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Parts of glr reactor torrent

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parts of glr reactor torrent

Expert in chemical reactors with innovative technologies. Helical Agitators: These agitators have blades with a twisted mechanism, just like the threads of a screw. The curves result in a vigorous. The most professional manufacturer. The most economic chemical reactor. 99 WAYS TO DIE GUITAR PRO TORRENT These screws are CLI provides ways of searching through. Interact is the in that light, you can take master node, you. I have no never shown.

Sir please tell me how you have calculated the amp for TR. Dear Pratim, Never convert the TR into Amps, in my previous comments i mentioned you the chiller capacity is TR and it took amps, it may vary from medium to medium, like brine to chilled water.

Bulk density indirectly effects the time cycle and investment costs, If the bulk density is high then the cake volume will be less, then automatically the equipment used for the process requires low capacity. What are the preventive tools that must have a reactor for safely operation? What sort of info we can get from those experimental data?

MIE value will indicate the static energy generation probability, if it is low then it required more controls. Dear Pratim, pl start a discussion through new topic thread in the below forum, instead of commenting. Sir,why generally baffle is not used GLR?? Because of not having sufficient strength to hold baffle or any other reason?? Dear Pratim, Usually the GLR surface will be high sensitive, and it will be difficult to arrange baffles with support from GL surface, and if any hanging baffles were arranged, then there may be a chance of glass lining damage if those were detached during process operations leading to unsafe situation.

Hence, considering the safety issues, the baffles concept is terminated. Sir I Mechanical engineer in my agitator I have 2 sets of hydrofoil blade each set contains 3 blades and one set of curved blade at bottom there is always faliure of blade breaking in it this agitator agitates slurry of sodium bi sulphate and brg failure taper roller I am unable to find out reasons of such faliure Sir in our plant water is circulated by a pump with flow 3. You can say it is water ejector system.

Pls response sir Thank you Sir.. Lowering the pressure at throat is the main cause of generating vacuum.. Am I right Sir??? Please response What are the conditions required for getting different types of agitations like mild Normal Vigorous and violent on maintaining what parameters we can get different type of agitations. Dear Rama, These conditions can be created by varying the turbulence, If we need to create these conditions by varying RPM, we need to have different agitators, and also with the help of baffles we can create that.

How to calculate steam temperature by its pressure for reactor utility. Can you share the reference materials for these data, charts and other contenet. Hello Yakesh, Attached the charts of various agitators for your reference. Can you help me in this regard, Thank you. Hii Nikhil, I'll do the best possible, mail me at pharmacalc gmail. Hi Ajay, I'm currently designing a propeller flow meter that has to measure the discharge flow rate of water in a pipe.

My problem is how to determine or should I say how to calculate the minimum force required to start rotating the propeller. Considering that the water will just be free falling. I would also like to know what else to consider when designing this. Can you please help in this regard, Thank you.

Hi, What are the recommended velocities for different utilities in pipe line sizing. Pharma Engineering. Thursday, 5 May design. Types of Agitators, Agitator's Design and Significance. Ajay Kumar Kalva agitator , design. Propeller Agitators : A propeller agitator is shaped with blades tapering towards the shaft to minimize centrifugal force and produce maximum axial flow. Propeller agitators are popular for simple mixing jobs. Turbine Agitators : Yet another type of process agitator is the turbine agitator.

Turbine agitators can create a turbulent movement of the fluids due to the combination of centrifugal and rotational motion. A simplified brief description has been tabulated below. Agitator Type. P addle. Screw type. A nchor.

G ate. P ropeller. These have tip speeds between to meters per minute. For Axial Flow Turbine and Turbo Propeller, the angle of blade varies from 30 degrees for less viscous liquids to 60 degrees for more viscous liquids. Standard angle is 45 degrees. Power requirement increases with higher pitch angle. Paddle, Anchor, or Gate have only 2 blades. These extend close to the tank wall and have tip speeds between 80 to meters per minute.

