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A fictional historical drama that begins when Lee Tae, the eldest legitimate son of King Sunjong who became king after the rebellion, ascends to the throne. Linking, mentioning, or promotion of any illegal sources (eg. non-licensed streaming sites, torrent sites, personally uploaded videos, download links, etc.).


Mydramalist moon lovers torrent

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mydramalist moon lovers torrent

A fictional historical drama that begins when Lee Tae, the eldest legitimate son of King Sunjong who became king after the rebellion, ascends to the throne. Set in the Dan dynasty, this is a love story featuring ghosts, demons, and gods. Hong Chun Gi (Kim Yoo Jung), a painter of extraordinary talent. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart R Korean Dramas. Episode 1. Beautiful Love, Wonderful Li Korean Dramas · Episode 1 · One the Woman · Korean Dramas. NATURA SOUND THERAPY 3 TORRENT SITES Plan your StoreFront. Of quirky open-source on the name easier by software you want to. The console is Support we can to each smart check then ran tought "i am well as that and that was. Please check the 8, Helps many hosted: News Announcements. This file has the status of 16 16 silver automatic backups in antivirus software products.

Interspecies Romance. Top Romance Films. Top Cross-Dressing. Edit this Page Edit Information. The princes of the palace nervously await the return of their brother,… read more. Ha Jin's feisty behavior gets her into trouble with Prince Eun, as well as the mysterious, and dangerous, Prince So.

The spiritual ritual ceremony arrives. Source: tvdb. So and Wook realize something troubling in the forest. Ha Jin tries to more convincingly assume her new identity. Lady Hae feels as though she has not fulfilled her duties as a wife to Wook. Ha Jin begins to better understand So. Ha Jin tries to push aside her feelings for Wook, while Myung Hee tries to push the two closer together.

So adjusts to his new life in the palace, though not everyone is delighted… read more. Ha Jin is informed that she will be getting married. She is reluctant, but her betrothed is a man whose grasp is difficult to escape. Ha Jin's new life as a court lady presents more challenges than expected. The palace celebrates Eun's birthday. Ha Jin discovers the real reason Court Lady Oh is so strict with her. A rain ritual is planned to help end the drought. Ha Jin realizes which prince will become King Gwangjong and wonders if she can change the future.

A royal marriage is determined. Wook begins to feel threatened by So's relationship with "Soo. Yeon Hwa pretended to drink the tea and fainted. The fact that the tea was poisonous was revealed anyway. The Crown Prince was criticized for hurting his brother. The King had no choice… read more. Ha Jin is demoted to a water maid while So is sent away to Later Jin.

One year later, the peace gathering approaches. The king sends Ha Jin on an imperative mission, but to succeed, she must learn who she can and cannot trust. So must make a sacrifice for the sake of the king and his daughter. The princes are stunned to reunite with a familiar face. King Jeongjong sends So after Eun for "plotting treason," and Ha Jin is again unsure of who she can trust. Eun and Soon Deok try to escape the Damiwon.

So decides that he must become King of Goryeo, which means he must make sacrifices. Yo's mental and physical health continue to dwindle, and So takes advantage. Yeon Hwa and Queen Hwangbo come up with a new plan for the future of their family. So is pressured to marry Yeon Hwa. Queen Mother Yoo falls ill upon hearing that Jung is being punished.

Baek Ah is chosen to lead soldiers in pacifying the slaves of Hubaekje. Jung reveals to So his plan to marry Soo and take her away from the palace. Ha Jin leaves the palace to live with Jung, but her condition worsens. Will she and So reunite before it's too late?

A stranger named Myul Mang appears at her doorsteps claiming himself to be the doom of the world. As doom, his only role was watching over humans for eternity and not be able to have any emotions or whatsoever. This is a story between a girl who wishes to live happily for the time she has left, and a boy who has gone through the deepest darkness of doom.

A story written by two different beings who face death, but finally realize the true meaning of life. Close Friend Let's meet six mini-dramas with a "more-than-friends" story, inspired by six songs from six artists of Box Music. The 12 promising actors from Boy Love series will deliver you emotions and feelings that make your heart flutter.

Ubettina Wethu Albertina Bettina, Betty Sikhakane, is a smart, charming, kind-hearted young woman from rural Hammanskraal who has always dreamed of being in the fashion publishing business. Even though she is hard working and passionate, her dream to date has been thwarted by one thing: Bettina is slightly less than attractive in a world that demands beauty. Horrifying secrets are unearthed with deadly repercussions. Spurred on by the spunky and compassionate Sofia, a once arrogant and self-serving Black finds himself fighting injustice and saving lives by her side.

Rediscovering a more human side to himself, Black will ultimately be brought to confront the truth that, against the laws of his people and his own very nature, he may just have done the impossible — and fallen in love. He lost his sight due to a mysterious accident when he was younger. Although Hong Cheon Gi finds herself attracted to Ha Ram, life in the palace will not be an easy one. Alongside the cruel and power-hungry Prince Suyang Kwak Si Yang and the cute and free-spirited Prince Anpyeong Gong Myung , romantic entanglements and royal politics await the budding couple at every turn.

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She was willing to sacrifice her own happiness for him, just so that his wish of being the king could come true. Such is the power of true love, that makes one throw away their own happiness, hopes and dreams so willingly for the one they love. So was dumbfounded by her explanation and at the same time touched by Soo. He knew she was right; they could not get married. Soo's "I'm really fine" broke his heart.

It pained him that despite being king, he could not give her the happiness she wanted. Instead, she had to sacrifice herself to fulfil his dreams, hopes and ambitions. Was this the happy ending that he foresaw for them? Did he make the right decision by becoming king? What was the use of being king when he had to sacrifice his and her happiness?

He hugged her tightly, and said "You Credit: 40somethingahjumma. Thank you to everyone who contributed and provided us support and cheers!! Please follow these compulsory review guidelines:. About the Drama.

Genre: Historical sageuk , Melodrama, Fantasy Romance. The ancient capital of Goryeo was called Songdo or what is now known as Gaeseong. Present day Gaeseong is a city in North Hwanghae Province in the southern part of North Korea, which served as the capital of Korea during the Taebong kingdom and subsequent Goryeo dynasty. The city is near the Kaesong Industrial Region close to the border with South Korea and contains the remains of the Manwoldae palace, which was the official royal palace of the Goryeo Dynasty.

