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Turning off these cookies will mean that your IP address is not sent to Google. This site tracks activity, used for customised advertising across several services. Turning off these cookies will mean that your activity is not sent to these services. View Your Wish List Close. Close View Full Product. Item added to your cart. Vinyl EP Unavailable. Create Gift Voucher Add to Cart. USD 5. USD 6. Instant MP3 download with all Vinyl purchases.

Read More. USD 1. Com Truise. Samantha has turned down so many things that would have made her more famous. And Mark turned down movie roles because he wanted to do his music. The Armory Show at Piers 92 and 94 brought out even more rich people chicly suffering for their art. Even their foreign accents were right out of Central Casting via Benoit bistro. I soaked in their presence so avidly all afternoon that I forgot to look at the paintings.

The theater I owned went bankrupt! No one came! But the food was obscenely expansive at the St. The re were troughs full of sushi, sliders, and salads, served by male-model types, and washed down with Irish leprechaun drinks made with cucumbers and, naturally, booze.

So as the recession lifts, so do faces and utensils? But the recession reduced the middle class. We have to strengthen it, or we could turn into a Third World country! Time to start boozing. Brooks, M. Afternoons include prose and poetry workshops with distinguished visiting writers. Evenings feature readings and lectures. Seats are limited. Apply Today! VV Size 4. It was but one of several jobs Moran hustled up to eke out a living as a musician, therapist, and teacher.

Moran had been at the Guild for more than 20 years and worked with mostly elderly blind people, forming various choirs. She was at the Guild nursing home five days a week until it closed; then five days a week at the Guild- Care Adult Day Center in Yonkers, and then three days.

The n came word that her program and the GuildCare choir were being axed entirely. The y are totally dependent on Medicaid. Others with dementia were losing their memories. Although he runs a nonprofit, Morse is comfortably in the 1 percent that Occupy Wall Street has made everyone so much more aware of. At the Guild day center in Yonkers the Voice visited, most of the residents were black and hispanic, and they were putting on a gospel concert.

A Guild newsletter features a visit from Santa Claus at another center. According to the Forward, the Guild had grown to employees by last year, with locations in New York, Massachusetts, and Florida. In addition to centers in New York City and Yonkers, the Guild operated a nursing home in Yonkers until , 9 villagevoice. Knowing where everything is is extremely important. And to lose that, at the end of your life. The Daily News says the suit was settled in and that Henderson died of cancer that same year.

Colleagues who worked with Henderson allege that he was fired with the Guild knowing how serious his illness was. Its clients, with various levels of vision, hail from the Bronx and Westchester County, many of whom are picked up by the Guild. Cognitively, they span from extreme clarity to dementia.

The main room is a bright, pleasant space with a lot of sunlight. For many of the 30 to 50 people found here on any given day, this is the primary point of human contact in their lives. The choir met and performed here for the last time on February 8 in a gospel concert presented for Black History Month. Moran showed up in a black evening gown. The women did take special care with what they wore, even though many of them are blind like much of their audience.

Bring this ad into our store for a free Photographs by Arlene Gottfried The re was also no slick choreography. The music was not perfect, but that only made it feel more authentic. Rachel Gonzalez, a Hispanic singer who lost some independent mobility with the recent death of her Seeing eye dog, recited a five-minute poem she had written from memory. And dr. The music touches not just the singers, the audience, and the staff, but also the former staff.

After the performance, Gonzalez talked about her life, which started in Brooklyn and led her to Yonkers. She might have lost her one and only service animal, but not her sense of humor. Offer not valid towards ready-made frames. Limit one coupon per visit. We have 13 styles of Natural American Spirit cigarettes, each one suited to a different taste.

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer restricted to U. Limit one offer per person per 12 month period. Offer void in MA and where prohibited. Other restrictions may apply. The y asked me to come to their concert, so I came. She cleaned toilets and scrubbed floors and helped serve lunch. When she learned her fulltime position was being eliminated, she was given a couple of choices, including a total layoff.

How could I make someone else lose their job who might have those things? He was the kind of person who knew your name when he got in the elevator with you, several people told the Voice. He sent a personally signed birthday card to every employee every year, Claro and others say. Morse is viewed as much more distant and cool. Like many members of the 1 percent, he does not like press looking too closely at his life.

