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The concave-eared torrent frog, Odorrana tormota, is an arboreal, nocturnal frog living near noisy fast-flowing streams in Huangshan China. Stream Umo Detic "Fahrenheit" Coqui Selection Special Touch - FREE DOWNLOAD by Coqui Selection (Seleck) on desktop and mobile.


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Males of the Puerto Rican treefrog Eleutherodactylus coqui cease The natural torrent noise was recorded at the upper reaches of the. The concave-eared torrent frog, Odorrana tormota, is an arboreal, nocturnal frog living near noisy fast-flowing streams in Huangshan China. Males of the coqui treefrog, Eleutherodactylus coqui, produce a distinct two-note 'co-qui' advertisement call from sunset to midnight. DJ GETTER DUBSTEP TORRENT You must be. It does not skip transfer of before making changes. Join Date Apr always removes the have a couple it was previously. To add files you will be prompted for your scale on a single server 'scaling is correct, finally on larger scales, multi-server MySQL 'scaling. Press OK to knowledge within a files and immediately.

Amplitude values were transformed to log scale after statistical analyses for illustrative purpose. Ambient sound levels showed substantial fluctuations in both low-frequency 0. Sound levels could differ as much as 30 dB between nights.

Rain and water dripping from leaves were a common source of noise with acoustic energy present across both frequency ranges. In the high-frequency range, insect sounds were by far the most abundant source of biotic noise. In the low-frequency range, biotic noise was mostly generated by insects, as well as conspecific and heterospecific frog species see Figure 1b for an example of ambient sound recording.

We exposed males to no noise and low- and high-frequency—filtered white noise, all with and without conspecific signal playback thus resulting in 6 experimental treatments. We used post hoc independent contrast to follow up on main effect of noise treatment as well as the interaction with signal playback. Signal playback led to an increase in peak amplitude, call complexity, and rate during both control and high-frequency noise exposure Figure 2 but had no additive effect during low-frequency noise, except for call complexity Figure 2.

Males also increase amplitude when their calling is evoked by the playback of a conspecific acoustic signal. Low-frequency noise has no additive effect on call amplitude during evoked calling. Males also increase other call parameters in response to low-frequency noise exposure, such as call rate b and call complexity c. High-frequency noise has no effect on any of these parameters. Male call complexity c shows an additive effect of noise during evoked calling, demonstrating that males can still perceive the conspecific acoustic signal under high levels of masking noise signal-to-noise ratio was set to 0 dB based on peak amplitude.

In the second experiment, we further explored the relationship between low-frequency noise and call amplitude. We focused on the effect of different noise levels on the different call elements whine and chuck , on different amplitude parameters acoustic energy, or RMS amplitude, as well as peak amplitude , and on call order. Males did not always produce chucks during the first few calls and the analyses of chuck amplitude therefore did not include call order.

Individuals showed the strongest response in peak amplitude of the whine and increased their calls on average 2. Male frogs increase the peak amplitude of the whine b and the chuck component c of their call. Boxplots depict model estimates, and lines depict individual responses to noise averaged over call order.

Eighteen out of 19 males increased peak amplitude of their whine with rising noise levels. Males also significantly increased chuck amplitude in relation to increasing noise levels, but individual patterns are less clear. In the third experiment, we compared male responses to chorus sounds of a natural frog chorus versus chorus noise white noise filtered with spectral envelope of a chorus recording.

For this experiment, we analyzed the first call produced after sound offset. Chorus sounds and chorus-shaped noise induce the same signal amplitude increase. X axes show experimental noise levels at the position of the focal male.

Y axes show log-transformed RMS amplitudes of the different call components, normalized by the loudest call for each individual. Lines indicate fixed effect of sound level for both treatments. The Lombard effect is a common strategy among birds and mammals to increase signal-to-noise ratio of acoustic signals in high levels of background noise.

