torrents van hanoi uitleg bliksem › SaiyanOfAncientLegend. I will only rp with Super Saiyan 4 when going up against a Gods, Broly has access to both Super Saiyan and Legendary Super Saiyan transformations.


Broly ssj4 vs bio broly torrent

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broly ssj4 vs bio broly torrent

Whether it's a fix, a cheat, a new character, or an entire overhaul, our comprehensive list covers all the best Xenoverse 2 mods worth checking out. › SaiyanOfAncientLegend. After dragon ball super, watch dragon ball super: broly movie scenarios such as SSJ4 Goku vs SSJB Goku which will be included in the upcoming anime. TRANSMISSION RECORDINGS BEATPORT TORRENT It, click Properties high CPU usage TightVNC service configuration. Especially if you. Clicking the help up only data create a signature to fix common.

Post by Skar » Sat Dec 13, pm. Post by dbzfan7 » Sun Dec 14, am. Post by Skar » Sun Dec 14, pm. ProLight Style by Ian Bradley. Modified by Hujio. Privacy Terms Forum Rules. Kanzenshuu Skip to content. Page 1 of More like fanart than story! Popo has a plan to save Goku from the Heart Virus and it involves making a trek to the other side of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber!

Popo, Piccolo doesn't believe that Goku will be powerful enough to deal with Vegeta and Nappa in the Saiyan saga. He goes to Kami's lookout to discuss options and Kami comes up with the idea of having Piccolo fuse with Mr.

Inspired by TFS! Last edited by Skar on Wed Jun 22, am, edited times in total. Why Dragon Ball Consistency in something such as power levels matter! Power levels establish tension and drama. People who care about them well, people who care about them in a narrative don't care about the big numbers or the fancy explosions. If you have character A who's so much above character B, who's the main character, you're gonna be left wondering how in the hell character B, the character we're supposed to care and root for, is going to escape the situation or overcome the odds.

It makes us emotionally invested. If character B doesn't escape the situation in a believable way that's consistent with previous events, then that emotional investment is gone. It was pointless tension, pointless drama made just to suck in the viewer. It has no critical value whatsoever. The audience is left believing that the author can just create whatever scenarios he wants and what happens to the characters is decided by whatever the author wants to happen, regardless of the events that happened in the story.

Which, in fairness, is what happens, but the audience wants to be fooled. The audience wants to know that the world they're following has rules. That the world they're invested in isn't going to bend to external factors that are irrelevant to them. An author can do whatever he wants with the characters, that's not false. But the author should also have the responsibility to make sure it fits in cohesively with the other events in the narrative he has created.

It was funny, well-drawn, and fun. You may not care for the main story, but have you check out the brief History of Rigor chapters I posted? It takes place before the Genocide of the Saiyans, so none of your fan manga reservations apply.

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Prev 1 … Go to page. First Prev 25 of 29 Go to page. Host Samurai Member. Oct 27, 8, I wouldn't mind GT characters like Baby and , but there is a much better pool of interesting characters to draw from the series, movies and Super. I base who I would like to see based off character visuals, unique fighting style and visceral supers and specials.

Broly is all of those. Oct 29, How do you not want at least SS4 Goku? He has the sickest design since Z ended to now. Then again I could be arguing with people who like devianart Califlower, blue hair, lame pink hair, Broly with double ds, a Pokemon and Blasto. Last edited: Feb 20, Oct 25, 11, Angel DvA said:. Click to expand Oct 25, 12, Twig Member. Oct 25, 7, Lifejumper Member. Oct 25, 18, The wait for the 30 second trailer begins. Oct 25, 8, I wonder what's keeping that thread afl- Cybersai said:.

Radditz absence has caused the biggest uproar in Dragonball fan communities. Balfour One Winged Slayer Member. Oct 25, 6, Vito said:. Cryptosporidium Banned. Oct 25, 7, canada. When Ark adds Bulma I hope this is a Goku win quote against her. Dalcop Member.

Nov 28, If you think Caulifa is deviantart and SS4 looks good you can't be reasoned with. Oct 25, 64, Houston, TX. Cryptosporidium said:. Honestly, SS4 Goku is the best thing post Z. Lotus One Winged Slayer Member. Oct 25, 78, Sephzilla said:. Real talk - SSJ4 would look great if it stuck to the gold color scheme of the previous three forms.

The pink and red eyeliner was a bad look. Fj Legendary Duelist Member. Oct 25, 19, Costa Rica. Amazing how something as simple as this slight changes. Cybersai Banned. Jan 8, 11,

Broly ssj4 vs bio broly torrent lamb of god discography torrents


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I can point out so many flaws in the belief, but I won't for now at least. Think about it. Broly is nothing. Broly is trash and always will be compared to the powerhouse of the cell games let alone the buu saga or even GT. He was toyin with him. Slapping him around like a child. Which just indicates how pathetically weak GT is.

You have nothing. And I can still make this even worse for you. Since the majority of folks don't even realize the true horror that Brolly accomplished. Actually that's all wrong. Power levels are useless post Frieza saga, even Akira Toriyama said that. Going by feats, Omega Shenron is a Universal Buster. Broly never accomplished any true horror whatsoever. Frieza destroyed all of the Saiyan Race, Majin Buu destroyed every single human on the planet and a majority of the Z Fighters.

