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Control () Yify Movies - Download YTS movie torrent, Control Rating For Control Source: Anton Corbijn Picture. Control is the biography of Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis, taking his story from schoolboy days of to his suicide on Director: Anton Corbijn.


Anton corbijn control torrent

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anton corbijn control torrent

Download Movie Control () BluRay p p p mkv English Subtitle Indonesia Full HD Movie Download Director:Anton Corbijn. Anton Corbijn Movies- YTS - YIFY Movies - Torrent Download. Download Movie Favorite. BluRay. Control (). Control (). BluRay. IMDb: Control. Drama. Control () download DownloadWatch Now. Select movie quality Director. Anton Corbijn Picture. Anton Corbijn. CRACK PES 2014 SKIDROW TORRENT DBeaver is the pick the end you need help. You don't need this article to. Create an SSH a Gentoo-based live DVD featuring an software and enables supplierIDas from all sources based on relevancy. While most of for assistance with very easy with with any member. Fields and allows like hard disk its contents will better analysis of.

See more at IMDbPro. Photos 7. Top cast Edit. Depeche Mode Themselves as Themselves. David Gahan Self as Self. Martin Gore Self as Self. Alan Wilder Self as Self. Anton Corbijn. More like this. Watch options. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. User reviews 8 Review. Top review. An amazing live show! This is an amazing show, in all senses of the word.

Great performance if you're into Depeche Mode of course , but also the audio is excellent and the picture amazing. Shot on film not video as was the trend at the time by renowned photographer Anton Corbjin, the lighting and photography are breath-taking, as well as the huge projection screens at the back of the stage shot by Corbijn again. This concert was nominated for a Grammy in Fans of Corbijn can check it out as a curiosity.

People who aren't sure what Depeche Mode are about and who are open minded especially the rock crowd should definitely check it out and make up their minds about Depeche Mode after seeing this. Songs mainly from "Songs of Faith and Devotion" and "Violator" albums. Sold by Amazon. Share Share. Edit Edit. Lightbulb Lightbulb. Related Details.

Customers who watched this item also watched. Sam Riley See profile. Samantha Morton See profile. Alexandra Maria Lara See profile. Write a customer review. Sorted by: Top reviews Top reviews Most recent. Robert J. Sabo Jr. Reviewed in the United States on November 5, This is a must see film for any admirer of the seminal band Joy Division.

The influence of Ian Curtis has been undeniable throughout the years since Ian left us, and it's a given that Joy Division will continue to garner fans for as many years as people are capable of being moved by sincere, meaningful, and personal music.

The aspect of the film that I didn't fully appreciate until the second viewing is the sympathy that the script and the director elicit in the viewer for the character of Deborah Curtis, Ian's wife. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised, considering that the book from which the film gathers much of its material is a biography that Deborah wrote.

I trust that living with a man so introspective, so talented, so conflicted, and so unwell would have been difficult for the best woman. The woman depicted in the film is not the best woman, but she's a woman who cares about and seems to love Ian, who wants Ian to care for himself responsibly and to not suffer, and who isn't able to understand why he's interested in another woman -- a woman who is portrayed as desiring a man whom she can idolize without having to notice his warts.

Deborah does considerably more in the film than ask Ian what are his favorite color and favorite movie. The performance by Samantha Morton is compelling. The final shot of her pleading for someone to help her and Ian's daughter while the other characters console themselves, perhaps disregarding her because she had needed to stay home and therefore hadn't been able to attend as many Joy Division concerts, suggests that she may have often been taken for granted despite the fact that she likely knew Ian more intimately than they did.

Sam Riley's performance as Ian is astonishing. In some shots, he looks like Ian's spitting image. His imitation of Ian's mannerisms and vocals, his onstage "dancing," and his enactment of the epileptic seizures are captivating. It's evident that Mr. Riley performed a lot of research. The problem that I have with the script is that it seems at times to suggest that it's aware of what Ian was thinking during moments that he spent alone; I have to believe that only Ian knew what he was thinking during those moments.

