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Little Brother is an American hip hop duo from Durham, North Carolina that consists of rappers Phonte and Big Pooh. Rapper Big Pooh released a solo album entitled Sleepers in There was a cloud burst and a raging torrent of water rushed dowo the hillside, carrying destruction in its torenntinokir.funes ten feet deep were cut into.


Big pooh sleepers torrent

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big pooh sleepers torrent

and told some campaigning stories “ " Pooh! pooh! nonsense! and with big cold drops standing thick Lanas By this time the sleepers had been. Little Brother is an American hip hop duo from Durham, North Carolina that consists of rappers Phonte and Big Pooh. Rapper Big Pooh released a solo album entitled Sleepers in Rapper Big Pooh - Sleepers () · Rapper Big Pooh - Rappers Delight () · Rapper Big Pooh - The Delightful Bars (North American Pie Version) () · Rapper. COMMENT OBTENIR LA FONTAINE DANS ANIMAL CROSSING WII TORRENT And downloads that side of the permissions to view this is ignored. The maximum number of ephones is we give you. Accept all cookies and border requirements.

Porter was soundly sleeping. By his side, if not in his hand, w. Porter was first awakened by the police, ami when she had got up anil ascertained who was there, she very naturally felt alarm, ed for what might occur if, in the excitement of waking up and finding himself confronted by tiie police, lier husband should grasp the weapon. Shi therefore seized it ami handed it out to Sergeant Burke tor site keeping.

After some little show of resistance, in the course of which Porter is reported to have expressed his regret at the disappearance of tho revolver, ho accompanied the officers to the city, am] at daybreak yesterday was placed in the quarters of the police at the Parliament House, where his still remains, pending his examination in the Police Court, which may not commence for a few days. A nmitllrie lli-inarh. Referring to the cablegrams received from Europe concerning the alleged insanity of Short!

It does not rest with us to decide that question, but we may he allowed to state that it is too had khat the relatives and friends of. Shortis should have seen fit to send us a foul of that kind. In our opinion, it is to be regretted that they never thought of keeping him at home in a good asylum. David, F. C,, is completing two more biographies to be added to the series already published by him. The subject of the present sketches are Hon. Wilfrid Pro vost and Hon. Paul Fabre, son of Mr.

Fabre, the Canadian Commissioner in Paris, has published a neat volume of his impressions during his recent visit to Canada. The book is dedicated to Lieut -Governor Chapleau. A i lilrago Whopper. Chicago boasts of the immensity of its dry goods business. Prince Alfred's Retirement. In fact, the latter is charged by the local press with being indifferent to the welfare of his German sub jects, with pronounced English tastes anc. Fancy Silks, Dress Goods.

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Made only by The N. Upper an! Lower St. Krt-lglits I». Per :ichnert 20e per barrel. S are, at BP. I lib-. Chicaoo, ill. From Batiscan to Burlington, Plattsbnrg an i-k1 Xo. M ,and Monday and Tharsdsy at Local Express daily, arriving ac St. Local Express leaving St. Raymond daily, at 7. M , arriving at St. Lite Junction at 2 10 P M. Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, arriving at St. Tite Junction at Loire St. Tito Junctional 1. Pirlor and sleeping cars on all through train'.

Inquiry the fact that the delay was the main steam pipe, which of 37 h. Quebec cargo will be landed at Quebec direct from steamers ujion arrival. Per ss Canadia, Hahn. Per Express Companies-.! As ihc P,i,. Superb hotel accommodation at Roberval. Those counties that have most suffered by the want of rain, and which have t! Failures lately have been in the majority from the north-eastern counties, notably Chicoutimi, but the gross amount of liabilities is much less than those rated a year ago.

Distress after eating. Pain In iho Side. Excellent laud for sale by Government in the Lake St. John Valley at nominal prices. New ettiers, their families and a limited quantity of effects will be transported by the Railway free. Special advantage offered to parties establishing Mills and other industries. Tickets for sale by R M. Louis Hotel, at the Chateau Frontenac and Can. J une 2? The other one has not left her dock. This is but a fair sample of the crippled condition of the freight trade abroad.

Of course, the passenger traffic has been exceedingly good and this helps the trade out. I can only say that! The Dominion Line projiosoto steadily improve and increase their facilities. Inward at 4 a m, str Intrepid ; at 1 p in, str Lyda. Inward at 7 am, str Lansdowne. Capo Rosier [] -North-west wind. Outward at 7 p in yesterday, str Orinoco ; at 2 p in to-day. Tug Florence anchored. Outward at 7 a m, str Murcia and Virginia.

Sixty days, 4. Liverpool Coiton Market. American Middlings. Quebec Retail Market, July 30, Veal, jx-r lb. Mutton, per lb. Oat Meal, per brl. Salmon, No. Codfish, green, per brl. Cod Oil, per gallon, 31c to 33c. Herrings, No. Potatoes, early rose , pet bushel, 40c to 50c. Oats, per bushel 34 lbs, 44c to 45c. Butter, salt, per lb. Cheese, per lb. Eggs, per dozen, 15c to 18c.

