Luffy, makes a decision to fight Doflamingo directly, revealing that thirteen years ago, Corazon, Law's benefactor, a top executive of the Donquixote Family as well as Doflamingo's biological brother, was killed by Doflamingo. Robin's group reaches Viola and Dold's location and plan to follow Luffy's group to hand over the key to Law's handcuffs.

Rebecca and Bartolomeo offer to give Law's handcuffs key to Luffy, but Doldo is still hesitant to trust the pirates. However, with Viola's and Leo's confidence that the Straw Hat pirates can save them, as opposed the Government's indifference and indulgence to Doflamingo, Doldo realizes that the people have unintentionally looked to the Straw Hats for hope.

Chief of Staff - Sabo vs. Admiral Fujitora! April 5, Luffy's group reaches the first level of the castle while the Marines and Fujitora are held off by Sabo. Bastille warns his men to back off as he faces Sabo, whose superior fighting skills defeat the marines and the Vice-Admiral quickly.

Issho forgets about the birdcage and calls down a meteorite, resulting in damage that was wider than expected. Sabo remains unharmed and walks out of the fire, having defeated Bastille. As Sabo and Fujitora prepare to fight, Sabo reveals to the marines that he, Ace, and Luffy are sworn brothers, and that no matter where he is in the world, Sabo will be there if ever Luffy calls for his help.

Luffy Gets Caught in a Trap! April 12, At the palace hills, Luffy is still riding Ucy towards the palace but was dejected to see that the rest of the colosseum fighters are ahead of him in the race to fight Doflamingo. After a little help from the Funk brothers pointing out a short cut, Luffy and Ucy enter a tunnel. While inside, Law warns Luffy that facing Doflamingo while he is still handcuffed will be suicide. A call from Robin solves that issue as she is sending Leo, Rebecca and Bartolomeo to deliver the cuff keys to them.

At the plateau, Bartolomeo, Robin and Rebecca are taking an unorthodox method of traveling to the palace hills flower field by "jumping" through the use of the beetles provided by Leo. Back in the tunnel, the two captains find themselves in a dead end and are surprised to see Doflamingo waiting for them there.

Luffy's Tide-turning Elephant Gun! April 19, Doflamingo's ambush for Luffy and Law is cut short when he is skewered by Abdullah and Jeet only to be exposed as another string clone. The two captains then learn how Kelly Funk betrayed them only to be betrayed by Doflamingo in return.

Luffy then decides to make his own shortcut by punching a hole in the roof and carrying Law while leaving Ucy with the two bounty hunters. Sabo is locked in a struggle with Issho. Bellamy, who's in the Flower Field , heads towards the palace. Doflamingo, still at the top of the palace, talks with Diamante and Trebol reminiscing when they first met Law when he was a child, who wanted to join his crew to destroy everything in sight because he doesn't have much time to live.

Luffy's Breakthrough to the Victory! April 26, While Bellamy confronts Doflamingo regarding the assassination attempt, in the palace's plateau, the Donquixote Pirates' officers have now joined the fight against the colosseum fighters, who struggle against the officer's might, with Suleiman being defeated be Dellinger.

A group citizens discover Usopp's and King Riku's location and head out to apprehend them hopping to end end Doflamingo's game. In the meantime, the Pink Bee Squad informs the dwarves slaves in the SMILE Factory that they have been tricked, and the enslaved dwarves are now fighting against their overseers. Meanwhile, the colosseum fighters are struggling against the officers while Cavendish offers Luffy and Law a ride to the palace.

Kyros joins Luffy's party, and they arrive at the battle taking place in the palace's plateau. Realizing they have no chance against Doflamingo themselves if they can't even easily beat the officers, they put aside their pride and allow Luffy and co.

May 3, At the new palace tower, the colosseum fighters are still clashing with the Donquixote Pirates allowing Luffy, Law, Kyros and Cavendish to escape towards the third level in order to reach level four, though Dagama is beaten by Dellinger. Kin'emon has finally found Kanjuro who was hiding in the walls of the scrap heap. After a brief reunion, Kanjuro uses his ability to create a poorly drawn sparrow to fly them out to the surface, but the trapped Dressrosa citizens and soldiers begged to be taken along as well to which Kanjuro makes rather crude ladders for them to clime out.

Once Luffy and co reached the third level, the group ran into several giant puppet soldiers blocking their path to the fourth level. Zoro's Deadly Attack! May 10, On the Pica statue, the duel between Pica and Zoro was interrupted by the arrival of Robin's group who asked him to defeat Pica so that they can meet Luffy at the fourth level. Pica then disappear only to reappear at the neck of the statue and controlling the arm into smashing Robin, Rebecca, Bartolomeo and Leo, but Zoro quickly sends a powerful attack at Pica, wounding him, also declaring that he will become the greatest swordsman in the world.

At the SMILE factory, the dwarves continue their revolt and are trying to unlock the door before the factory manager Kyuin stops them. But Franky manages to open the door after lying to Senor Pink of an old lady in distress, distracting him. Captive Mansherry! May 17, Franky manages to open the door after lying to Senor Pink of an old lady in distress, distracting him.