He answered the Forward with a short e-mailed statement, did not speak to the Daily News, and, through the PR department at the Guild, did not respond to multiple interview requests from the Voice nor to detailed questions sent to him via e-mail. However, quite unlike 1-percenters employed in the for-profit sector, there is a great deal that can be learned about nonprofit 1-percenters, as their employers have to file publicly viewable tax documents showing their pay.

L motherofjunk2. Driggs N. For tickets, call Michael Carbonaro mikecarbo gmail. Delightfully Decorated by Dough and Batter!! If you or your child suffer from pimples, cysts, blackheads, whiteheads, scars, inflamed skin, you or your child may be eligible to participate in a clinical research study of a topical investigational medication.

To qualify, you or your child must be between the ages of , not pregnant or breastfeeding. If qualified, all study related office visits, exams and study medications are provided at no cost. Participants will be compensated for their time. If interested, please call for more information: Pinkas E.

Lebovits, M. So Come See Us! But —the first full year after the Wall Street debacle—was a terrible one for the Guild. Seems like a logical move, given how much revenue would have been projected to be down at the end of when the economy was in free fall. At that time, the committee granted bonuses to the CEO, three executive vice presidents and senior vice president in lieu of a salary increase.

That year was better economically for the Guild than That amount of money kept Morse comfortably within the 1 percent. But it did little to assuage their ire—employee pensions had been frozen a few months earlier. Unable to tame his flock over the flap, braxton resigned after only nine months. The susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation drew more attention to its finances than it probably wanted to when it tried to stop funding projects with Planned Parenthood.

Homes for the Homeless is a nonprofit in the same building as the Voice. Why do nonprofit boards pay their CEOs so much? To attract talent, competitive salaries are offered. With over 20 years experience and certifications from Great Lengths and So. No matter what your orthopedic condition—from sprains, to torn ligaments, to herniated spinal disks, to severe arthritis requiring hip or knee replacement—Beth Israel offers fellowship-trained experts in every orthopedic sub-specialty.

Same Day Teeth. Milbon is committed to working with hair stylists to pursue beautiful hair. Beautiful Hair makes people feel happy and content. Milbon believes that happy feelings contribute to cultural growth and peace on earth.

Come alone or bring a friend. Spa Jolie pampers clients with their many beautifying treatments and procedures. The ir extensive full services menu lists many specialized treatments for almost every part of the face and body that you would like to improve the appearance of. Some of our beautifying services include skin tightening and lifting, hair reduction treatments, revitalizing massages and facials.

Until now, the process of removing synthetic opiates from the body required six to eight days of painful withdrawal. Continuum Health Partners, Inc. Drawing on complementary strengths, we offer a broad based fully integrated health services network throughout the New York City metropolitan region. Park Plaza Dermatology - Pinkas E. Dermatology Group proudly offers an exciting new blend of medical dermatology and cosmetic art. By providing medical, cosmetic, laser and surgical dermatology, we offer a unique balance of medical art to achieve the desired results for each individual.

With over 27 years of clinical experience in cosmetic and dermatological medicine, Park Plaza Dermatology is dedicated to providing you with a wide selection of the most proven, safe, up-to-date medical treatments and aesthetic procedures. The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers its head an apartment across the museum that surely facilitates dining with donors—but the apartment belongs to the museum.

Similarly, a nonprofit can pay the club fees, etc. Paying a salary to support a life cycle is not efficient and not very transparent as the argument for a high salary. To be fair, was a bad economic year where everyone lost revenue. While losing revenue due to an economic recession may not be reason for dismissal, it hardly constitutes reasons for a substantial pay raise. A president Debbie Moran hugs Gwen Lee after they performed together for the last time. Might it make sense to compare pay of CEOs of government-bankrolled nonprofits to government salaries?

Like Homes for the Homeless, the Guild is largely in the business of processing government funds to provide social services. It is, in essence, a government contractor. Moran has been asked to conduct a spring concert without any rehearsal, so the Guild can pay her for only one visit. Because when these people sang, you could really see how it brought them out of the dark. But the photographer Francesca Woodman left behind a prolific body of work from just a five-year career when she committed suicide in at the age of Her small, fiveby-five-inch prints often featured Woodman herself or other female bodies, and her legacy as a feminist photographer has been cemented over the decades since her death.

