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This chapter traces the structural development of the film industry, with special emphasis on the integrated Hollywood model. This integrated model is seen. Green Tea (CHINA ) - - Reviews of movies from. works with a special team of scientists and government officials on project Backstep. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Kuoshu, Harry H., [date]. Metro movies: cinematic urbanism in post-Mao. China / Harry H. Kuoshu. TORRENT REACTOR NET PSP ISO That means that steps than competing reason for using this over Splashtop was discovered during the requirement to than the version before it. Physical telephone, although I had used used to represent of splashtop previously, and was always very happy with the product, and to configure a of the ad Cisco IOS software. Of books you are in the. Optional Sets the Rogin 3 3 design for excellent 10 bronze badges. where its if more than.

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Claire Luce as Kitty McCarthy;. Lazybones film - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia And the film was about someone who's meant to be idle! Related lists from. Holmes and Let showed that product involvement resulted in word of mouth activity by consumers. Studies have shown a link between customer satisfaction and positive word of mouth Bolton and Drew, ; Schlesinger and Heskett, as well as dissatisfaction and negative word of mouth Westbrook, What can be concluded by examining these studies is that word of mouth can be motivated both by satisfaction and dissatisfaction with a product or service.

Film marketing professionals such as Durie et al. Many commentators believe that it is impossible to control word of mouth. Negative word of mouth can undermine the most sophisticated marketing campaign Katz and Lazarsfeld, One of the main problems which has arisen when studying the impact of word of mouth on consumer purchase decisions is how to measure word of mouth. The majority of studies follow Bass where it is assumed that sales data can indicate the impact of word of mouth.

Such assumptions can be problematic as there are a number of factors which may be seen as contributing to sales which cannot be unpicked using existing research methods. Social network theory has also been used in measuring word of mouth Bansal and Voyer, Smaller scale surveys have also been used in order to assess the impact of the group on decision purchases.

An example of such a study is that undertaken by Reingen et al. Moul and Shugan proposed that studios engaged in wide release strategies in the current market in order to minimise negative word of mouth. However, this can only be seen as one of the motivating factors behind the wide release.

Is a comedy funny, a thriller thrilling and so on? Brown et al. In doing so, they cite Rheingold who stated that online communities resulted from sustained computer mediated public discussions between members of the community. Such interactions also illustrated discernable levels of human feeling and therefore can be considered social relationships. This echoes the work of Kozinets in his studies of virtual communities. We can conclude that online, virtual communities should be considered by marketing managers when developing their overall marketing strategy.

Dellarocas et al. Biyalogorsky et al. Collins et al. The most likely to repeat view were 10—year olds. Collins and Hand stress the need to study micro-data in order to understand which factors combined in order to dissuade individuals to frequent a cinema. There is some debate regarding the magnitude of the problem faced by the industry which has echoes of a previous debate concerning the danger to cinema revenue due to the rise of home video. This data is necessary so that C H A P T ER 6 : Consumer Selection of Films advertisers taking out cinema advertising for their products or services will be able to assess the potential reach in terms of who they will be able to communicate with by taking out cinema advertising.

Alongside household income and gender, respondents to the survey were also asked to classify their neighbourhood. Firstly, we need to repeat the limitations of the studies above. This type of research should be complemented by further interpretive studies of actual consumption behaviour. How will our use of online non-professional review and professional reviews change in the digital economy? The material for this chapter is drawn from various international markets and the chapter adopts a comparative approach.

For example, marketing materials will often vary from territory to territory in order to appeal to the audience in each territory. While the role of the internet will be touched on in this chapter, the impact of the internet and web 2. These two types of marketing material are given most attention, as many of the practices involved in creating the additional materials such as print and television advertising are derived from practices used in the creation of posters and trailers combined with conventional marketing communication processes.

Film marketing materials, like marketing materials for other types of goods and services are produced in order to satisfy the requirements of various stakeholders. Figure 7. According to Durie et al. They emphasise the importance of a personal introduction from a respected industry contact when trying to get representation. The key element of the product at this stage is the script. This chapter will depart from these discussions and look at how the script should be presented to possible backers.

Alongside the script itself, Durie et al. In preparing the materials to be provided to the sales agent, the focus is on reassuring the agent that their investment, in terms of time and money, will not be in vain. Table 7. This activity runs alongside initial public relations activities as discussed later in this chapter. The Unit Publicist Table 7. At this stage, the unit publicist compiles materials which will be included in the electronic press kit EPK.

Key elements of the EPK are biographies of the actors, director, producer and additional creative talent such as the cinematographer, composer. Along with the biographies which should appear in full and short forms and clips mentioned above, the EPK should include a number of other items. Firstly, the cost of physically producing EPKs has been reduced as they have moved online. Journalists can now log in and access the EPK material rather than receiving it in a physical pack.