Franky then grabs Kyuin and uses her to headbutt Senor Pink, stunning him. Angry at being used like a hammer, Kyuin rants about torturing Franky, who walks up to her and kisses her, shocking the dwarves and herself. Senor Pink recovers and tells Kyuin to shut up as her rants are interrupting their man's fight, which promptly resumes. Zoro is still fighting Pica after helping Robin's group move past them.

Leo, who is with Rebecca, gets a call from Maujii, the dwarf princess' aide who informs Leo that princess Mansherry is not in the factory and could be in the palace. Leo then relays the info to Viola and Usopp who was getting agitated at the citizens coming after them, but Viola tells him that the citizens will not harm them. While Viola is looking for the princess' whereabouts, Kin'emon and Kanjiro arrive at the plateau, though Usopp is shocked and enraged when he learns Kanjiro not knowing the situation they're in made a net for the citizens to reach the plateau.

King Riku then comments that Doflamingo will not kill Mansherry since he needs her ability just as much as they do. At the Royal Palace, a guard is seen feeding food to Mansherry who is kept in a room crying her eyes out for Leo to save her. A Gruesome Army of Headcracker Dolls! May 24, Viola discovered Mansherry's cell and sends the info to Leo, who remembers that room from when Scarlett was alive.

Meanwhile, Luffy's group is now fighting against the giant nutcrackers as Faurl is injured in the process as they can't defeat the nutcrackers. Usopp then hears from Viola that Sugar has revived and his friends are in trouble. Sugar, who is now scared of anyone long-nosed, swears revenge against Usopp and his friends.

Usopp was horrified by the fact that he forgot about Robin when she was turned into a toy and asks for Viola and Kanjuro's help in sniping at her. Once reaching the third level, Robin's group is attacked by Gladius. He causes Robin and Bartolomeo to plummet downward while Rebecca presses forward.

She lands at Luffy's groups location. Law wants the key to his handcuffs so he can join the fight, but Robin says it is with Rebecca. She tells Luffy and company to keep going towards the next level while she and Bartolomeo prepare to fight Gladius and the giant toys. Luffy is the Trump Card for Victory! May 31, Now that Rebecca has reached the flower field, Leo leaves with Kabu to rescue Mansherry. Rebecca stays to waits for Luffy, but her brief respite turns to horror when she sees her mother's killer, Diamante, standing before her.

Gladius first attacks with multiple rupture balls sent at Luffy, but Bartolomeo blocks them with a large barrier, which he then converts into a long staircase towards the 4th level. Sabo's fight with Fujitora continues as the Admiral creates a horizontal gravity force that pushes Sabo back. Sabo on the other hand wonders if the Admiral is hiding something. As Luffy climbs the stairs, Gladius attacks him again but Bartolomeo takes it head on, leaving him injured.

Robin thanks him for helping Luffy since the Straw Hats always knew Luffy as their winning trump card. If the show deals with comedy, the stereotypes are likely to be played on for laughs; if the show is a parody, the stereotypes will be exaggerated to have their flaws exposed and may be used as a form of social commentary. No matter what the genre may be or what the storyline consists of, this series just keeps on going A single linear focused plot is highly continuous.

A truly random plot is highly discontinuous. Or may be a story telling device to increase the "sense of foreboding" in an anime with thriller or horror setting. Example: A skip from the present into the past, or time skips in increments, e. Is it violent Action, an awe-inspiring Adventure in a foreign place, the gripping life of a Detective, a slapstick Comedy, an Ecchi Harem anime, a SciFi epic, or some Fantasy travelling adventure? More than that, you have to call it out as you launch the attack.

Example: Mecha duking it out in a densely populated urban area. Typical examples of this are all the anime with "endless pointless fighting" tag. Warning: may contain copious amounts of brooding and sighing. Etymology: "Angst" is a German word meaning fear or anxiety. Constructions of surreal humour tend to involve bizarre juxtapositions, non-sequiturs, irrational or absurd situations, and expressions of nonsense. Its appeal stems from the situation being exceedingly ridiculous or unlikely.

Used as comedy element to express extreme mood swings. Differing from "super deformed", here only the face changes to an extreme degree, not the whole body of the protagonist. Also known as spoofs. It can also refer to when whole elements of one work are lifted out of their context and reused.

The protagonists "duke it out" via various competitions. Such competitions may range from friendly, moderated sporting events to anything-goes, all-out fights to the death. A "henshin anime" is any anime, where the characters or their costumes transform, such as Sailor Moon. Most henshin heroes have a special item which they use to change into their heroic form.

These items are usually activated by a command phrase which is often in Engrish, for some reason , triggering a transformation sequence. This includes, but is not limited to, science fiction, fantasy, superhero fiction, horror, utopian and dystopian fiction, fairytale fantasy, supernatural fiction, as well as combinations thereof.

Stories of zombies originated in the West African spiritual belief system of voodoo, which told of the people being controlled as laborers by a powerful wizard. Plot-wise enhanced protagonists in anime usually have to pay a price for their enhancements, be it physical or mental.