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For information address render the voyage as comfortable as jiossible. Signed , Minnie Stewart. Eleanor s. Escalona s , Lindsay, Dundee, July 29 Mav 31, 1» Rye flour, steady; sellers, at 3. Corn, easier ; receipts 87, bushels ; sales, 70, bushels ; No! Oats, litegdv ; receipts. Beef, dull; sellers, family, at 1 ih to Lard, easy ; sellers, at 6. Butter-Receipts, It may also be said that these changes are not always for the better, but often bring retrogression and decay ; and this is particularly true of the circus of to day.

Barnum their final cues, it may he remarked that but one truly great and legitimate circus, under well-known management, remains, that of Sells Brothers, which is to exhibit at Quebec, on Saturday, August 10th. Sells Brothers present a more than abundaut feast of everything which appertains to the most popular entertainments. Grand Street Parade at 10 a m.

Special excursion rates on all lines of travel. Is the bane of so many lives that here Is where we make our great boa«t. Dur pills cure it while Others do not. Carter's Littlo Liver Pills aro very small and very easy to take. One r two pills make a dose. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or purge, but by their gcMlo action please ail who use them.

In vialaat 25 venta. Those who have recently returned from Europe are telling with a good deal of interest of the very great and expensive improvements which the abandonment of Liverpool as its European terminal by the American Line compels. The work has been done at enormous coat, and it is claimed that it is so done as to make it possible for Eassengers and mails to reach London by the tverpool route more quickly than can be done by the Southampton one.

When these new facilities were thrown open with formal ceremonies on Wednesday, week before last, Mr. Ismay made an astonishing speech. While it was known here that theeqrnings of the transatlantic steamships were so inconsiderable, competition being so great and business so divided as to make it uulikly that any new steamship lines would be established, still the impression was that the condition was not so bad as it was represented by Mr.

Ismay in his speech to be. While he did not say it in so many words, yet he intimates that the improvement in the dock facilities, and the shotteuing in the time from Liverpool to London would be likely to result in economies which might make it possible with improved business for the steamship companies to do better than they have rince the Baring failure. All such persons will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Removal of Dead Animals.

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Several members of the Local Government are expected lobe present, as well as Dr. Coulombe, agricultural lecturer. The eight medals and diplomas of the Order of Agricultural Meric of this Province, won by farmers of the County, will be presented. It is one of the largest pilgrimages which have ever visited Ste. Laror Day. Paul, St. Joseph, Crown, St. Valier, St. Joseph to the Jacques Cartier market place. Going for a Swim To-Morrow? Then S. The latter wins first prize by-time allowance, for she was very close to the leaders.

The wind became a gale shortly after the squadron was safe in New London harbor. That is all Vet-y well so far as beer goes. The main idea has been to group together a number of drinks that do uot require a stock of liquors to make them.

The most of them need little else than the liquids which form their base, a good supply of ice, an ice pick and an ice scraper, milk and a few things of that sort. They consist of nothing more or less than a very small glass of brandy and a very large glass of soda. One should be filled up to the brim with soda of good quality which has been On the ice for some time.

Ve allowed to stand for a mom ctR, it will be much better. Whiskey and soda is put together in very much the same way. For Ihe ladies, when brandy and soda is being introduced, a very capital cold beverage is a shandygaff of ale or beer and ginger ale. A pitcher should be taken and filled with cracked ice.

Into it should be poured two bottles of ale or beer and two bottles of ginger ale, and the whole be left to cool for several moments. Ihk sfcme quantity of liquor. Iff r. Once these ingredients are taken the sour is mixed tho same as any rtln r sour, aud finally It is otuatrtenI id with cherries. Really, however, it is a drink which should win itself many friends It was invented and named appropriately by a wit of the town, ami its appropriateness may he judged from the faHt that the basic c «mponent is Irish Whiskey.

It has been explained that the reason it is named Trilby toddy is that many years since, as described by Mr. O'Ferrall, of Ireland, came to his death through an absorption of too much of this alcoholic beverage. The drink, nevertheless, is well worth trying, whether or uot it is too hard on Trilby. It is a mixture of sweet oider and bourbon ot rye Whiskey. A wideglassful df the whiskey is poured into a lopg glass, thlve small lumps of ice follow, and the glass is then filled up with the iweek oidcr.

Tho articles that go to toake. The tumbler in which this goes is be filled with shaved ioe. Into this the mixture sHopld be poured, after shaking and ornamented with fruit in season. A glass is fairly well filled with whiskey this being according to taste , and then filled to the brim with fresh and cold milk. It is well worth the trying. July f. The perfect combustion of either Hard or Soft Coal is secured by the introduction of 4ir Jets.

Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Ins. Insurance» taken al current rates. Policies issue! BergerVillb to Cap Rtnigb. Lake Reauport, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Lake Beauport, 'Mondays. Lee Saules. Levis toGentilly. Levis to St. Mastai to T» North West Territories.

Matter for registration must be posted 30 minutes previous to the time of closing the mail. Pkk Steamer Leaving Thursday. M La Bourgoime, Gen. Trans Aurania, Canard. Vancouver, Dominion. Louis, American. Augusta Victoria, H. La Touraine, Gen.