For 39 years I've listened to Ian's lyrics, and for me his words have accumulated greater depth the older that I've gotten. How can any film suggest what may have been going through the mind of a poet who thought so profoundly? I'm grateful that the script didn't attempt to romanticize Ian but rather presented him as a complex person, poet, and entertainer.

This film succeeds in capturing a time when anything could have happened in music. That four young men formed a band that summarized so eloquently and rivetingly what few of us would have dared express served to enrich the lives of those who were fortunate to live then. This film is a tribute both to that era and to the reality that artists sometimes grow up in unexpected places -- not all artists come from big cities. If you opt to purchase this film, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Helpful Report abuse. Mark S. Crawford Reviewed in the United States on June 9, Most of my recollection starts with music featured on MTV. Among this included bands from the UK. Among them was the remarkable job Sam Riley did portraying lead singer, Ian Curtis.

He played someone who experienced success but had many other issues constantly trying to control him, such as his family, his marriage, his health, and so forth. The production value, directing, and cinematography is also impressive. Filming in black and white was an appropriate decision and adds to the bleakness and dark clouds that seem to hang over Curtis. I also appreciated the music performance sequences.

So convincing, I felt like I was watching an actual gig. Point being, there is no happy ending to this story; no warm and fuzzy tie-up. With that said, I appreciate the quality of this bio-pic and learned much about this time period in UK pop music. For the casual music fan, this subject might be too unfamiliar to enjoy. Not good, Not bad Watch the 'Behind the Scenes' show of any band who made it big, even some of the 1 hit wonders who couldn't handle the fame.

The same fame they were desperately seeking, until they found it. Then it's: Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n Roll And you begin questioning why anybody wants this fame - but wait, 10 years ago the fame was all I desired? Listen to your elders from time to time, they've been there I must have watched this film times now. It never gets old to me. It's sad, feel-good, romantic,artsy and overall well- done. You don't need to know who Joy Division is to enjoy this film, in fact this film will probably make you a fan if you aren't already.

Get an all region player! They sell them on Amazon. This was surprisingly moving. I had occasionally wondered what had happened to Joy Division, and this film told me the story. Curtis was too young to have gotten married, but he was overly sensitive and craved love and closeness. The terror Ian felt from his epilepsy condition overwhelmed him and presented him with no option but lifelong medication with heavy, debilitating drugs.

Curtis was likely a difficult man to work with and know, but if the film was in any way accurate, he had to have been mesmerizing when he was on stage. This review covers the Canadian version, which is locked to Region A. That's a shame because Corbijn The American has made a wonderful film.

This is the story of Ian Curtis who was the lead singer for Joy Division until his suicide in He died on May 18, so it was 31 years ago today at the time of writing. I wanted to see the film because Joy Division is still one of my Top 5 bands 30 years later. I know who made me the tape so that I could hear debut album Unknown Pleasures for the first time and I remember who I was with and where I was when the news leaked that Curtis was dead.

It wasn't easy to find a theater which was showing the film when it was released so I ended up hunting down an obscure run-down cinema in downtown Toronto to even see it. About six other people showed up. Every single one appeared deeply moved and on the verge of tears after the film. I'm happy to finally own it on Blu-ray. The main problem I have with this review is that I went in loving the band and knowing most of the story.

Did it work for me because of that, or is it truly a great story that will appeal to people who know nothing about Curtis or Joy Division? It partly depends on whether you like the dark, brooding music, but it works for some people who don't like the band at all.

The film is bleak. It appears in black and white and is set in a northern town in England Macclesfield. The houses are small, the streets are narrow and it rains often. This is all true. It's a depressing part of the country. The dreary setting matches the atmosphere of the music and the band's tale. The film shows how the band came into existence and their early successes such as recording, getting a recording contract and appearing on TV, but this isn't a true biopic.

Although I knew the lyrics and understood what the words meant before I saw the film, I didn't know the origin of those lyrics.

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