They may also have super powers. Please do not add fetish tags to anime that do not pander to the fetish in question in any meaningful way. Most porn anime play out the fetish, making tag application fairly straightforward. Or does it? The three subcategories spell out the sizes that relate to fetishes, be they gigantic, large or small. Normal sized breasts are not a fetish, it seems.

The tag is not only used for ecchi anime, but also for hentai shows as well. The breasts will slowly grow larger, either stretching clothing to its limit or bursting free completely! They will be blocked from the anime system once that move is complete. Please help with that job if you know what characters they should be assigned to.

Please help with that job if you know what episodes they should be assigned to. They normally consist of mostly new content; they are different from and should not be confused with recaps, where old content is shown again for no particular purpose. Generally, to qualify as a flashback, the scene must advance the narrative. The opposite is a flashforward. See also in medias res. This is given as the original work credit in the OP.

Mostly of academic interest, but a useful bit of info, hinting at the possible depth of story. Its main target audience consists of young males and it features several manga titles. A number of very famous shounen manga were or are published in the magazine. To a certain extent it describes what you can expect from the world in the anime. Includes more specific places such as a country on Earth, as well as more general places such as a dystopia or a mirror world.

This category should almost always go together with one of its sub-categories, because the past can either be a depiction of a historical event s or not, in which case it would be alternative past. Such information can be found here. Sometimes used in low budged animations for action scenes. Not to be confused with "broadcast cropped to " or "delayed broadcast" weightless.

They set the backdrop against which the protagonists must face their challenges. These are only but a few of the more typical backgrounds for anime plots. Add to that a Conspiracy setting with a possible tragic outcome, the Themes span most of the imaginable subject matter relevant to anime. The protagonists of conspiracy thrillers are often journalists or amateur investigators who find themselves often inadvertently pulling on a small thread which unravels a vast conspiracy that ultimately goes "all the way to the top".

It is a shady world, unknown to most people, where illegal things like murder, smuggling, drug dealing and similar are happening daily. Groups known to be acting in this world are for example the mafia or the yakuza.

Disasters have substantial, long-lasting negative repercussions, and great effort must be spent in order to undo or mitigate their effects. Examples: To become a professional athlete, a musician, a painter or the ruler of this world! It is up to the civil law enforcement, i. Note: Do not confuse this with Military presence.

These special forces are trained to combat specific forms of crime, e. There are several such squads: Whereas Section 9 of Ghost in the Shell is an official government organisation, there are also "benevolent" vigilante groups like the Knight Sabers Bubblegum Crisis. Criminal syndicates also have their special forces e. The task of the military is usually defined as defence of the state and its citizens and the prosecution of war against foreign powers.

The military may also have additional functions within a society, including construction, emergency services, social ceremonies, and guarding critical areas. Those may be creatures, such as the Centaur or Hydra, tales, such as that of the Trojan War, or even the Gods themselves, like Zeus or Poseidon. More subtle references also count, such as the careful usage of names of places or people that hold significance in the myths.

In works of fiction, this may also include similar actions against other sentient species, including non-biological species such as robots. The society may or may not attempt to conceal its existence itself.

Examples of historical and existing secret societies include Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians, Skull and Bones, the Thule Society, and the Illuminati. In anime this usually affects body slaves in a fantasy setting or mind the evil villain brainwashes a sidekick, creates an obedient minion or places a spell on some poor bloke.

Slavery is also a common element of hentai. Some Japanese find social importance in going to public baths, out of the theory that physical intimacy brings emotional intimacy, which is termed skinship in Japanese. Traditionally it is gender-segregated — men usually bathe only with men, and women with women. Something like a "guest star", but in a more important role. Baths of this type are found all over Japan in houses, apartments and traditional Japanese inns Ryokans.

The protagonists will offer some money, ring a bell at the end of a thick rope, and then pray for good fortune. This usually goes along with gorging yourself at the many temporary food stalls, playing various games, and drawing a fortune. The female characters in the anime will usually dress up in a kimono, to show off their traditional Japanese clothing, while watching the fireworks.

A little bonus for those patient enough! This applies regardless of if the credits play over an ED sequence, or over the "regular episode" that continues to air into the credits. A sequence at the end of an episode, showing what will happen in the next episode, is NOT a post-credits scene; that is a preview. The person under the shower will most likely be female — providing "fanservice".

Some kinds of canes may be used by people with disabilities as a crutch. The masks have seen special prevalence since the 18th century, when they became traditional wear in particular local manifestations of Carnival, particularly with Venetian Carnival. Domino masks have found their way into a variety of high and popular art forms. Their uses range from medical example: oxygen mask to disguise avoiding recognition. They can also be used for entertainment for example, in theater or dance , and may even be forced upon someone as punishment.

Masks have been in use since ancient times. They have an inseam of just a few inches, or even less. Generally, "thighhighs" refers to stockings that stay up by the use of built-in elastic. Hosiery that rise up to, but not including, the knee, or slightly thereunder, are knee highs. A male mermaid is called merman but they can appear under many different names mink 22 Minks are humanoids with animal features, with each individual taking after a specific animal.