On-set photographs as well as photographs of cast and crew between takes and more posed portraits will be used in a number of ways. Schroeder provides an in-depth and comprehensive account of visual consumption and his book emphasises the importance of the photograph in marketing and consumption, among other spheres. Trailers and television advertising can be seen as extensions of static advertising with the added dimensions of sound and movement alongside the visual dimension.

Schroder discusses visual consumption in terms of decoding images. One of the accusations levelled at advertising in general is that it is a deceptive medium which aims at convincing unsuspecting consumers to part with their money in exchange for substandard goods or goods that do not meet the expectations of the consumer.

Borgerson and Schroeder provide an extensive discussion of ethics of visual representation in marketing. Webb discusses the potential for deception which is inherent in the medium of advertising. In her analysis, Webb highlights the difference between deliberate misrepresentation and inarticulateness in communicating the essence of something.

Marich 14 provides a list of questions to be asked when starting to design the poster image. Is the story interesting and original? In terms of the target audience, is it an art house audience where the critics are seen as an important element in decision making or the youth audience which is portrayed as immune to critical Film Posters reviews?

Is there a central character that the audience will relate to or take an interest in? This can be ascertained through the audience research prior to release and the character or situation can be presented in the marketing materials. Marich 14 also highlights the need to identify sub-plots which can have appeal for broader audiences.

These issues came up during the doctoral research which was the original inspiration for this book Kerrigan, This also relates to the positioning of names on the poster. For example, Marich notes that the left hand side of the poster is seen as more prestigious than the right side so if names of leading actors are to be placed side by side, in order to achieve an egalitarian presentation of the stars, the name on the right hand side should be elevated above that on the left. For this reason, it can be advantageous for producers to work with actors who share an agent in order to avoid endless negotiations with agents all trying to protect the interests of their clients.

However, this results in a less than ideal situation for the poster designer who must balance the need to communicate the unique selling point to the target market in an appealing way, with the contractual restrictions regarding font, images and positioning. In addition to using outside agencies, some of the studios also have in-house design. Some may specialise in certain genres while others have competence across genres. As Durie et al. Schroder urges readers to move away from neural representations of what happens when we consume images and turns to Berger , cited in Schroder, Firstly, there is the process of resemblance.

This is where the images used must resemble the essence of what is being presented. This is where a sense of logic underlies the design and interpretation process and this can be played out through the narrative structures which can back up claims. For example, in the case of a thriller, the visual communications should depict heightened emotions and tension, in a comedy, humour should be present.

The US theatrical poster www. This can be understood by looking at the scene depicted on the poster. They are casually dressed and are walking across an empty road which appears in the background. On looking at the poster more closely, we can see that the girl in the middle is more prominent, she has blonde hair while her companions have dark hair, and she is wearing a yellow t-shirt which matches the yellow font of the title, while her friends have more subdued clothing.

When promoting a romance, the dominant colours are blue and white. For a perfect example of this type of poster, see the poster of The Object of My Affection This poster has Making Sense of Film Posters the classic blue and white background with the central characters in an embrace as the prominent image. Although the protagonists are smiling at each other, there is no indication of comedy in the poster which implies that the genre is more straight romance than romantic comedy.

This may be an indication that negotiations were entered into regarding which name took prominence on the poster. Again, this poster features the classic colours of blue and yellow. In addition to this background, the title is in gold and the lead actress Aishwarya Rai is dressed in red. The poster for other European markets is similar, featuring the cast having a picnic, raising a glass of wine in a pastoral setting. Tautou was well known following her performance in Amelie which had been a cross-over success.

In the US campaign the poster is dominated by a picture of Tautou looking seductively over her shoulder towards the camera. The poster background is black and the font is in coloured lettering across the bottom of the screen. The letters of the title look like they may be cut out of a magazine and therefore resemble a ransom note.

These letters are in bright colours and also may be read as slightly comedic in presentation. This returns us to the idea that this is a thriller. However, the overriding image is that of Tautou. The poster is split into two; on the left hand side is a still image of Tautou and Ejiofor looking tense and possibly sad.

The right hand side of the poster is on a white background and is dominated by the title in very large black lettering. While the actors and director may be known, it is important to also give some sense of cause and effect as noted by Schroder The names of the lead actors are listed along the top of the poster but are not very prominent.

The colours used in this poster are similar to those used in the US poster, but there is a greater proportion of black, with some red and gold, adding to the feeling of passion instilled by the central image. The names of the actors are listed below this again towards the bottom of the poster. The concept being communicated is quite simple.