Umbria, Canard. Numidian, Allan. Lahn, North G. La Normandie, Gen. Sardinian, Allan. New York, American. Kuerst Bismarck, Ham. La Gascogne, Genl. Etruria, Cunard. Labrador, Dominion. Paris, American. Columbia, H. Sea birds searched for food icons sold from the deep.

Here, the great man himself had once stood on conscience fetched from fells. You can still see his head mark there, but his hat lies deep in the lake by Ambleside. How we know you know? Eagles and sharp eyes claws piercing without assumption poking fish eyes, nibbling chicken thighs bloody anarchistic insurrection leaving us a well-battered sense! A wry face set in An open jaw However sincere the Attempt to smile Leaves a strong indication Of teething violence.

To my face No groaning shall abide In my heart I simply love Defining themselves tall, they attempt to compete with the sky. The short ones are unsteady, large and bold like a cold. They measure schisms, frescoes and times with The Dark Ages. Saintliness was manufactured for feud as the Victorians, aided purity too literally to embezzle their children's faith. Jacobean Renaissance baffled nightmares with misogyny.

Now their earth is visiting their angels in the tallest, fastest plastic cements. Mellowing out their roughness with bold-sadness and angels, their angles of squares without correlation. Children playing by the river bank Saw another child picked an earthworm, They ran away with fear Their fear is mixed with sand and Sand with shapes, but now, The shapes are building villages of envy Cities of triumphs and nations of glory One is unlike the other; each is happy Every child is happy Happy with a full tummy.

Let me repay your generosity with subcutaneous atoms giving them in marriage to cellular particles in lavish ceremony. Let me die in you, asking that I wear your radiance as glasses. Let your breasts entwine my lungs to the fresh breath of trees like exquisite ornaments too precious to display in the ghettos of pearls. Let me show you the secret mood of dusk before the handshake with dawn smitten with affection.

NA: Yes. Eh, what do you say? Can you beat that? I thought so. NA: Yes, of course. He executed Gen. Mamman Vatsa for mixing poetry with the army. IMMI: Hold on sir. What gibberish, are you talking about, NA? NA: Well then, you might say of Lt. Chris Oche, army intelligence officer, that he was too clever for too many bullets, so he gulped just one. How can you tell a wealthy man in GBN?

Please give us a clue. IMMI: Well, well, well. NA: Yes, let me see. Draconian tooth? Coconut grins? No, not that. You mean tooth-picking with pubic hair? Well, then again. Aha, ha, ha, ha. NA: Yes, gotcha. Aha, aha, aha, ho, ho, ho, aha.

Welcome to British Nigeria. Officer commanding 2nd Mechanized Infant. Abacha Buhari lost in presidential race to incumbent, Gen. MP: My first reaction was that I was staggered to be asked by a major publisher for the publication of my work.

On the other hand, I will consider being published by a small press like the Wide Skirt Press to be just as important and exciting. When I first started to write I had pretensions to being a novelist. I remember when I was sailing boats particularly around the Mediterranean, when we laid up in the winter and each winter I started on the same dreadful book then restarted it next winter and never got anywhere with it - eventually I did complete the novel but it was while I was writing it that I started to write some poetry in Spanish as a kind of relief - something you can finish and polish, rather than the long book.

My poetry got taken up and my first collection in Spanish was published almost twenty years ago. I had one or two bigger alterations suggested but there were times when I stood my ground. Obviously my experience is hugely an influence on my work.

Experience is more in the nature of backdrops. For instance, when I did start writing seriously, it was important for me to try and catch up with the latest poetry publications. This is because I had quite a lot of poetry put into me when I was young and because I really knew very little. I think people should read poetry. Poetry is a compression and it deals with an area which is close to music in many ways.

I think making a distinction between prose and poetry sometimes is a vague one. There are novelists who write like poets. But how much they get depends on them. PAS: How extensive did you research this collection in terms of other works and to what extent did you rely on your imaginations? I was thinking of the reader and to some extent on some kind of form and continuity to create interest. It was being more experimental - a bit like trial and error.

I remember I was coming back on the bus late one night and I suddenly got this picture in my head of a man standing on a high pass in the Andes, looking one way and looking back to the four points of the compass and that was the start of the poem. I had no idea where it was going but that image was something concrete with which to start. So I would write anything that came into my head and see where it leads me.

PAS: What danger signs have you had to navigate in order for the book to remain true to you? MP: I changed the collection many times and ended in its final form when it came to working with the editor. Certainly because of the way I work I no longer plan a poem from the start as I consider doing that to be wrong.

Hopefully, I avoid using all kinds of foreign words just for the sake of them. I think one of the things about travelling is the different perspectives you get, the contrasts and also the similarities because people are people, no matter where you go. Stereotypes are all around us, anyway.

MP: I would think not to look for too much complexity. A street came into my head and people began to pop out here and there and populated the street and the pub was on one corner and the various shops and the street built itself. It became quite difficult to stop. PAS: Do you think the voices work?

PAS: How do you then explain the last stanza where she appears immune to pain? PAS: How detached were you when writing this verse? MP: Not very detached, no. PAS: Would I be too far-fetched if I put it to you that your real concern in this collection is exploring the arguments between survival and living and between make-beliefs and perceptions of reality and above all the process of individuals evaluating their own experiences?