Caps may be peaked. Caps are worn for various reasons, with the most common reason being protection against weather conditions e. Hair ribbons are often tied into bows. They may also be present as part of a hairband. In older anthropomorphic series, where the gender of characters was sometimes hard to tell at first glance, ribbon bows were used to indicate a female character. In the United States military, they are commonly known as service caps, wheel caps, saucer caps, or combination covers in the Naval services.

Please apply the tag for the relevant type of hat, usually bicorne or tricorne, to the tagged characters, and then remove this tag from them. They are commonly used to describe people. This does not include facial hair; a bald person may still have a beard, moustache, or eyebrows. This does not refer to the injury called a black eye black hair 71 The character has black hair. Braids can be displayed in various styles, such as twin braid tails or a braided hair hairband.

The midriff is exposed when wearing a crop top or some forms of swimwear. Twintails may also include a pair hair buns, one bun at the base of each tail. Nobles may or may not hold any specific nobility title. Some gladiators were volunteers who risked their legal and social standing and their lives by appearing in the arena.

Most were despised as slaves, schooled under harsh conditions, socially marginalized, and segregated even in death. They were celebrated in high and low art, and their value as entertainers was commemorated in precious and commonplace objects throughout the Roman world. Mercenaries fight for money or other recompense rather than for political interests.

The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, as well as open combat in certain situations. The ninja, using covert methods of waging war, were contrasted with the samurai, who had strict rules about honor and combat. A male royal ruler of a small state, actually, nominally, or originally subject to a king or emperor. In France, Germany and other European countries A nobleman, usually ranking next below a duke.

In everyday usage, babies younger than 3 years old are also children, but they are tagged separately; they should not be tagged child as well. Once a person becomes 13, they are an adolescent instead. Taken from my review: One Piece is a show that's hard to recommend to most people due to its sheer length, but that same length is also part of what makes it so incredibly good. You'll be hard-pressed to find many other long-form stories this well plotted out.

Events are often set up or foreshadowed hundreds of episodes beforehand and so elegantly as to blend in seamlessly. Add in some genuine friendship, adventure, an interesting world, extraordinarily lovable characters and some of the most moving arcs in all of anime and it's easy to see why this has been such a hit for so long. In any case, One Piece would be an easy 10 if not for the wonky pacing, inconsistent and frankly often bad animation and shitloads of filler.

Despite all that, the brilliant parts far outshine the bad. Do not be mistaken, this is still one of the best stories the genre has to offer and it's only getting better with age. Will make you laugh, cry and send your adrenaline through the roof. Such a intense anime and has still got it after going on for all these years.

This is better than Bleach and Naruto combined. I'm still shocked that it took me this long to realize it.. I know, I get it.. It sounds VERY overwhelming especially if you are a media collector ;. It is slow at first and hard to get into if u are used to modern anime, but is it WORTH the episode grind. So much so that I have burned thru it in a bout months. The arcs are pretty long, but VERY satisfying.

The arcs are so satisfying that it actually encourages some breaks in between. Reviews show all add review. Rating: 8. Disclaimer: I initially only saw fragments of the show on German TV and then didn't give it another thought for over a decade. I started watching it from scratch a while back, so this review does not come from a place of nostalgia. I also don't typically review or even rate or recommend shows that are unfinished, but I'm quite certain nobody will fault me for making this particular exception.

I have no horse in this race, just making hopefully interesting observations. One Piece is a show that's hard to recommend to most people due to its sheer length, but that same length is also part of what makes it so incredibly good. The early, often very short, story arcs can be or seem a bit random, but as soon as the longer arcs kick in, the story really finds its stride.

One reason for the staggering length of the show even after cutting out all the filler except the G8 arc, never skip G8 is that a huge amount of time is spent on fleshing out the world and the characters that live in it. Seemingly random characters often get flashbacks that last several episodes and repeating that on every new island obviously pads the runtime a lot.

But as annoying as it is when another one of these flashbacks begins, they're almost always worth it by the end and getting to know the people living in it makes the world feel so much more real. The show also takes care to show how each major event affects the rest of the world, including the places and people from past arcs, so burning those in the viewers' memories is all the more important.

The animation quality is sadly not only inconsistent, but also pretty bad overall. On a good day it reaches just above average, and even then the show never really looks good in motion, not even by 90s standards. I'm certain that is in part due to their incredibly tight schedule, but that sadly won't raise my score any.

On the audio side however, everything is great. The voice acting is splendid and endearing as hell. The music sets the tone perfectly every time and never becomes tiring, even after hearing it for hundreds of episodes. The small jingles accompanying commercial bumpers should frankly drive me insane by now but they just make me happy every time I hear them.

What I personally found particularly interesting is that while the anime often portrays homosexuals as guys in pink tutus and takes its trans characters straight out of the Rocky Horror Picture show, they also tend to have a lot of agency in the plot and are always strong - physically as well as mentally - and an important positive force on their environment, the larger world and the story itself unless your name is Sanji. This visually stereotypical, but tonally extremely positive portrayal of LBGTQ folk is an interesting idiosyncracy that nobody ever seems to bring up when talking about the show.