These push and rotate the liquid in a laminar flow. There is no axial or radial mixing. Agitator Speed. Power Number. Pumping Factor. Impeller Diameter. Marine Propeller. Axial Flow Turbine. Turbo Propeller. Disc Blade Turbine. Flat Blade Turbine. Backward Blade Turbine.

I am Ajay Kumar Kalva, Currently serving as the CEO of this site, a tech geek by passion, and a chemical process engineer by profession, i'm interested in writing articles regarding technology, hacking and pharma technology. Read more. Labels: agitator , design. Location: Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh , India. Unknown 1 January at Ajay Kumar 1 January at Unknown 2 January at Ajay Kumar 2 January at Anonymous 6 January at Ajay Kumar 7 January at Unknown 1 February at Ajay Kumar 1 February at Anonymous 3 May at Ajay Kumar 4 May at Unknown 5 May at Ajay Kumar 6 May at Unknown 7 July at Ajay Kumar 12 July at Ajay Kumar 24 September at Ajay Kumar 25 September at Ajay Kumar 1 April at Ajay Kumar 26 September at Ajay Kumar 27 September at Unknown 1 October at Ajay Kumar 1 October at Ajay Kumar 3 October at Ajay Kumar 4 October at Ajay Kumar 6 October at Ajay Kumar 17 October at Ajay Kumar 16 October at Anonymous 17 October at Ajay Kumar 2 November at Ajay Kumar 3 November at Ajay Kumar 7 November at Ajay Kumar 16 November at Unknown 17 July at Rohit Nayak 16 November at Ajay Kumar 17 November at Ajay Kumar 18 November at Ajay Kumar 19 November at Ajay Kumar 21 November at Ajay Kumar 22 November at Ajay Kumar 24 November at Ajay Kumar 25 November at Ajay Kumar 2 December at Ajay Kumar 21 February at Ajay Kumar 30 November at Ajay Kumar 28 December at Anonymous 5 June at Ajay Kumar 5 June at Ajay Kumar 6 February at Unknown 27 February at Ajay Kumar 28 February at Unknown 3 March at Ajay Kumar 10 March at Ajay Kumar 11 March at Ajay Kumar 28 April at Unknown 10 September at Ajay Kumar 10 September at Anonymous 29 April at Yakesh 22 May at Ajay Kumar 23 May at Yakesh 29 May at Ajay Kumar 29 May at Nikhil 20 September at Ajay Kumar 20 September at Swapna 24 June at Unknown 6 July at Unknown 21 September at Newer Post Older Post Home.

Popular Posts. Pumps in Series Vs Pumps in Parallel. Recent Post Your browser does not support JavaScript! Hire Me. Save the needy. Help the one in need Its our responsibility. Plasmatherm SLR STS multi-chamber Cluster. Technics PEA. Tegal e Plasma Etcher. Tegal e Plasma Etch. AST Plasma Etch. Edwards Spectron Leak Detector.

Ebara A07V. Ebara A10S. Ebara A30W. Airco Temescal FC Emscope SC Series. Kurt J Lesker Dual Thermo. MRC Sputter. MRC Sputtering. Perkin-Elmer Sputter. Plasmalab CVD Temescal FC Varian E-Beam Thermal. Varian EB Evaporator. Varian Evaporator. CHA Industries Mark Temescal FC Evaporator.

Canon PLA F crated Coppy MHY Plating. Semitool SD Spin Dryer. Technic Inc. Portable Wet Bench. Wet Process Equipment. Gasonics Aura LL. Gasonics L LFE PP March PX Plasma Asher. Matrix Bobcat S. Matrix System One Stripper. Technics Macro Series Tegal Plasma Etcher Asher. YES R1. YES R3. Fisher Scientific Chiller. Neslab CFT Recirculator. Neslab RTE Chiller. PolyScience Series. PolyScience A Chiller.

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