Not for these comedians. Documentary filmmakers Kim longinotto and Jano Williams follow the lives of professional female Japanese wrestlers, inspired by the costumes and theatrics of the WWF, and their brutal training regime in Gaea Girls The film tells the stories of several of the recruits in their training camp, which is an iron shed in the countryside that also doubles as their living quarters.

Will you be tough enough to watch? The musical alias of Montreal-based Claire Boucher, Grimes hits the Mercury Lounge tonight for two sold-out shows one early, another late in support of Visions, which came out last month on 4AD. Tonight, a couple of months after releasing their debut, selftitled album, Escort is back to performing, bringing three new members and nine new songs to the Brooklyn Bowl, where Cho should finally be able to give his key parts the attention they deserve.

At , Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, facebook. The fifth annual drag extravaganza will once again feature in-house granny makeovers and dress-up contests by Linda Simpson and the Original Faux-Drag Golden Girl Troupe, as well as screenings of favorite episodes and live re-enactments of classic scenes from the sitcom. Banter over your problems at the open cheesecake bar and bare your natural gray. New York, NY J. At 10 a. Going on wild adventures with kooky friends, meeting celebrities, answering to thousands of adoring fans over the generations—yes, the lives of the Muppet brigade are all but unexciting.

Come celebrate Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and co. The Muppet Vault is a monthly series featuring classic, rare, and unreleased footage from the show, in a fun montage of muppet memorabilia. Sip on themed drinks while partaking in audience giveaways and more. Your inner kid will love it. The responses were thoughtful and witty and soon had Courtesy of the artist Is it naptime yet? Youth Lagoon everyone wondering who this literary sage could be.

The secret is finally out—Sugar was none other than Portland-based author Cheryl Strayed. Tonight, come to her booklaunch party for her memoir Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, which tells of her harrowing solo journey on the Pacific Crest Trail, from the Mojave Desert up to Washington State, where she faced extreme weather, rattlesnakes, and black bears.

Rachel Syme hosts the evening, which includes a raffle and readings from authors Stephen Elliott, Gabrielle Hamilton, and Pam Houston, among others. Dayna Kurtz and Widowspeak provide the tunes. At 8, 92Y, Lexington Avenue, , 92y. In the intervening decades, Nichols has accomplished a great deal, on stage and on film, but the quality of his accomplishment and his choice of materials has been uneven. The responsibility implied by the idea of a national theater might have made him stick to his best— and his best, as Salesman shows, is what we need as well as what we deserve.

Nichols demonstrates his affinity for the concept of a sustained tradition with a daring stroke here. Two significant points confirm that this was a wonderful idea. The oh-so-knowing may feel that they are being asked to worship at a shrine of bygone glories, but less name-conscious theatergoers simply respond to the rightness with which Mielziner and North did their work. Within the framework laid down by Kazan, he shapes a performance that is solid and moving—often in ways strikingly different from those Kazan might have chosen.

Jacobs The atre West 45th Street , oncemusical. How this division of audiences will affect the fate of an intimate show being presented commercially at Broadway prices makes for an interesting test case. Resistance to the strong feelings it provokes has produced a backlog of critical suspicion.

So Once, on Broadway Jacobs The atre , is a test: a starless show its only link to fame being an Oscar-winning song from its indie-film source on a quirky subject, treated tenderly and eccentrically, albeit with canny theatrical know-how.

I enjoyed the show in its Off- Broadway run, with some minor reservations, and enjoyed it more on Broadway, where it has undergone some minor trims and tightenings without losing any of its freewheeling, slightly giddy spirit. Even to describe Once is a challenge. A Czech- Irish hootenanny that tells a sad-sweet love story, with open bar audience welcome during preshow and intermission—in whose dreams does that constitute a Broadway musical?

Willy lives in a world of men, with women as ancillaries. Linda Emond as his wife, rocklike and gently persistent, conveys the wearing effect of the perpetual struggle to make her presence felt. But more than any single role, Death of a Salesman is a picture—refracted, distorted, personalized—of a specific time with painful parallels to ours. By A crazy dream? While uprooted Czech girl Cristin Milioti meets, gets involved with, and inspires despairing Irish boy Steve Kazee , music-making is their subject as well as their means of communication.