Main Cast:. Supporting Cast:. Plot: "So tell me about the drama". Go Ha Jin, a young woman from the 21st century travels back through time nearly years during a solar eclipse and finds herself in the body of Hae Soo, a young girl living among royalty in the Goryeo dynasty. Taken in by her cousin, the wife of Goryeo's 8th prince -- Wang Wook, Ha Jin as Hae Soo, subsequently meets and gets to know each of the other princes.

Her most memorable encounters, however, are with 4th prince, Wang So, an outcast among his family and a figure feared by the general populace. The young prince, scarred both inside and out, gradually becomes attached to Hae Soo, who is unafraid of his disfigured face and his rough countenance. Eight prince Wook, also finds himself enamored by Hae Soo's outspoken and independent character, and Hae Soo, feeling adrift in ancient Goryeo, finds an anchor in Wook and turns to him, casting a blind eye to her cousin's deep love for her husband, and Wang So's growing feelings for her.

Through her interactions with the princes and learning first hand the harsh machinations within the walls of the royal palace, Go Ha Jin finally adjusts to her life in Goryeo as Hae Soo. Navigating the best she can, her experiences are a mix of both pleasant and painful events, though more concentrated on the painful side, thus leading her to conclude that her primary goal in Goryeo is simply to survive.

She eventually realizes it's a trait she shares with Wang So and that their relationship is a source of strength for them both. Hae Soo soon finds herself in the midst of a battle for the throne. As brother is pitted against brother, it is difficult for her to watch the same princes she had grown up with, and others she has grown fond of, become ensnared in the fight to become king.

Armed with her limited knowledge of Goryeo history, but deeply disturbed by the ruthless and merciless ruler that she knows 4th prince will eventually become, she vows to do what she can to keep the brothers alive and to stop the bloodshed.

Does she succeed in keeping history from unraveling before her? Equal parts love triangle and political intrigue, at the heart of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, you'll find the usual story of boy meets girl, boy and girl hate each other, boy and girl eventually fall in love, but life and specific characters within the drama seem to conspire to keep the lovers apart. So who wins the throne and who wins the girl?

Read on, or better yet, watch the drama. Acting Directing Writing. Even before the drama aired, there was a lot of early criticism lobbed at it pertaining to the decision of using idols in some of the primary roles, rather than actors. Since everyone is entitled to their opinions, and opinions are subjective, formed not only from our observations, but skewed by our own experiences and biases, many who joined the ML-Soompi thread waited patiently and some not so patiently to see for themselves how the drama would unfold.

We kept in mind that the hype leading up to the first episode had generated high expectations for all who were anticipating this South Korean adaptation of the beloved Chinese drama. These expectations encompassed not only the acting, but the writing and directing as well. The following is but a brief overview of the long discussions that followed each episode.

Acting: The chemistry on set was amazing and the drama was full of stellar casts. We could see the remarkable chemistry even in the slightest of gestures, a smile, light touch or eyes twinkling. They took us through the most heated and heart wrenching love story ever amongst the vicious fight for the throne. Lee Joon Gi, the most experienced actor amongst the young cast has outshown himself as Wang So.

He managed to execute different kinds of emotions throughout the show be it anger, immense sorrow, fear and happiness. Lee Ji Eun, who is also not a newbie to the industry has managed to capture viewers' hearts with her innocent portrayal of Hae Soo at the beginning to a mellowed, matured palace lady at the end.

Kang Ha Neul, a rising star and new kid on the block's portrayal of Wang Wook was excellent. He managed to capture Wook's gentleness and aggressiveness both at the same time throughout the show. The villains Hong Jong Hyun and Kang Hanna are worth a mention too as they managed to portray their scheming and manipulative characters well.

It was likely difficult to adapt a hit like Bu Bu Jing Xin aks Scarlet Heart and condensing what had been touted as an epic story down to 20 episodes. That said, the writers and production were very fortunate that the Goryeo period aligned well.

By positioning the story at the very beginning of the Goryeo dynasty, it worked that we had King Taejo and his many sons to portray the numerous princes that were vital to the story. Despite its flaws, the drama, and specifically, it's writer, deserves much for making sure to incorporate and use history instead of ignoring it as other dramas have done.

The writer also made sure not to ignore inconvenient, but relevant truths, like Wang So killing his brothers, marrying his half-sister and niece, and claiming the throne. She instead reinterpreted those acts depicting So as the compassionate brother thereby casting him in a more sympathetic light.

Quite simply, he married his niece to save her; he killed his brother because his brother asked him to so he could join his wife in death. So, as were many of the characters, were written with much depth. Original Soundtrack. The cinematography was beautiful, especially the lake where Soo and So would meet. In the Goryeo era she was a 16 year old young girl from a noble family, the Hae family.

Her life took a turn when Go Ha Jin, a 25 year old woman from the 21st century woke up in her body after an accident. Hae Soo or Go Ha Jin uses a 21st century mindset to analyse issues in Goryeo hence to her some things do not make much sense, eg. This led her often to be fearless and upright in her dealings with the Goryeo princes such as fighting with the 10th prince Wang Eun when he peeped at a maid changing clothes and expecting an apology from 4th prince Wang So after he stopped her from hitting Eun.

She also believes in protecting what is important to her and not succumbing to fate but fight for it. This is seen when she cuts herself in order to escape from being King Taejo's bride, risking her life in the process. She was the only one able to see beyond the facial disfigurement of Wang So, treating him the same, not fearing him like the other people. She did not accept that Wang So is to live in torment because of his scar, so she stepped in to help him cover his scar and in the process, unwittingly altered his fate.

Each man played an important role in different stages of her life as she grows and gets herself used to the way things are in Goryeo. Born under the star of a king, he never desired the position until he was forced by necessity to seek it.

His inability to protect and to initiate change awakened a raging desire in him. It was a life changing moment for him as he realized he could only initiate change by being on the throne. Although he was Hae Soo's second love, he became her everlasting love. He had a rough and traumatic childhood, getting scarred, despised and abandoned by his own mother Queen Yoo at a tender age. He was sent to Shinju and left to fend for himself.

He was a man of few words who did not make promises to Hae Soo, yet he stepped in numerous times to protect her, even to the extent of risking his life because he had decided that she was the love of his life. He was a cautious man and never trusted anyone easily except Hae Soo who broke that barrier by hiding his scar through the use of cosmetics.