MP: Too far-fetched maybe in the idea of it being conscious. So these different moods define, naturally, different aspects of my personality and me. In that way I hope my work defines me quite broadly. I agree that they can be very much overused. MP: Well, as we accumulate more experience presumably we should also accumulate a more sophisticated opinion at least about life and its complexities. PAS: If I may ask you, why are you now writing about your childhood?

MP: Every statement I make is a question. MP: Trying to forecast how it will develop further, I presume it will get more and more diverse. However, the marvellous profusion of women poets will continue as the culture in any particular country is more diverse so the arts should be. Internationalism is the word for arts. PAS: What about the notion of 20th Century spiritualism in writing?

PAS: Why write poetry, why not a travelogue from which you can make much more money? MP: Making money from poetry was never my motive. I began to change a little when my poems began to be published here and there. However, there is the plus side, it gives freedom in writing. I would probably find it too difficult to recite travelogues because I consider doing it honestly would give too much of myself away. In poetry, you can let yourself go but only little bits of yourself come through.

PAS: If you pick any generation, which poet or poets have influenced you a great deal? These were almost built into me from my youth. Neruda came to me late in life and has certainly been my strongest influence. He really taught me how to look at things from very different perspectives. Biography: Milner Place is an English writer most well known for his poetry. Place and Tom Place. From to he served in the military, he then studied briefly at an agricultural college, worked as a bartender and managed the family farm.

He had three siblings, Ullin, Dorothy and David. Early in his life he worked as a forester. Place lived much of his life on the sea. In he sailed to South Africa where he worked in a copper mine. In he returned to England and worked as a journalist. In he sailed to New York and from to lived in the Bahamas.

In , he bought his first ship and sailed it through Miami and England to Mallorca. During the Algerian War, he was a smuggler. In he captained a sailing ship built in the Netherlands to Lisbon. In the following years he drove several ocean races with Juan Carlos the future King of Spain. In in Denmark he turned a barge into a yacht and in and he ran a yacht charter in Malta for wedding couples and regularly sailed the route via Lampedusa and Tunisia.

In he was a consultant for Forte International Hotels in Sardinia and Greece before he organized a fishing fleet in Ecuador. Shortly thereafter, he fled to Peru on charges of alleged piracy. In he returned to England before working for time in the Canary Islands as a photographer. In he travelled to Mexico to write an ultimately unpublished novel. While struggling with the novel he took up poetry as a relief from working on the novel.

He has won twenty-seven international prizes and forty-four national awards. His national and international exhibitions number between and with over twenty solo displays including one in New York and nine personal digital outputs. Two of his arts printed on the UNICEF postcards are being sold worldwide and he has had a special success with his caricature published in the New Yorker cover for Sept.

What is the title of the collection, and how many pieces of art work are in it? Could you also talk a bit about yourself and how long it has taken you to put the collection together? I started sharing my professional art work, at first, and later I began sharing instant drawings, analyses from time to time on current issues, then this became more frequent. In , I produced pieces of work on current issues. The best part for me was publishing the page exhibition catalogue that contains of my work.

There is no name for the collection in this exhibition. I have a collection of nearly pieces of enamel products dated from the s to the s, which are no longer in production. PAS: Discuss the concepts underlying your work in general and how they are realised in particular with your CCC exhibition. I have made 26 art-works on the Gezi Park events. Sometimes I do fantastic, romantic work. Seasons, love, etc. In a sense I work from an artist's perspective i.

PAS: Give me a brief background to how you approach your creative methods and their relevance to our discussion of your present exhibition. When people's inborn creativity, interests, abilities are noticed and trained accordingly and the person enjoys his profession then he becomes successful. Loving the job I do, enjoying what I do, not just the art, but also the sum areas I am interested in such as poetry, literature, politics, economics, sociology, philosophy, etc.

PAS: Does the history of Arts, especially avant-garde art inform on the process of your becoming a successful and well established artist? How and where does your formative process begin? PAS: Which of the well-established and less known artists have influenced your creativity?

Kindly discuss the similarities, differences and any recurrent themes you share with at least two contemporary artists whose work you are very familiar with as objectively as you can with the view to help us understand the active rationale for your work.

In other words, how does your art communicate when compared to that of any of your contemporaries? After high school I studied construction engineering for two years, during this time my interest in caricature increased, I've done some work in the caricature field in my own way. During my fine arts education I was influenced by the surrealism movement. In the course of art history, the first surrealist movement and Rene Magritte who was one of the pioneers of this movement attracted my attention.

The atmosphere, fantasy, illusion, the surreal in his pictures and the expressions in his caricatures impressed me. PAS: Name your major awards, what they mean to you and how you see the role of competitions in the development of an artist? What is your main advice to any new artists who are considering participating in contests? Could you take this opportunity to take our readers through your current exhibition portfolio by providing details about their process of creation, and what message s they contain?

One of the important awards I received is the 1st prize in the 2. Then I began, for nearly twenty years, to take part in juries and stopped being a competitor. Competitions have been second school for me, thanks to them I have developed my creativity and through the competitions I've been constantly producing. PAS: Which of your exhibitions do you consider your masterpiece and how does it represent you better than any other?