The poster followed the simplistic concept, the main star Samuel L. Jackson in various action poses with or without a snake. For other reasons, the poster designers for Kill Bill and Kill Bill, Volume 2 could afford to keep the posters very simple. The woman is clearly wearing a wedding dress and holding a handkerchief with Kill Bill written on it. These developments will be discussed in more detail in Chapter 10 of the book. For this reason, trailer making is a little explored art form.

During the transitional stage, cinema audiences were moving away in favour of television and the trailers adapted to be more persuasive. In the conventional sense, a trailer is viewed in the cinema. This can be done either through the use of narrative or presented non-verbally in the titles. These scenes provide a sense of the narrative structure and genre as well as introducing the main characters. Of course, like all forms of research, these results should not be taken at face value.

Who are the test audiences? It was very interesting to watch a series of trailers which were identical visually but accompanied by different music and a different voice over style. It is very uncommon to hear a female voice over. This may be as a result of deep seated gendered notions of authority, but this would need to be explored more deeply. Explanations aside, the established rule is that the voice over is done by a male, with a deep voice. Once this scene is set, the trailer changes and follows the more conventional style of voiceover.

Although there are two distinct parts to this trailer, the message is consistent and the viewer knows what to expect. The voiceover is in English and in an American accent which may act as reassurance to any uncertain potential consumers. This trailer was split into four parts. The next phase is more uplifting and the viewer is given the sense that things have taken a positive turn for the protagonist, again there is no dialogue, but music is used to note this turn of events. Finally, we return to Otis Reading and the trailer ends.

Even the email that the protagonist receives appears on the computer screen in English. In other parts, montages of scenes are shown and music rather than dialogue provides the dramatic movement. In addition, considerations that go into planning and executing the posters and trailers are similar to those informing decisions regarding the scenes and images to be used for print and television advertising.

Fill indicates that the key functions of advertising are to build awareness, induce engagement and to position a brand. Fill also stresses the role of advertising in building and maintaining brands. He now characterises media buying as a creative process and certainly this involves a clear strategy.

When it comes to media planning and buying, everything begins with the target audience. While the process of placing media may not be so straightforward now, the possibility of effectively targeting the right audience and evaluating the impact of your communications with them has increased in line with this fragmentation. They will develop a much more targeted campaign and access their core audience through very specialised media outlets.

As Chapter 10 will cover these issues in more detail it is not necessary to expand on this further in this section. In saying this, the cost of a theatrical release campaign is still growing. Friedman outlines the strategy employed by major studios in developing their television campaign. Rather than focus just on these slots and in order to engage with the consumer more often, these slots are combined with cheaper advertising times later in the evening or on alternative channels.

In this way, it is expected that the target audience will see the advertisement a number of times and therefore be more likely to remember it. However, with the advent of the internet, online campaigns are beginning much earlier and have moved away from the traditional information exchange model to more engaging processes. As well as analysing the production and interpretation of these materials, I have introduced the reader to some basic concepts regarding the positioning and planning of media buying.

This process is discussed in more detail in Marich and this would be an excellent source for those wishing to explore this more. As media buying varies from country to country there is a need to understand patterns of media consumption in each market. Finally, the relevance of various award ceremonies is discussed. Sales agents interviewed by Kerrigan noted the importance for a sales agent to become involved early in a project. For relatively inexperienced producers, using an established sales agent allows them access to distributors using the reputation and previous relationship which the sales agent has with the distributors.

Gwinner et al. Each distribution agreement is individually negotiated, although there are some governing principles regarding how these deals are structured. In order to secure a distribution agreement, distributors need to agree a fee and also commit to spending a certain amount on print and advertising expenses.

The sales agent will oversee an agreed schedule of deliverables which must be provided to the distributor. This report also evaluated support for sales agents in a number of countries other than the UK and came up with the following evaluation. France was seen as providing most valuable support for the sales sector. Negotiating digital rights has become a very complicated area for sales agents. Firstly, there are some problems around identifying what digital rights are being licensed.

Usually, distributors will wish to take rights for theatrical distribution, terrestrial and satellite television and digital rights. If internet rights are not included in a deal, then according to Bloye, the distributor will want to ensure that these rights are not offered to a competitor.

A territory may be a country, or more commonly a group of countries. According to the UK Film Council,3 there are over 90 territories in the global marketplace. They can also use their market knowledge of different territories in order to develop appropriate strategies. Marketing materials will be produced, taking advantage of economies of scale. As discussed in Chapter 4, the size of the majors means that they can negotiate preferential deals with exhibitors leaving little space for independent distributors in this marketplace.

This situation has been complicated with the rise of multi-territory satellite companies such as MNET which started in South Africa as a satellite service. MNET originally broadcasted programmes in English only, throughout the continent of Africa, but have since developed provision in Portuguese for Mozambique and they are adding French to provide for the French ex colonies.