However towards the end, it was also because of this distrust and inferiority complex that drew a rift between Hae Soo and himself. He was a man burdened with family commitments since young. A calm, quiet yet calculative person, the burden of protecting his mother and sister which lay strongly on his shoulders chained him for life. He was Hae Soo's first love, but his inability to fulfil his promises to Hae Soo slowly destroyed their love as they grew apart.

He was a man full of promises to Hae Soo, but eventually none was ever kept due to stronger commitment to his family. He repeatedly disappointed her on which he blamed his powerless status as he was not the king. He claimed his desire to be the king was in order to be able to protect Hae Soo but it was never really clear what his real intention was.

Raised as a prince but treated more as a profession than a blessing. Although his demeaner is kind and humble, but in contrast is invincible and competitive when it comes to fighting and martial arts. His victories have earned him his place as Crown Prince, but his gentle and easy-going nature make him inadequate and ineffective to govern. He is the second Emperor of Goryeo. An Emperor has to be born, not made.

Trained and packaged as a prince by his mother, Queen Yoo, since early in his youth, Yo has all the qualifications - the visuals, the family background, the talent — to assume the throne. But he has always been resentful toward his bother Mu because he feels the position of Crown Prince should have been his all along.

He is greedy for power and all the things it affords him, but unlike his brothers who have other interests, he has only been solely focused on the throne. His brothers often find him difficult to deal with because his greed is also accompanied by cruelty and arrogance, all generated through his believe that others are beneath him. An interesting fact about Yo. Underneath his hard veneer, he is emotional and sensitive.

Because he is the fake sun! As the youngest of the princes, he is everyone's favourite and the apple of his mother's eye. He grew up in a protected environment, and never experienced hardships or heartaches. When Ha Jin first meets him upon her arrival in Goryeo as Hae Soo, he was a typical boastful and arrogant youth. But focused on his growing feelings for Hae Soo, he ventures out into battle and returns a man whom he hopes is now worthy of her notice. Although she doesn't see him in the same light, his love for Hae Soo remains simple and steadfast.

There is no area in which he lacks, but he plays the geomungo exceptionally well. He enjoys the comforts of his life, but is mindful of the way his nation is run. While hiding his identity, he meets Woohee and falls in love, but between them lies the ruin of her own nation and the suffering of her people. After his initial fight with Hae Soo, he quickly becomes attached to her and experiences his first love.

His greed for riches and all its comforts exceeds his desire for power. To protect what he has, he is willing to align himself with whomever will assign him his rightful place as a reward for his supposed loyalty and help. Because he follows people like his brother Yo in that manner, he is like a branch wavering in the wind. Drama Message. The most major plotpoint to the story, and yet no one not even the fans seems to be able to wrap their head around this. First of all, let me talk about the visibility of the scar.

Many feel that the childhood scar should be very faint by now, and as such, it is impossible for him to be that effected by it. I have. On myself. Just above my knee. I fell on a jagged fence when I was 6 and got a half-cm deep and 2-inch long wound, and I didn't have proper access to medical care for 3 weeks because I was stuck in a freaking village, and it got infected We live in an era where small injuries rarely get infected; if they do, they're easily cured; and then, we use all sorts of washes and treatments that renew our skin faster and thereby, making scars fade faster.

Even then, many of us still suffer from the woes of acne scars, don't we? Now, think of the era where chance of infection was almost unavoidable and personal hygiene was not a primary concern of anyone, not even princes. Long story short, yes, scars can be very visible and pretty disturbing after years. Of course, the production team should have made the scar more grotesque to make a point, but hey, I for one don't want my dear LJG's face to be more marred than it is.

Now, about stigma against scars I don't claim to know about Goryeo specifically so correct me if I'm wrong , but I understand how monarchy works. Any imperfection in the royals can be seen as a sign of loss of favour by the higher powers, and as such, questions their right to rule. People shun those with visible defects in the past because they are scared that it's contagious.

Lastly, I suspect WS has been wearing the mask almost all his life. He probably showed his face only when he was very young and was abused mercilessly for it. The fear of the unknown is what makes him an outcast. My guess is Overthinking kdrama talks about how this is a story of a monstrous patriarchy that feeds on women and destroys them in the process.

These women love these men despite their absolute power to destroy them. And this is such a fine read for me. Because if you look at every single female character, they die when they fall in love with a Prince. It's too precarious of a position to be in if you are not also yourself a Royal surrounded by power. Even being the daughter of a general is not enough. This is the great overarching sadness of the show: that theses women are doomed as soon as they fall in love with a prince, but that they struggle on anyways.

Aish, my heart hurts writing this. There are NO sides to blame for this. There are no ships sinking or whatever - this I've always maintained because I've not been watching the show for this. That's the great tragedy for me. Sometimes I wish Soompi would ban all talk of ratings. I know why ratings are important to the cast and the crew but I'm not sure why we international fans get so bogged down by them that it becomes a point of division and contention. Often I feel that it's something that fans use to validate their choices which really shouldn't even be an issue.

I think that we should be confident in our choices and not let external factors affect our judgement of what is watchable. Ratings should probably never be used to prove the quality of the product. The only thing it actually correlates to is popularity among television watchers in a certain time slot on a certain day. Among viewers with ratings boxes. That said I think Moon Lovers is based on a very well-written script. Obviously it has had a number of post-production issues but the story from which it is based is very sound.

There are very few cliches Clearly the male lead is an incredibly compelling character with so many aspects that he defies simplistic categorization. He's not just a puppet or an archetype but a living, breathing creature with raw magnetism. There's an other worldliness about him that sees a kind of elegance even in his most brutal acts of violence.

The aspect of the show I enjoy most is the female lead's ongoing tension with history which is played out superbly in her relationships with the male leads. I think the writer is very deliberate in how the love triangle has been presented not just as romance but as a mechanism through which the female lead can weather this brutally alien world.

Her first dalliance positions her to transition from 21st century living to life in Goryeo and her second one provides a shield against the ruthless dog eat dog palace machinations. It's quite brilliantly done actually. The first romance must give way to the next because the reality in which she needs to transition into demands it. It isn't just about love or the relative strengths and weaknesses of the male leads.

In crude fashion they are vehicles for her quest to come to grips with the unknown. History is being made and she can't resist the lure of being at the apex of power because of her own irrepressible impulses to meddle. Everything that happens in this show has meaning beyond the literal which is absolutely my kind of drama.

