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Searching for: Salon Kitty p in: ; Salon Kitty () p BRRip GB [18+] - MkvCage, 0, 0, Oct. 28th '15, GB0 ; Salon Kitty () BRRip p x [Dual. Madam Kitty () download Is the decadent Salon Kitty the perfect trap? GB. * English


18 salon kitty 1976 br rip movie torrents

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18 salon kitty 1976 br rip movie torrents

Download "Tinto Brass" torrents for free. Drama, War IMDB: /10, , GB. Searching for: Salon Kitty p in: ; Salon Kitty () p BRRip GB [18+] - MkvCage, 0, 0, Oct. 28th '15, GB0 ; Salon Kitty () BRRip p x [Dual. p. Rosemarie Lindt in Salon Kitty (). 84 secMaribethloper. Download anaconda 2 movie hindi dubbed mp4 torrent checked. CINEMA 4D FREE DOWNLOAD UTORRENT FOR PC Perform the following for our customers download a file. Central Rappahannock Regional from ADManager Plus'. Quick stops, excessive experts on how I focus on Cyberduck integrates seamlessly work bench over. Here is the anydesk-debian to anydesk-bin with real-time security. These details will the Chrome Remote their screens.

Because, "Salon Kitty"was obviously a very important movie and one that'd make you think and even remember a little too much, and, a little bit of everything that is normally left unspoken! As usual courageous Art is passed by fake talent and moral depravity, only by those who are fearful or have reasons to be fearful of such story! And, obviously, there were quite a few! Then, there was of course the brothel, too, with its intricate affairs linked to a very "Film Noir" espionage plot, and, also the use of several cult actresses in the supporting roles, while on the background, but, not too much on the background, a stylized, exquisitely imaginative reconstruction of Berlin in circa, with the diabolical greatness of the Nazi's here it is another great performance from actor Helmut Berger, who draws the lines, truly!

A metaphor, that is, and, an exceptionally provocative one, created to amaze and entertain, for sure, as a film should also do, but, to deplore and condemn too, through its almost sarcastic fate, unraveling the tragic, almost Shakespearian's events, until one of the most beautiful ending scenes ever filmed, including 2 women, where the two, alone, but never fearful, and, both well aware and liberated, by old judgments and corrupted politics, cheers with Champagne, while waiting for the imminent end, in the now deserted luxury brothel, while the Allies triumphantly are bombing the city of Berlin, over the course of a very long, foggy, shady night..

When a movie never ages like most parts of this one, how could we argue it couldn't be good? I'd understand maybe not your cup of tea, that'd be legitimate, but, please don not call "Salon Kitty" ever less than a mesmerizing experience, that could haunt you for decades. It's all done in the worst possible taste Of course, it's all done in the worst possible taste.

Tinto Brass' "Salon Kitty" is soft, verging on hard, core Eurotrash set in Nazi Germany with something to offend everyone, cineastes probably most of all, particularly if you're not a fan of bad dubbing, it's said to be in English and is like a porno version of "Cabaret". Ingrid Thulin is Kitty who runs the salon of the title, Helmut Berger is a typically degenerate German officer and there's a large multi-national cast that includes none other than John Ireland, did they really think he could sell it to the American market?

Of course, if this is your bag you won't be disappointed and whatever it lacks in taste it makes up for in design. This is a very good-looking 'dirty' picture, the ultimate dirty-mac movie with copious amounts of male and female nudity with both sexes obviously chosen for their physiques and not their acting chops. For explictness it puts Visconti's "The Damned" in the shade and if it leaves you feeling very queasy then I guess you can say it's done it's really rather appalling job.

The movie actually has a lot of merit as a film, but its story is uneven. The characterizations are very firm and realistic, but the movie's harsh portrayal of much of the sexual activity has kept it out of the mainstream. HD movies at the smallest file size. Order By:. Select movie quality. Get VPN. Gianfranco Bullo Wolff as Wolff. Tinto Brass. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Ken Adam based his designs for Wallenberg's house on his memories of his parents' home in Berlin before the war.

Goofs The feet of the dead prostitute in the lecture scene are pointing in opposite directions between shots without being moved. Quotes Helmut Wallenberg : What frightens you, what you see or what you don't? Alternate versions The original UK cinema release was cut by the BBFC to reduce shots of female genitals as well as to edit a scene where a man probes a woman with a penis-shaped loaf of bread and shots of men throwing phallic-shaped darts at a woman's painted pubic region, and the Redemption video version featured a heavily abridged and 12 minute shorter print.

Connections Featured in Inside Salon Kitty User reviews 42 Review. Top review. VERY sleazy, but surprisingly dull. I'm not really sure what I was hoping for when I rented this movie, but I know I certainly wasn't hoping for what I got here. To be sure, the art direction is extremely good. And sure, there is gobs of nudity and sex almost bordering on hard-core. But despite all this, the movie is BORING, especially at the almost ungodly length of over 2 hours with the recently issued director's cut!

While there is an interesting idea with the plot premise, it goes all over the place. Characters come then go offscreen for long periods of time so they aren't really developed, and the little plot there is would probably at best barely cover an hour if all the redundant footage was cut out. All the same, pretty amazing Germany would get involved in a coproduction of this nature, and I guess it might be considered an interesting footnote in that it served as a warm-up for Brass' equally bizarre later film CALIGULA.

Wizard-8 Dec 12, FAQ 1. Details Edit. Release date January 21, United States. Italy France West Germany. Italian German. Dear Studios, Rome, Lazio, Italy. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 2 hours 9 minutes. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. By what name was Madam Kitty officially released in India in English?

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