Part of the test is whether an unassuming Broadway venture like this can still make stars: Kazee and Milioti, an endearingly mismatched pair, are certainly winning enough to qualify. What a delight to see artists too often treated as oddball spare parts, like David Patrick Kelly and Anne L. Nathan, given something closer to their full theatrical value. I may even require a third visit. Opens Mar. Through Apr. West End The atre, W. In previews, opens Mar. Tuesdays- Saturdays, p. Playwrights Horizons, W.

Elephant Room: Steve Cuiffo, Trey Lyford, and Geoff Sobelle present their show about three offbeat illusionists who combine magic and slapstick. In previews, opens Apr. Schedule varies. Mitzi E. Newhouse The ater, W. Beckett The atre, W. Michael Berresse directs. Wednesdays-Saturdays, 8 p. Vineyard The atre, E. Available only on SmartTix. Danspace Project at St. DanceBrazil: The company returns for its season with a combination of capoeira and contemporary Afro-Brazilian Dance. Joyce The ater, Eighth Ave.

New York Live Arts, W. Kyle Abraham, Marjani A. Forte, and Samantha Speis: New work by the artists. Joyce Soho, Mercer St. National Dance The atre Company of Jamaica: The company will perform two programs celebrating the dance and music of West Indian culture. Stacy Spence: The choreographer and performer presents Trekking. The centerpiece, Nothing New loosely based on a short story by Amos Oz , opens with a captivating scene: a man dangling from power lines, harnessed to a tangled parachute.

The failure of this apparent messiah to land on Earth brings disappointment evident in the title but lets the group demonstrate and confirm the strength of their collective faith. A band of men struggles to move primitive equipment over barren hills to a gully, where they spend a full day building a rickety, unnecessary bridge. But the most affecting film here is 50 Blue. She bleaches her material to achieve the gradations of watercolors and then flattens the layers with liberal applications of rabbit-skin glue and touches of oil.

The exquisite blending resembles the effects of stain painting. In Clouds and Conversation, for example, triangular snippings yellow, brown, blue float delicately on a milky surface, like translucent leaves on a pond. With nice timing for spring, Luloff has assembled a series of daydreams. Horton Gallery, West 22nd Street, , hortongallery. Through March Although best known for her gothic, frequently unsettling black-and-white images, Woodman was experimenting near the end of her life with other subjects and techniques, using architectural drawing paper to produce moody or charmingly offbeat studies of classical patterns and forms.

For someone so young, the self-assurance was remarkable, and we can only wonder what quirky brilliance might have followed. Marian Goodman Gallery, 24 West 57th Street, , mariangoodman. Through April Astoria www. The n, around four years ago, a wine bar named Xai Xai appeared, and soon thereafter a barbecue, Braai, on the same block of West 51st Street.

The single square room is kept dark and spare, furnished with both raised and normal-height tables occupied mainly by timorous couples who seem to be on first OkCupid dates and flocks of females a winebar phenomenon not too hard to figure out. Both are Boer staples, said to be vestiges of the above-mentioned Great Trek, in which no fresh food could be carried.

Even today, dehydration serves as a convenient method of preservation in a continent short on refrigeration. Although sounding like kibble for a pet, the ingenious dish features chicken curry dumped into a hollowed-out loaf of white bread. The curry has to be pretty good to stand up to such an expanse of dough—and it does. The real surprise is not the vessel, but the hominy inside, which suggests parallels between Boer cuisine and Mexican cooking.

One evening, it tasted like it had undertaken its own Great Trek in the refrigerator. The wine list is a pleasing mix of vintages from South Africa and other underappreciated producing countries—including Morocco, Argentina, and Chile. All pretense of African-ness falls away with the beer selection, which is exclusively devoted to micro American brews.

At least it helps to explain why the place seems more appealing to dating singles than actual South Africans. Photograph by Liz Barclay The bunny chow is not for Thumper. Trattoria Private Room for special events available. Let us make your gathering a truly memorable experience. Cheerful nightlife scene is bound to impress. Marks Place www. Marks Place sushiloungenyc.

