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skandia kouyate mandekalou torrent

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This practice was later picked up by stars like Mory Kante and Salif Keita, and is now an integral part of Malian music. In , she recorded two vinyl discs, Amary Daou pr? Her debut solo album is Kita Kan. Kandia Kouyat? But on the great jelimusolu female singers of our time, there is near-unanimity regarding Kandia Kouyat?

More than a skilled singer, a ngara is the extraordinary artist who possesses what many would say is a paranormal aura of majesty. Born in in Kita, an ancient city in south-western Mali that has bred many important musicians, Kandia grew up immersed in the arts and customs of the Mand? Insisting, however, that she receive a modern education, he enrolled her in a Catholic mission school where all instruction was in French.

While excelling in mathematics she continued to sing at family gatherings. When her father became ill and could no longer work, she had to do what she could to support the family, so she left school, having completed eight years, and went to the Malian capital, Bamako. There, at the age of 16, she joined a wedding band that presented a mix of traditional and contemporary, local and foreign repertoires. Two years after her arrival in Bamako, Kandia married a prominent jeli from Kayes, and it was in his home on the banks of the Senegal River that she undertook the serious study of jeliya — its vocal technique and its canon of proverbs, praises, poems and songs — under the tutelage of her mother-in-law.

On a visit to her brother-in-law in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, in , she gave a private recital that was recorded and circulated around West Africa on cassette. As her reputation spread, invitations to perform at private and public events mounted, and so did her rewards. In addition to cash and gold, wealthy patrons gave her new cars, and one placed a light aircraft at her exclusive disposal. She also earned an epithet, La Dangereuse, from reports that when she sang many listeners felt dizzy and some fainted.

With that kind of success, Kandia saw no reason to make records. The singer, however, did. Well-connected Malian? Record companies offered her contracts, but she turned them all down. Her most ardent suitor was the Senegalese record producer Ibrahima Sylla.

She resisted, he persisted, and eventually he got the opportunity to work with her when the popular Guinean jeli S? That experience convinced her of how much she could do with a good producer in a modern recording studio, but another two years passed before she and Sylla made her first full album for international release on CD.

Her most ardent suitor was the Senegalese record producer Ibrahima Sylla. That experience convinced her of how much she could do with a good producer in a modern recording studio, but another two years passed before she and Sylla made her first full album for international release on CD. Kita Kan Sterns was a triumph. Produced in Paris, it was unlike any prior album of jeliya.

Working with Sylla and a somewhat smaller number of musicians this time in Abidjan and Paris, Kandia again enlarged her repertoire and stylistic range, singing one song accompanied only by a pair of acoustic guitars, bringing the percussion forward for dance numbers, and here and there using mixed supporting voices to marvellous effect.

Shortly after that grand summit meeting, Kandia suffered a stroke. Her recovery was slow and difficult, and for seven years she hardly spoke or sang. Even after regaining her strength she considered herself retired. By that time Ibrahima Sylla was in failing health, but he had not lost his ardour for her voice or his awe of her aura, and so in he visited her home in Bamako and convinced her to return to the recording studio.

Lamentably, he did not live to complete the album. He asked me to sing everything I knew, everything that was in my head. I said 'I know nothing. Her voice, darker and richer than when it first carried her to fame more than 30 years ago, has an authority that arises from a very deep well of wisdom and spirit. It is the voice of a true ngara. Kandia Kouyate has been a singing sensation in Mali since the late s, and this, her first album available in America, shows well why.

Kouyate's voice is as strong and bendable as fresh bamboo - soaring over her range in a controlled yet beautiful way. Accompanied by fellow Malian treasure Ballake Sissoko on kora, and her usual host of expert musicians, Kouyate leads a collection of lovely, bubbling music.

The traditionally African pieces work best here, better complementing Kouyate's vibrant, commanding voice than the sweeping orchestral-type pieces or Afro-Cuban pop songs do. Still, there are few enough of those to keep this CD an outstanding pick for a taste of the best female singer in Mali.

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Mandékalou : Soundiata (Live @ the Cité de la Musique)

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