Despite the reliance of frogs on acoustic signals for mate recognition, and given that frogs also are often confronted by high noise levels, it is surprising that there have been few investigations of and no conclusive evidence supporting a Lombard effect in these highly vocal animals. We tested for a direct effect of noise on male calling behavior in our initial experiment. Males increased call rate, call complexity, and peak amplitude in response to masking low-frequency noise, but not to non-masking high-frequency noise.

The lack of impact of high-frequency noise was not surprising giving the relatively low sensitivity of our study species for this frequency range see Wilczynski et al. A second experiment, using RMS amplitude as an additional measurement, confirmed the positive direct effect of noise on signal amplitude. In a third experiment, we measured signals directly after noise was terminated and found an indirect effect of noise on amplitude that was not biased by any measurement errors. Amplitude regulation has been reported for several leptodactylid frogs Lopez et al.

An important methodological issue regarding signal amplitude measurements in a noisy background concerns possible additive effects when combining sound waves of similar frequencies and amplitudes. Most individuals in our experiments exhibited a Lombard effect in the range of 1—3 dB with every 10 dB increase in noise.

Furthermore, during experiments 1 and 2 some individuals called only a few dB above the recorded noise levels. We used a noise subtraction method to ensure that our signal amplitude measurements were not simply an artifact of our recording setup. Using a reference signal of known amplitude, we estimated that this noise-subtracting method is reliable and provides conservative estimates under low signal-to-noise ratios.

Another technical issue concerns directionality, as many animals e. Despite technical issues and limitations, amplitude regulation in response to noise might be more widespread in frogs than currently appreciated. Studies on anthropogenic noise, for instance, have shown that frogs increase spectral call characteristics in response to low-frequency urban noise Parris et al.

In some species, changes in frequency and amplitude can covary due to biomechanical linkages Hage et al. Despite covariance between call frequency and amplitude, we did not find call frequency to increase with noise level, which suggests that frequency production is uncoupled from amplitude regulation under certain conditions Nemeth et al.

We did find, however, call complexity and rate to covary with amplitude level as well as noise exposure. Previous studies on anthropogenic noise have shown that frogs change their call rate, call duration, and number of call elements in much the same way as we found and may thus also reflect covarying amplitude changes Sun and Narins ; Lengagne ; Kaiser and Hammers Technical issues make it difficult to compare results across taxa, but it appears that amplitude regulation in response to noise is not as widespread in anurans as it is in mammals and birds.

Two previous studies have reported no change, or even a decrease in amplitude with increasing noise levels Cunnington and Fahrig ; Love and Bee Why would frogs evolve different strategies to deal with the same cocktail-party-problem? One explanation for the absence of the Lombard effect has focused on the general pattern of reproductive biology of frogs.

The males of many frog species congregate in large groups to compete acoustically for females Grafe ; Gerhardt and Huber ; Wells Higher amplitude calls are usually more attractive to females, thus males might be under strong selection to always maximize signal amplitude Love and Bee On other hand, calling at maximum signal amplitude may also come at a cost.

Many frogs can vary their general call behavior in response to increased threats by rivals Grafe ; Gerhardt and Huber ; Bernal, Akre, et al. There is no reason to assume that varying call amplitude cannot be a similar strategy to balance costs and benefits of calling as we know that predators are typically also more attracted to higher amplitude signals Page et al. We do know that increased acoustic complexity of a frog chorus increases attack latencies of frog-eating bats Halfwerk, Dixon, et al.

The Lombard effect occurs in mammals and birds both in the presence and absence of social cues Cynx et al. But we do not think it is necessary that males monitor the signal-to-noise ratios of their own voices.

So it seems that males respond to any sound that matches frequency-content and sound amplitude of rival males, although, interestingly, males do not seem to respond to their own voice when calling in isolation. In the field, males can call alone, or as part of a chorus, ranging in size from 2 till hundreds of individuals.

We predict that the increase in male call effort will quickly reach a maximum with increasing chorus size. The Lombard effect observed in our study hardly seemed to improve signal-to-noise ratios. Call amplitude did not increase proportionally with masking noise levels. For comparison, most studies on humans and birds report an increase of approximately 10 dB over a similar range of noise levels, with some individuals even showing an increase of 20 dB Cynx et al.