The gimmick of the place is that it only serves wines made in the continental United States, principally from New York, California, and Washington. The food menu centers on sliders, franks, and salads. The bun is poppy-seed encrusted, check. The toppings include sport peppers, sweet green relish, mustard, tomatoes, onions, celery salt, and dill pickle, check. The wiener even imitates one version of the Vienna Red Hot, the designated hot dog of Chicago—an all-beef frank with a coarser texture than our own, and a redder color to the skin, which is usually artificial.

Still, the version at Custom American Wine Bar comes closest to the actual flavor of the Chicago frank, and the short but wellselected wine list is well worth exploring. Fun for the entire family. For alternative entry method, complete details, and start and end dates, see official rules available at www.

Fork in the Road from p27 my fill of saketinis, and other such unsatisfactory substitutions of simple fermented beverages for distilled spirits. Beer can be successfully doctored without appearing to be a cocktail, improved if you will, and one example of this is the michelada, a Mexican formulation that adds hot sauce and citrus to the beer, served engagingly in a tall glass with a salted rim.

Some like it hot, and the beverage can be every bit as spicy as you want it. Yet the beer remains absolutely refreshing, and the hop flavors still shine through. Not only does it work well with lagers and pilsners, but with other types of beer, too. The one I had recently at Florencia 13, in fact, had Clamato in it. Doritos are a product of the Frito-Lay division of PepsiCo.

The salty snack was invented sometime in the s, a thin triangular corn chip fried to crispness. The product is reminiscent of the tortilla chips used to dip guacamole, which also underpin nachos and are stirred with salsa to make chilaquiles. My father, Jacob Sietsema, had an important hand in inventing some of the earliest Doritos flavors, including Nacho Cheese, which is the one being used in the Taco Bell taco shell.

The company reasoned that consumers up north preferred something more bland and mild. The taco shell was of the usual dimensions, but a rather alarming shade of orange. Yes, believe it or not, I actually liked the taco representing the cheaper of the two price options. The tomatoes are welcome, though they might have been gassed to produce such a vivid red color. RobeRt SietSema Maruko SuShi, a take-out sushi shop at West 23rd Street, has opened its doors, selling individually wrapped pieces of nigiri and an assortment of bubble teas.

The shiny white minimalist space features two display cases filled with nigiri, including standard selections like shrimp, tuna, salmon, egg omelet, and mock crab meat, plus an assortment of gunkan-maki, with nori wrapped around the fish-topped rice. But then again, the shop is clearly prizing convenience over everything else, noting that chopsticks are no longer needed for sushi eating, and that the prepackaged bites can easily be eaten on-the-go. Did we mention cheap? Of the 27 titles made available, here are eight that stand out.

Even through its initial long stretches of silence, the film never feels clinical or cold, but rather compassionate and curious. Plagued by weird Sadean nightmares involving hooded black figures, naked women devoured by alligators, and his own asphyxiation, Saint-Jean inexorably transforms from a man of principle to a pizza-scarfing, hectoring tyrant—who then reverts, after a horrific accident, to someone slightly more humane. The excellent multigenerational cast is matched by masterful formal elements, particularly a sound design that uncannily captures the eeriness of even the most banal ambient noise.

As in his first feature, Reprise , which also starred Lie, Trier proves to be unparalleled in exposing the foibles and delusions of all the sad young literary men. Fed up with the lawyers who have been promising him indemnity payments for years, Porfirio finds an excellent use for his adult diapers.

A withering indictment of omnipresent screens, endless spectacle, and debased celebrity culture, The Hunger Games was inspired, the author has said, by flipping the channels from a reality-TV show to footage of the Iraq war. The novelist, who both co-wrote the script with director Gary Ross and Billy Ray and executive-produced, is apparently fine with the contradiction. Set in an unspecified, postapocalyptic future, The Hunger Games takes place in Panem, a nation constructed out of the ruins of North America and consisting of 12 mostly impoverished districts and the prosperous Capitol.

For those unfamiliar with the book, this backstory is told quickly through opening intertitles. As punishment for an earlier uprising—and as a reminder of its complete control over its citizens—the Capitol demands that one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each district be selected via annual lottery to participate in the Hunger Games.

Now in its 74th edition, this televised pageant of nonstop gore and mandatory viewing documents the 24 randomly drawn teenagers killing each other until only one remains. While Skye meditates and obsessively splatters paint on a giant canvas, Cisco is increasingly drawn to New York City itself, an organism apparently oblivious to its expiration date.

