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Depositos de Carbon or Deutsches Kohlen Garriga y Torrents, Antonio, Calle Hardt, Engelbert, & Company, Calle Bartolome Ortiz, Waldino, Calle. Club Atlético Rosario Central is a sports club based in Rosario, Argentina, that plays in ARG · Fernando Torrent (loan from Arsenal).


Waldino torrent

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waldino torrent

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In the half of , Aguirre returned to Rosario Central. During this year there was one of the most remembered moments in his career. In a derby against Newell's Old Boys, his team was losing and the Torito received insults from its rival's supporters; nevertheless, Central force a tie after a great play of Aguirre, with a goal celebration that included going to the women's grandstand, pulling down his pants and taking his testicles. He would be arrested for such misconduct.

He scored a total of 3 goals in the championship. Already in the decline of his career, he remained in the team when Rosario Central was relegated in , contributing with 1 goal in 5 games to the return to the first division one year later. Aguirre's character and personality including some provocations to rivals made him to be one of the most beloved players by Rosario Central's fans.

Due to his style of play and high goal accuracy, Aguirre was admired and idolised by a young Ernesto Guevara and writer Osvaldo Bayer. Aguirre remains as one of the all-time topscorers for Rosario Central, with a total of 98 goals, 61 in the first division, 33 in the second category and four in national cups. After his retirement from professional football, Aguirre had problems with alcoholism and lived for many years as a beggar.

He lived in a humble house in the Tablada neighborhood, when on 27 October , he was arrested by police officers accused of being inevolved in the abduction of a woman; Apparently Aguirre had only officiated as a guide to a newly released ex-convict who sought to settle accounts with the father of the aforementioned. Even the woman, once normalized her situation, declared that he had not participated of the kidnapping.

During his time in prison, Aguirre was savagely beaten by two officers in the courtyard of the police station, being tortured several times. He died in the early hours of 28 October The report also said that Aguirre had marks of boots on his chest.

Two inmates testified as witnesses of Aguirre's martyrdom in the police station. Poenitz was also found guilty of complicity in Aguirre's death, and sentenced to 6 months in jail. With his death, Waldino Aguirre became the only football player to be murdered by secutiry forces during the National Reorganization Process , the dictatorship that governed Argentina from to From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Argentine footballer. De Rosario y de Central. Rosario: Homo Sapiens Ediciones. ISBN Retrieved 14 July Diario la Capital : 14 to 19, 22 to 24, 40, Oshoes Dream. My Magic Lady. All Alone With You. Moment to Moment. Mystic Funk. Riddin' With The Groove. You Are the One. Chillin' With the Dalai Lama. The Sparkle in Your Eyes. Random Scattered Colors. Beauty in Motion. That's How I Like It. I Got the Groove. Candy Love. In the Moment. Night Jazz. Love Of My Life.

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