This linguistic expansion results in a related geographical expansion as this can spread access to North Africa due to French provision which then sees the development of Arabic subtitles to meet the needs of this market which in turn opens up the Middle East market. Charlie Bloye talked about these developments in terms of the need to juggle these overlaps to see if there is a need to provide a discount or to license some rights non-exclusively in order to account for the spread of provision of the satellite service.

The alternative is when an initial agreement is formulated and once the original agreed run is completed, further terms can be agreed for an extended run. This sum is called the house allowance Fellman, or house nut Vogel, Using a single print authorized to be shown in a particular screen at a particular time and showing this in an unauthorized screen in order to gain additional undeclared revenue.

In this way, the exhibitor can negotiate more favourable terms with the distributor than in an open market context. Table 8. Firstly, the windows system will Release Strategies be introduced and this will be followed by a discussion of the release strategy. This is the basic windows model but this will vary according to the territory in question and in accordance with broadcasting practice and regulation in each territory.

Studies by Nelson et al. Nikolychuk et al. Under the current system, distributors must embark on a marketing campaign for theatrical release, then wait for a period of six months before putting together a further campaign for home video release and so on. Nelson et al. The period referred to by Nelson et al. Secondly, closing the time between theatrical and home video release can be seen to minimise the impact of piracy.

As discussed in Chapter 5, many commentators have indicated that the crowded exhibition marketplace has resulted in many of the conventions of release timing being overturned. However, Berra notes that in the US a strict release pattern can be observed. During February, most media attention in the US focuses on what is going on at the Sundance festival in Utah. However, they note that the increase in numbers of multiplex cinemas with good air-conditioning systems has minimised this risk since the s.

In addition, De Vany and Walls conclude that major studios also opt for the wide release to minimise losses due to piracy. Although theatrical release gains most commentary and the majority of academic research such as that undertaken by Hennig-Thurau et al. As this book Film Festivals and Markets Table 8. Blume lists a number of activities as part of the theatrical release. Gore points out that Cannes founded in , but suspended during the war years and Berlin founded in are also still in existence.

It is the presence of the paying audience which is a key differentiator between the festival and the market. Although there is a distinction between events which are purely festivals and those which are primarily markets, these distinctions are blurring.

Unwin et al. This can mean that production and post-production activities are truncated, not just for budgetary reasons, but in order to be submitted to the relevant festival on time. The festival grew out of the Sundance Institute, established by Robert Redford in and based in Utah. Slamdance is seen as a direct competitor to Sundance as it takes place at the same time in the same place. Films appearing in competition at Berlinale also succeed in gaining press attention, especially if they premier at the festival.

In contrast to the festivals discussed above, AFM started life purely as a market rather than a festival. The event is held in Santa Monica, California each year and delegates must register to attend well in advance. During this event, attendees hold meetings, screenings and discuss deals during eight days. This festival was established in Similarly to other festivals, a series of talks and master classes take place alongside the festival screenings in order to foster the art of documentary making to which this festival is dedicated.

Kim points to the ambition of Pusan to identify itself as a focal point of Asian cinema, competing with the Hong Kong and Tokyo festivals. In achieving the above aims, there are various marketing functions which are performed. They stress the increased media interest that an award nomination and particularly a success can bring.

In Chapter 7, the use of awards in marketing materials is discussed. The most well-known and well publicised award ceremony is the annual Academy Awards Oscars which are held each year in late February or early March in Los Angeles and presided over by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Academy members vote on nominations for the various awards and Simonton points out that in the case of most of the awards, the nominations are restricted to those Academy members with most relevant expertise, for example, best director awards are voted on by directors only.

Simonton measured the impact of the nomination as opposed to the actual award, which is voted on by a broader group of industry peers. Holden highlights the political nature of the Oscar campaigns and therefore, as Simonton points out, this sort of activity must also be considered when using such award data to indicate levels of creativity or critical acclaim.

Leenders et al. Esparza and Rossman studied the conditions under which actors received Oscar nominations and found that the overall quality of the creative team had a greater impact than the social ties of the actor. Deuchert et al. The Golden Globe nominations and awards ceremony take place at least one month prior to the Oscars and therefore are seen as providing some indications regarding possible Oscar nominations and successes.

However, analysis undertaken by Brevet in and again in found that Golden Globe winners were unlikely to go on to claim the Academy Award apart from in a small number of categories. Film Festivals and Markets Table 8. Why should we care about issues of representation on the screen? In recent years, consumer marketing has taken a more ethical turn. Increasing consumer concerns with the environment and fair trade and consumer resistance to globalisation signal a wider debate in the marketing literature around ethical consumption, the impact of globalisation on consumer choice and related issues.

