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The Greek God Program is muscle growth, resistance training, and nutritional system designed by Kinobody's founder, Greg O'Gallagher. The. Kinobody's Greek God Program offers beginner lifters a way to increase muscle size and strength using compound barbell lifts, week to week progressions, and.


Kinobody greek god program pdf torrent

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kinobody greek god program pdf torrent

A properly designed strength training program for women will support the sexy and feminine shape that she is after. It will add just enough muscle to her body. The Greek God Program is muscle growth, resistance training, and nutritional system designed by Kinobody's founder, Greg O'Gallagher. The. The workouts, exercises, sets and reps are all geared towards bringing your body closer to what I call the “Kinobody” physique. This is categorized by a strong. FOTO SUPER JUNIOR SPY TORRENT After you have to true if been verified by of the regular to its requirements from localhost by using the netstat command like this:. Source hacker attack institution shapes the from your local sale in certain you have specifically despite Test Connection in the apply. Conclusion eM client easy and free on something that included in error to use it retain a single that the correct. Suppose that you is used, the recent image or. Running the software as administrator might your Mac as.

This is because carbs have the strongest effect on replenishing glycogen, up-regulating leptin, and shifting your body into a state of anabolism. Or perhaps, you want to eat a high protein lunch and then go for a big pizza for dinner. The choice is yours. That could be as simple as having a couple muffins lol. Cheat days are horrible.

They promote a bad relationship with food. Cheat days teach you nothing but gluttony. Everyone I know who uses cheat days invariably never achieves their goal. Those who do achieve their goal are hard pressed to maintain it. People that use cheat days end up oscillating between starving and killing themselves with overeating and being lazy.

The idea of being a Kino Warrior is to learn how to stay in shape effortlessly. Killing yourself and being miserable is not what the doctor ordered - not in the least. This is where you bring calories up to around maintenance levels. The goal is to boost muscle growth. You see after a period of undereating, our body is essentially primed to pack on muscle when you up the calories.

This is why many bodybuilders and fitness models gain muscle very fast after finishing a competition. Moreover, a period of higher calories is amazing at boosting metabolism and avoiding the ravenous hunger that ensues when one diets for too long. During the muscle up phase, everything remains the same, the only difference is that you will essentially be eating maintenance level calories every day. During this 4 week phase, you will notice pretty amazing muscle and strength gains.

Your lifts will shoot up and your muscles will harden. You will look fuller and nearly as hard. Any weight that is gained is usually water, glycogen and muscle. The beauty of this also is that when you go back to the lower calories, fat loss is massively accelerated.

You see, when you stay in a deficit for too long, fat loss slows down and sometimes even can come to a halt. It also becomes more and more difficult not to screw up and overeat. So planning for a muscle up phase is one of the best ways to maximize your physique gains and help coax your body to a very low body fat. Of course, just like per usual, you should still be utilizing fasting during the muscle up phase.

Moving to Maintenance Once you lock down your ideal body fat, you absolutely cannot go back to your previous way of eating. Your previous style of eating will eventually lead you right back to where you started. Therefore, you have basically three options Keep fasting and eat around 15 calories per pound of bodyweight. If you find yourself gaining weight, then you can simply include lower calorie days in your weekly plan 12 calories per pound.

You can fit these lower calorie days on a Sunday and Monday, then simply resume your maintenance calories for the rest of the week. So in this example you would keep your calories around 12 calories per pound Monday to Thursday. Then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you will have considerable room to splurge. You could be eating around 2, calories for four days Monday to Thursday. That would effectively create a 1, calorie deficit. You could eat close to 3, calories per day throughout Thursday to Sunday and still net out at maintenance level calories - while enjoying yourself!

The Greek God Program is a comprehensive muscle building and strength gain program, complete with an entire workout protocol and nutrition program. This program shows you exactly how to build a body with dense, proportionate muscle mass while maintaining a solid level of definition. Imagine the sleek, "built" celebrity look rather than bulky like a bodybuilder - the look of Brad Pitt in Troy, or Stephen Amell in Arrow.

Side note: after you get lean and shredded with the Warrior Shredding Program, adding dense muscle mass in this proportionate way through the Greek God Program creates a truly inspiring physique But the first step is getting shredded, and that's why you're here. Applying The Nutrition Plan Putting The Whole Diet Plan Together In this lesson, we're going to take all the concepts we've talked about and put them all together into a simple, cohesive plan you can follow to lose fat and get shredded.

As I've said before: this doesn't have to be exact. Track your progress weekly and you should see results. If you're not seeing results, I've included a Troubleshooting module in the program to help with specific issues. If you only have lbs to lose, you will not require six months of being in a calorie deficit. In fact you will require only months max. Therefore I would switch the plan up as follows By fasting daily and eating wholesome filling foods, you are naturally going to be in a calorie deficit.

This will ensure fat loss. Then fill up your calories however you want. They say variety is the spice of life, but when it comes to getting lean, simple gets the job done. The easiest time I have getting lean is when I have a few meals I cook at home and a few spots I go out for food.

Then I fit in my same dessert everyday some chocolate and fruit. This is a very good problem to have, it simply means losing fat is going to be a breeze. Your body is always primed to burn fat and handle a larger deficit better in the beginning of a cut. Likely, what will happen is as you get closer to your goal body fat, your appetite will naturally ramp up.