There is also the issue about memory and the writing of history which is just another thing that fascinates me here. The last time I was this addicted to a sageuk was Tree with Deep Roots. It was probably the murders that reeled me in first and then there was something for someone like me who loves words, cares about the power of words and the teaching of them.

I've seen a number of sagueks since which I've enjoyed although none quite as absorbing as Tree. Until now. Many thanks to summer ktcjdrama antoniaclamens and to 40somethingahjumma zi4r kdramawriter for their thoughts and impressions as we followed the drama together. Here we cannot talk about villains per se, like, for instance, in a classical superheroes movie, where we always have the fight between the good and the evil, but about a grey zone, in which evilness is rather defined — more or less — by an external context.

Set in a turbulent historical era, where brother killing brother in a never-ending quest for power was not something uncommon, where this quest for power actually translates, to some extent, into a very quest for survival itself, the classical well-established concept of evilness could be highly questioned. To what point can a set of characters caught in the struggle for the ultimate power, the imperial throne of Goryeo, be considered evil in the classical meaning of the word? How much of these characters is triggered by their circumstances and how much is pure evilness?

To what extent can their actions be actually understood and perhaps even forgiven by the viewer? Are they tragic characters with no other options at hand, or pure villains who willingly choose to use any means for their own ends? The following character analyses tries to dissect the main four villains of this historical drama in order to find an answer.

Queen Yoo was the mother of all villains. Well, not really, but she did serve as the mother of one other villain. While her character was fleshed out with the typical attributes of a classic villain — corrupt and criminal in deed and thought — her character served many purposes.

In an era where station and class can be a blessing or a curse, family ties meant nothing. She used her sons to protect her power base and as vehicles to achieve her goals. In essence, she was a narcissistic sociopath, displaying an absolute disregard for the feelings of others, a lack of remorse or shame, manipulative behavior, unchecked egocentricity, and a seemingly innate ability to lie in order to achieve her desires. Taejo marries to strengthen his position and avoid future attacks to steal the throne, and thus Yoo becomes his third wife and subsequently mother to Wang Yo, Wang So and Wang Jung.

Despite his practical reasons for marrying her, Yoo truly loves Taejo, and is hurt and jealous of his numerous marriages. In retaliation, her sons become tools, existing only to help create the perfect life she envisions.

In her role as queen, the first in line over all others in the palace, Yoo should be enjoying the power and prestige of her position, and yet in the era where our story is set, Queen Yoo only feels insecurity. Initially, it begins because she fails to win the love of King Taejo, whose heart already belongs to Court Lady Oh. Her insecurity further escalates when the King continues to take more concubines and wives for political reasons. More princes are born who would later compete with her three sons to claim the throne.

Intent on securing her role at the top, Yoo decides soon after the death of her first born and the scarring of Wang So, that Wang Yo will be king. With him, she schemes and manipulates situations in order to remove the Crown Prince and ensure Yo will be next in line for succession. Instead of remorse and regret at harming her son, the act instead triggers immediate disassociation. She abandons him altogether, sending him away to be adopted by another clan who has also lost a precious son.

But the trade instead, makes So a living hostage, to be used again as a tool to maintain civilities between the clan and the royal family. With So out of the picture, and Yoo focused on making Yo the next successor to the throne, her youngest, Wang Jung, perhaps as default, becomes her source of pride and joy, whom she unconditionally showers with love and affection.

The 10th century was hard for everyone who lived in that period, whether commoners or royals, but for many children, it could be a hostile place. Unable to protect themselves, they quickly lost their innocence, and many, like Wang So, became bargaining chips for their parents. As mentioned previously, Yoo attempted to use So to force Taejo to accede to her wishes. So survives his time with the Kangs despite the beatings and the inhumane treatment he receives at their hands.

Although her devastating rejection of his efforts finally marks the point where he stops actively seeking her approval, his hope continues to burn like a small flame inside him. As such, we discover that she still has the power to wound him deeply.

Steadfast till the end in her refusal to acknowledge him, So cries, heartbroken in the knowledge that his mother never wanted anything from him. To her, he remained a symbol of all the things she tried to deny — that Taejo never loved her; and that Wang Yo, despite becoming King, was dead and gone, incapable of caring for her and securing her place in the palace and in the Wang family.

All the things she had hoped to achieve with Yo on the throne, they could all still be realized through So. Tragically, with her passing, her final rejection of him was complete. Haesoo seldom had to interact with Queen Yoo. The most notable occasions included when she met Yoo the first time she visited the palace; when Yoo and Yo ambushed her and tried to confirm whether Mu was being treated for an illness when she started working at the Damiwon; and when Yoo tried to find out exactly what happened when Yo passed away.

Yoo, in turn, heard about Haesoo from Jung and the other princes. In the bubble that Yoo lived in, she failed to see that Haesoo was her antithesis — the exact opposite of her in many ways. She also failed to see that Haesoo greatly resembled one of the people she hated most — Court Lady Oh. For a short while, like Lady Oh with Taejo, Haesoo was able to show Wang So that she accepted him, exactly as he was even before the application of BB cream.

She treated him like a human being whose life had value and purpose. And she grew to love him so much, that she sacrificed her ability to be with him in order to save the precious life that he had bestowed on her. And in the end, she also gave So the precious thing Yoo had taken forcefully from Oh and Taejo — a child.

Was Queen Yoo evil to begin with? Her marriage to Taejo, like all the others, was likely arranged due to the power and prestige of her clan. Despite it not being a love match, she did fall in love with him. What were the primary things that motivated our Queen Yoo?

Revenge and Greed. She took from them both, the fruit of their love — the baby that they had conceived. It was never explained why Taejo did not take action against Yoo — lack of proof or an unstable political climate. Whatever the reason, his failure drove a wedge between the couple. Instead of his queen consort, she was relegated to a service position. A ranking position, yes, which would still provide a buffer between her and Yoo.

Queen Yoo's desire for revenge is quickly replaced by her greed for power, which becomes her primary motivation through the balance of her life. Born and raised as part of an affluent clan, already set Yoo apart from others. They may already be used to finer things, achieving objectives or desires without undue struggle because of their station.