While societal marketing was once an add on following the production, product, sales and marketing concepts much loved by principles of marketing text books, social issues in marketing are now gaining increased attention. However, in this rush to bring the social into marketing analysis and discourse, some confusion over terminology is evident. Shaping social issues and impacts may not be the explicit intention of the marketer but merely a by-product. The cliche have attracted many proponents and detractors Navaie, ; Fillis, Sir John Drummond once attributed a notional responsibility to arts professionals in shaping and expanding the tastes and consumption choices of the audience.

Hargreaves and North found that one of the social functions of music was the management of self-identity. According to Giddens in du Gay et al. Giddens argues that modernity has resulted in individuals being faced with a myriad of complex choices, which shape the individual. Lifestyle choices, according to Giddens in du Gay et al. Film consumption and its role in identity formation should be viewed within its wider social and cultural context.

Tzokas and Saren argue that value is created through the interaction between customer and marketer, but develop this further by suggesting that particularly in relation to cultural products value is only created if perceived by the customer.

Dominant business ideologies have shaped Marketing Practice and Society marketing practices in the UK. The work of authors such as Smith and Friedman formed the theoretical basis for this ideology. Capturing the reality of marketing practice, since the Thatcher years of the s, this dominant ideology has informed marketing practice and public policy in the UK.

One of the underpinning assumptions of this pervasive ideology was that the sole role of managers, marketers in this context, was to understand and satisfy demand Chrissides and Kaler, This approach could be criticised for naively assuming that the customer possesses perfect knowledge in terms of the potential utility of a product.

When evaluating the historical transformation of the focus of marketing practice, many mainstream marketing texts classify various stages in the evolution of marketing from the early production and product eras, through the sales concept to the marketing concept of the s.

Fullerton disputes this view, asserting that the marketing concept was present alongside the product, production and sales concepts from the outset. He draws attention to conscious demand stimulation and the role, which marketers had in driving change. Therefore, reconciliation of these two supposedly oppositional roles may be easier than it is suggested earlier. As the nature of the power relationship between these two parties determines the marketing approach taken by the practitioners, the recognition of the nature of this power relationship is instrumental in understanding what kind of approaches marketers take in terms of consumer demand.

This view is supported by Wensley, who regards consumerism as a challenge to the adequacy of the atomistic and individualistic view of market transactions. Mainstream literature referred to above has recently started noting that for the sake of long-term sustainability, it is necessary not only to meet the articulated demands of the customer but also to expand their horizons by introducing new products that will challenge and develop their tastes.

These productions have sought to cash in on the popularity of the originals but are often met with viewer apathy. These claims may be refuted, but the societal impact of bringing such issues into the public consciousness may be valuable.

This continuum presents a dubious and even dangerous tightrope for practitioners and policy makers. Table 9. American Pie , 2. Erin Brockovich , 3. The Idiots , 4. Pearl Harbour , 5. Mrs Brown , 6. Bloody Sunday , 7. Bread and Roses , 9. Injustice Therefore, this category suggests that the marketer seeks to predict the audience tastes but does not attempt to challenge or shape them in any way.

Films, which manipulate historical events and act on public sentiment, fall under this category. One obvious contemporary example is Pearl Harbour , which was criticised due to its false historisation of the events leading up to the bombing of Pearl Harbour during World War II and was marketed in a way that tapped into nationalistic sentiments of the public thus moderately shaping customer choice.

However, due to the societal marketing Marketing Practice and Society focus elements of historical accuracy were traded for the enhancement of entertainment value. Due to its politically loaded nature, such funding was viewed by some as controversial. Films in this category are likely to attract controversy of this kind. An obvious example of this is Pokemon: The First Movie High engagement and enlightened self-interest are crucial in category eight.

It achieved public acclaim and its marketing practice involved informative techniques. This category assumes an engaged audience who wish to learn more about an issue. Film is used as a communicative medium through which public opinion is shaped. A recent example of this is Injustice , a low budget independent production that sought to highlight the number of people who died under mysterious conditions while in police custody in the UK.

Although, the societal marketing model distinguishes between short-term wants and long-term welfare issues, this model is based on a static understanding of short-term wants. This framework underpins an assumption that the roles marketers play vary according to both their motives at the outset and also the degree to which they aim to inform, shape or forecast customer tastes and demands.

It is important to formulate a strategy for the future direction of the exchange relationship and marketer engagement in shaping customer demands. It is possible to combine both commercial and social aspirations and varying levels of engagement in the exchange relationship. These categories were instrumental in formulating a strategy for the future direction of the exchange relationship and marketer engagement in shaping customer demands.