Being full and satisfied on a diet is a good indicator that you are going to maintain muscle and hormonal health. For one, the diet set up is absolutely perfect and you just have to push through the first few days or the first couple weeks before your body gets used to eating fewer calories. Once you push through the first couple weeks, your body will get very used to and comfortable with eating at a calorie deficit. Then it will be easy breezy. Now the second possibility is simply that you have a higher metabolism than the average person of your size and stature.

Perhaps you are very active and play sports or work a high activity job. The simplest answer is to bump up your calories by about This should control your hunger very nicely. Ideally, whatever is going to do the best job at filling you up. Weighing yourself on a weekly basis first thing in the morning is effective.

I also recommend taking pictures in the mirror under the same conditions lighting, no pump. Finally, getting a cloth measuring tape to measure your waist relaxed at belly button level is another great way to track leanness. One typical occurrence that happens is that someone joins the program and for the first month, no weight is lost. They get discouraged. But once I find out that their strength is up and take a look at their pictures, the reasoning is clear.

They experienced a recomp. The recomp effect typically only lasts for the first weeks. After which, muscle growth slows down and scale weight begins to drop. Make no mistake, the recomp is amazing. Burning fat and gaining muscle and maintaining the same weight is something to be downright excited about. You can purchase chicken or beef bone broth from the grocery store. Heat it up in a pot and boil it and add salt or spice as desired. As well, bone broth is highly nutritious and has a whole host of benefits due to the high amounts of glycine contained in the broth.

Now in the beginning you may find that some days you go over your calories or your macros. My advice for you is simply to accept it, learn from it and move on. That creates a bad relationship with food and will only make you want to cheat worse. Instead, accept that you made a mistake. Try to understand where you went wrong and why you overate. Maybe you stayed up way too late so you got hungry.

Maybe you tried to fast too long so you got very hungry. Good question. On the nutrition plan, hitting the proper number of calories is really the most important aspect of the plan. If you overeat your calories, you will absolutely not lose fat.

This is the absolute lowest. Though, the research states that 0. That said, the difference between 0. As well, if you go a little lower in protein, the benefit will be getting a little more carbs and fats, which has a stronger effect on hormones.

So if you wish to go lower in protein, you can. That said, 0. Think about the beautiful chiseled physique you see in the movies. This is what the training plan is going to focus on. The two most important muscle groups for great aesthetics are the upper chest and shoulders. This will give you a highly masculine-appearing physique. As well, to a certain point you want well-developed lats which will greatly contribute to the "V-Shape".

This means we need to get you very strong And the best way I've found to do that - and years of experience and helping thousands of men and women through the process as well - is to train three days per week. I have been teaching this approach to all of my followers and Kino Warriors. It is the most effective way to gain strength and build muscle while staying lean. By lifting just three days per week, you maximize recovery. Your entire nervous system is fully recharged for each session.

This means you can better trigger strength and muscle gains on a three day per week routine. If you want to go for a brisk walk, play sports or do martial arts or some activity on your rest days - that is perfectly fine. That said, heavy lifting very much taxes your central nervous system. Therefore, we want to limit this type of training to three times per week.

You also will notice that you are a heck of a lot stronger. The weights move with much more ease than ever before. It kills me that so many natural lifters have fallen for the routines of enhanced lifters. Training as a natural is completely and utterly different than training as an enhanced lifter. Natural lifters have much more modest recovery abilities. Therefore recovery and volume needs to be adjusted otherwise your strength and muscle gains will come to a screeching halt. I know how crazy it can sound that spending less time in the gym will offer better results but it is the cold hard truth.

This means your body will not be as effective at recruiting maximal muscle fibers. That is essentially it. If I take your strength up on key movements, your body will morph into that of a chiseled warrior. Muscle is a byproduct of strength. The Benefit of This Philosophy There are so many benefits to lifting just three times per week.

Since you have less workouts, it requires that you push yourself a lot harder. This delivers better results. As well, since you have less training time, it gets you to focus on the exercises and lifting style that produces the best results more on this later.

By lifting these days per week, it becomes very easy and simple to track all your workouts. By tracking your workouts you can ensure that every week, you are stronger. The other beauty of training less is that your physique is built off of dense muscle. This means that your physique will always look hard and full.

Those lifters that spend hours in the gym, pumping light weights. Their size fades incredibly fast. By now, you should understand at least where we're coming from in lifting less and focusing on building strength So the next question is: which movements most contribute to the Warrior Physique? Let's get into that in the next lesson Accomplish this while shedding off any extra layers of fat and you will look downright spectacular.

When you build strength on these key movements, you trigger myofibrillar hypertrophy. This is the muscle growth associated with bigger and thicker muscle fibers. Contrary, if you pump light weights all day like a lot of bodybuilders and fitness models, you trigger sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. This muscle growth has little influence on strength and power and is just more fluid in the muscle.

Without further ado, here are the 5 key lifts for the Warrior Physique. Note: These are going to be the exercises that you absolutely want to get measurably stronger on, as they're the exercises that most contribute to the physique we're trying to build. The incline bench effectively targets the chest, front delts and triceps.

By performing the bench on an incline, you hit the upper chest harder than flat benching. This exercise develops a beautifully sculpted chest like a plate of armour. A lot of people focus way too much on flat benching, they end up over developing their lower pecs. This gives their chest a boob look. If you want to have a masculine chest you want to focus more on the incline bench. The standing press used to be considered the king of upper body strength. It turned boys into men.

As you get stronger on this exercise your shoulders, upper chest and arms will thicken. As well, you will develop a rock solid and stable core and lower body. It is one of the most effective movements known to man. The weighted chin up is almost so effective I had to stop doing them as my back was becoming too wide. It beats the shit out of any other pulling exercise. As you build strength and lean down, you will eventually be able to do a few bodyweight chin ups. You can gradually build up to 8 reps before thinking about adding weight.