She may have succeeded in eliminating Lady Oh, but there would be others. And they too, could beget children who would one day have power over her and her flesh and blood. How to protect her position? She needed more power. She needed to secure herself at the highest level so that she would always be the one with the upper hand; the one looking down at others, instead of being looked down upon; the one with the power and rank to protect her and all that belonged to her; and the one with the power to affect change and to take what she felt was hers.

She carefully schemed in the background, attempting to eliminate anyone standing in the way of her achieving her goal. First was the assassination of Crown Prince Mu during the masked spiritual festival. Queen Yoo didn't call it quits after failing Mu and So were able to switch places in the performance in order to keep the Crown Prince safe from harm.

Instead, she continued to think of ways to secure the throne for Wang Yo. With a tip from Yeonhwa, she proceeded with a second attempt, this time trying to poison Mu during family tea time, arranging it so that Haesoo would be the one serving him.

This would benefit both women, and Yeonhwa would finally rid of Haesoo, the main source of her problems. Again, the assassination attempt failed because of Wang So, but it did eventually succeed in eliminating Yoo's main rival for Taejo's love. Lady Oh, in order to save Haesoo, whom she had grown very fond of, confessed to the poisoning and was executed.

Those early attempts failed, but Queen Yoo and Wang Yo schemed and planned once again. And this time as King Taejo fell sick and was close to death, while Crown Prince Mu was lured away to take care of turmoil that coincidentally occurred at the same time, 3rd Prince Yo, along with Wook 8th Prince , Won 9th Prince and their respective clans, attacked the palace.

But alerted by Soo, whose help was enlisted by the King, Wang So was once again able to thwart Yo's efforts, engaging in a personal battle with Wook Yo's stand-in until Baekah 13th Prince returned with the Crown Prince in tow, along with the royal army. Queen Yoo and Queen HwangBo Wook's mother were witnesses to King Taejo's passing, and then locked in with him so as not to alert anyone that he had died. The passing of her only love, along with Yo's defeat and his subsequent arrest for treason, must have impacted Queen Yoo immensely.

Overnight, even before the coup was even over, her hair turned completely white. Instead of her Yoo claiming the throne after the Taejo's death, it was Mu who was crowned King. After more machinations, Wang Yo finally sat on the throne. But his reign was short lived, and after killing Eun 10th Prince , who was the next in line for succession, he began to go insane. His guilt and insecurities, along with a cocktail of natural herbs used to induce anxiety and hallucinations of course served to him without his knowledge ate away at him, and he became increasingly unstable, both mentally and physically.

Queen Yoo, alarmed at Yo's decline and still fixated on making sure her position as Queen Mother was protected, urged Yo to abdicate his position and appoint Wang Jung as king. Again, it's ironic that after all her efforts to achieve her goal, she failed to consider Wang So who showed time and time again that he was more than capable.

But again, she continued to disregard him, as her son and even as a human being. Queen Yoo exhibits many of the traits typical of a narcissistic, egocentric persona -- vain, self-centered, self-absorbed, and greedy. Because she is a sociopath, she is also callous, dangerous, ruthless, malicious, and cruel. The traits she displayed most often, however, were her scheming, her narrow-mindedness, inflexibility and pettiness.

Scheming is a trait or habit common to female villains. Throughout the drama, Queen Yoo was often deep in thought, continually on the offensive in her quest to achieve her goals. Her partner was often her son, Wang Yo, and she would assume the role of mastermind or instigator, while he became the executioner. This was how they operated for years in their quest to install him on the throne as king.

There was little that passed her notice, like when Haesoo was caught coming back from treating Mu's skin condition. Queen Yoo was so focused on attaining power and making her son king, that she was narrow-minded as a result. Everything she did was to achieve that end, so much so, that her inflexibility didn't allow her to accept So when he secured the throne.

She bent only enough to ask So to kill his brother Mu, but her narrow mindedness kept her from imagining his usefulness beyond that. It's typical for a woman in love to be jealous of other women. And where there is jealousy, there also is pettiness. But like many of Queen Yoo's other traits, hers was of an extreme nature. Despite it being a necessity of their times, Queen Yoo refused to accept the need for King Taejo to strengthen his position through additional marriages or by taking on more concubines.

And because she wasn't the recipient of his love, she took great delight in mocking the one who was -- Lady Oh -- as the latter was on her way to be executed. Queen Yoo's role is vital to the story line on a number of levels, especially at the onset of the drama.

Her rejection of So is one of the primary things that drives him to survive and excel. All for the opportunity of one day receiving her love and acceptance. The maternal feelings and support she deprives him, her constant rejection, sets the scene for someone else to fill the void within him.

And thus, Wang So welcomes the love, care and acceptance that Haesoo shows him. She is the first person that isn't afraid or wary of him, and it's a huge contrast to the typical treatment he receives from others. Knowing only power can protect her and others that he cares for, So is determined to claim the throne for himself. Queen Yoo's desires also drive Yo's portion of the story line. Each of his heinous acts are a byproduct of her goals. In fact, Queen Yoo's actions act as a catalyst for a number of others.

And the impact of her actions on his family, and on Haesoo sets Wook on his own path to secure the power of the throne. She has little dialogue or action in these scenes, but both demonstrate her impact and importance. Wang So Hides a Killer. Queen Yoo was asleep, only to be awakened by Wang So who bursts into her room after slaughtering the monks that had been tasked by Third Prince Yo, at her bidding, to assassinate Crown Prince Mu.

With clothes still soaked in the blood of the assassins and a blood streaked face, So comes seeking her approval and praise. He believes his act of erasing all traces that tie to the assassination will finally earn him his mother's love and acceptance. However, Queen Yoo isn't the least bit moved even as So pours his heart out telling her how awful his life was with his adoptive family.

She coldly replies that a mother can see which of her children will bring her glory. Even without her lifting a finger or saying anything, Queen Yoo's influence over So is complete. What is so wrong with him? What is he lacking? The scars on his face run deep, and he immediately blames his scar for being unworthy of her love, but he never blames her for causing his misery while she blames him for hers.

She holds so much power over him that the sheer force of her brutal rejection sends him stumbling back and later tumbling down on the floor, as if she dealt him a mortal blow. And for a moment all fight goes out of him - the man who fought a small army and still came out victorious is defeated.

Will you do it? Queen Yoo lures Wang So to a family dinner with the fantasy that she will accept him as her son. He recognizes immediately that she is just playing him, offering him some leftovers of quasi-love, treating him like the dog he is often called, but just wanting to use him once again to get what she wants. So goads both her and Yo, using the fact that his worth in the world has gone up.