PAS: How do you see the world and what projections do you have for the future? Are you apocalyptic? GDE: World technology is evolving very rapidly, but people using the technology are increasingly losing their human characteristics. Feeling, the main feature that makes us human is in a daily process of being lost.

In many parts of the world, millions of people are still so primitive as in the early ages, man with technology as he lives dependently on the tools he uses becomes lonely. Consumption-oriented life style is taking the human away from humanity and nature. In the future, when the world's natural resources decrease and the air pollution increases, eventually the world will be uninhabitable or man will notice his possible extinction and will manage to begin to live consciously and will save the world and himself from destruction.

GDE: 'There is no winner in war' phrase is very true, only those who sell weapons, gun producers, capitalism win, the people fighting are doomed to lose. This image: a white dove with an olive branch in its mouth nestling on the heads of soldiers continues your advocacy for peace with the symbolism of non-militarisation. Talk us through the image and why you think peace is so important now since we know that the first and second world wars provide the basis for world domination by Western powers who with Russia are currently engaged in military posturing over Ukraine and the Crimea.

GDE: In this work, the message I want to give is that of militaristic proliferation. Is it your stance that the US is the bearer of the costs of war, or the perpetrator of wars or both? What is the significance of the double metaphors of a brush and a coffin since we were used to seeing American military coffins draped in the American flag first and second Iraqi invasions spring to mind? Can you explain to our readers any relationship, artistic or otherwise, that may exist between the camouflaged people- coffin in what looks like the Turkish flag with the American brush-coffin?

The traces of the brush on the surface highlight the keel-haul. Is this a wishful thinking for peace in Africa by highlighting areas of the continent needing peace urgently or is there more to it especially that you have chosen to represent Africa as black when there are diverse colours of people in Africa if one compares in general terms North Africans to West Africans or to South Africans, bearing in mind that there is so much diversity of colours and languages in each African country?

Or is this just for effect whereby a white dove contrasts well with a black map of Africa? Mandela is a hero who liberates South Africa. PAS: Finally, what is the place of humour or religion or politics in your art and what do you think about the banning of Wikipedia in Turkey? GDE: I think religion is a need that exists innate in man. To defend religion or being against religion divides people and creates hostility.

Major reasons of wars in the world are because of religious differences. If there was no religion or only one religion in the world, then perhaps there would not be wars in the world. Humour is an important way I interpret events, visual communication is based on creativity and humor. The class status I am in is the one that sees people as equal regardless of any religion, race or language and human as part of nature.

There is no freedom where there is prohibition, I am against all prohibitions. And Magritte, R. Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary, An Introduction to Nineteenth Century Art. Graphic Design. Drawing is Thinking. Art is Work. The Milton Glaser poster book. The Underground Gourmet Cookbook Hardcover. Van Gogh Paintings and Drawings.

Dover Publications, Inc. Magritte: Attempting the Impossible. Foxfire: Introduction to Illustration Now. The Portable Magritte. New York: H. Taschen specials. Van Gogh: The Life. A Belgian Surrealist: A sense of the amazing, the surprising, and the ridiculous in Magritte's paintings. Conversations with Van Gogh. The Illustration Handbook: A guide to the world's greatest illustrators.

Van Gogh Paintings: The Masterpieces. Magritte, Ideas and Images. Rush, on Resonance of Syncretic Kabbalah Today. Paul Ade Silva discusses these issues and many more with Dr. Olen D. Rush, who although a professional Naturopath, is a well-known and respected Kabbalistic scholar and a high ranking initiate in a number of Western Esoteric Societies.

He is also involved in Sufism, and is an at large member of the Temple of Thelema T. Olen began studying Kabbalah in his teens and has instructed initiates in syncretic Kabbalah since the s. He has studied with a number of Kabbalists from both traditional and non-traditional schools.

He has translated a variety of Kabbalistic texts from any number of languages. Rush is descended maternally from an interesting group of Yiddish speaking Polish Catholics and he is a modern day Frankist. ODR: I would attempt to explain that the creation is a product of the formulation of the Divine Will into thought-forms or proto- letters of the sacred alphabet whose very essence is Its Ineffable Nature.

The Name of the Divinity has shattered Itself with Its own pronouncement, and the sparks given off as a result of the explosion have created reality as we know it. Syncretic Kabbalah is that message which is received from the Divinity when the letters and words of these stories are set aright and returned to Holiness. So, our history and tradition is the synthesis of all the stories, histories, and traditions in the entire world.

PAS: What are the meta-concepts embedded in syncretic Kabbalah? All else is Illusion. In a way, it represents the heart as we observe with Ali in Sufism, or the Sacred Heart of Christ in certain mystical Christian sects. So, in that reference I am referring to the so-called Archetypal World of Atzilut. In that region there are really no such personages but we use this construct so the mind has something to grasp.

I was not referencing the Jungian or Platonic archetypes, although there are certainly similarities to those paradigms. These personages are really the reconfigurations of the highest sparks of the shattered vessels in the Lurianic mythos. In Kabbalah, all the characters in the bible are species of Partzufim. The five fundamental Partzufim extend from the Primordial Adam which is an overall Partzuf including all the others just as all the future souls were contained within it.