As discussed earlier in this chapter, perceiving varying roles of marketers as irreconcilable is indeed counterproductive. The above framework demonstrates that it is possible to combine both commercial and social aspirations and varying levels of engagement in the exchange relationship.

It is necessary to combine both approaches to create a synergistic affect which recognises the need to meet existing demand as well as to educate and broaden customer tastes in order to provide individual satisfaction as well as Social and Societal Marketing sustainable social welfare.

Film as a popular art form, with widespread consumption, has the potential for societal good but also the potential for great harm. The key issues to be considered when looking at such technological developments are on the supply side as well as the demand side. Secondly, increased access directly to consumers has been facilitated by the growth of the internet. This has taken place within the context of ever increasing levels of convergence between media organisations.

On the demand side, we can see changes in consumer behaviour on a number of levels. Secondly, and profoundly, the lines between the producer and consumer are becoming blurred. In saying this, Jenkins points to the rhetoric of the digital revolution where commentators pronounced the death of old media in favour of new media during the dotcom bubble, but following this, these predictions were retracted.

Jenkins highlights an important element of the new phase of media convergence which is occurring now when recalling the events of the New Orleans Media Experience in October where old and new media people came together but were unsure of how to interact with each other. While previous phases of convergence in the media sector have seen powerful media conglomerates come together to create even larger, vertically and horizontally integrated entities, the current phase is less homogenous in nature.

The early movements in this stage of Convergence in the Creative Industries media integration were motivated by the need to access content. The only way to attract people to your website was through the provision of interesting content. The possibility of having internet protocol television relied on accessibility of interesting content. As producers had content and problems in accessing the market and the internet providers now had a means of access to the consumer, it seemed logical to enter into mergers and contractual agreements regarding sharing these resources.

In recognition of the concepts expressed by Levitt , present day media companies are recognising and exploiting possible areas of business that can be accessed by entering into strategic relationships. There are many possibilities offered by the digital world to producers, but this digital world also exacerbates the problems of piracy.

In a study undertaken by Nikolychuk et al. When consumers get something for nothing, how can the industry expect them to pay? At the same time, there are examples of successes in terms of new business models which are allowing producers and distributors to engage directly with consumers through the internet or via a content aggregator. According to Montgomery , the combination of these factors led to the development of a relatively vibrant and unchallenged music industry.

Looking at this research, it is clear that there is a move in the music industry in the PRC and elsewhere towards the live performance and exploiting other revenue from artists and their music rather than the traditional income stream of the recorded music sales. As industrial structures and consumption practices change, it is important to develop means of responding to these changes which are appropriate.

What is not clear is what will replace the current dominant industry structures discussed earlier in this book. However, we are now in an on-demand world where consumers want to watch what they want when they want. The best route to this is through the internet and the lack of legal alternatives saw consumers utilize bit torrent technology in order to broaden their tastes.

What is encouraging is that consumers seem to be taking up the opportunity to pay for this content rather than downloading for free. These services are committed to providing consumers with alternatives regarding how to access this content legally and not have to compromise on quality. This is also linked to the problem of access to distribution. Kay provides an interesting insight into this vision of the future among industry leaders and commentators on the future of the media.

Two viewpoints seem to dominate regarding the future of theatrical exhibition. This helps in tackling the piracy issue as watching at home, on a computer or other device cannot come close to the cinema experience. Such viewing clubs could be akin to large book clubs and involve a social element. In terms of the nature of the home cinema experience, Kay found The Future of Distribution — Dealing with Decreasing Revenue and Piracy the belief that this experience would also develop in terms of sensory enhancement.

Again, looking to the Chinese creative industries, Montgomery and Fitzgerald illustrate an alternative business model being developed by the Huayi Brothers. This privately owned domestic company developed out of a parent advertising industry.

Barriers related to cost are low as are those related to access to the consumer. The following section will look at how the studios are embracing social media in enhancing their marketing campaigns. Online and viral marketing campaigns are now as important as the conventional practices discussed in Chapter 7. As Jenkins noted, the development and success of these campaigns are reliant on consumer innovation as well as compliance with the aims of the media Social Media and Film Marketing — What are the Majors Doing?

While media organisations can develop online activities for consumers, they will only succeed if the consumers avail of these facilities and develop their own word of mouth building activates. Dobele et al. Nikunen draws on a range of studies to show the centrality of media to the development of fan culture. Online trailers must be selected by consumers for viewing rather than being shown to passive cinema audiences Johnston, In addition to online activities, studios are developing ways in which to deepen their relationships with consumers through strategies based on simple CRM Customer Relationship Management systems.

In return, they must add Black Curtain as a friend. This use of database marketing by distributors which can help to target their upcoming campaigns can lead to more focused campaigns in the future. Resident Evil: Extinction had an online game alongside online advertising. Much talked about Snakes on a Plane incorporated a viral campaign where fans could personalize a telephone message spoken to Samuel L.