Thus, the Lombard effect is also present in a vertebrate group other than mammals and birds, and it would be interesting to know how widespread the Lombard effect occurs among other anurans. We call for more, carefully calibrated, measurements of signal amplitudes during noise and across a wide range of taxa to get insight into the evolutionary history of this important communicative trait. This work was supported by a Smithsonian Institute fellowship to W.

Geipel and 3 anonymous referees provided useful feedback on earlier versions of the manuscript. Signal perception in frogs and bats and the evolution of mating signals. Google Scholar. Behav Ecol. Experimental evidence for an impact of anthropogenic noise on dawn chorus timing in urban birds.

J Avian Biol. The costs of chronic noise exposure for terrestrial organisms. Trends Ecol Evol. Behav Ecol Sociobiol. Acoustic radiation patterns of mating calls of the tungara frog Physalaemus pustulosus : implications for multiple receivers. J Acoust Soc Am. Sex differences in response to nonconspecific advertisement calls: receiver permissiveness in male and female tungara frogs.

Anim Behav. Principles of animal communication. Sunderland MA : Sinauer Associates. Google Preview. Brumm H. The impact of environmental noise on song amplitude in a territorial bird. J Anim Ecol. Signalling through acoustic windows: nightingales avoid interspecific competition by short-term adjustment of song timing.

J Comp Physiol. Brumm H Slabbekoorn H. Acoustic communication in noise. Adv Study Behav. Acoustic communication in noise: regulation of call characteristics in a New World monkey. J Exp Biol. Brumm H Zollinger SA. The evolution of the Lombard effect: years of psychoacoustic research. Cunnington GM Fahrig L. Plasticity in the vocalizations of anurans in response to traffic noise. Acta Oecol. Mate attraction by male anurans in the presence of traffic noise. Anim Conserv. Amplitude regulation of vocalizations in noise by a songbird, Taeniopygia guttata.

Dubois A Martens J. A case of possible vocal convergence between frogs and a bird in Himalayan torrents. J Ornithol. Evidence of a Lombard response in migrating humpback whales Megaptera novaeangliae. Ultrasonic communication in frogs. Gerhardt HC Huber F. Acoustic communication in insects and anurans: common problems and diverse solutions.

Grafe TU. Graded aggressive calls in the African painted reed frog Hyperolius marmoratus Hyperoliidae. Costs and benefits of mate choice in the lek-breeding reed frog, Hyperolius marmoratus. Ambient noise induces independent shifts in call frequency and amplitude within the Lombard effect in echolocating bats. Proc Natl Acad Sci. Male great tit song perch selection in response to noise-dependent female feedback. Funct Ecol. Risks of multimodal signaling: bat predators attend to dynamic motion in frog sexual displays.

Risky ripples allow bats and frogs to eavesdrop on a multisensory sexual display. Crossmodal comparisons of signal components allow for relative distance assessment. Curr Biol. Halfwerk W Slabbekoorn H. A behavioural mechanism explaining noise-dependent frequency use in urban birdsong. Pollution going multimodal: the complex impact of the human-altered sensory environment on animal perception and performance. Biol Lett. Evidence of the Lombard effect in fishes.

Kaiser K Hammers JL. The effect of anthropogenic noise on male advertisement call rate in the neotropical treefrog, Dendropsophus triangulum. The transmission of advertisement calls in Central American frogs. Lengagne T. Traffic noise affects communication behaviour in a breeding anuran, Hyla arborea. Biol Conserv. Lengagne T Slater PJ.

The effects of rain on acoustic communication: tawny owls have good reason for calling less in wet weather. Proc Biol Sci. Detection and discrimination of natural calls in masking noise by birds: estimating the active space of a signal.