And these Partzufim can all be sub-divided and even partially configured from the varied combinations of the Ten Luminous Emanations or Sefiroth. These configurations are also representative of collective roots of the various souls that will manifest in the nether regions. So, the stories in the bible have an inner meaning. They are all Holy personifications. They are also kinfolk and due to family quarrels have been divorced from each other over quite trivial matters like many family relationships.

So, the reconciliation of these families i. Not to mention the restoration of the Divinity to its true exalted place. In regards to them all, and in regards to Israel and Palestine, this is a keen example of family fighting kin.

Genetic testing shows the closest match for Palestinians is with Ashkenazi Jews. Only these two populations carry a specific Ashkenazi gene that causes hereditary nerve deafness. Until recently, this gene was only thought to occur in Ashkenazim but it is also exists with some prevalence in Palestinians Shahin, Walsh, Sobe, Lynch, King, Avraham, Kanaan, So, this concept does extend out from a mystical archetype to mundane reality.

ODR: Folk tales and legends provide a great many things. George Starkey felt that myths often hid chemical formulae. He confected an alloy from Iron, Copper, and Antimony that was purple in color with a distinct webbed or net-like appearance.

It is the emending of these stories to reveal the Holiness within them that is important. Without Holiness they are unbalanced and produce unbalanced results based on a false reality. One can see this in the damaging effects of stereotypes, or conversely, the receiving of an award or title.

So, the use of words is both creative and destructive. Thus would I Express the power of the sacred letters in the mind and thought of Deity. PAS: Your answers raise many more questions namely, are you saying all spiritually awakened human beings are spiritual Israel irrespective of their religions and nationalities? ODR: Yes. And since the Holocaust when so many Jewish souls had no available bodies to incarnate within, there have been many true souls of spiritual Israel that have been exiled among the Nations, literally.

All descriptors fail for they are attempts to limit the Divinity to particular aspects and the Divinity is Itself Ain Soph, beyond Limit. The potential for everything that can ever be described. Some Hasidim do this as well but for more specifically Jewish reasons. New York: Arizal Publications, p6.

It is the relationship between unbound desire and the limitations and inadequacies of verbal thought in attempting to describe It. Yet, it is within these very words that Holiness can be found by those who know how to work the letters. It is a mirror of the relationship between the mundane Torah and its two parts: Oral and Written Nigosian, , with the Spiritual Torah and its two parts, Concealed Thought2 and Inscribed3. PAS: In the face and phases of severe persecutions of the Jews, being driven from one European country to another, one must ask in the light of the creation of the State of Israel if the Jews had never had a homeland prior to ODR: The Jewish people had been international war refugees since the revolt against Roman rule in their traditional homeland, this caused their exile by Imperial Rome Elazar, There were attempts to establish a Jewish homeland, one such attempt was made by Jacob Frank in Poland and this schema involved predictions about the Messiah arising from Poland made by his predecessors.

This can be noted in the first section of the Zohar proper or section Bereshith A. Come, south wind! And then the redemption will spread to the south. The traditional Jewish homeland is the modern day country of Israel, and the initial modern impetus for this was the Napoleonic letter to the Holy Land to help re-establish the traditional Jewish homeland, and the later Dreyfus incident which occurred in 19th century France.

The Holocaust simply proved the point. European country after European country refused to allow Jews fleeing the gas chambers a safe refuge6, and many even assisted the SS to round up Jews for the Death camps. Today there are only a little over a million Jews left in all of Europe, and almost none in Islamic countries. Approximately one half of Jews live in Israel and the other half in the U. And the world Jewish population has never reached pre-Holocaust numbers7.

Holocaust Memorial Museum. The War Against the Jews, History of the Holocaust: A Handbook and Dictionary. Boulder: Westview Press, p Encyclopedia of the Holocaust. Destruction of European Jews. ODR: That is a result of a great many factors ranging from Soviet meddling in the Middle East to the Pan-Islamist movement, to the strategies of defence and war on all sides8 and is a very complex topic to sum up in a brief interview on syncretic Kabbalah.

Some of this expansion was for obvious security reasons such as the Golan Heights. Other events were for strict expansionist reasons. One should also note the negative results of giving back Sinai and the Gaza Strip for Israel. This resulted in new bases of operations for groups hurling rockets at villages in Israel. From this perspective, why would one hand back more? That is not to say I agree with the expansion of settlements. I frankly do not. However, it is important to try and understand the perspective.

And even more precisely, what was the name of the traditional Jewish homeland before the exile? After this the Romans dominated and many Jews were sold into slavery and others forced to flee. However, there has been a continued presence despite this fact. ODR: Lurianic Kabbalah and the Zohar have a canonical status in Judaism and remain extremely esoteric despite the translation of a number of texts in recent years.

It is the basis of nearly all modern schools of Jewish Kabbalah. In the broader Western Mystery Tradition which owes so much to the Order of the Golden Dawn, the entire basis and structure of the Order was based on the compilation of Lurianic texts translated by Christian Knorr Von Rosenroth10 Since so many organizations have utilized the Golden Dawn framework Lurianic Kabbalah is extremely prominent within the Western Mystery Tradition including many so-called Pagan McColman, 79 organizations.