Two of my favorite movements are front squats and bulgarian split squats. Both movements do an amazing job at building great thighs. Moreover, they both hit the VMO nicely. This gives your legs more thickness near the knee. Delivering much more aesthetic muscle proportion.

If you prefer traditional back squats, you can opt for those instead. It is safer on the lower back and does an amazing job developing the hamstrings, glutes and low back. In fact, if you want to build a great butt, which women love, then this exercise should definitely be included in your routine. We can dig into HOW to actually train for building lean muscle in an aesthetic way. See, when you combine these strategies - lifting 3x per week, focusing on the key movements, and then incorporate the strategies I'll talk about in the next lesson - your body will build jawdropping musculature while slicing off body fat to achieve the chiseled Warrior Physique.

Head to the next lesson to learn about the two most powerful methods of building muscle now Each has their place in this program for building lean, packed muscle in a way that's proportionate - like a Warrior. These two strategies are Reverse Pyramid training and Rest Pause training. I believe this to be the most effective style of training for strength and muscle growth. The premise of reverse pyramid training is that you will perform your heaviest set first after a strategic warm up.

You will perform one heavy all out set. Followed by progressively lighter sets. Full rest periods of minutes between sets is recommended. This is the most logical way to train. By hitting your heaviest set fresh, you are best able to promote strength and muscle gains. As well, it may be tempting to try and repeat that heavy set. As well, it makes sense to go a little lighter and pump out more reps and volume and give your central nervous system a little break from very heavy weights.

This is because the first heavy set triggers a state of heightened muscle activation. This means you get more muscle fibers firing for your lighter sets. Essentially this training style if the best of both worlds packaged into one beautiful system. I utilize this system for almost all my training. When you can do the top end of the rep range for a set, you will then increase the weight by 5 pounds the following workout. This is where you want to maximize muscle size. Rest Pause Training is very effective at getting more muscle growth out of a lightweight.

Now if you were to rest just seconds, your body would still be in a state of maximum muscle fiber recruitment. So rest pause training is one all out set for reps. Followed by a few more sets with just seconds rest.

Because seconds of rest is so short, you will likely only be doing reps for your mini sets. I have tailored this lifting program to build muscle in a downright proportionate way. The goal is to build up your v-shape, the strongest sign of physical attraction in men. As well, the program is designed to get you measurably stronger week after week. As you gain strength to the key lifts, your physique will become harder, denser and more muscular than ever before.

I recommend tracking your workouts in a notebook or in the notes section of your phone. Record the weight and reps for every set of each exercise. Then I will make sure to try and improve on every exercise each workout by adding a rep or adding 5 lbs. The first workout routine is designed for balanced chest and shoulder development. You will building strength throughout your entire body and your chest, shoulders and upper back will be hit the hardest.

The goal is to build the chiseled "Hollywood physique". This will really help accelerate muscle growth to the chest or shoulders, respectively speaking. Incline Barbell Bench Press: , , reverse pyramid 2. Flat Dumbbell Bench Press: , reverse pyramid 3.

Incline Dumbbell Curls: , , reverse pyramid 4. Rope Hammer Curls: , reverse pyramid 5. A light set for 6 reps, a slightly heavier set for 4 reps and a slightly heavier set for 2 reps. The goal is to warm you up to your first work set without causing you fatigue.

Then you will perform 3 sets of Incline Bench. If you can do the top end of the rep range on all three sets then increase the weight by 5 lbs. After incline bench, you want to rest a few minutes then go into flat dumbbell bench press.

You are already warmed up so you can go straight into your set of reps. When you can do the top end of the rep range on both sets, then increase the weight by 5 lbs. Next, you will be doing incline dumbbell curls. You can do one warm up set of 8 reps.

Rest a couple minutes then perform a heavy weight for reps. Rest a couple minutes then drop the weight by 5 lbs. Rest and drop the weight and perform a final set of reps. When you can do all three sets for 8 reps, increase the weight on all three sets the next workout. For Standing Hammer Rope Curls perform a set for reps. When you can do the top end of the rep range for both sets, increase the weight the next workout. Finish off with Bent Over Flies. Perform a weight you can do for reps.

Rest 10 seconds and perform reps. Bulgarian Split Squats: , , reverse pyramid 2. Romanian Deadlifts: , , reverse pyramid 3. Leg Extensions: , , reverse pyramid 4. Hanging Weighted Knee Raises: 3 sets of reps Notes I recommend warming up with two sets of Bulgarian split squats. Bodyweight for 8 reps per leg. And a light weight set for 6 reps per leg. Then you should pick a challenging weight for reps. Drop the weight by 10 lbs. For Romanian Deadlifts you should perform warm up sets of reps.

Then perform your heaviest set first for reps. When you can do all three sets for 8 reps, increase the weight by 5 lbs. For leg extensions you can go straight into your heaviest set for reps. When you can do all three sets for 12 reps, increase the weight the next workout. For hanging knee raises you want to perform 3 sets of reps. I recommend lowering your feet slightly in front of you to keep constant tension on your abs.

As well, lift your knees up as high as you can to make your body into a ball. This will hit your abs extremely hard. When you can do 3 sets of 15 reps, add weight between your feet, starting with 5 lbs. Standing Barbell Press: , , reverse pyramid 2. Weighted Chin ups: 6, 6 reps reverse pyramid 3. Seated Cable Rows: , reverse pyramid 4. Triceps Rope Pushdowns: , , reverse pyramid 5. A light set for 5 reps and a slightly heavier set for 3 reps.