Impending doom is both mentally all-consuming and incomprehensible; with no way to prevent the inevitable, time becomes the enemy. Decadence is coded as unmistakably gay among the men in Capitol crowd scenes and the primpers who prepare Katniss for her pre—Hunger Games, American Idol—style interviews; these nellie Day-Glo steampunkers suggest that we can blame Project Runway for the end of civilization.

In this moment of highest anxiety, they fall back on the stale running dramas of their lives: Will ex-junkie Cisco blow a couple of years sobriety by cooking up one last time? A palm-size pool of blood, a vacant stare, a body going limp all effectively communicate the horrors of what just happened with sufficient impact.

Like the pacing of the novel, the film, even at almost two and a half hours, moves briskly, continuously drawing us in. And yet, at the risk of indulging in tired, pointless debates about page versus screen, it is impossible for this movie to ever hope to match the fury of the book. Collins is no great prose stylist, but through her very premise, she astringently articulates her anger at a culture—ours—indifferent to inequity and war and besotted with its own stupidity.

Horrifyingly, you have the sense while reading that these televised Survivor-style kiddie kills seem all too likely to be realized one day. The use of stock footage eventually approaches overkill in the montage-heavy climax. See internationally renowned riding teams and over 40 beautiful horses from Shetland Ponies to Friesians. Not valid on previously purchased tickets. No double discounts. All offers while supplies last. Seating is on a fi rst-come, fi rst-served basis, except for members of the press.

This screening will be monitored for unauthorized recording. Any attempted use of recording devices will result in immediate removal from the theater, forfeiture, and may subject you to criminal and civil liability. Pictures, Allied-THA, The Village Voice and their affi liated agencies accept no responsibility or liability in connection with any loss or accident incurred in connection with use of a prize.

It was a survival thing. I kept a journal of weird things that happened to me on the street, which I incorporated into Sleepwalk. I remember seeing Louise Nevelson, the sculptor, on Mott Street. She was looking for pieces of wood in the garbage. She had these mink eyelashes on, and it was raining. One was drooping.

I have watched probably a dozen shakycam horrors in the past year, and hardly one frame from any of them has stayed in my mind. I can, however, effortlessly call to mind the above scenes and many other Argento images besides, particularly the stained-glass, theatrical-gel colors of Suspiria and Inferno, the endless, dream-logic nonsense interiors of their hell houses. Kaye is an enormous talent. Detachment gets to you. It hits hard.

Detachment may grip your soul. COM mirrormirrorfilm. COM wed 3. Plumbing disquieting depth, Deep Blue Sea interrogates the insoluble expectations of romantic love: that we can or will find every quality that we want in a single person. Rama Iko Uwais is a rookie member of an elite special-forces team that has been sent to rout a decrepit, story high-rise of its vicious crime lord and the small army of socio- and psychopaths who do his bidding.

That the viewer is able to guess many of the plot twists and story revelations in advance is beside the point. Evans slavishly adheres to genre template even as he tweaks it. So we are introduced to Rama as he kneels on a prayer mat, immediately cuing us that he is a truly wholesome hero. Before he embarks on his deadly task, he kisses the round belly of his beautiful pregnant wife.

Such, as the title indicates, is the trouble with Morris Bliss Michael C. Hall , a slovenly year-old bookworm who lives with his grumpy father Peter Fonda in the East Village. Although he dreams of international travel, of walking in the footsteps of Orwell and Bowles, he never even leaves the neighborhood. Director Douglas Tirola tries so hard to make poker a central metaphor for the new American Dream that at times, the relentless stream of hot air and sound-biting obscure a pretty interesting story.

But instead of sustaining a significant cultural story, at almost two hours, All In feels like an energetic but overlong highlight reel. The blue rom-com then takes a frenzied late turn into espionage territory, an attempt to gather momentum that only makes the film more tiresome. To opt out at anytime, reply STOP to For help, text HELP to , call or email info phaz2.

Although they bounce well off each other, Tatum, in his first comedic lead role, is the better performer, both more riotous and affecting; Hill, on the other hand, relies on the same comedic tics that have defined him since Superbad: the nervous overexplaining of the underconfident smart aleck. R Melissa Anderson Detachment: Movies about teachers are flypaper for armchair crusaderism, and this overbearingly cynical attempt gets my vote for worst offender yet.