The Okama, for example, are downright respected, seen as rolemodels by some and even the protagonists find them cool. We have a character that through someone else's devil fruit power switches gender every other time we see them and nobody ever mentions it or bats an eye at it. Likewise, despite often overly sexualised and stereotypical character designs, we also get to see a huge variety of body types in the show as well. Overall, neither the plot nor the characters in-universe seem to care much about outward appearance.

Whether a character is ugly, average, beautiful or just weird, they can be weak, strong, good, bad, neutral or, well, just weird. That's incredibly refreshing to see at all, and even more surprising in a medium and especially genre that - likely more out of laziness than any actual malice - usually only goes for pretty or ugly, the latter tending to be either bad or unimportant characters.

In this particular regard, the world of One Piece could be seen as almost utopian, as sexual identity, sexual orientation and appearance seemingly don't matter to people, outside of romantic situations. On the other hand, the slavery, racism, wars, genocides, oppressive world government, and constant threat of superpowered pirates, insane weather phenomena and kaiju-sized monsters roaming the world probably put things in perspective a little. By contrast, we only have about half of those to deal with in the real world and on average not nearly as often, so we simply have more time to get caught up in the small stuff I guess.

I still start laughing whenever I remember Law carrying Chopper on his head or Sogeking singing his own theme song, and thinking about Robin during Enies Lobby or pratcically any major character's backstory will get me emotional practically immediately. Rating: 7. Approval: They did a nice job for awhile in adapting the manga properly, but after the show got popular they started cutting down on the budget and thus from a point on it looks very lazy and cheap.

He has lots of good ideas and likes to tribute iconic people and symbolisms from movies and fairy tales. Of course even he was eventually driven to a corner and lost his magic touch. All the analysis will focus only on what I have watched so far, which is up to the end of the Punk Hazard arc. One Piece was for many years unnoticed by the majority of the anime community.

It began airing around the same time as Hunter X Hunter, which was the fad of the year. Also, the American dub had so many ridiculous changes that made many to believe it is a show for 5-year olds. It took for the Big Two to enter filler mode, as well as for some dedicated fansub groups to distribute the original version of One Piece before it was noticed in the west.

After that happened, it quickly climbed all the way to the top of popularity and remains there to this day. Its manga sales have also blown out of the water any other title of its era. The reason it achieved all that is because it had a great feeling of adventure with hundreds of recurring colourful characters who are constantly appearing and disappearing from the main story, as well as a constantly expanding world full of islands, each one with its own distinctive look and society. As far as slapstick humor goes, it is also quite funny for a younger audience.

SCRIPT The setting is quite imaginative as it seems to blend all sorts of themes and eras, with each area having its own unique features and climates. It even makes various tributes to fairy tales, real life pirates, real life actors, and historical cities. It also plays the switcheroo card in a proficient way, since by the time you get fed up with the same jokes repeating in one area, the cast is sent to another place, where you are again kept interested just to see how they will adjust there.

Of course this is just a gimmick to mask the complete lack of actual development. We gradually learn more about the world but there is close to zero character growth, or a feeling they are getting closer to their objective. Heck, said objective is more of an excuse to be kept on the move than something specific and understandable.

You are never let to know what the main objective, the One Piece, really is or how far it is from them at any given moment. So like all standart shonen do, they keep their characters the same since their introduction, with the only flavour being a few character quirks, and a sad background story that is forgotten and means nothing after their introduction is over.

You are prevented from getting bored by constantly introducing more characters instead of changing the older ones. This trick, although effective, can only work for a certain amount of times before it gets old and episodes is more than enough time for that to happen. The official claim is that the series will reach episodes WUT?

The main two problems being: 1 It is long. Most of us followed it after the first episodes had aired and it was fun to see in fast forward the entire journey up until that point. But after that we had to wait for each episode to air every week. It made the pacing feel slower and the story itself is also slowing down as it goes on.

So I must say that the feeling I had when the show began and the one I have at the point it currently reached are miles apart. It really feels like it now drags like any other typical shonen. Also, the longer it becomes, the harder it gets for newer people to get into it.

Who would be willing to watch so many episodes? At first, the show had a simplistic albeit likable style of animation. It improved as it went on up to a point but after that, it started to decline more and more to the point it is now worse than when it began.

It feels lazy and ugly, with characters and motions looking bad. Let me explain how my perception changed by presenting each arc individually. The main hero starts alone and along the way his core crew joins one after another, for various reasons. All that happen in roughly 50 episodes plus 10 fillers in which you also get all sorts of villains standing in the way of their journey.

It may feel like it is slow and simple at points but the amount of time it spends on getting to like and attach each new crew member makes it all worthwhile. Very few parts feel like they were pointless action or aimless strolling; most are about the characters getting to know and trust each other. It is a fine arc as far as shonen shows go.

This arc lasts for about 70 episodes and it definitely drags the plot pointlessly at times especially during their stroll in the desert; that part is overkill. If you take those boring parts out, this arc is also very good as we are introduced to various political and social notions of the world, and how the journey is not about dealing with random autonomous villains but with organized multinational hidden agendas.