Then you will perform 3 sets of standing press. After standing barbell press, you want to rest a few minutes then go into weighted chin-ups. Perform a warm up set with your bodyweight for 5 reps, followed by half of your work set weight for 3 reps. Perform a weight you can do for 6 reps. Rest 3 minutes then drop the weight by 20 lbs. Every workout add 2. When you can do the top end of the rep range on both sets, then increase the weight the next workout. Next you will be performing three sets of triceps cable rope pushdowns.

You can go straight into your heavy set. Perform your first set for reps. Perform another set for reps. When you can do the top end of the rep range on all three sets, increase the weight on all sets the next workout. Finish off with Lateral Raises. Weighted Chin ups: , RPT 4. Power Cleans: , , RPT 2. Hip Thrusts: , , RPT 4.

Cable Rows: , RPT 4. Triceps Pushdowns: , , RPT 5. Standing Barbell press: , RPT 3. Hammer Curls: , RPT 5. Front Squats: , , RPT 2. Romanian Deadlifts: , , RPT 3. Reverse Lunges: , RPT 4. Weighted Pull ups: , RPT 3. Let me simply state that the nutrition and lifting plan will get you into absolutely amazing condition.

In fact, if you were to just nail the nutrition and training you would achieve each and every one of your physique goals. So where does cardio come into play? Well cardio can help speed up fat loss a little bit. There is nothing magical to going for a hard minute run. There is nothing magical to doing intense interval training. The lifting supports the muscle mass. The nutrition supports fat loss and training performance. Cardio just helps burn additional calories.

So there is no reason why you need to kill yourself doing intense cardio or circuit training. All that does is hamper recovery and make your appetite ravenous. You can walk with a friend or listen to a podcast. You can do it simply on your rest days. If you play any active sport for that matter, then you can absolutely do those activities to increase your calorie burn.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, after you finish your strength training session, your body is essentially primed to burn fat. Therefore, it can help to add 20 minutes of fat burning cardio. The best style of cardio here would be low intensity. My preferred method is incline walking. You would walk on the treadmill somewhere between 3. Start with a 1 degree incline. Every minute, increase the incline by 1 degree. Do this for 10 minutes or until it gets very challenging.

Then, every minute decrease the incline by 1 degree. Now, by no means is this the only way to do incline walking. You could simply maintain a high incline of mph the whole time. Although this is quite a bit more challenging so consider walking a little slower 3. Benefits of Doing This By adding 20 minutes of cardio after your three workouts per week, you may start to notice the fat loss sheds off a little bit faster.

Expect to drop an extra pound of fat per month. The Optional Saturday Cardio Workout The Saturday Workout is an optional workout for those that want to push themselves a little harder and experience a slightly faster rate of fat loss. But for those that want to maintain a solid level of stamina and conditioning. You can get just as lean, strong and toned as you want, without doing this bonus workout.

That said, this workout will help you speed up fat loss a bit and develop some solid stamina. As well, you will boost your aerobic and anaerobic capacity and even improve your V02 max. I believe that as a Kino Warrior, you want to be fit for life. But a base level of conditioning is helpful too. This way you can keep up with your friends on the playing field. If you ever need to run fast, your legs and lungs will be on your side.

The good news is that a few sessions per week of intense incline walking can help boost your cardio and aerobic endurance. And one intense interval training session per week can help you maintain a base level of conditioning. This study shows impressive results with just one intense interval session per week. Granted, you will be performing three intense lifting sessions per week, plenty of brisk walking or incline walking and one interval session per week.

This is an awesome level of activity. Anything beyond this will reduce and hamper your recovery ability. As well, too much additional activity will likely cause your appetite to roar. There are 3 parts to each workout, to be done consecutively. In version 1, you'll start with the pyramid treadmill intervals. After you complete those, you'll do a few sets of hanging leg raises, and finally, you'll finish off the workout with some steady state walking at an incline.

Given that this workout is completely optional, it's up to you or how much you want to do. That said, the structure below is very effective for additional fat loss If you do these exercises properly, your legs will remain By strengthening your upperbody you will be firmer and better proportioned.

You may add a little bit of muscle to your legs, but it will be the perfect amount. This is what I call lowerbody proportion training. Because these exercises will hit your glutes the hardest, you can get that perfect butt without overdoing your leg development.

Fire hydrant circles, butt raises and leg kicks for very high reps. The butt does not respond to banging out 50 reps for the burn. Women, due to their genetic differences, have a very limited capacity to gain upperbody muscle size. By getting your upperbody strong, you will add the perfect amount of muscle while still being compact. But the point is, women need to strength train to look their best! Why is this? Well because we are wired for survival.

So your body wants to remain as efficient as possible. Staying at a good looking body fat level and doing proper strength training will ensure you look good and stay fit and firm. Tying it Together The last piece of the puzzle is the core. Although, you need to be fairly lean for this to happen, otherwise any excess fat you have will blur and obscure muscle definition. Most women go about training their core the completely wrong way.

They favor long drawn out ab workouts that include countless repetitions of elementary movements. For abs training to have any impact you need to challenge yourself. It means working on exercises that are challenging within the first reps. The next step is to move to more challenging exercises. Now you can slim down and have a flat stomach, Why is this?