Kaballa Denudata; Runyon, C. Unveiled; Karr, D. Since each Kabbalistic World represents a level of reality and consciousness, there is a Torah for each of these Worlds On one hand, because there are five general Worlds or levels there are 5 Torahs, but there is also a primordial Torah that precedes them. On another level, there are as many Torahs as there are Souls to interpret them. Mendes- Flohr and Scholem, PAS: Are these five general worlds only supernal or both supernal and mundane and where does reality separate from consciousness if at all?

So, the five worlds are both supernal and mundane, and these worlds in each aspect may be sub- divided into five sub-worlds, and so on ad infinitum. Reality is not separable from consciousness. Consciousness may be said to be the prima material from which each level of reality is built.

Scholem also mentions that the Torah is also associated with 70 faces. The same number associated with the Sanhedron, and just as we see in the number of nations. So, in my Mytho- poetic storyline, each person and each people have a share in the Divine revelation. That the human race has always existed and still to this day, there is a permanent lack of uniformity in reference to the nature and content of the Divine Revelation is indeed a most striking and depressing phenomenon, which has discouraged many researchers, and has shaken the faith in many of them to the reality of revelation.

For here the reason will be evident: if God can actually be revealed to man in a positive way, among the many conflicting religious systems, each of which invokes a very specific divine Communication to direct themselves, but only one is actually true, while all the rest necessarily have to be based on deception and fraud. PAS: What is the exegesis on the authenticity and the relationship between the oral and written Torahs? The Torah scroll does not contain vowel points or cantillation marks.

These diacritical markings are contained in the Chumash or Pentateuch in book form, and are the recorded oral teachings without which the formal scroll cannot be read. This can be instantly observed by a visual comparison between the two.

So, the Oral Torah is mandatory to the ability to utilize the written Torah. Also the oral discussions and debates regarding the Torah, as well as relevant oral stories, and various opinions of the great Rabbis are recorded in the Talmud Nigosian, and the canonical text Sefer HaZohar12 are all part of the Oral Torah.

Many of these teachings are indeed very old and also reappear in the Holy Quran13 as well as the Christian New Testament The revelation from the Divinity is a very high aspect of the Oral Torah. Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy. Judaism The Way of Holiness. There are many such adapted passages and thus we see this noted in the Holy Quran: For example: Matthew and Talmud Arakin 16b. ODR: I can only provide you with how this is revealed to me.

I believe each soul contains a spark of the soul of the Messiah. Any one of us could potentially bring the redemption. However, I believe the Messiah to be a spontaneous and all inclusive state of super-consciousness that will engulf all of humanity all at one time. These aspects have descended in degree and were separated from each other to accommodate the necessary polarity structure required to sustain Creation.

At first these creatures were clad in garments of light. Later they were each consumed with lust for pleasure for their own self alone. When they lost this semblance to Divinity, they accepted shame at their own nakedness, and the garments of light were exchanged for coats of skin. For the Letters are Vessels, and the shattering is the breaking up of the words of the Higher Torah, where there is no sin and no prohibitions.

They are also called Lilith and the Serpent Nogah. Like everything in the nether region they have dual roles. But the Holy Spirit and the sparks of the souls of the righteous may help restore their true meaning and elevate humanity above the dual world where there is both good and evil, reward and punishment.

Above the Creation is Atzilut and the Torah of Atzilut has no mention of sin. This reception and what one receives is as unique and variable as the revelation itself. But any of these things would have an aspect of Holiness about them that is rather hard to qualify. PAS: Is the Atzilut a supernal world and by supernal worlds do you mean heavens upward in the sky as is commonly believed from the earth-standpoint?

Good is mixed with evil. These are the two contending forces and either extreme is pernicious. But this state is necessary for the Lower Worlds to exist. Zion is also noted in the Islamic tradition which references the Arabic term for Zion16, Sahyun, at times as a place in or near Jerusalem.

In Kabbalah, it is the innermost part of the Holy of Holies within the Temple and represents the Holiness out of which reality is formed Likewise in mystical Christianity 15 Longman, T. Inter Varsity Press, p; Briley, T. College Press. Palestine exploration quarterly. Published at the Fund's Office. A history of Palestine, Cambridge University Press.

Moses in the Quran and Islamic exegesis Illustrated, reprint ed. The Jewish Messiah actually fights an Anti-Messianic figure called Armilus in Jewish tradition, thus mirroring the New Testament in some ways or vice versa. We see something very similar in Islam with the Mahdi. ODR: I think we are all a species of redeemer and that we gravitate towards the culturally most attractive external form.

I do not believe there is any one human figure who is the redeemer for us all. But the Redeemer in my perspective is a state of consciousness and not a personality per se. We all have our demons to battle whether as individuals, tribes, peoples, or nations. My Jihad is entirely spiritual.

Rabbah bar Nahmani. Encyclopaedia Britannica 11th ed. Last accessed 25th April Bar-Noi, U. Rabbi of Lubavitch translated by Markel, S. Missouri: College Press. The Book of the Concourse of the Watchtowers. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Boulder: Westview Press. Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. New York: Macmillan Library Reference. Academies in Palestine. Jewish Population of Europe Before the Holocaust.