Broly killed nobody, nor does he have feats to even put him within range of Buu saga characters. In movie 8,they weren't as strong as they were when they were at the cell games and thats why they were losing. Movie 10 was off as well. SSJ Broly curbstomped ssj goten and trunks but base gohan gave him a good fight. That means base gohan was stronger than ssj goten and trunks? Not in this world. So I see a weaker gohan putting a good fight against broly but expected to be at Kid Gohans level?

Movie states Gohan was actually stronger than when he was a kid. You all forget, the movies don't precisely follow the series canon. Gohan got weaker in the main canon. He didn't in the movies. This ball is divided up in two halves: the lower half is the realm of the living or "The Universe" and the upper half is the Other World or "The Cosmos" , with Hell located between the two halves. The realm of living is divided into four quadrants based on the cardinal directions, each ruled by a Kai chosen among the Shin-jins from Planet Kaishin.

The Four Cardinal Directions. Each making up a quarter of the Living Universe. There are twelve universes in the Dragon Ball series,[1] and the Seventh Universe is where planet Earth is located. The South Galaxy is, in fact, the Southern Quadrant of the Universe, which would contain innumerable galaxies within it. Brolly was the God of Destruction before there was one. He accomplished an unparalleled destructive feat exceeding beyond that of any Dragonball figure to date.

He destroyed a quarter of the material universe in one shot. You have nothing that can even remotely compare. Brolly's power is incalculable and ever-increasing. OS, SS4 Gogeta. They're nothing. GT is nothing. Brolly's only competition to date would be Birus and the yet unnamed remaining 11 Gods of Destruction. That's it. He gave you a clear example, by your logic you'd be saying that Freiza would beat Super Vegito, because Frieza has better feats.

Brolly had no trouble with SS2 Gohan. I like how you're basing your logic off of unreliable sources. Nope, I think it's just you that can't get your head around the fact that the whole "Galaxy-Busting" feat was a dub-error, and I also admire how you ignore the fact that Broly hasn't beaten anyone SSJ2 Teen Gohan tier, yet you still make up the rubbish you're spouting on this thread.

I'd like to see where exactly it says that Gohan was stronger, and somehow had the same mastery over SSJ2 that he did years before in the Cell Saga. It doesn't matter, as the whole belief was the result of a dub-error, along with all of the other flaws behind your argument. Wanna do non canon feats? Buuhan was yelling and tearing apart the universe and SSJ Vegito stopped him by exerting himself.

Even if Gohan was ssj2 which I believe he wasnt as there were signs of hime being ssj2 It still doesn't help you along with Goku being only SSJ 1 not 2. They weren't as strong at their manga counterparts. Broly did nothing to suggest he can take on someone as SSJ3 Goku or anybody of his caliber or above like kid buu or any buu beside good buu who can give Broly a hell of a fight and possibly win. Broly is trash to any buu saga powerhouse. Nvm that the bomb created by Dr.

Gero to kill Goku was based on the level shown in the Saiyan Saga and that the device had enough power to destroy the world, which would've been capable of killing Goku at the time. Vegeta is also labeled as a planet-buster at that time. While not displayed, but listed and confirmed by Toriyama, Perfect Cell is solar-system level. Author Confirmation beats all your speculation. Daizenshuu 6 states that both Goku and Gohan were SS2 and that the animators forgot to add the electric aura.

We could still tell it was SS2 because of the design. When he's SS2, there is only one piece. Their hair is identical. The only difference is the aura which, as noted in the Official Dragonball Encyclopedia The Daizenshuu , was mistakenly left out by the animators. And confirms that Gohan and Goku were SS2 in the movie.

That's your unproven speculation. Again, it's an Alternate Universe. You can't even begin to compare or pretend that GT Goku is superior with such vast inconsistencies blatantly telling you how ridiculously weak the series is. It's not a dub error. And given we actually witness it happening, and the fact King Kai reacted Immediately to the event, shows it happened Just Right Then. And you acting as if the transformations have any real meaning is utterly laughable. Do you really believe stat multipliers really mean anything if the overall abilities of the person are crap?

If we went by your reasoning, Cooler would be beating everybody. SS3 Goku included. Because his stat multiplier is higher than everyone elses. You really wanna play that game? How about Omega Shenron being completely incapable of killing Goku and Vegeta in their Base, Untransformed states, even when screaming and yelling how much he was going to kill them.

For all the BS claims of OS' power and being able to "smack SS4's around", then why is he so completely incompetent and soft-handed that he can't even kill people who're already half dead? Only way Broly would be stronger is if he were in his LSSJ form, and had been in that form for a good bit of time. People probably know but then some don't but i'm gonna say it. Broly's LSSJ power increases exponentially the more he fights, not like any other saiyan.

He just can't handle too much energy if I remember. I haven't watched GT or the Broly movies in years. But from what I feel, Broly always loses due to the fact that he gotta lose since he's the antagonist. Whether it's by legit means or by random plot induced stupidity, Broly must "die".

Other than Bio-Broly, I really don't see any of the other two Broly's actually losing without having the plot going against him. In the first movie, Goku's Kamehameha wave did like nothing to Broly. And Broly just tossed around everyone during that battle like they are paper. I mean, it's the residual power of the 4 or so fighters, so it's not even their full power. If so then thanks for liking the post buddy. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Likes Comments Like Cuive Irwin Author. Ben Shapiro. Broly always gets stronger over time so he is above all of fiction How can you grow beyond omnipotence though?

Reply to: Cuive Irwin Well ummm.. Do I even need to explain how false this is? No because this post is a fucking joke.

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