Her subsequent anger is a small victory for him and is proof that her hold on him is loosening. When he gets far enough away, he collapses both physically and emotionally, admonishing himself for foolishly hoping, yet again, that they would love him. The Queen is Dead.

Long live the Queen. In the end, it all comes full circle when So becomes king. With Yo dead and Jung prohibited from visiting her, Queen Yoo is confined to her sick bed. So reminds her to look around and see which son is the one caring for her. That her perfect Yo is dead, and her precious Jung has no way to get close to her. The only one left that remains next to her is him.

He promises her he will build the grandest temple for her, that he will make up stories to be passed down through generations about how loving their relationship was - his revenge for her forsaking him. She becomes agitated, and gasping for breath, she slowly extends her trembling hand to touch his face.

But she breaths her last breath, and it's not clear whether she wanted to scratch angrily at his scar, or to comfort him and ask for forgiveness. He sat on a throne-like chair. He threatened to physically assault a maid that displeased him. The bully archetype is usually an antagonist that is mean to be mean, with little to no explanation needed. He was manipulative. He was mean. He had no morals.

He goaded Eun into asking So to remove his mask just to humiliate So. He attempted to seduce his half-sister several times. Viewers initially dismissed Yo as a bloodthirsty prince with his eye on the crown. Then viewers saw the machinations of Queen Yoo and viewers realized that Yo never stood a chance to be normal and was actually someone they sympathized with. As discussed, Queen Yoo was the Rasputin who made sure all her little pawns acted in accordance with her quest to secure the crown for her and her progeny.

Queen Yoo used her children as tools and discarded anyone who was no longer of use to her. So obtained a scar on his face because of her and was no longer eligible to become king. Some viewers may argue that Yo always had a choice. However, never underestimate the brainwashing of a mother with an agenda and an axe to grind. King Taejo married Queen Yoo because she came from the most powerful clan in Goryeo and Queen Yoo bore him children Yo, So, and Jung in an attempt to secure the throne and his affection.

Yo had to continually prove to Queen Yoo that he was the one that could fulfill her plans. Yo never saw So as a rival until the rain ceremony. So was an outcast with a scar on his face and therefore not a contender for the throne. Queen Yoo treated So with derision and contempt and since Yo followed the cues of his mother, he treated So with derision and contempt as well.

Once Yo realized that So was a rival, Yo had to formulate a plan to deal with So. Yo knew what Soo meant to So and he used it. He continued to use Soo as bait to test and subdue So when he fired an arrow at Soo which So intercepted with his arm. She was the help, both literally and figuratively as she was the head lady of Damiwon and his leverage over So. Like his mother taught him, Soo was a tool for him to deploy. When So thwarted the Crown Prince assassination attempt and confronted Yo, Yo merely re-doubled his efforts into securing the crown.

Queen Yoo never let him stray from the path of the crown as that was the only means of survival for her and him. What Yo always knew at the back of his head became an ugly realization. What am I to you, Mother? Just something that exists to sit on the throne? Throughout the drama, Yo showed that he was cunning with his adaptability and strategy.

Many of the plans he and his mother had made did not work: i. However, key moments where he had proved his adaptability include managing to survive getting stabbed and falling off a cliff; and strategizing a Plan C to take the throne, and finally executing it without a hitch. He even managed to convince three of his brothers to keep it a secret and actively effect his plan C. The heinous acts that he committed throughout the series were due to his underlying need to exact revenge on those who wronged him, primarily his brothers: the Crown Prince and So.

The fact that Crown Prince received the fatherly love and attention that Yo had always craved, was something Yo had always resented. It was his bitterness that prompted him to allow the Crown Prince to drown to death, and finally gain the throne. These traits aided in advancing the plot as it helped in shaping the path of Gwangjong. Without the ascension of Yo, there would not have been the ascension of Gwangjong.

Throughout the entire series, many viewers saw Yo as a two-dimensional character: one that was antagonistic to the others merely because he wanted the throne. This death scene cemented what viewers slowly realized over the course of the series: Yo was not simply an evil antagonist who craved the power of the throne. He was a man pushed to the edge because of his desperate need to feel love and acceptance.

He was the byproduct of terrible parenting and a man who was racked with guilt and madness for all the evil that he had done. I can relate to how he feels. I was afraid that I would be thrown away, as well. I thought I would be cast off. Fiction does not always give us black and white characters, easily traceable within certain patterns of one established category or another. The more complex the character, the more difficult for them to fall into only one type, and Wook is no exception.

Starting as a very promising, yet somehow mysterious character, he ends up as a manipulative and deceiving prince, leaving the viewer not only with a very bitter taste, but also with a lot of questions that are yet to be answered regarding his personality.

If we are to seek a particular type for him, we would most certainly end up in a deadlock. Is he one of the so-called authoritative figure villains, a mere product of the turbulent historical context he lives in, driving him to actions which otherwise he would have never thought of?

Or rather a corrupted villain , who was essentially kindhearted and good, but changed throughout the story as a result of external and inner factors alike? Or perhaps a mastermind villain concocting diabolical plans from the shadows in order to meet his own ends?

We have a prince whose family was once exiled, who learnt the hard way that the only path to safety given the historical circumstances is to have the throne, hence his acceptance of what his kin wanted of him. He is a man burdened with family commitments since young; the burden of protecting his mother and sister lays strongly on his shoulders, chaining him for life — even his first kill is for the sake of his family. Wang Wook's maternal family comes from the Hwangju HwangBo clan, a powerful noble family clan.

Wook is the 8th prince of Goryeo, but his family was exiled because his mother was framed for causing miscarriage to the King's favourite Lady Oh. Wook is the best loved prince amongst the noblemen in court, as he is a smooth talker and a diplomatic person.

He portrays a gentlemanly image, where he never gets his hands dirty from the bad deeds, but instead makes use of others to do the dirty work for him. Wang Wook is the 8th prince of Goryeo and the half-brother of Wang So. He is also a strong contender of the throne after his father King Taejo passes away, and clashes with So on several occasions to contest the throne. He is So's love rival, being Haesoo's first love.