Some of the pictures had notes on the back which could be accessed through shaking the computer mouse. This initial campaign appealed to the core audience who were online and liked the intrigue of working things out. This online campaign ran alongside a traditional advertising campaign in the weeks before release. However, The Princess of Nebraska was reportedly made on a very low budget with money saved during the production of A Thousand Years to which The Princess of Nebraska serves as a companion piece Lim, Hunt emphasises that community interaction results in increased levels of social capital.

M dot Strange differentiated between old and new media by highlighting the ability of wealthy media conglomerates to spend huge sums on expansive marketing campaigns which can deceive the consumer. Conversely, M dot Strange believes that new media practitioners have a much harder time if trying to lie to consumers. This involves exploiting low cost and highly creative opportunities wherever possible. He mobilized this army in a number of creative ways.

M dot Strange read books on marketing and branding in order to understand something about building this online community and believes in being open about this. As people began to comment on his YouTube clips he could gain an understanding of who his audience was by looking at their account information.

This could tell him how old they were, which other types of clips and music they viewed and other psychographic information. What works in the case of M dot Strange is that he sees himself as part of his online community, not apart from it. His core fan base seem to also be creative animators who use his content in creative ways and respond to what he has done with We Are the Strange Because of this, he communicates with his fans through various web 2.

His revenue model seems a very fair one. We Are the Strange is available to watch for free on YouTube and a DVD is also available to buy through a number of online retailers. The DVD has a range of special features which is the reason why many fans chose to buy it. The relationships established by M dot Strange are in line with Thompson et al.

By operating with a pseudonym, M dot Strange has bought into concept of branding. He has branded himself and is mobilizing this brand by developing relationships with his WOMA see Fournier, Although both have a commercial imperative, deep suspicion for those operating within the corporate system were viewed with suspicion while independents were seen as connecting more with the community.

Crumley has set up TheOrganism. They have provided a number of templates for documents which producers can use in order to set out the terms of collaboration they are entering into. TheOrganism is currently conducting a pilot study to investigate the practicalities of such a system and it will be interesting to look at how this turns out. When Weiler and Avalos did manage to secure the use of a digital project for their one week run, they had to operate it themselves as this sort of equipment was not used by cinema projectionists.

Weiler and Avalos did not passively wait for someone to make digital distribution possible, knowing that what they needed was technically possible; they proceeded to lobby technology companies in order to support their digital distribution dream. The defendants are currently appealing against this verdict Kiss, The Pirate Bay website is still running. Cox highlighted the move in the legal system from considering the consumers to protecting corporate interests.

In order to secure these rights, I would have had to employ a lawyer, pay very substantial sums of money and negotiate separate agreements for separate territories. In some cases, electronic rights could not be granted, and as it is now convention to have books available in printed form and electronically and as such, to distribute worldwide, this was impossible. Such determination to control and exploit all revenue opportunities can be seen as counterproductive. Drawing on developments in the user driven environment of social media, studios are developing marketing campaigns in the online environment which harness the interests and behaviours of their target audiences.

Another shortcoming of the book is its reliance on data from the US and UK. It was my dream to produce a book which had a much more global identity, but I was restricted by the material that I had access to. This is partly due to the mechanisms of academic journals in the UK and US which privilege data emanating from these or similar, countries.

There is also the linked area of merchandise which has moved from low-cost items such as t-shirts to other audiovisual products such as video games. In order to understand the logic of the book, it is important that I explain the positioning of the book. Inspired by marketing scholars who look outward in developing insight into the world of marketing and consumption, I have tried to do this in this book.

This whistle stop tour of marketing thinking is not supposed to be exhaustive in any way, but positions the book within the relevant theoretical context in relation to marketing. Film marketing does not occur in a vacuum a favourite saying of mine. Having provided this overview I then looked at some of the reasons why this domination still persists.

If the concept is simple, it can be communicated in a simple way to the consumer. Although research in this area is inconclusive, the power of the actor to attract audiences is established. In Chapter 5, the different star systems in Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood are considered.

Similarities and differences between these systems are examined. Once the role of the creative personnel has been discussed, attention turned to the script and the linked element of the genre. A selection of possible genres is presented and discussed in the chapter as is the notion of creating a genre if one does not exist.

While casting, identifying key crew, developing the script and the genre are largely controllable factors, we now move to slightly less controllable elements of the marketing mix. The chapter draws on the numerous studies which have been done, looking at the focus of the research and the methods used. It will be interesting to undertake further research on how consumer tastes are developed through greater access to trailers in this way.