To have a great core you need to work it. By doing so, you can develop some We need to get the muscle stronger for definition and make your stomach it to become better developed. So say goodbye to the marathon crunch 8 workouts. And get ready for some movements that are going to challenge the heck out of you. Not just for improving health, strength and overall fitness - but for creating an awe inspiring, fit and sexy body. Unfortunately, most women steer clear of strength training.

Little do they know that they are passing up on the most powerful tool in their proverbial tool box for drastically improving their appearance. Go to any fitness club and what do you see? Thankfully this is starting to change, albeit very, very slowly. Strength Training Makes You Bulky? For a long time, I was convinced that training with weights would make a women bulky and ruin her feminine shape. And instead, girls should hit the treadmills and ellipticals to stay petite and sexy.

With the help of common sense and science, this painful myth is starting to be uncovered for what it really is - utter nonsense. To get that sleek and sexy body, a woman must strength train to add a little muscle in the right areas to enhance her shape.

Your muscles need a reason to grow. Pushing them to become stronger and handle more resistance works. Teaching them to do elementary activities for extended periods of time does not. A properly designed strength training program for women will support the sexy and feminine shape that she is after. It will add just enough muscle to her body to make her look fit, toned and athletic.

She will look strong and capable, yet feminine and beautiful. A combination that projects independence and commands attention. Someone who has lost 20 lbs in 4 months may have very well lost only 15 lbs of fat and 5 lbs of muscle. Conversely, someone who was performing proper strength training during those 5 months more likely would have dropped 20 lbs in scale weight but lost 25 lbs of fat and gained 5 lbs of muscle.

On the scale, these two women would appear identical. However, they would The reality is that the true number is a lot less than 50 calories and more along look completely different. The one that did strength training would appear the lines of calories. So gaining some muscle hardly has any impact on much more defined, taut and fit. That said, there is an incredible Maintaining Leanness with mechanism that makes strength Strength Training training very effective for achieving leanness.

In this instance, strength training good chunk of muscle. Our bodies are wired towards efficiency and this means can be a valuable tool to limit any losing a combination of fat and muscle. The only way to ensure you retain or even increase muscle mass is by performing strength training. This signals to your body that you need to When you perform proper strength training, you improve something known as nutrient partitioning. This signals your body to divert and store calories 11 into your muscle tissues over fat stores.

This, my friend, is the waist-to-hip ratio. So if two people overfed for two weeks, one did cardio and one did strength In fact, this simple ratio is so powerful, training, the one that did strength if you look back at all the Playboy training would come out on top. Even if they gained the same amount of weight, the lifter would end up with When you just slim down with diet and more muscle and less fat. If they both wanted to dial in their nutrition and get back to their previous So as your waist slims down so does body fat percentage the lifter would your hips and bust.

To build a very attractive body that Looking Great in and out looks ravishing in and out of your of a sexy outfit favorite outfits, you must exercise to support these key ratios. This way, There are many women that simply when you lean down, you end up with focus on doing lots of cardio and a butt that turns yourself on! You have dieting to achieve a slim shape. This a round perky butt and you strengthen unfortunately is a very rough process the upperbody - improving posture that requires a lot of sheer willpower while keeping your chest perked up and and sacrifice.

These women might look great in their cute little outfits, but more often than not, when it gets time to throw off the couture or step to the beach, they wonder what happened to all the attention. They might have flat abs and skinny legs but they lack the true feminine shape that strength training This is accomplished by strengthening the body in a balanced format that supports proper posture and shoulder position.

When you create balance and postural integrity, you will radiate confidence and create the illusion of having perkier boobs. Furthermore, when the upper chest is strong, you will help get your boobs to sit a little higher. This is just scratching the surface at how the Goddess Toning Program will completely transform your body. This is how Lat Pull Down you develop slim and fit legs with a Lat pull down is a great exercise to great butt. Eventually you may want to work up to With the upperbody, we want to focus full chin ups, but the first step is to get on balance and proportion.

This will strong on the lat pull down. You can do this with hands facing away or hands facing you. Chin-ups or lat pull downs will help build this beautifully. You may notice they hold a little higher and they are slightly more prominent. Seated DB Shoulder Press The shoulder press is a great movement to strengthen your shoulders and triceps back of the arms. The shoulder press will also help support your v shape from your shoulders to your waist.

As well, you will develop more tone in your shoulders and arms. You will also create a little separation between your shoulders and arms. This will make you look more fit and toned, instead of just skinny. This forces you to keep your Incline bench and flat bench are the chest up. Sitting onto a box forces you primary movements to build your entire to use your butt and hamstring muscles chest. Strengthening your pectorals is a to sit back onto the box.

A goblet squat key strategy to give your boobs a little onto a box is a way to ensure optimal lift. Many girls want to keep chest, you will increase the muscle and their legs fit and toned without adding shape under your breasts, giving your much size to their legs. This will accomplish the goal of having slim fit and athletic legs combined with a great booty.

Sumo Deadlifts The sumo deadlift is performed by assuming a sumo stance feet wide apart , and lifting a barbell off the ground with straight arms. This movement hits your legs, butt and lowerback. It will really build the posterior chain the most - hamstrings, butt and lower back.

Sumo deads are one of the best movements to strengthen the posterior chain. This is a tough lift, but if you work hard at it, you will build an incredible butt. Furthermore, the sumo deadlift is a highly functional movement that will assist you in life. The ability to lift an object off the ground is about as functional as it gets.

Forward Lunges or Step-Ups Forward lunges or step-ups are great exercises to do because they build single leg strength and stability. It forces you to keep both legs of equal strength. Moreover, these two exercises hit the butt very hard, if you do them correctly. The key is to keep the weight on the heel of the foot. This will activate the glutes the hardest.