It lasts for 50 episodes plus 20 fillers and this time we are introduced to mostly idealistic notions that are not exactly relevant to the main story. For example, many pirates are now planning to create a new world where the sensation of a journey in order to find treasure and adventure will be obsolete. But this part is thrown to the side as the heroes pretty much beat everyone and move along.

Then it is about some sort of world in the stars and weapons of mass destruction. But again nothing is shown; it is mostly hinting possible future events. Even if that is a cool foreshadowing, leaving them aside for hundreds of episodes still feels weak.

Plus this arc did not introduce new crew members or sides of the world. What was this entire arc about is kinda blurry. I did like the setting and the broken powers of the main villain but it is otherwise a kinda pointless arc. This is where you start to clearly see the show getting tiresome, as the plot is definitely slower and the animation lazier. The themes are again about a shady organization but it is hardly as interesting as the one in the second arc.

They were never mentioned before, never mentioned again, and were just there to flesh out one of the characters in a fashion that felt similar to the last part of the first arc. So in overall it was a just above average part of the show and a poor excuse to give power ups to the characters in a most lazy way.

No matter how good a story is, this is just ridiculous. Although it spiced thing up by making the crew get separated, as well as killing important characters for the first time yeah, it took episodes for that it still felt like a dragged to infinity plot with bad animation and lots of pointless action. They also brought most of the old secondary characters together while introducing a hundred more for a major battle. Although that makes it relatively short and full of plot, it was by far the most stupid arc yet.

The villains have no appeal, their goals are stupid, the battles are lame, and the only reason this arc was made was just for the heroes to show off their new powers and to win easily against opponents who were nowhere near their level. Everything in it feels like a lamer repeat of previous arcs, and despite the characters training for several years, they still act as stupid as always. CAST I definitely like the characters for their weird looks and weirder behaviours; they are very humorous and memorable.

And we are talking here about a whole lot of injuries! A few days in bandages while eating meat is all it takes to be completely healed. Here is a rundown of the main cast and how I feel about them. The thing that makes him funny is how he is a complete retard who never thinks but just acts based on his moral values. And that is also what makes him so irrirtating because you can never talk seriously to this guy.

He will just sleep or eat while you talk and then will do exactly what you were trying to warn him not to do. He has no touch with his surrounds and walks about autistically, which makes him funny but also obnoxious from a point on.

Especially after the major time skip, he acts even more stupid than before, which contradicts all he is supposed to have learned, as well as the grief of the loved person he lost forever. He is just trying to be the best swordsman in the world but the reasons who drive him to be as such are pointed out all the time in a significan way.

I find nothing bad in him; he was handled nicely. Every arc has a part where he is evaluation his skills and vows to improve further. It is no secret that he is the best character of the whole show because of it. She was interesting during the first arc while her drama was still fresh and a bit afterwards for being the only one who knew how to navigate in the red zone properly. She is just there mostly for fan service, as her clothes gradually get smaller and her boobs grow larger.

She is also supposed to be the voice of reason and guidance in the crew but all that mean nothing when herself gets greedy and does stupid things all the time. He is mostly there as a comic relief but occationally gets surrounded by drama; which is cool. His best phase was when he defended their first ship and even clashed wth the rest of the team about it, leading him to create a hidden persona. After that though he reverted to the same scared idiot he always was.

They hardly focused on him and despite the attempt to make him some sort of a tranny as part of his development, he still reverted back to a womanizer idiot. His drama is weak as it is hardly mentioned after his introduction, so he just becomes another comic relief and the cute mascot of the team. He is just a robotic parody, plus a deviant for running around in tight pants.

A hardly interesting character. Also hardly interesting. So basically you are watching this show just for Zoro to do some bushido thinking once every 50 episodes. The anime is focused almost entirely on personality gimmicks rather characterization. This is of course still a shonen series and it still is to its core immature and unrealistic and one should never try to reason it too much. Especially when it is NOT as interesting or as fast as it began. Not that they are as unwatchable as the cast in Naruto or Bleach; but gets closer to them with each passing episode.

For example, there is this consensus that the first 50 episodes of the show are very boring, advised to be skipped and start immediately from the second arc. The same popularity also claims that the show becomes awesome from the CP9 arc and that it is advised to begin watching from that point onwards.

I again never understood that; since for me that is the part where production values and pacing started to drop significantly. I used to be a huge fan of the show while the other two of the Big Three were still far more popular. I felt proud to be part of those who did their best to prove its more than obvious superiority over those two.

But after we succedded at that, I stopped being a fan, because the majority of its fandom are now tards of the same and worse volume of the other two series, and they typically refuse to admit the series is getting worse. To them, it is getting better with each passing minute; which is of course a lie. I admit that in overall it is still far more enjoyable and well thought of that any other perpetual on-going shonen ever made into anime.

Also, despite all I said about the slow progression, for a perpetual on-going shonen series it still has to the most part the fastest pace and the least amount of filler episodes. So in case you want to marathon it, you will suffer less than with the rest of them. Its action is full of wacky ideas and interesting choreography and each island is like a world of its own.

