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imports stock books torrent

Publisher: PLANETA. Binding: Encuadernación de tapa dura. Book Condition: Aceptable. About the Seller. From UNIO11 IMPORT S.L. (Barcelona, BCN, Spain). Investors can accumulate shares at every correction from here on margin improvement and sustained growth in Brazilian and Indian markets is. Buy Sir Torrent Of Portingale Pb UK IMPORT BOOK NEW online at an affordable price. Get special offers & fast delivery options with every purchase on Ubuy;. THE HERO OF COLOR CITY TORRENT Tame Your Slack. It's very likely here are longer, button in the to check the arrow keys to. The mget function. Recording When conducting and Viewer for on the old smaller ones are of the school.

The categories are as follows. The company operates in the utility sector in which market dominance comes from Capacity, Distribution and Licencing. The industry is also asset-heavy and the profit margins get trimmed by depreciation and interest expenses. These regions utilize mostly commercial electricity and hence are of high units consumption for the company. Overall the asset-heavy nature of the business and the licencing agreements give some level of economic moat to the company.

Therefore this category gets 3 stars in Torrent Power fundamental analysis. The business model of the company is such that it operates across 4 interdependent verticals namely Thermal Generation, Renewable Generation, Transmission and Distribution. In the Transmission and distribution business, the company is looking forward to taking advantage of the endemic inefficiencies of the public distribution sector. Overall the business model is well diversified with strong growth prospects.

Therefore this category gets 4 stars in Torrent Power fundamental analysis. The revenue has seen a CAGR growth of 9. The operating and net income has also increased by 4. The working capital has been positive due to high receivables and the Cap-Ex has also been stable over the years. This overall indicates a good growth for the company considering the asset-heavy nature of the business.

The gross margin has declined significantly due to the higher expense in the power generation business. This has the trickle-down effect on other margins and the return on assets have also declined. The net income is significantly eroded by the interest payments and depreciation. Overall this indicates declining profitability and pricing power of the company. Therefore this category gets 2 stars in Torrent Power fundamental analysis. The net income margin has declined and the Cap-Ex as a percentage of sales has remained stable.

The free cash flow as a percentage of net income has been positive but declining over the recent years. The operating and free cash flow growth rate has also flat over the years. This overall indicates a weak cash flow position for the company. The company operates in asset-heavy industry and hence has significant debt in its capital structure.

The current and quick ratios are above the minimum threshold but it has high receivable which is subjected to write-offs. Hence the company overall only has a moderate liquidity and solvency position. The table in the excel model is colour formatted so the worst performance over the period is highlighted in red colour and the best performance is highlighted by green. The Inventory days have declined over the years along with the payables period. The receivable days have increased slightly as the company expanded its distribution into new regions.

A version of the story also survives in the Vita offae primi , a twelfth-century text of English origin. Eustache, which first appears in the eighth century. Sir Torrent of Portingale is a rollicking tale of love and adventure. Its action clips away at a full-tilt pace, taking its protagonists from their homes in Portugal to as far north as Norway, as far south as Jerusalem, and many other places in between.

The author of this romance, like the authors of Octavian , Bevis of Hampton , Eglamour , Isumbras , and Ipomedon , serves up deeds of derring-do episode after episode, his staple aesthetic being fearless chivalric heroics in the face of fearsome and surely insurmountable odds.

Audiences in the fifteenth century, no doubt, came to Torrent expecting a tale of bash-up physical adventure, and in this respect they found exactly what they were looking for. In many ways, then, Sir Torrent of Portingale offers an exemplary expression of mature Middle English romance. The romance is also entirely uninterested in masking its abundant efforts to feed the expectations of late-medieval readers of popular literature.

In terms of plot, for instance, the author seems to adopt a strategy of amplifying and multiplying established romance tropes. There are magic swords, magic horses, and token rings; lions, griffins, leopards, bears, and apes; two child abductions, three rudderless boats, three fights between father and sons; so many dragon fights that at one point Torrent loses count line , and so many giants that Torrent does not even bother keeping count line Torrent , in other words, is a romance chock-full of what might be called generic accoutrement.

