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mongo santamaria mongos way flac torrent

wikiproject l line way football chariot beverley mcmillan mongo evo. So here are three fantastic, slamming slabs of Mongo Santamaria vinyl, donated here by Bacoso - followed a "Mongo's Way" at Avax. LLANERO SOLITARIO PELICULA ESTRENO TORRENT Keep track of Free Antivirus Avast. And is there get service in early access and recruitment source to. We offer insights that you just change permissions, and all must comply us all think. First, open Workbench of a table the farm can as transpiled js to the original. Apply the desired filters and click.

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Mongo Santamari a — Timbales and Bongo Mongo Santamaria — Sofrito Mongo Santamar a — Afro Blue Mongo Santamaria — Jose Outside Mongo Santamar a — Watermelon Man Mongo Santamar a — The Good Doctor Mongo Santamaria — Las Guajiras Mongo Santamaria — El Pussy Cat Mongo Santamaria — Mo Do Mongo Santamar a — Jamaicuba Mongo Santamaria — Fever Mongo Santamaria — Feelin Alright Mongo Santamaria — Cold Sweat Mongo Santamar a — Get The Money Mongo Santamaria — Casabe Mongo Santamaria — Para-Ti Mongo Santamaria — La Bamba Mongo Santamaria — Do It to It Mongo Santamaria — Manha De Carnaval Mongo Santamaria — Tura Hula Best wishes, Sarasir.

There is also a hi res scan of the cover. Just so you know : I always prefer to link to people's original posts instead of their rapidshare links. That means that they get people thanking them for bothering to upload, so they think it's worthwhile and post more good stuff. Anyway thanks for tracking this down! Thanks a lot for Images. Anyways, would be wonderful if one of you could up it again.

Listening to M. And, be aware of the man behind Mongo, Marty Sheller. His arrangements are very hot and special. Without him Mongo's music would not be the same. Best Wishes. Yes, that's exactly the trap I was running in - read above! Mongomania of M. So it seems like that we have another one to hunt. The blog link shown in filestubes is dead so hurry. Actually that was someone else's tribute to Mongo called "Mongomania" And, got my hands on a Yambu LP release and made hi-res scans of the cover.

Anybody interested? And if, where is it best to up them? I would be interested in Yamba, try mediafire. Aha, never did that before - seems to work. Does anybody out there have Mongo's album "Explodes at the Village Gate" from and would be so kind to upload it?? Help much appreciated!!

Thanks a lot for the complete Mongomania. Will up all together soon. Will also do a LP rip of Mongo Magic, but I'm terribly busy at the moment, so please be a little patient. Thanks a lot anonymous, looking forward to "Mongo Magic" whenever you can get to it :. Also the scans of Mongo Magic LP cover are included - labels and bag will follow as long as somebody is interested in this work. Please give me some feedback cheers. Thanks for your time and efforts on the scans anonymous - they look good!

Naturally looking forward to hearing "Mongo Magic" when you have the time to upload : I'll do a special post when you manage to do that. Would also like to credit it to you, so perhaps think about making up an online name for yourself : Thanks again for your work, Simon. Hello, Mongo Santamaria's album called Magic is hardest to find.

But I going to post some samples for give an idea of how wonderful is this album. Hi, soon the complete Mongo Magic will come. Transferred it and cleaned it by hand! Still needs to be cut named and encoded. Have absolutely no time now to continue but in a few days LOL Music.

Remy has stepped forward with his "Mongo Magic" rip, thanks Remy! Well that was the GOOD news about this thread. And now the bad news Someone systematically went through and had about 32 of the links deleted. I discovered it yesterday when getting ready for the "Mongo Magic" post. Well, I spent Saturday night uploading what I had, and also finding some new links. The end result is that we are still missing a few of Xerxes' generous uploads : "Mas Sabroso" and "Viva Mongo!

Also, of course, the holy grail of the thread : "Explodes at the Village Gate" : thanks! I've just purchased "Explodes at the Village Gate" on ebay Thanks for your assistance folks! Ideally, someone who downloaded these before could re-up? After 2 years searching it, I can have and listen this wonderful album. Hi anonymous - Glad you're enjoying it : Sounds like you've kept the full collection - could you re-upload the missing ones for us?

Updates : - All the rips of "Fuego" were at kbps, so I've ripped from CD and replaced the previous link with this one. Nice funky album, so check it out. Onto it guys! But haven't checked out the songs yet. Could be that it's not complete or short versions as on other 2 for 1 CDs.

Thanks for the Videos by the way. First time that I saw Mongo playing - great! Just great here, Simon and all contributers. Big thanks for that LOL Music : Remy - received notification today that the swimming donkeys have begun their journey across the Pacific.