Combine that with a focus on incline presses, lat pull downs and shoulder press and you will have an amazing physique. This is because the sumo deadlift teaches you how to keep your back flat and engaged. Planks and side planks will develop your TVA transversus abdominis muscle. This is your deep core muscle that acts as your inner corset. A weak TVA leads to a sloppy droopy gut. When you become strong at planks your core will be more firm and taut.

As well, a strong TVA will injury-proof your body and improve your posture. Lying leg raises and hanging knee raises will strengthen your entire core, from top to bottom. This creates a slim and defined waist. That being said, we can improve the definition and firmness of our abs by strengthening them with core exercises. Leg raise variations also promote a strong low back. Keep in mind, most of your results will come from nailing your nutrition, Finally, I recommend including a hip proper cardio and strength training.

If you get really abs training completely wrong. A great They kill their posture from tons of exercise and advanced yoga movement. You can perform hanging knee raises hanging from a pull up bar or in a captain chair. Performing tons of sets and exercises will increase the fluid and glycogen in your muscles, making them bigger and puffier. Not what we want is it? No way! This is hands down the most effective workout program to build the fit, toned and strong body that women want. This is your push and pull performing lots of volume triggers workout.

This workout will improve something known as sarcoplasmic your posture and strengthen your major hypertrophy. Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy upperbody muscles. The volume is This is one of the reasons why high rep kept relatively low.

Building tone is about building on Monday and Friday. This will build strength while staying lean or strength and increase tone in your legs getting lean. You will increase the size of the contractual filaments of the muscle - this is known as myofibrillar hypertrophy.

Myofibrillar hypertrophy from lower volume strength training as we will be doing in this program will make your muscles stronger, harder and more compact. This is quality muscle. It will improve your strength, power and firmness far more than training for the pump. To wrap up, focusing on getting stronger to build the perfect amount of muscle, while using proper nutrition and cardio to promote fat loss is the best way to build a slim, sexy, hard body.

Afterwards you can simply go straight into your first work set for all of the other exercises. For example, if your goal is to do sumo deadlifts with lbs for 5 reps. Then you would do 90 lbs for 5 reps and lbs for 5 reps. You might do On lateral raises and bent over flyes you are picking a weight you can do for 12 reps.

After you do your first set of 12 reps, you rest seconds and bang out 10 reps with the same weight. Rest seconds again and bang out 8 reps. You do this once more for 6 reps. Then you drop the weight by 5 lbs and pump out reps. Each workout you want to try and finish this with less rest between sets.

When you get down to less than 30 seconds rest between sets, increase the weight. For push-ups you will be doing a quality set. This simply means stop about reps before complete failure. Do a pushup variation that you can do for reps. This might be kneeling push-ups, standard push-ups or feet elevated on a bench push-ups the hardest variation. Progression Once you can build up to the top end of the rep range for all three sets, the next workout you will add 5 lbs. So when you can do 3 sets of 6 reps on sumo squats, you will add 5 lbs to the bar the next workout.

We can use certain principles to continue increasing strength and muscle firmness without triggering muscle hypertrophy muscle growth. This is true for men, but especially true for women. When women focus on strength training while maintaining a low body fat, they will invariably end up with a great and proportionate looking body. However, sometimes you can end up adding more muscle than you like. If you were to keep training hard, that muscle would likely get a little bigger.

The strategy involves using a weight you can lift times until muscle failure, and just do sets of reps. By stopping a few reps shy of failure, you can firm up your muscles, without triggering muscle growth. In fact, this is a strategy I have been using with overwhelming success myself. My legs and back tend to grow very easily. To avoid spilling out of my jackets and pants, I will focus on stopping several reps shy of failure on my back and leg exercises.

That said, to keep improving my strength and athleticism, I will generate maximum force during each rep. A strong nervous system can send more powerful nerve impulses into the muscles. As well, there will be greater ionic flow across the muscle cell membranes. This type of training will improve your nervous system and muscular coordination - the ability to generate I recommend performing only 2 sets instead of 3 sets for muscle groups that you want to maintain.

More ionic flow, leads to your muscles maintaining more tension in a relaxed state. This extra tension More ionic flow, leads to your muscles during rest leads to a firmer body maintaining more tension in a relaxed assuming body fat levels are kept low. Hands down, the athlete will have a fit Example of how it looks! Rest 2 mins between sets DB Forward Lunges: 2 sets of 6 reps per leg use a weight you can do between x.

Rest 2 mins between sets Take away points! That said, this is a technique that is great to have in your repertoire for when the times comes. This is increasingly true when we are talking about fat loss. Very rarely do people give cardio the credit it deserves. On one hand you have people that completely overvalue cardio training. On the other hand you have people that consider cardio to be a complete waste of time.

In this chapter I wish to clear up any confusion regarding cardio and its role in fat loss and body composition. However, for those of us who are mostly sedentary, this no cardio approach can mean one of two things when it comes to losing weight: Say No to Cardio? I feel that this can be an effective approach and a great starting point for most people.

The reality of the situation is that most of us are sedentary. We drive to work, sit on our butts all day and spend a negligible amount of time on our feet. This habit of relying on excessive amounts results in very low energy expenditures. To even tap into a calorie deficit, That being said, the lift and diet we have to eat a very modest strategy only works well for amount of food.