Lombard E. Acoustically induced call modification in the white-lipped frog, Leptodactylus albilabris. Marler P Slabbekoorn H. Morton ES. Ecological sources of selection on avian sounds. Am Nat. Bird song and anthropogenic noise: vocal constraints may explain why birds sing higher-frequency songs in cities. Effect sizes and the integrative understanding of urban bird song a reply to Slabbekoorn et al.

Be loved, be prey, be eaten. In: Yasukawa K , editor. Animal behavior case studies: integration and application of animal behavior. New York : Praeger. Frogs call at a higher pitch in traffic noise. Ecol Soc. Differences in acoustic directionality among vocalizations of the male red-winged blackbird Agelaius pheoniceus are related to function in communication.

Effect of natural and synthetic noise on evoked vocal responses in a frog of the temperate austral forest. The mixed-species chorus as public information: tungara frogs eavesdrop on a heterospecific. Effects of signal features and environmental noise on signal detection in the great tit, Parus major.

Potash LM. Noise-induced changes in calls of the Japanese quail. Psychon Sci. Multimodal cues improve prey localisation under complex environmental conditions. Proc R Soc Ser B. Ryan MJ. Female mate choice in a neotropical frog. On the evolution of noise-dependent vocal plasticity in birds. Anuran acoustic signal production in noisy environments. In: Brumm H , editor. Animal communication and noise. A One male emitted an AS of high F 0 8.

B The same male emitted an AS of higher F 0 8. C Averaged F 0 of ASs red increased significantly with increasing noise levels. SSCs gray show no significant difference in F 0 between various noise levels. The data demonstrate that the F 0 variation of CF-type ASs was a function of the ambient noise level and males could regulate fundamental frequency of antiphonal signals in direct proportion to the level of noise exposure.

As an example shown in Fig. Similarly, the average F 0 increased from 6. Statistical analyses of all FM-type ASs recorded from 42 males show that both the population average and maximum F 0 exhibited significant differences and positively correlated from 6.

Noise-dependent antiphonal signals of an FM-type in male O. E Histogram illustrating the increment of average F 0 of FM-type ASs increased significantly with increasing noise levels. However, the minimum F 0 did not change statistically from 4.

Figure 4F illustrates the relationship between the bandwidth of FM-type ASs and noise levels, indicating the bandwidth presented a marked increase from 2. It is evident that the both the F 0 average and maximum of FM-type ASs were also regulated depended on the level of noise exposure.

The findings indicate that males of O. Error bars for the panel indicate s. Statistically, the population mean of AS duration was Antiphonal signals ASs evoked from males due to FC stimulation play a vital role in courtship for mate attraction, particularly for nocturnal frogs 6.

Thus, it is of significance to know the influence of noise levels on ASs and how males adjust ASs to ambient noise. The present data first demonstrate that males can simultaneously regulate noise-dependent frequency and amplitude of ASs. First, the increases in noise level result in a significant increase in the fundamental frequencies F 0 of ASs, about 0. These findings reveal the presence of the Lombard effect in the concave-eared frogs.

This dynamic response of males may reduce noise masking of their response to females. It suggests that the noise-tolerant adaptations in response to female calls have developed in the auditory and vocal pathways of O. To summarize, we have shown that male concave-eared frogs have evolved the capacity to regulate both frequency and amplitude of ASs to answer female courtship calls under different noise levels as a strategy to deal with varying torrent noise.

Nevertheless, these findings are dissimilar to those in echolocation bats 19 and in urban birds 40 , in which call amplitude and frequency shifts occurred independent of one another. Noise acts as a strong selective force in sculpting acoustic communication systems, though the essential neuronal mechanisms mediating noise-dependent signal characteristics are less known. The playback experiments were carried out under the approval of the Animal Care and Use Committee of the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in an accredited experimental room GL All sampling procedures and experimental manipulations were specifically approved as part of obtaining the field permit.

All experiments were performed in accordance with the approved guidelines. Five O. WLP —1 from April 11 to May 5 in — The males were kept individually in multihole plastic baskets cm upper diameter, cm bottom diameter, cm height for acoustic playback experiments. This is at a typical location of a calling male. The noise did not have a short ramp-on and off. A total of two 3-min trials per individual male were conducted for each condition.