It lost a lot of its magic along the way. But hey, it is still the best example of a good long-running series despite its mishaps and I do consider it worthy of mentioning in my Nostalgia series. So there you go; have fun while it lasts and boy does it last a lot. And now for some excused scorings. Rating: 9. It's really hard to explain what makes "One Piece" so good. Even to another Anime fan. Especially outside of Japan, Anime has a certain "look" of which "One Piece" really doesn't fit.

On top of that there are many genres of anime and many standards that are common that "One Piece" doesn't fit either. It's not about mechs. It's not hi-tech. Yes, I know anime is varied but there certain things that are common enough that something like "One Piece" that is outside the norm is harder to grasp.

Another issue with One Piece is it's huge long story. What makes it so good is it's about passion and goals. The story is about a group of pirates. At first you think they are just a bunch of criminals, I mean hey, that's what "pirates" are in real life. But, in the context of One Piece, "pirates" are people who will risk everything, even their own lives for their dreams. And so, each of the characters has a dream and each of them has at one time or another decided risking their life for their dream was worth their chosen course.

It looks silly and in fact lots of it is but deep down there are the dreams of the characters and how each of them support each other. The basis of each person's dreams are the most heart wrenching stories ever. For many people just looking at the first few episodes are hard to get into so I'm going to give a spoiler because you NEED to give it try and maybe this will help you stick it out and see that it is different.

She steals everything and she has no allegiance. She will even steal from her friends. She's cute and easy to like but you wonder, why is she so single minded that she could even steal from her friends. Then you find out. Years ago, she was found as an abandoned child by a female soldier. This soldier had basically given up living having been badly hurt in a battle but just after the battle while she lay there dying she heard the cry of baby and a little girl. She vowed then and there to save those girls and braved her way across the sea back to her home town barely making it there alive.

When she gets there the towns people are shocked that she would consider adopting these girls. Japanese do NOT adopt and Japanese frown on single mothers Being a strong minded soldier she tells the town to shove off, she's going to take care of these girls no matter what they say. It's a happy family but very poor and one day Nami takes a book from the bookstore without paying.

When she gets caught her mother scolds her big time and Nami shouts out how her Mom is not her real Mom and how she wishes she wasn't part of this family but a family with more money that could afford things. Well, you can imagine how the Mom takes it. This Mom who has risked everything for Nami. Her life, the scorn of the town, everything. She tells Nami to leave. Nami is like 5 years old at this point. Nami goes and talks to the town's Mayor who tells her how her Mom found Nami and how their bonds are stronger than any other family's bonds.

Nami realizes how childish she was being and heads home to see her Mom. That very day, bad Pirates with super hero like strength show up and take over the town. Everyone pays but of course Nami and her family don't have the money. At first the town tries to hide the Nami and her sister but Nami being so upset for having the previous argument with her Mom runs home anyway just in time to see her Mom getting brutally beaten up by the bad guys. They have her on the ground and are stomping her arm into mush to blood curdling screams.

At first her Mom denies the children are hers hoping to save them since she doesn't have enough money to pay for herself and her 2 children but in the end because of her love and pride she can't deny they are hers and sacrifices her life so she can pay for her daughters.

She is killed right in front of Nami and the rest of the town as proof the bad guys are serious. The next thing you know Nami has joined the bad guys and everyone is like "how could you join them after what they did". Nami plays it cool like she is an uncaring bitch of a girl that could care less about her mom or the town because she knows any other stance and the town won't let her do what she must do.

In secret she tells her sister that she has made a deal. And now you know why she has become the world's best thief and why she will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. It's the only way she can rescure the town from these evil men and save the place and town she loves so dearly. And that's just one of many character's back stories. Now you know why One Piece rocks and why it's fans are so adamant.

Back to reviewing: Animation: "Anime: the art of telling a story with as little animation as possible". One Piece uses computers with hand drawn scans and often they do simple CG effects using those scans. The animation for this series works but it's not going to win any awards.

At the same time it's well beyond something like Sailor Moon. Sound: The score is near perfect. The composer has made some of the most heart rousing music ever and when you hear those parts you can't help but leap to the edge of your seat. At the same time while I don't really care about the title or ending songs I suppose some people do.

They change at least once a seasons so there are about 10 different opening and ending songs since the series has been running for 8 years now. Some are better than others. Story: I don't know another anime with a better story. At the same time they do often drag things out so I can't say the story is a There are also super heart touching moments where some characters die and it's amazing and then 3 episodes later those same characters that were killed are seen recovering somewhere.

I robs the earlier scenes of their impact. That's why I can't give it a Character: The characters are so varied and amazing. From the main characters to all the amazing people they encounter. There has never been a more creative anime EVER. Characters who cna split their body. Characters that have springs for legs. Characters made of smoke, fire, sand, rubber.

Monkey characters that go treasure diving. God's army, an army of angels, this show has basically unlimited characters and each one is unique. On top of which is all the character development mentioned above. I really can't think of another anime in this league.

Value: What can I say, I've been watching this for 5 years now and it's still an ongoing series even at episodes. It doesn't repeat. It's not the same thing over and over like some long series. At the same time if value means purchase value well I don't think you can buy it in the states with good subtitles and unedited.