By stuffing the tale with the furniture of romance, and that in abundance, the author anticipates an audience both well-versed in the conventions of adventure literature and hungry for something bigger and grander than anything they had seen before. If Sir Torrent of Portingale succeeds as a work of late-medieval vernacular fiction, it succeeds through sensational oversized patterns.

By the end of the fourteenth century, tail-rhyme had strong associations with both romance and popular minstrelsy in England, to the extent that the form itself triggered expectations of genre, just as it came to signal a distinctively English literary tradition. While we have no concrete evidence that Torrent was ever publically performed in the fifteenth century, it is quite likely that it was, given that tail-rhyme was a favorite amongst minstrels, and that the text contains several oral tags, in which the narrator, a character in his own right, tells the audience to listen up or to stay put.

Of the author we know nothing beyond what scant suggestions the text offers. The romance contains close verbal echoes of Sir Eglamour of Artois , which suggests that the author may have been composing with a copy of Sir Eglamour at his elbow. So while it remains possible that the author was a minstrel, or was commissioned by a minstrel, this is by no means assured.

In any case, Torrent exhibits little of the theological sophistication or overt moral engineering found in the Middle English romances often associated with men of the cloisters, such as Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. As Rhiannon Purdie shows, dialectical evidence suggests an origin for the text in the northern Midlands, possibly near or around the area where the counties of Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, and the West Riding of Yorkshire meet: roughly speaking, near Doncaster, which was a significant hub for trans-national traffic and commerce in the fourteenth century.

This provenance hints at the possibility that Torrent was initially conceived to indulge local literary tastes, just as it suggests a context for composition in which the author may have had copies of several tail-rhyme romances to hand. The manuscript is now commonly referred to as a household book — that is, a book that catered to the diverse educational, devotional, and entertainment needs of a large household.

Its fourteen texts include three romances, Torrent item 6 , Bevis of Hampton item 9 , and Ipomadon item 10 , the latter being the longest tail-rhyme romance in Middle English, at 8, lines. There has been considerable debate amongst scholars as to how such miscellanies were assembled and how they were consumed, but at the very least Chetham MS provides a witness to a milieu of vernacular literary consumption in fifteenth-century England — a milieu in which the knockabout adventurism of Torrent and its fellow romances find company with texts of educational merit and sacred import.

As the two scribes worked from the same exemplar, and as Hand 5 copied multiple texts in the manuscript, it is possible to say something about their copying habits. The exemplar evidently bore the effects of multiple re-copying, or of having been initially written down from memory or transcribed from oral recitation.

Several of the existing lines either deviate from the tail-rhyme form, offer nonsensical syntax, or give details that clearly do not fit with the surrounding context. Certainly, Hand 5 was a diligent copyist, but as with Hand 7 he was clearly not interested in attempting to tidy up what must have seemed an error-ridden and perhaps even messy copy-text.

Nevertheless, both scribes show some investment in mise-en-page presentation, as both achieve a clean copy of Torrent over eighty-five neatly ruled pages, with an elegant title and several large rubricated capitals to signal divisions within the narrative. That the manuscript offers a text at some remove from the original composition is also suggested by the fragments of two early prints of the romance, one by Richard Pynson c.

One reason for this sense of coherence is that the printers appear to have edited the text by modernizing and replacing Northern forms, but it is also almost certain that the printers were working with a more coherent copy-text, as the fragments offer superior readings that are not likely the result of editorial intervention. The evidence suggests, then, that while these prints are close to the text in Chetham MS , they were not based on the manuscript or any subsequent manuscripts in its line of transmission.

Rather, these printers must have had access to a manuscript or manuscripts in a separate chain of copying, and one either closer in line to the original text, one that simply did not introduce as many deviations, or both. By making its principal locale Portugal, the author could have been attempting to tap into a current royal interest in the Iberian Peninsula.

In England and Portugal strengthened already close ties by signing the Treaty of Windsor.

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Eko fresh exodus download torrent Print length. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. The gross margin has declined significantly due to the higher expense in the power generation business. By stuffing the tale with the furniture of romance, and that in abundance, the author anticipates an audience both well-versed in the conventions of adventure literature and hungry for something bigger and grander than anything they had seen before. Corporate actions.
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