At a first glance, Wook seems the perfect prince but hides a far darker personality than the viewer could imagine, while So leaves the impression of a untamed savage character, which actually masks sensitivity and kindness. Where Wook fails, So excels, hence the hate that accumulates throughout the story, inevitably leading to a constant conflict more or less open along the way between the two of them.

I came to let you know, because you seem to be mistaken. Nothing here belongs to you. Not Yeonhwa. Not Haesoo. Wang Wook is the husband of Lady Hae, the cousin of Haesoo. Wook brings 16 year old Soo to stay with his wife as a companion, as Lady Hae is sick.

He is officially Soo's first love. We see that before Soo is called into the palace, Wook did try his best to protect her from harm on a few occasions, such as saving her from the assassin that puts a sword to her neck and rushing out to save her and Jung from the bad guys. However, it could be seen rather as infatuation over Soo or the feel good heroic feeling that he wanted to portray when saving a damsel in distress. In these cases, he had nothing to lose: Soo's "enemies" were all external and he could also pose as the good prince saving his family.

More than once, when faced with clear situations in which he could actively help Haesoo such as the beating scene, where he could have stopped Yeonhwa from the very beginning , he preferred not to take any action, his constant excuse being the circumstances he could never turn against a member of his family to protect Soo. When having to choose between standing for Haesoo or keeping himself in the comfort zone of being a filial son and good brother, he always preferred the latter, proving more than once that his very carefully constructed image of a prince following the rules of the society he lives in choosing family over love is much more important than the woman he supposedly loves.

How can one justify the need for power without getting their image dirty? Blaming it on the circumstances or claiming to do it for a greater good seem pretty good alternatives, and Wook falls precisely into this category. Coming from a formerly exiled family who had regained its position through a strategic marriage, he could never feel secure enough, especially with a mother and a sister to take care of.

In order to protect his family, in order to keep his mother and sister safe in the turbulent 10th century Goryeo, Wook needs to have power. Or, on another note, could someone really blame a person who seeks to have power out of love? In order to protect the woman he loves? To have the ability to claim her without the constraints of the etiquette and social status?

Of course, in both situations, the absolute, ultimate power which could bend everything and everyone to its will is the throne. Or so he wants us to believe. On a closer inspection, what is actually the real reason that drives him to pursue the throne? To scheme against the king, the crown prince, and ultimately, whether intentionally or not, against the very woman he pretended he loved?

Masked behind the very admirable motives of protecting his family and the woman he loves are actually much darker reasons. To some extent, another reason for his acceptance to fight for the throne is also his hatred towards So, who is constantly gaining - while he is losing - ground. Wook keeps missing the target, and prince Yo tells him that he always pictures someone before aiming for the target.

Willing to stick to his righteous prince image, Wook answers that he never shot an arrow with someone in mind. A few moments later, left alone, he shoots with a very resolute look. No matter what I do… everything will become his. Why is that? Why should I do? His main objective is to gain power, a power so great that not only would bring him and his family protection and safety, but can also satisfy his own ambitions and greed. All the other goals fall under the main one. Wook claims several times that what he is trying to achieve is actually the protection of his family, and also a marriage to Haesoo.

However, unlike his willingness to fight for the throne, which prompts him immediately into action, the latter never makes him go beyond mere promises. Which clearly shows that his priorities are different: for his love he could not move a finger, while for his desire to have the throne he has Mu killed without hesitation. The way to achieve his most important goal is also a force to be reckoned with.

The kind scholar-like prince in the beginning of the drama who later proved to be as scheming and cunning as if not more than the Yoo-Yo party gives chills to the viewer. One very relevant scene that fully depicts his newly found personality, completely dedicated to achieving his most important goal, is in Episode Prince Yo reminds him not to forget his promise to support him, and not the Crown Prince, then leaves.

Left alone with her brother, Yeonhwa questions his decision to act as their 3rd brother shadow instead of taking the throne for himself. However, a traitor who kills a traitor… becomes a hero. We are heavily indebted to one another, are we not? The initial encounters with Wook picture him as the exact opposite of the character he truly is.

He first appears as calm and collected, thoughtful, understanding, even caring towards his brothers, more like a scholar than a prince, only to be later revealed that his diplomacy was mainly a mask to hide his true features: indecisiveness, a permanent inability to act, cunningness, cowardice and the constant need to find scapegoats for his own actions or rather lack of. His permanent obsession with keeping the appearance of a righteous prince is visible from the beginning until the end.

He is a man of good character, the best of all 25 princes. Many believe that the Crown Prince should not be the 1st prince. Although these ambitions had been suppressed for a long while, they start to surface once the perfect antagonist for Wook comes into the picture: So, the man who just acts instead of only uttering forever unfulfilled promises, who could openly fight for his love and try by all means to protect it, a thing which Wook never did.

The need to protect his family is real, yet his reasons to pursue the throne go deeper than that. While So tells Soo without blinking that, if she wishes so, he would run away with her far away from the palace, and later is ready to kill anyone who would stand in his way when he tries to save her from imminent hanging, Wook remains constant in his refusal to act , only capable of complaining of his own uselessness, and later using this uselessness to justify his pursuing the throne.

But, I promise you this: No one will ever be able to treat you in such a way again. And this is exactly what Haesoo does, giving him, unconditionally, her trust. Only to understand, many episodes later, that the trust she offered was never paid back.

Her realization is fully revealed in Episode 13 when she confronts Wook, fully aware that he had been using her to kill the 4th Prince So. You are fooling yourself. Now… I cannot have the same feelings for you as I did in the past, Your Highness. I want to keep my distance from you. His ambition is first revealed after the rain ritual, when So takes the spotlight and Wook starts to understand that he could be a very strong potential rival. The midnight dialogue between Yeonhwa and Wook has an important symbolical weight.

It is the moment the villain acknowledges himself as what he is, casts off all appearances and makes the pact with the devil. And the price is Haesoo, which, to some extent, could be an allegory for his soul. Firstly, the final outcome of the love triangle is actually driven by no other than himself.

Constantly refusing to take action regarding his relationship with Haesoo has as ultimate result letting So gain more and more ground and finally sending the girl straight into his arms. What if he had just took Soo away from the palace in the spur of a moment like So did? Although, at a first sight, it might get the viewer to believe it is actually a symbol of his love or a means to cover a scar that would violate the required aesthetics of the Goryeo era, his words also hide his desire to bind her to him: "Can you promise me that you will never take it off?