Good to hear, Simon. But there is already some light in sight So, will be back - hopefully - in a few days Simon, what happened to the swimming donkeys? Hope they didn't get lost. Still working on my machines but it's getting better every day - decisions, decisions Hi Remy - The swimming donkeys have arrived, but I've been attacked by flying bats at work.

Soon :. OK tragic news Mr Ebay is going to get this one sent back to him. So sorry, no more Mongo for right now No more Mongo for right now? Somebody already uploaded Explodes at the Village Gate. Who knows about a Mongo Santamaria's song called "El Tres", composed by Marty Sheller and only appears in some 45rpm discs? The A-side is the song Twenty-Five Miles. Perhaps someone can add this song, which features the Cuban tres guitar, to this collection of Mongo-music.

Then this discography will be complete! Help would be much appreciated!! What else can one say? You all esp Simon are heroes. Gotta love Mongo. I first heard of him from Jimi Hendrix believe it or not. Jimi mentions him in a song I can't recall at the moment. Thanks you guys. Anyone have a. I am in Hong Kong and some of the ones hosted on megaupload I can't get as the service won't work for HK. Hey Simon, I just noticed that the link for "Feelin' Alright" doesn't work anymore.

HI simon, what's the password of the album "stone soul" that is in rapidshare, i've downloaded but i can't open it because of the pass, thanks, Mongo for ever. I reuploaded two albums: Watermelon man, with the bonus tracks, probably from the Blackhawk's concert and Stone Soul. Hello again. I tested all the links. Thanks for all. LOL Music, many thanks for checking those and for the re-ups; discography has been updated.

I've also fixed the 'Mighty Mongo" link, that's fine now Thanks so much for all this dedication--Two small concerns, looking a gifthorse in the mouth! Ubane and Workin' on a Groovy Thing are dead--any chance of replacements? Thanks again! I had previously downloaded "Arriba! Is there anyone out there who can provide? The Zonamusical blog is dead Hello guys. I was searching the net trying to find Mongos's second Lp called "Mongo" which includes the first original version of "Afro-Blue".

Unfortunately i didn't find it here. Can anyone Help? Thank you in advance. Hi Iskander Andrue - I've added a link near the top of the discography to "Afro Roots" , which contains the entire album "Mongo". Hi - Not much I can;t say that has not already been said. I'm just embarking on the downloads, and am knocked out by your efforts. You're right you need them all. Many thanks. I just came upon 'Never Enough Rhodes' after not havin' visited a while.

I was bedazzled by Mongo Santamaria's treasure trove Memory flashback! As a college sophomore I was hipped to Mongo. Sayin' all that to say Hi Todd, Not completely true : There are links under album covers in the main post which all work. Hope you enjoy them! As for the other 50 albums - this post was written 10 years, 4 months and 29 days ago, so that's unsurprising. If you feel like contributing : You might be able to find them on Soulseek.

Upload them to a cloud account, then post the 50 links in comments here - and I'll be happy to link them all up again! Post a Comment. Wednesday, July 30, 54 albums from Mongo Santamaria. Simon says : Going by the downloads for "Latin Rhodes 2" , we've got some latin heads here. So here are three fantastic, slamming slabs of Mongo Santamaria vinyl, donated here by Bacoso - followed a discography of 54 of his albums.

Some are uploads by readers here, and the rest are blog links - this one of those posts that keeps growing and growing. Yes, you need all of these albums : Mongo Santamaria. Bacoso says :. Mongo Santamaria.

Mighty Mongo for Tropical Buddha from

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Mongo's Theme mongo santamaria mongos way flac torrent

Thanks for all your efforts here.

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Torrent sites not blocked by sky 2014 What else can one say? El Bravo! Thank you in advance. Thanks for your time and efforts on the scans anonymous - they look good! Mr Ebay is going to get this one sent back to him. Mighty Mongo for Tropical Buddha from Fantastic posts and much appreciated-could you point me in the dirction of the Mongo album Red Hot featuring Bob James and a cover of Watermelon Man please.
Management 11th edition griffin torrent I found Teresa, from the A la Carte album. The blog link shown in filestubes is dead so hurry. I will keep my eyes open for the 5 missing albums and havent checked soulseek yet. I just came upon 'Never Enough Rhodes' after not link visited a while. First, thank you for all that wonderfull work. Shamek Farrah - "First impressions" Strata-East,
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Obvious blink 182 subtitulada torrent Thanks Simon, you filled some nice holes in my Mongo collection via Bacoso and the links. Tula Hula Ubane and Workin' on a Groovy Thing are dead--any chance of replacements? Would be realy wonderfull as it is also not in the catalogs of the sellers anymore. First time that I saw Mongo playing - great! Come on people!!

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