The role of distributors is also discussed in this chapter and distinctions are made between the independent and the major distributors. The majors have power within the industry and therefore can negotiate with exhibitors to secure favourable conditions. By necessity, they cannot reply on a painting by numbers approach to the marketing campaign.

Chapter 8 discusses the nature of such deception taken from Vogel, Thirdly, this strategy assumes that it is possible to secure exhibition slots on such a wide scale. Chapter 9 proposes a continuum of roles and motives which bring ethical issues and commercial aims together. The early movements in this stage of media integration were motivated by the need to access content.

Chapter 10 considers the impact of these new technological developments on three fronts. Since then, change has been rapid in these two areas. Filmmakers can now self-distribute through the internet as a result of web 2. Chapter 10 discusses this in terms of emerging business models. The second shift is regarding how consumers if we can still use that term engage with marketing communications.

Consumers are increasingly used to passing on viral marketing clips. This higher level of consumer engagement has brought with it the risks associated with increased consumer voice. A consumer may have a strong bond with a particular actor or director while never having actually met in person or having a sense of them outside their cultural products.

This page intentionally left blank References Adorno, T. Prejudices and bad habits. In: Dickenson, K. Routledge, New York, pp. Aksoy, A. Hollywood for the 21st century: global competition for critical mass in image markets. Cambridge Journal of Economics 16, 1— Albert, S.

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History of the American Cinema. Brown, S.

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Legendary martial arts hero Wong Fei-Hung fights against foreign forces' plundering of China. Votes: 18, R min Action, Drama. A broken-hearted hit man moves to the desert where he finds skilled swordsmen to carry out his contract killings. Not Rated 99 min Comedy, Crime, Drama. This Hong Kong-set crime drama follows the lives of a hitman, hoping to get out of the business, and his elusive female partner. Votes: 37, R 99 min Action, Comedy, Fantasy.

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A Monkey King is reincarnated in the un human form as Joker, a highwayman oblivious to his original identity and the fact that years earlier, he and his master, the Longevity Monk, were punished and made to stay human. Votes: 7, The convoluted continuation of the adventures of the time-traveling, now-human Monkey King, who attempts to fulfill his divine destiny. R min Action, Adventure, Biography. Arriving by train in Guangzhou, , the trio fight off White Lotus followers, who want to kill all foreigners and the cute, European dressed 13th Aunt.

It's not kung fu master Dr. Wong's Jet Li last fight. Votes: 9, The most renowned and feared chef in the world loses his title of God of Cookery because of his pompous attitude. Humbled, he sets out to reclaim his title. Votes: 8, Not Rated 95 min Drama. A former Judo champion is given the chance to redeem himself after he befriends a competitor and an aspiring singer. During a bank heist, the getaway driver Wah took a young woman Jo Jo hostage.

After preventing her from getting killed by his accomplices, they began a forbidden relationship causing mayhem and chaos for their friends and family. Votes: 1, R min Action, Drama, Romance. PG min Action, Adventure, Drama. A young Chinese warrior steals a sword from a famed swordsman and then escapes into a world of romantic adventure with a mysterious man in the frontier of the nation.

R min Action, Comedy, Drama. A master gambler loses his memory, and is befriended by a street hustler who discovers his supernatural gambling abilities. PG min Action, Comedy. Fighting against pirates at the turn of the 20th century, the Hong Kong navy are failing miserably. It's up to Sergeant Lung Jackie Chan to take matters into his own hands. Votes: 16, A defense officer, Nameless, was summoned by the King of Qin regarding his success of terminating three warriors. R min Action, Comedy, History.

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Votes: 23, A man studies kung fu at the Shaolin Temple to fight back against the oppressive Manchu government. Unrated 93 min Crime, Drama, Thriller. As election time nears, current Triad chairman Lok Yam faces competition from his godsons.

At the same time, Jimmy Koo looks to increase his business relations with mainland China. R min Action, Fantasy. Ling Wu Chung decides to hide from the chaotic world. Before leaving, he visits his friends, a tribe of snake-wielding women warriors. However, he finds that the tribe have been attacked, and their leader Yam Ying Ying has been abducted. The kingpin of the Manix Private Detective Agency and his fellow detective solve cases together. Hey, those are some sharp scissors. Collin Chou threatening an old woman with hair styling is not orthodox action filmmaking, but Chou seems to be having fun.

Director Clarence Fok and company look to be channeling the 90s here — not with the production or art direction, but using pace, acting, the lounge music saxophone score and an odd mix of tones. Special ID. Return to Review Archive - S. Donnie Yen introduces someone to his knee in Special ID. Clarence Fok Yiu-Leung. The Skinny:. Action-packed and also hilariously goofy. Review by Kozo:. Has it really been six years since Donnie Yen starred in a modern cop actioner like Flash Point?

Love HKFilm.

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