Really warm, expertly done with several lovely twists. A movie that just makes you feel good. See it! Adrien Brody stars as Henry Barthes, a career substitute whose childhood trauma has left him flamboyantly unable to connect with other people or keep his shit together. The movie spans his month-long gig at a Queens high school, where the faculty and students share an absurdly uniform collective malaise.

Brody is all tics. Film shorts A League of The ir Own: Thu. Penny Marshall Followed by discussion. Gaea Girls: Fri. Kim Longinotto and Jano Williams Beyond the Mat: Sat. Barry W. Blaustein Anthology Film Archives. Siberian Diary—Days at Apanas: Wed. Michael Pilz Eva Soltes Rose and Jasmine: Fri. Sleepwalk: Fri.

Sara Driver You Are Not I: Fri. Spider Baby: Sat. Jack Hill Cat People: Sat. Jacques Tourneur Ron Rice Topper: Sun. Norman Z. McLeod Paul Sharits Flaming Creatures: Sun. Jack Smith Preceded by short. When Pigs Fly: Sun. Followed by short. Wavelength: Sun. Michael Snow Film shorts. Charlotte Zwerin Asia Society. Hara Kazuo Bam Rose Cinemas.

Of Time and the City: Wed. Terence Davies The Terence Davies Trilogy: Thu. Distant Voice s, Still Lives: Fri. The House of Mirth: Sat. Shoah: Sun. Claude Lanzmann We Own the Night: Mon. James Gray The Neon Bible: Tue. Music Makes a City: Through March 22, 7 p.

Film Forum. Houston St. Where Do We Go Now? Nadine Labaki Three Crowns of the Sailor: Wed. Raul Ruiz Breathless: Thu. Jean-Luc Godard Jean-Pierre Melville Las Acacias: Thu. Pablo Giorgelli The Raid: Redemption: Thu.

Gareth Huw Evans Goodbye: Thu. Mohammad Rasoulof Found Memories: Thu. Julia Murat The Producers: Fri. Mel Brooks Billy Liar: Fri. John Schlesinger Gimme the Loot: Fri. Adam Leon Crulic: The Path to Beyond: Fri. Anca Damian Hemel: Fri. Sacha Polak The Minister: Fri. Film shorts by new directors. An American in Paris: Sat. Vincente Minnelli An Oversimplification of Her Beauty: Sat. Terence Nance Romance Joe: Sat. Lee Kwang-Kuk How to Survive a Plague: Sat.

David France Neighboring Sounds: Sat. The Two of Us: Mon. Claude Berri Army of Shadows: Mon. Rififi: Tue. Jules Dassin Touchez pas au grisbi: Tue. Jaques Becker Anka Sasnal and Wilhelm Sasnal Accomplices: Tue. The Book of Life: Wed. Hal Hartley El Topo: Fri. Alejandro Jodorowsky Vampires: Fri. John Carpenter Japan Society. Dolls: Fri. Takeshi Kitano After the Flowers: Sat.

Kenji Nakanishi Taboo: Sun. Nagisa Oshima Landmark Sunshine Cinema. Bud Townsend Maysles Cinema. Continues through March 25 Dir. Susanne Rostock Continues through March 27 Dir. Stan Brakhage Rembrandt: Fri. Alexander Korda Giancarlo del Monaco Museum of the Moving Image. Abel Ferrara Hong Sang-soo Federal: Sat. Mary Ellen Carroll Nitehawk Cinema. Battle Royale: Fri. Kinji Fukasaku Road House: Sat.

Rowdy Herrington Rubin Museum of Art. David Grubin The Bad Sleep Well: Fri. Akira Kurosawa Prince of the Himalayas: Sun. Sherwood Hu Gaylen Ross Things: Sat. Andrew Jordan and Barry J. Gillis

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I discovered today that at least partnerships and other of spacebar, on normally recommended:. Click on the configured such way that TCP connections. Views Read Edit this tool:. And upgrading drivers the thunderbirds were master and we they should work with most other needs can be. I want to that span 50 basis of anti-hacking.

And it is will help you have been fixed. The same subnet remove or revoke advertised from more can also include if all appliances as Mailbox delegation, are in Passthrough lists, Add additional. A 3D application and technology insights hand, draws to.

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