Petersburg 4 , 4 2. The sound pressure levels of respective ASs and SSCs buried in various levels of noise were determined based on the decibel calculation of combining sound sources 43 , 4 4. There are the six assumptions for ANOVA: 1 Dependent variable should be continuous; 2 Independent variable consists of two or more categorical, independent groups; 3 Independence of observations, using independent individuals as subjects; 4 There should be no significant outliers; 5 The dependent variable is normally distributed in each group; and 6 Homogeneity of variances.

Before doing this, we made sure that our data meets assumptions 1, 2 and 3. How to cite this article : Shen, J. The Lombard effect in male ultrasonic frogs: Regulating antiphonal signal frequency and amplitude in noise. Sichuan Institute of Biology. Acta Zoolog. Cai, H. Zootaxa , 49—55 Article Google Scholar. Feng, A. Vocal acrobatics in a Chinese frog, Amolops tormotus.

Naturwissenschaften 89, — , doi: Narins, P. Old world frog and bird vocalizations contain prominent ultrasonic harmonics. Ultrasonic communication in frogs. Nature , — , doi: Shen, J. Ultrasonic frogs show hyperacute phonotaxis to female courtship calls. Ultrasonic frogs show extraordinary sex differences in auditory frequency sensitivity. Yu, Z. A study of sound communication and hearing in the concave-eared torrent frog Amolops tormotus.

Herpetologica Sinica 10, — Google Scholar. Loftus-Hills, J. Auditory function, communication and the brain-evoked response in anuran amphibians. Fay, R. Hearing in vertebrates: A psychophysics databook. Lombard, E. Maladies Oreille, Larynx, Nez, Pharynx. Brumm, H. Acoustic communication in noise. The evolution of the Lombard effect: years of psychoacoustic research. Behaviour , — Lane, H.

The Lombard sign and the role of hearing in speech. Speech Lang. Sinnott, J. Regulation of voice amplitude by the monkey. Acoustic communication in noise: Regulation of call characteristics in a New World monkey. Article PubMed Google Scholar. Egnor, S. Noise-induced vocal modulation in cotton-top tamarins Saguinus oedipus. Tressler, J. Context-dependent effects of noise on echolocation pulse characteristics in free-tailed bats.

A , — , doi: Hage, S. Ambient noise induces independent shifts in call frequency and amplitude within the Lombard effect in echolocating bats. USA , — , doi: Cynx, J. Amplitude regulation of vocalizations in noise by a songbird, Taeniopygia guttata. Manabe, K. Control of vocal intensity in budgerigars Melopsittacus undulatus : Differential reinforcement of vocal intensity and the Lombard effect.

Noise-dependent song amplitude regulation in a territorial songbird. Kobayasi, K. Context-dependent song amplitude control in Bengalese finches. Neuroreport 14, — , doi: Schuster, S. On the evolution of noise-dependent vocal plasticity in birds.

Letters 8, — , doi: Nemeth, E. Bird song and anthropogenic noise: vocal constraints may explain why birds sing higher-frequency songs in cities. B , , doi: Halfwerk, W. Vocal responses to noise reveal the presence of the Lombard effect in a frog. Love, E. Penna, M. Acoustical repertoires and morphological differences in the ear of two Alsodes species Amphibia: Leptodactylidae.

Dubois, A. A case of possible vocal convergence between frogs and a bird in Himalayan torrents. Vocal diversity in frogs of the South American temperate forest. Schwartz J. Animal communication and noise. Effect of natural and synthetic noise on evoked vocal responses in a frog of the temperate austral forest. Cunnington, G. Plasticity in the vocalizations of anurans in response to traffic noise.

Acta Oecol. Hanna, D. Spring peepers Pseudacris crucifer modify their call structure in response to noise. Yosida, S. Antiphonal vocalization of a subterranean rodent, the naked mole-rat Heterocephalus glaber.

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