Judaism: Jewish Population of the World. World Jewish Population, The American Jewish Year Book. Dordrecht: Springer. Kabbalah Unveiled. Alpha Books. New York: Arizal Publications. The June War. The Six Day War. Judaism, The Way of Holiness. London: Crucible. Palestine Exploration Fund. Kaballa Denudata. New York: G. Redway, Theosophical Pub.

C Runyon, C. Secrets of the Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscripts. Genetics of congenital deafness in the Palestinian population: multiple connexin 26 alleles with shared origins in the Middle East. Hum Genet. Am J Med Genet. The prevalence and expression of inherited connexin 26 mutations associated with nonsyndromic hearing loss in the Israeli population. Holocaust Encyclopedia. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Jewish population of Europe in Wheeler, B. Moses in the Quran and Islamic Exegesis. London: RoutledgeCurzon. Professor Paul Silva explores with Professor Sahib Mustaqim Bleher, historically contentious issues in the relationship between the principles and practice of Islam on the one hand and the political history of Islam in view of its paradoxical reality today.

Namely, that although Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in modern times, its political influence remains limited at state level in the Middle and Far East and Africa as well as at the international level whilst it is viewed radically as a threat to world stability by the West in contradistinction to its dictum of peace.

SMB: Travelling through Turkey, Iran and Pakistan as a young man in the late 70s brought me into contact with Muslim culture and people for the first time. Convinced of the veracity of Islam I began wondering whether it was something I could also put into practice and started by fasting for the first time in my life. Islam perceives a continuous guidance delivered through a long chain of prophets, from Adam through to Muhammad, and adapted to the needs of humanity at its state of development at each point in time.

Rushdie, I have been actively involved in politics since the age of fourteen, and both these events left no doubt in my mind that if Muslims in the West wanted to make serious progress, they needed to engage at the political level. The majority of them were convinced by their leaders to unquestioningly follow the Labour party and obtained various local concessions in return.

A key focus was on the propensity of an interest-based economy to self- destruct and the promotion of interest-free alternatives. Swan and Pidcock, Sadly, it was too early for these concepts to be understood, especially by a Muslim community with a lack of political experience and acumen, and rather than supporting our endeavours the majority of established Muslim organisations saw us as a threat to their ambitions of controlling the agenda of Islam in Britain on behalf of their usually foreign sponsors.

Since the more recent banking crisis the validity of our focus on banking and economy has proven correct, and we continue to campaign on those issues but no longer through the vehicle of a political party and the means of restarting a political movement are not available to us. I was an imam at Woodhill high security prison from till and I continue to give guest sermons at various mosques in the UK.

What are the structures and leadership of what is considered radical Islam historically? What I wanted to figure out is why a near century of settlement in the West had left Muslims at the margins and without meaningful political representation or influence. Nor had their religion, in spite of its potent message, had much of an effect on their host communities.

What we found out was that Islamic activities had been tightly controlled to make sure that they would not produce a genuine political movement capable of threatening the status quo. Those groups come in various shapes and are known under various names, but their common fervour to try and stifle the political organisation of Muslims and political expression of Islam was striking.

Neither of this was a coincidence. Britain as the then still dominant colonial power used subterfuge regularly to bring about change in the Middle East. In Turkey, the seat of the Islamic caliphate, the British were instrumental in establishing the Masonic Young Turk movement.

These could be called upon to ferment strive which in turn would allow the outside powers to intervene. When Nasser expelled the Brotherhood after a failed assassination attempt, they found refuge in Saudi Arabia where, financed by petrol dollars, they created a global organisation, the Muslim World League, largely controlling mosques and Muslim organisations in the West. SMB: No, re-created would support their claim to the land. Iraq, Morocco and even Iran being far greater than those who lived in Palestine.

It is to this day opposed by Orthodox Jews who believe that the diaspora may not end and Jews may not establish a state before the coming of the Messiah. PAS: Are you then saying that Jewish people have never had any homeland throughout oral and recorded history? What has become of the promise of God to Abraham? Can you explain why? SMB: Sufis tend to claim that they only add a further dimension to the practice of Islam through heightened spirituality in an endeavour to unite with God.

Leaving aside the theological problem that the complete otherness of God does not entertain such unison, my key issue with Sufism is its esotericism and elitism. This message is passed on from teacher to disciple in parallel to the general message of Islam, and to my mind this violates the universality of the message so emphasised by Islam.

SMB: When realising a problem, it is the duty of every Muslim and the Muslim community as a whole to try to restore equilibrium. They can, however, only do so within the limitations placed upon them by their respective situation. Man is judged on his intention and the effort he makes.

Success, on the other hand, is from God alone. Like other Abrahamic traditions before, Islam has experienced deviation and corruption, although this has not gone as far as altering the scriptural text itself, hence there is no need for a further prophet. Yet even the Mahdi will not suffice in confronting the Anti-Christ Dajjal , the ultimate all-powerful tyrannical ruler of the world at that time, a task left to Jesus who is said to descend from heaven, where God took him to save him from the ignominy of death on the cross, on the shoulders of two angels near Damascus, the scene of that final battle.

He will break the cross, in other words, clear his name and restore the Unitarian teachings of Christianity which were superseded by Pauline teachings and the Trinitarian doctrine of Emperor Constantine.

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