As well, getting exercise amount of cardio will be even more effective. This train of thinking is on a daily basis helps with dietary flawed and leads to doing more harm adherence. People are more likely to follow through with their diet if they are than good. With too much cardio you can cause what is known as cardio exercising that day. I have found that for sedentary individuals, getting compensation.

This is where you reach minutes of exercise on non-lifting days a point where any additional calories burned will result in a proportional can help tremendously. If you were to skip longer hour cardio workouts. In addition, minutes of cardio is relatively short. How many of us watch Perspective a few hours of TV each day?

A serving However, on your rest days of dessert after dinner could completely your maintenance requirements are off set that one hour of cardio. In this scenario your 60 minutes in the gym was traded for the few minutes of pleasure from a dessert.

This scenario is common with people who solely use cardio to stay lean and let the chips fall where they may on their diet. Obviously this is not an ideal strategy for body composition. However, this is not the approach I am suggesting. My preference is to pay close attention to your diet and to use cardio synergistically. This is the ultimate fat loss plan. Body fat Why Cardio Should Be Used On your lifting days you can consume calories and lose close to a pound of fat per week.

Unfortunately on your rest days you would need to cut calories down to to be at that same calorie deficit. If you feel this way then cardio is probably for you! So ultimately, with cardio, you should already be eating under your calorie requirements.

Cardio will help increase that calorie deficit so that you can lose fat at an appreciable rate. Now for the sake of simplicity and convenience I will outline a fun cardio protocol that you can do at your gym. The goal of the session is to burn calories, increase fat loss and avoid boredom. Ultimately, the type of cardio you should do is what you enjoy the most provided that you stick to a couple key principles: Toned Body Cardio Workout 1.

Aim to burn a certain number of calories per session: Avoid activity that impairs recovery for strength and muscle building workouts. This is not because I feel that intervals magically boost my metabolism to the stratosphere but rather, it goes by much faster as my mind always has something The options are endless, really!

You can to focus on. With that type of hit up the cardio machines, play a multitude of sports, swim, hike, shadow training, you are at a risk of cutting into recovery capabilities while on a diet. The aim of course is for movement and For these, I like to use a 2 degree incline and walk at 3. For my realizing all of the amazing health first interval I will run at a comfortable benefits of daily exercise.

With each interval that passes I 31 will build up the speed. So I might do Again the options are endless for this: I like to hit up an elliptical style machine, the one with the handles that you can push. I opt to avoid the bike and the rower for a couple of reasons: Much of my day is spent in the seated, spine compressing position, why add to that while exercising?

As well, I can burn significantly more calories on the elliptical machine. This is completely different than how I approach my strength training workouts, which are very structured, goal oriented and maximal effort. Make sure to manually enter My favorite modalities for this part of your weight into the machine for a more the cardio workout include: jumping accurate calorie burn reading.

For incline walking 2. Steady State Cardio I will pyramid the incline for fun. During the second portion of the workout you will aim to burn the remainder of your calorie target off. Now I should mention that walking is great when the weather is nice. Therefore it may be preferable to hit the cardio machines at your gym or play some indoor sports. Another option, instead of going to the gym for cardio is to simply get minutes of brisk walking. Aim to walk about 3 miles 5 kms. Walking has actually become my preferred exercise activity on my non-lifting days.

I will usually plug in an audio book and go for a minute walk. I kill two birds with one stone; I get some reading done and I can also burn a fair amount of calories. A 3 mile walk will burn 5 calories per kg of bodyweight. Not too shabby. Furthermore, walking will in no way shape or form cut into your recovery capabilities. On the contrary, pounding the pavement definitely takes its toll. Plus, usually you are so enthralled with the new environment that one hour goes by like a blink of an eye.

Combine that with breakfast skipping and you can eat triumphant meals and enjoy a moderate amount of alcohol without gaining an ounce of fat. In order to reach a low body fat it is essential that you eat at a caloric deficit. By consuming fewer calories than your body burns, it will be forced to use stored energy body fat for fuel. However, this is much easier said than done. Current nutrition wisdom makes it very difficult to eat at a caloric deficit.

In this chapter I am going to discuss the most effective tactics to master eating at a deficit. In addition, many of these tactics will also serve to maximize lean body mass retention and boost mental performance. So why would you try to lose body fat without tracking your calorie intake? When you have no idea how many calories you are taking in, losing body fat becomes much more difficult. Therefore it is critical that you track your calorie intake.

In addition, by tracking your calories, dietary adherence becomes much greater. You are much less likely to overeat because you know exactly how much to eat and when to stop. With smart phones, it is absolutely effortless to track your calories and macronutrients. I use the iPhone app MyNetDiary to track my calorie and macronutrient intake.

All you require is a digital food scale to get the proper weight of a particular food. Then you can find the food in the app, enter the serving size and it will add the calories and macros to your daily total. When you track your calorie intake, you learn vital metrics, such as what foods fill you up and satisfy you the best.

As well as which foods are problematic. By problematic, I mean which foods are simply not worth the calorie intake they hit you with. Skip Breakfast or Light Snacks between meals add to your Breakfast to Maximize Fat caloric intake without raising your Burning satiety to any meaningful degree.

The only drinks you should more food energy left in your system have are water, coffee and tea. This is the ideal scenario for fat burning. The only exception here is if you are going to be having a couple of alcoholic If you push your first meal later into the drinks on the weekend. After all, you day — hours after rising — you will be have to live a little! Throw a cup or two of black snacking rule and that is fruit.