Although she tries, ironically enough, it is the only one promise to Wook that she cannot keep. However, although he breaks the bracelet, the meaning is not the reverse, that is to free her from this binding, but actually it's rather like an open declaration of war towards both So and Soo, or, going even further, it's like a declaration of war towards the So-Soo relationship itself. Wook finally breaking the bracelet is also a sign that he finally gave up all hope of reclaiming Soo, which is replaced with the selfish mentality of destroying Soo-So relationship if he couldn't have Soo for himself, like in the Dog in the Manger story.

Wook is the one who first plants the seeds of love in Ha Jin's heart when she arrives in Soo's body, and, ironically, he is also the one who destroys her happiness with So. Again, he justifies his action as meaning good for Soo and allowing her to leave the palace. Till the very last moment when he bids her farewell, he still insists that he loved her. On a political level, his decision to interfere with the struggle for the throne also has extremely important consequences.

The most iconic scene featuring Wook is revealed in Episode 11, where Haesoo kneels in the rain alone, right in front of the palace, in a bid to plead for Lady Oh's innocence. We can see Wook approaching from a distance in the rain, as though meaning to come forward to support or comfort Soo.

We can also see Soo herself looking expectantly at Wook with a weak but slight smile on her bloodied face. After all Soo had been through, she just needed Wook's shoulder to lean on and for him to comfort her. However, once Wook realizes that Soo is looking at him, once he realizes that she is depending on him to save her or to provide support to her cause, reality dawns on him, and he stops in his tracks.

He steps back cowardly, and eventually walks away. Even though this scene only lasts one minute, the damage to Soo and Wook's relationship is irreversible. It is clear whose side Wook had chosen to take; between Soo and his family and the HwangBo clan's glory, he had chosen to forsake Soo. We could see the deliberation in Wook's eyes, the inner burning desire to reach out to Soo, but like all the empty promises he had made to her, this would be the last straw.

This was the man who promised his heart to Soo, who promised to marry her, but eventually this was also the man that destroyed every single ounce of hope Soo had. Wook is cruel in the sense that he could easily abandon the woman he claimed to have loved so much and betrays her trust in him. This scene is iconic because it shows how weak Wook was in love, and how shallow his love for Soo actually was.

It is a pure demonstration of how a man can make a thousand promises to the girl he claims to love and he could destroy all the promises he made in one go, in the point where the girl was at her weakest, crushing every single ounce of hope in her. This scene is representative not only for Wook as a character, but also for the drama itself. It is the turning point not only for the Soo-Wook relationship, but also for the new Soo-So relationship.

Rain is also an important element in the scene: a symbol of renewal, of refreshment after drought which in this case translates as empty promises , it also mirrors the end of Wook-Soo and the beginning of So-Soo relationship. Yeonhwa is an example of a complex and multi-faceted villain. She is a combination of psychotic , femme fatale , and mastermind types of villains. She is a femme fatale because she uses her great beauty and acts sweet and kind to get what she wants from the opposite sex, as seen by how she easily escapes trouble and is easily forgiven by her brother- princes including Yo, So and Wook.

Her intelligence and ruthlessness makes her skilled as a master mind villain. Although she initially connived with Queen Yoo to poison Crown Prince Mu, she took it further, seeing it as the perfect opportunity to kill the Crown Prince and eliminate Haesoo from the palace and from their lives by having her serve the poisoned tea.

Yeonhwa can be very charming to people she needs to use, as well as manipulative. She is also a psychopath, unable to form emotional attachment or feel real emotions toward others. Yeonhwa never showed any remorse for all the crimes she committed, and justified each act in the name of protecting her family and getting what she thought she truly deserved to have.

She never regretted using the knowledge of the whereabouts of Eun and his wife Seon Dook to gain leverage so that Yo, who was king at that time, will not proceed with his plan of making her enter into a political marriage, something she has been fearing all of her life. I am disappointed in you. Who is Yeonhwa? As she was born a woman, she laments the fact that she cannot rise to the throne. Therefore, she wished to become a king-maker, the genius above the emperor. Born and raised as a princess, she knew that she did not have the privilege of marrying for love.

She witnessed how her father used marriage as a means to secure clan support, so she realized that despite the love of her father, she would eventually have to enter into a marriage that would help secure the kingdom. For her, marriage became more of a matter of life and death, and is a double-edged sword because her fate depends on who she marries. Yeonhwa and Wang So. Yeonhwa and Wang So share the same father but had different mothers. Of all the princes, Yo would have been next in line for the throne after Crown Prince but since he already had a wife, marrying him would make her a queen but not the Queen.

If Wook were to be king, she would just be the sister of the king, not the Queen. For you, feelings and marriage are just silly games. Although Soo stayed at the house where Wook, Yeonhwa and Lady Hae lived so she can take care of her cousin, Yeonhwa used to ignore her. She resented the fact that Soo was favored and loved by most princes and eventually including King Taejo, despite her not understanding how things work in the palace.

She had to do something to get rid of Soo so that she can marry So and become queen. Aside from fearing the retaliation of other clans against her clan, and knowing that her family had no power compared to that of the Yoo family, Yeonhwa also saw that the ultimate power for protecting herself and her family was to sit on the throne. I will no longer be a daughter or sister of a king.

I will be like a god above the king. At first, Yeonhwa wanted to become queen to protect herself and her family. In the course of the drama, Yeonhwa realized that So was her best option to become queen and so she started working on getting him to like her. But along came Soo, who not only changed her brother Wook but also So, the Wolf Dog who she felt she was entitled to tame. After she finally succeeded in marrying So, her next goal was to bear a son, someone she could groom to be the next king, to fulfill her dream of becoming a king-maker, particularly since So, now known as King Gwangjong refused to spend time with her, sleeping instead with Soo at Damiwon.

She eventually did bear a son, who the king refused to name and see. Her life as queen was spent begging the king to visit and see their children. Yeonhwa can be whatever she wants to be. She can be sweet and charming but only when it serves her interests. She can also be seen as a younger but "improved" version of Queen Yoo.

Yeonwha contributed many challenges and struggles for Wang So and Haesoo. Although knowing she should not get involved in palace intrigues over the succession to the throne, she inadvertently becomes a pawn in the struggle, as several of the Princes fall in love with her. Edit Translation. MDL v6 en. Feeds Calendar Articles Trailers. TV Shows. Score: 8.

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