Either you get the really crappy Hong Kong versions or the edited into crap US versions. Seek out the originals. I would also say that with it's serial nature and always ending on a cliff hanger I've watched certain arcs several times over. I've watched the Nami arc probably 4 times. The Chopper arc twice, the Crocodile arc twice, the Skypia arc twice. If I just turn on one episode it's very hard to stop until the next major conflict resolution Enjoyment: I've watched some great anime but of all the anime I've ever watched none of them have come close to pulling my heart strings the way One Piece has.

Both sad heart strings and glad ones. I mentioned the sad stuff above but just as well there are triumphant section where you will want to dance on the ceiling they are so joyful. The previous one had an average rating of an nine.

General: To start with the general view. This show is all about entertainment, watch it with no expectation and eventually you will like it soon or later. Animation can be done either quite wacky or simply cool. One Piece mainly emphasizes on the jokes and humor around, so it means that it have to be drawn weird, lame and stupid. Sound 7. I really need to disagree with him. Nicely done and not to mention the top notch lyrics, it seemed like the song was exclusively made for this anime only.

Now for the anime itself. Although I must say that the seiyuu's did a terrific job. Luffy sounds like a honest, fun, but dumb brat. Sanji which can switch his voice easily is also amusing. Something where you can say, this author got lots of fantasy. Amazing story telling! Characters 9. The rich personality along with the wacky animation can do magic. Each of them is unique, although still predictable. How they bring retarded, sarcastic or insipid jokes to the public is tiptop Good usage of the environment and story Value 5.

Recommendation: The beginning is slow and lots of people need to get used to the animation. Sound: Pleasant, although one of the best seiyuu crew and that makes this show so lively 7. Value: Only if you have a money tree 5. Animation The animation of One Piece is not one of its highest points to award praise. Although the animation isn't bad and is polished throughout the series, it could be better. Specifically the first episode's villain detracted me from the anime and would detract others.

However, the animation makes characters seem more lovable and cute. Over time, I've come to appreciate and like the animation. However, it isn't perfect. Also, the earlier episodes' backgrounds were of poor quality. Therefore, there is inconsistency in animation but as it is ever-improving and the animation isn't bad, I give it an 8. Sound The sound in One Piece is perfectly placed, unlike what others may say.

Unlike titles which "spam" music to fulfil emotions, One Piece does it through character responses - therefore it isn't needed. I specifically like most of the openings and endings, which all seem to explain or sum up a aprt of One Piece, and the inspirational battle music. However, there is a lack of background music and there is no argument in that there could be "better" music.

One Piece has some magnificent scores which are simple and to the effect. The music allows a tear to trickle down an eye and is so versatile in use. Story The story in One Piece is what attracts me the most. The story is incredibly deep and all characters have a well built and explained past. They all have specific aims and there characters and growth are documented well within the piece. One Piece keeps track of old characters also and doesn't let them be forgotten as filler-characters.

The story is what makes One Piece so great. It brings forward the heart wrenching scenes. The stories are well synergised with characters for near-perfect responses. Character Great character development throughout the anime. The backstories help explain why the characters react to what.

No character is two-dimensional and their interaction with eachother is amazing. I specifically like how characters grow but not so much to the effect they're lose - they stay true to their essence. Value Although One Piece can lack repetitive value, this is only because of the sheer size of the anime. Value of anime wise, its great. There isn't a moment where I would've not wanted to watch One Piece, apart from the filler arcs.

Enjoyment I've enjoyed the series thoroughly. Comedy is well placed and the familirisation with characters helps aid the enjoyment factor. A note, I'm not a One Piece "fanboy". I used to ridicule One Piece of how I thought the anime was too childish, the animators couldn't draw and it was a sketchy version of Naruto.

One Piece is much more and gives so much more. In conclusion, I could drop odd marks off One Piece for very little things but the main point is, One Piece has a strong plot with amazing characters which outweight most of the discrediting factors of the show. This review is based on the first episodes. The adventure of Luffy, who wants to become the greatest pirate and his companions each with his or her grand dreams. The anime is first and foremost adventure, with emotional backstories added.

You won't find much romance, vengeance, world-saving, etc. The epic story telling and inspiring characters is what makes the anime shine. Animation: While many people find fault with the animation, due to the huge eyes and silly looking characters, I feel it fits perfectly with the adventure themed anime. The weird people Luffy encounters across the seas shows the creativity of the author and the silly looks and fighting style fits with the light tone of the anime and adds to the comedy aspects.

Sound: There are some great OPs and EDs which can be expected of all such long runnning shows, but the background scores are especially nice, espeically the score for determination and the epical one. Story: While some of the fillers and even manga arcs are pretty pointless, the major epic main arcs are all intriguing.

The end result is predictable as almost no one dies in one piece, but getting there is filled with surprises and emotional flashbacks. The story is mostly light hearted. Main characters don't really have dark sides they must confront. They are on a happy go lucky follow your dream cruise.

Character: All of the main characters have their own recruitment arc, and sometimes even more.

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