That said, the worst thing you can This gives you an adrenalin boost, do is to mindlessly snack on food enhances mental performance and between meals. The myth that skipping breakfast makes you store more fat is exactly that, a myth. The only way to store more fat is to eat more calories. If skipping breakfast helps you control your calorie intake then skipping breakfast is an invaluable tool for getting and staying lean.

After a few weeks your body will adapt to skipping breakfast and you will no longer get hungry during the fast. With that said, some women do not like skipping breakfast and perform best on a light breakfast. This approach of skipping breakfast and pushing your first meal later in the day or eating a light breakfast allows you to eat big meals and feel considerably full and satisfied while staying in a calorie deficit.

Food Choice When eating at a caloric deficit, food choice is very important. Lean protein and veggies are very satiating. As well, carbohydrate sources like potatoes and sweet potatoes are notoriously high on the satiety index. Meaning they are able to keep you full for a very long time compared to other foods of equal calories. Crunchy fruits like apples also do a beautiful job satisfying hunger and cravings.

Very fatty meats, nuts, rice, juices, protein shakes, crackers, cookies and many packaged foods tend to do a poor job at raising satiety. I recommend paying close attention to the fullness effect of the foods you include in your diet on a regular basis. During the first few weeks of this program, ask yourself if this food is worth the calories and something you want to eat on a regular basis.

Make no mistake, I indulge regularly on delicious foods and sweets. I just gravitate to the foods that give me more bang for the buck calories. Frozen yogurt ice cream with chocolate chips is my favorite. Low fat cheese is also another great option at raising satiety. Moreover, dairy protein sources like low fat cheese have been shown to improve fat loss on a diet. Glycemic index has no bearing on fat loss. Moreover, when you are eating carbs with protein, veggies and fat, the absorption of the carb food is automatically reduced, rendering the glycemic index useless.

Another interesting note is that some women find that just a few small squares of dark chocolate kicks their sugar cravings. In this case, chocolate can definitely be included into your daily meal plan in moderation. I mean after all, if just calories of chocolate is all it takes to keep you satisfied and happy on your diet, then by all means, include it.

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There are also routines you can perform on your rest days. I actually encourage you to get out, get active, and live your life with all the freedom you now have. All routines are in an easy-to-read PDF format. No matter the experience level, you can start the Greek God Program today! Inside the program, everything is laid out for a hassle-free experience. And most importantly, the core exercises come with "How-To" demonstration videos, so you know exactly how to perform each exercise before you even arrive at the gym.

The success of this program relies on having a gym membership or building your own home gym. In this program, you will be using weights, benches, barbells, dumbbells, and machines. If you do not have access to any kind of gym, we recommend using our Bodyweight Mastery Program to get these results you're looking for.

This program is catered and handcrafted to induce the most powerful change in improving your body and developing the perfect ratios. Given that this program is extremely laser-focused and strategic, you will start to see results almost immediately. Within the first 2 weeks, you will look better. You'll put on muscle quickly and your body will start to become firm and dense.

Of course, to create the full effect it will take 24 weeks to take your body from where it is now to an incredible transformation. The Goddess Toning Program is a full-blown week program. The program also has additional routines to fill a whole year's worth of workouts. You have to follow a sensible strategy that works with your body to put on minimal fat, increase strength and support amazing changes. This program is designed to give you the most freedom possible.

Simply put, meal plans do not allow this. We prefer giving you the tools to calculate the amount of calories, protein, carbs, and fat that you need in your diet on a daily basis to achieve your goals. You can achieve this with your favorite foods, which makes reaching your ultimate goals practically effortless. Close menu. Shop All.

Best Seller Lean Stack. Kino Brain. Kino Octane Pre Workout. Kino Collagen Protein. Kino Gains Creatine. Kino Aminos EAA's. Kino Sleep. Supplement Stacks. My Login. Main Programs. Original Programs. Movie Star Chef. Log in. Close bag. Kino Brain Now Available! Transform with Greek God. Buy now. I made a lot of progress and got a lot stronger, but one thing was bothering me.

The workload of 5 heavy sets was pretty taxing, and in order to keep progressing, you need to eat a lot. And all most beginner weight lifting programs care about is that you get stronger as fast as possible. I looked about the same, and the belly fat I had before I started was sticking around.

It promised low enough volume that you could continue to get stronger while cutting down on body fat, with the ultimate goal of looking something like Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Christian Bale in American Psycho. Then comes the good stuff, which is why we all got the program, right? The workouts! The Warrior Shredding Program includes 3 workouts to be done each week on non-consecutive days. An upper body workout that focuses on shoulders, a lower body workout, and another upper body workout that focuses on the chest.

The routines come written out in text form, then you also get 3 videos with Greg walking you through each workout. The Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program is hosted on Teachable, a fairly well known online learning site. That makes browsing through the program information pretty enjoyable and makes it easy to jump around between sections. With my previous routine, my workouts had been creeping up to the hour plus range, sometimes taking almost 90 minutes.

My Kinobody Warrior Shredding workouts take a crisp minutes. Reverse Pyramid Training usually calls for reps for your heaviest work, but you also get a chance to frequently drop the weight down and go for 8, 10, 12 or more reps. RPT really makes a lot of sense for someone who wants to make strength gains while on a cut.

Every time you do an exercise, you either add weight or reps. Anyone who has done heavy squats knows how quickly you can pack on size to your legs. But if you just want to look great on the beach, massive powerlifting thighs might not be exactly what you want. It works. Stick with it long enough and the big changes will come.

Some extra tips on form and variations would have been great.

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Kinobody Greek God Program Review; A Good Lean Bulking Program?


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